May 21st, 2017

The upcoming Call of Duty World War 2 could be headed to the Switch, according several rumors. First off is the apparent addition of an option to link a Nintendo account to Call of Duty’s online system.

The option to link a Nintendo account was removed for the previous game in the series, but has been added as shown in the image below:
Call of Duty World War 2 coming to Switch?

That’s not all: another source (a Tweet which has since been removed) said that Activision has contracted a subsidiary studio to handle the Switch port of the upcoming WW2 shooter.

And that studio is apparently Beenox in Canada, who recently handled the remaster of the original Modern Warfare game, and who previously did ports of Black Ops 3 to Xbox 360 and PS3.

Recently, the studio Tweeted a picture with members of the Canadian Army, suggesting that they are working on some sort of war game.

And let’s not forget the fine print that was displayed in the reveal trailer of the game, as pointed out by a Twitter user:

Call of Duty World War 2 coming to Switch?

Right now this is just a rumor, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Activision pulled the trigger and took a chance on the Switch with its biggest franchise.

Hopefully we’ll have some news about this at E3 next month.

Here’s Beenox’s tweet with the Canadian Army:

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