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Throughout your adventures in Hyrule, you’ll need to supplement your journey with a variety of meals to help you overcome the odds stacked against you. Collecting food items and creatures in the wild can let you create a variety of elixirs and meals, but with such a broad cooking system it’s easy to get bogged down.

Dont’ worry, we’ve got your back. We’re going to highlight some of the best cooking recipes you can use depending on your needs, whether it’s temporary hearts, stamina recovery, extra stam bars, or a little elemental resistance. These are all cooking recipes, so if you’re looking for the best elixirs, stay tuned.

Cooking Tips

  1. Don’t cook your effect foods to restore a bunch of hearts since you’ll be using other food for that. Instead, focus on creating an effect that lasts longer. This means you should have heart-restoring dishes to recover your low health, and effect boosting dishes for their long-effect benefits.
  2. Cooking food with two different benefits will cancel out the food, so only focus on one boost at a time. Use different foods with the same boosting effect.
  3. Every food item in the game has a grade and the more items you have of a higher grade item, the longer the food lasts.
  4. Critical cooks can happen and you’ll hear a gong noise when you’ve gotten one. This gives you a boosted effect for the item that you’re cooking. Cooking during a Blood Moon will always guarantee a critical cook. That’s between 11:35pm and 11:55pm.
  5. A critical cook can also be guaranteed by adding a star fragment or a dragon’s body part, but that’s not recommended since these items are so rare and hard to acquire.

Maximum Temporary Hearts

Items in the game with the adjective ‘hearty’ give you a temporary boost to your maximum hearts.

Grade A: Big Hearty Radish = Full Recovery + 5
Grade B: Big Hearty Truffle, Hearty Durian, Hearty Salmon = Full Recovery + 4
Grade C: Hearty Radish, Hearty Blueshell Snail = Full Recovery + 3
Grade D: Hearty Bass = Full Recovery + 2
Grade E: Hearty Truffle = Full Recovery + 1

In the early levels of the game when you don’t have a lot of hearts from completing shrines, you’ll want to maximize your Big Hearty Radishes. However later in the game since you can only have 30 heart containers, you’ll want to cook this food strategically to make sure you create food with the max amount of hearts you can have.

Maximum Temporary Stamina

Only a few items in the game give you a temporary stamina wheel and they both have the adjective ‘endura.’

Grade A: Endura Carrot
Grade C: Endurashroom

Endura Carrots are by far the best for stamina recovery and they recover on a scale. Each carrot you add to the recipe will recover an additional 40% of your stamina bar so the recipe for cooking these carrots looks something like this:

  • 1 Carrot – 40%
  • 2 Carrot – 80%
  • 3 Carrot – 120%
  • 4 Carrot – 160%
  • 5 Carrot – 200%

Endurashrooms are a lot worse than carrots at recovering your stamina and you’ll need a lot more of them to make less. You only get 20% for the first three shrooms and then 40% for the final shroom, so it’s not worth cooking these in multiple recipes. Instead, cook them by themselves for the 20% they’ll produce.

Maximum Attack Power

Any food item you find in the world with the adjective ‘mighty’ will increase your attack power when cooking with it. The best foods to cook with start with Grade A and go down in scale.

Grade A: Mighty Porgy
Grade B+: Mighty Carp & Razorclaw Crab
Grade B: Mighty Bananas & Razorshroom
Grade E: Mighty Thistle

  • Cook 3 Mighty Porgy to get maximum attack buff and around 2:30 seconds duration. Any more fish than that and you’re just wasting them.
  • Cook 4 Mighty Carp & Razorclaw Crab in any combination to get the same effect as the 3 Mighty Porgy.
  • Cook 4 Mighty Bananas & Razorshrooms in any combination to get the same effect as the Mighty Porgy.
  • Cook a single Mighty Porgy with two other attack power boosting foods to get a level 3 effect.
  • Best Recipe:Cook 2 Mighty Porgy + 3 Mighty Thistle to get max time and power for your attack power buff.

Maximum Defense

Any food with the adjective ‘armored’ will grant you a defense buff on the following scale.

Grade A: Armored Porgy
Grade B+: Armored Carp & Ironshell Crab
Grade B: Ironshroom & Fortified Pumpkin
Grade E: Armoranth

  • Cook 3 Armored Porgy to get a maximum defense buff and around 2:30 seconds duration. Any more fish than that and you’re just wasting them.
  • Cook 4 Armored Carp & Ironshell Crab in any combination to get the same effect as the 3 Armored Porgy.
  • Cook 4 Ironshroom & Fortified Pumpkin in any combination to get the same effect as the Armored Porgy.
  • Cook a single Armored Porgy with two other attack power boosting foods to get a level 3 effect.

Maximum Stamina Recovery

Grade A: Staminoka Bass
Grade B: Bright-eyed Crab & Courser Bee Honey
Grade C: Stamella Shroom

You can’t over-replenish your stamina, so it’s wise to only make a food that you have a big enough stamina wheel to accommodate.

  • 3 Staminoka Bass is the best for a full three tier effect, while 2 will give you 2.2 wheels, and 1 will give you 1 wheel.
  • The crabs and honey will only grant you 2.8 wheels in any combination of 5, 2.2 for four, 1.6 for three, and 1 for a combination of two.
  • You’ll need to use 5 Stamella Shrooms to generate a meal that recovers 1.5 wheels or 4 shrooms for a single wheel recovery. Any less than that and it’s not worth putting the mushrooms in the dish.

Maximum Stealth

Grade A: Silent Princess
Grade B: Silent Shroom, Stealthfin Trout
Grade E: Nightshade

  • 3 Silent Princess will give you maximum stealth effect with a six minute duration.
  • 5 Silent Shroom & Stealthfin Trout in any combination will give you the same effect as 3 Silent Princess.

Maximum Speed Boost

Grade B: Fleet-Lotus Seeds
Grade E: Rushroom

  • 3 Rushrooms and 2 Fleet-Lotus seeds will give you a haste meal that gives the maximum effect and time.

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