Jun 11th, 2015

Mario Maker was a surprise at last year’s E3 presentation, as it allows users to create their own content based on art assets from several Mario games. The primary palette that’s been advertised is the classic 8-bit era Super Mario Bros. art template, but there may be a few additional things added that weren’t in the original release of the game, but appeared in subsequent games.

In a partnership with Best Buy, Mario Maker will be one of the games you’ll be able to experience from this year’s E3 presentation. In order to promote that, Best Buy launched a new website stating that if you decide to pre-order 2 Wii U or 3DS games with them during the promotion, you can get a set of 7 buttons with various Mario Maker designs on them. Two of the designs stand out as one is 8-bit Mario in an 8-bit style Clown Copter, similar to the one Bowser uses in Super Mario World. The other shows 8-bit Bowser, but on his back is an 8-bit Bowser Jr.

What do yo think of the inclusion? Are you happy to see them despite those aspects of the Mario universe not being around during the 8-bit era? Let us know in the comments!

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