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Nintendo Switch Amazon Pre-Orders Already Sold Out

Jan 13th - We hoped to tell you the Nintendo Switch was available for pre-order on Amazon, but as soon as we snapped our fingers – *snap* – just like that – the Nintendo Switch was sold out on Amazon. Just a few short minutes ago, if you were to visit the Nintendo Switch product page, you could ...


WiiUDaily has Switched to NintendoToday!

Nov 4th - Rather than "Switch" to cover the next console - the Nintendo Switch - we decided to breathe eternal life into the site by renaming it Nintendo Today and covering your favorite gaming company each and every day.

Mario Kart 8 Reviews [ROUNDUP]

May 15th - Reviews for one of the Wii U's most highly anticipated games - Mario Kart 8 - have just started pouring in... and you can find them all here!