Jun 10th, 2014

During the Nintendo E3 digital event today Nintendo announced Amiibo, a project that combines NFC technology with figurines similar to Skylanders and Disney Infinity. Super Smash Bros. is the first confirmed use of these character figurines in the game, which we saw during the presentation as a fight between Reggie Fils-Aime and Satoru Iwata. The figurines are capable of communicating with the Wii U and according to Nintendo’s post show, an adapter for the Nintendo 3DS is currently in development and scheduled to be available next year.

Reggie also stated that Mario Kart8 would have support for the figurines as well, so it’s possible Nintendo could offer DLC characters to Mario Kart 8 in the form of these figurines. We don’t know the full details yet, but be sure and watch the above trailer where Bill Trinen introduces the currently developed figurines and gives us a closer look at them.

Be sure and check out our gallery to view more of these amiibo characters.

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  • It’s a great idea guys!

    • Nathan C.

      You make a great assist trophy, Waluigi. >:D

    • Ducked

      I thought you had disappeared.

  • Mr Ninty

    *sees wallet crying in corner*

  • jjbredesen

    Not sure how i feel about this, don’t want to spend money on figures, but i think i will buy one for smash, cool idea and it could work really well, but again its a bit to much of a sneaky way to include microtransactions in games, will be interesting to see the future of this.

  • Thomas Vienna

    So, I guess they weren’t clear on this, but does this still mean we can play the full roster of Super Smash Bros. by just buying the game? Is this NFC thing just for customizable characters? I hope so.

    • LevenThumps

      I think that’s what it means, but it wasn’t that clear to me either. The NFC characters seem to be a separate character that can level up and get stronger and can store a custom moveset to be a unique to other people’s characters.

    • Crillan

      They’re not customizable Smash Brothers characters, they’re customizable toys that can be used in Smash Brothers. They are completely separate from any game and not required to play any game they’re compatible with. In Smash Brothers, they’re in addition to the full roster of characters. They’re NPC fighters that join along side you or can play against you to raise their skills and update the toy.

      • Thomas Vienna

        Thank you, that makes a lot of sense.

  • T J

    Not sure how I feel about this. Am I correct in understanding that if you have a single mario figurine, it would work with both mario kart 8 and smash bros (hypothetically)?

    • Roadkill409

      yes. And it sounds like a few more games too

    • Stephen Dorn

      Actually, I think they’re specific to a single character in a single game. It actually reminds me of sphero quite a bit

  • Really? You have the BALLS to say THAT with Samus on screen? Fuck that noise!


  • Roadkill409

    The opening scene reminded me of Space Balls and Dark Helmet playing with this dolls. Too funny

  • Where’s the Apple bar?

  • Gabe Chorley

    Physical micro-transactions….They have ruined my love for smash and mario kart…

    • ScrewAttack

      So….when you were collecting trophies in the other three Smash Bros titles, you never though “I’d love to have some of these trophies”?
      The figuirines they’ve shown so far are characters that we know are standard in Smash and Kart in some cases, so where’s the harm? Do you really think Nintendo of all companies would take away major characters and only give them to you if you paid extra for them?.

      • Gabe Chorley

        Yes I do.

    • Willie Crespo

      Even though they are 100% optional and that you don’t need to buy them at all.

      Read the article next time.

  • Tron Javolta

    Do you have to buy these to use the players on Smash? I doubt it as I don’t see how this would work with the 3DS version, but still I would probably get rid of my Wii U if I couldn’t unlock my characters the old fashioned way.

    • Crillan

      They are an addition to the full game, not a requirement of any kind. They’re not only for Smash Brothers either, they’re for any game they make compatible with them like Mario Kart 8 and Mario Party 10. These are companions to enhance the existing full games.

  • steveb944

    As far as I can tell it’s in and of itself. You don’t miss out on Smash or Mario kart content if you don’t purchase it. The article kind of misses the explanation and people are freaking out about micro transactions.

  • SuperUltramagnus

    Cool so link or Zelda can drive a car in Mario kart8 game!

  • C4

    Not sure about this.

  • Not sure what to think of this but Zelda and Metroid characters will end up in my collection guaranteed. Playing MK8 with Samus, Zelda, Link maybe? Interesting very interesting indeed (gotta watch the video still though, I’ll do in next commercial break watching something else now).

  • Kyle

    I don’t know if I like it or not… I’ll have to spend lots of aditional money to get the full experience from the games.

  • Akatosh

    These are add-ons guys, not expansions.

  • james

    These will look great on my game shelf even if I dont use them in games, haha

  • koopapoopas

    I want Samus!

  • Stephen Dorn

    I find it hilarious how few of the commenters actually watched the video all the way. Here’s a description of the video:
    We’re introducing skylanders to smash bros…
    Psych! It’s actually sphero 2.0!

  • Screamin Mime

    How to I buy my Mii amiibo?