Nov 22nd, 2013

This time one year ago a small number of North Americans were getting to know the Wii U for the first time. Europeans and others would follow, although after that initial launch period the system sales slowed to a gradual crawl, and while Nintendo has delivered some great titles to that small install base in the last twelve months, it remains clear that something is awry.

Yet the failure of the system to take off in the same way as its predecessor, apart from being more or less expected, has been seen throughout the last year to be an issue of timing and communication more than system stability or game quality. The comparison has been made many times before but, like Sega’s ill-fated Dreamcast, Nintendo put out a machine that embraced the game conventions of the future well before their full implications were understood by the gaming public, and did so at a time where their competition had not yet taken solid form, and so was impossible to fight.


Timed as it was to release a full year before the then-mysterious next gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft, Wii U was frequently measured against these mythical high-powered machines, and obviously came off third-best. Let’s not kid ourselves, the Wii U operating system itself never felt like a huge leap forward, even at launch. Lengthy load times and clunky multi-tasking were things the other two companies were already claiming would be a thing of the past in the next generation. Third party support, while peaking a little at launch, disappeared almost entirely once it became clear the hype train would not be arriving on time, and the system’s internet capabilities could best be described as ‘getting there’.

Since launch much has changed, and much has stayed the same. The eShop has become legitimately more progressive and navigable than either the Xbox Live Arcade on 360 or the PlayStation Store on PS3 ever were, offering curated sections, an easy-to-explore layout and regular discounts and sales. OS performance has also improved, although still feels segmented and a little laboured.

In terms of software there’s no arguing that quality releases are coming with the frequency they are on other systems, but there’s also no denying there’s been more than enough great software in this first year to justify a purchase. Between a raft of indie games, third party ports and Virtual Console titles, punctuated by the occasional exclusive release, there’s been enough to play. Nintendo’s really stuck to their guns in making a place where games are games, and whether old or new, big or small, they’re all given an equal place.


However a lack of fun games is not the issue primarily keeping the Wii U out of more homes.  The thing that’s changed the least in the last year is a public perception, not helped much by Nintendo’s spotty consumer relations, that the Wii U is little more than unnecessary upgrade to the Wii that sits somewhere between that system and a PlayStation 3 in capabilities.

However the truth is the Wii U was a concept of incredible potential at launch, and over the course of the past year has given hints at how that potential might be realised.

Depending on how you look at it, Nintendo’s either produced an in-between system with a very small potential audience (perhaps with an aim to bigger and better things once their development process and network capabilities are improved), or they’ve once again predicted and acted on the next big moves of the gaming world, but failed to capitalise on it.

While it’s certainly possible Nintendo needed a stepping stone console in which to sort out HD development, network architecture, cloud services and the like, I favour the latter view. The Wii U doubled down on several ideas that now look to change the way we play video games at home. The first is second screen gaming.


By the time Microsoft announced Xbox SmartGlass, Nintendo was just months away from launching Wii U. While the focus of the two products would turn out to be quite different, the driving thought behind both are the same: augment the game experience with an easily accessible second screen. The gamepad’s lack of its own processing capabilities has proved to be a blessing and a curse, as interaction between the TV and gamepad are made in seamless real-time, but are limited by the functionality each developer chooses to build in. While applications for the feature on Wii U have been hit-and-miss, there have been several standouts (Wind Waker HD) and some brilliant ideas not yet taken to their full potential (Zombi U).

The second feature is remote play, a system that’s also been in development for a long time at Sony, but which has only just approached an appropriate level of stability with the launch of the PS4. The feature is really a perfect solution to Nintendo’s goal of maintaining the living room as a family space and removing the alienating effect game consoles can have on non-players. Of course one of the main issues here has been the difficulty in offering both second screen functionality and remote play, which has forced developers to either focus on second screen at the cost of remote play or allow remote play and have purely optional second screen functionality.

The third feature is asynchronous multiplayer, a system growing in popularity among indie developers that’s sure to have more and more of a presence as the generation goes on. The traditional dynamic of local multiplayer has been to cast two or more players as similar characters doing similar things and interacting in the same space. In the past games have simply not been complex enough or systems powerful enough to generate and keep track of two interdependent rulesets at once, but that’s exactly the aim of asynchronous multiplayer, and Nintendo’s set itself up to allow such systems in a local context.

Nintendo Land Multiplayer

The fourth and final feature is social interaction. Realising the potential of conversations and activities outside the game software to build a dedicated community and ongoing conversation, yet constrained by their ever-present need to control and monitor that conversation, Nintendo created their own social network in Miiverse. A bizarre concept to try and explain to anybody not familiar with it, Miiverse has more or less succeeded in integrating social media directly into games in ways not possible for other systems that work off Twitter and Facebook. The trade-off of course is that it’s a very insular system with little potential to ensnare those that aren’t already playing Wii U games.

It’s a little startling to realise just how strange and unexpected these points were when Wii U was first announced, but how each one has since wound its way into the everyday discussions of dedicated gamers (this is of course to say nothing of Nintendo TVii, a concept equally forward-thinking but which Nintendo seems to have abandoned). The main problem facing Nintendo now is reversing all those months of confusion and inconsistent messaging.

A game system that gives you access to all your TV in one place? Who cares, right?

A particular sticking point between Wii U owners and non-Wii U owners has been whether or not the system is classified as ‘next-gen’. Personally, I think it’s prudent for Nintendo and its fans to distance Wii U from the two next-gen consoles as much as possible. One of the biggest killers to Nintendo’s momentum early on came from an wildly unrealistic expectation that Wii U be a niche Nintendo machine, a family-inclusive machine AND one part of a triplet of comparable super HD systems that could carry all the cross-platform titles.

The release of new systems takes has the potential to take some of the pressure off Wii U insofar as it can highlight exactly where the similarities and differences lie. Whether or not that translates to success measurable by any traditional means relies on Nintendo’s ability to explain the system’s features and sell it as a unique experience. As far as I’m concerned though, selling a huge amount of units or getting cross-platform support back on track aren’t priorities here. If the last year has shown us anything it’s that Nintendo has a specific vision in mind for the future of their home consoles and, unlike Sega with the Dreamcast, they have the funds and flexibility to see it through.


About The Author
Tim Biggs is a freelance games writer. Check out his other Wii U Daily articles or connect with him on Twitter and G+.
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  • Shota

    2014 is gonna be one of a hell year for nintendo. Yarn yosh , bayonetta 2, smash bros , mariokart 8 , donkey kong tropical freeze and fire emblem x shin tegami tensei. 3DS kirby, mario golf world tour smash bros for 3ds.

    • Dylan Groot

      You even forgot X, maybe the most anticipated title of them all. And there are gonna be surprises along the way, this is Nintendo after all. 2014 IS gonna be an awesome year, and Im glad I have a Wii U (not to mention my 3ds xl, damn, that system doesn’t know how to stop kicking ass).

      • Emii

        Don’t forget about the possible E3 announcement of the new legend of zelda

        • Dylan Groot

          Oh my god….

        • FoxMulder900

          I think it is more than just possible, I’m pretty sure they confirmed that they plan on showing it!

      • Guest

        x was in but i changed it

      • Shota

        im totally gonna get x . i did not forgot it

    • I totally forgot about Yarn Yoshi! So pumped.

      • imthebestonlyonegood

        U must be a kid.

        • Kevin Malone

          Speaking of childish behavior.

  • Razo_E

    Many great points made in this article. The main thing seems to be that Nintendo caters to its own audience. I absolutely love my Wii U. My entire family does. Hardcore gamers can have their XBOX Ones and PS4s, which are no doubt very very fun in their own right. But Nintendo always has, and hopefully always will be different from the rest.

    • Completely agree. If anything Nintendo needs to dial back the amount of focus they put on cross-platform games for Wii U. Have Assassin’s Creed IV on Wii U by all means, but 100% of the reason to own this machine over others is Nintendo’s style.

      • verymetal

        Finally, Super Mario 3d world seems to have that Nintendo magic (unique and innovative) game play that they are known for. Just by looking at it, I thought it was just a polished 3DS port, almost like Wind Waker was a polished Gamecube title. Nintendo really needs to communicate better with the media and be extremely aggressive in its advertising. It always comes down to the games, great games sell systems. I just think Super Mario 3d world is the Wii U’s first true great innovative game, and after waiting 1 year for that, there is something not right going on.

        • jsa007

          Ever tried the wonderful101? Give it a go! Towards the end I fell like 10 years old again on saturday morning, pure joy.

          • imthebestonlyonegood

            So that game was so kiddie it made you think you was a 10 year old

          • verymetal

            Your comments on here remind me of a 10 year old.

          • nexxus6

            Why, because he felt like a kid again and was having a good time? Stop taking yourself so serious.

          • verymetal

            Uh, look at who my reply was in reference to.

          • nexxus6

            Sorry, I retract my comment. I will be more responsible and make sure to double check who is responding to who. Please accept my apology.

          • nexxus6

            You need to drop the insecure act and play a game that offers vibrant color and is fun. If all you want is violence and foul language, just watch the news or any of a multitude of prime-time TV programs.

          • jsa007

            well it brings back memories of when I was 10. I loved it and it was really challanging, defintely not a casual game. I guess it’s a matter of taste. I got COD from a friend and it bores me to no end for example.

        • imthebestonlyonegood

          Its a platformer. Your whole comment just got rebunked

          • verymetal

            This is my direct quote “It always comes down to the games, great games sell systems.”

            A platformer is a game. Your whole comment just made you seem like someone with a serious mental handicap.

          • imthebestonlyonegood

            Stop damage controlling. Mario is a platforner PERIOD. no inovation in mario platformer jist level desing difference

          • verymetal

            Mario 64 was just a platformer, correct? Mario Galaxy was just a platformer, correct?

            Just because it has Mario in the title don’t jump to preconceived notions (using a big word here, I hope you can understand what I am writing about) that it is merely a platformer. It is all about innovative gameplay which makes it a great game.

    • Kevin Malone

      Yeah, Nintendo has a niche nailed down. Maybe it won’t sell numbers as incredible as — to use games for comparison — Grand Theft Auto 5, but that is not to say that more niche games like Dead Space and Outlast were failures. Rather, those latter two games had impressive sales considering cost for production, and how horror games supposedly are obsolete in the minds of AAA game developers.

      Dead Space, Outlast, and other such games have a dedicated audience that will keep coming back. You are not going to make as much from them as when trying to “appeal to a wider audience,” but you are going to get decent returns every time.

      People keep talking about “disappointing numbers” for Wii U sales, but they talk about it in a way that suggests the Wii U has no audience, when to me hundreds of thousands in sales with a projection of millions over its lifetime (even after a reduced, less optimistic projection recently released) indicates a dedicated audience well worth the efforts by Nintendo.

    • imthebestonlyonegood

      Different in sales and thats it.

    • nexxus6

      Don’t sell yourself short. You can be a hard-core gamer and only own a WiiU. By definition, a hard-core gamer is someone who dedicates a lot of time to playing video games and loves and plays multiple titles no matter the system or rating of a game. This notion that a “hard-core” gamer only plays “M” rated games on a non-Nintendo system is misguided. If I all I do is play Nintendo games at every free moment, I would be more of a “hard-core” gamer than someone who occasionally sits down and plays a “M” rated game (lets not forget that Nintendo offers “M” rated experiences too). For instance, who is more of a hard-core football fan, someone who sits down on Sunday and only watches the Green Bay Packers, or a person who watches college football all day Saturday and whatever NFL games are on all day Sunday. I would argue that people who only play “M” rated games are less of “hard-core” gamers because they restrict themselves to playing too few titles compared to those who play games of all ratings and are open to playing any game because they just love the joy of playing.

  • person

    TVii is still non-existent in Europe BTW. I don’t think I’m missing much.

  • Nintedward

    Forget what everyone else thinks (the haters) I for one genuinely adore my Wiiu! It’s one of the best consoles I’ve ever had, and in time it may very well become my favorite!

    The Wiiu is fantastic, and if you consider yourself a gamer then you really owe it to yourself to buy one. If not, then have fun missing out on something that is truly special and is in many ways a lot better than anything else.#

    Wiiu <3

    • imthebestonlyonegood

      corporate slave

  • Ducked

    Super Mario 3D World, Wii Party U, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Lego City Undercover, The Wonderful 101, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Sonic Lost World, and Mario and Sonic at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games should help the Wii U moving onto 2014.

    With a lower price, and a much bigger software for gamers to chose from, Wii U has the edge over PS4, and Xbox One game selection wise. 2013 was a very rough year in sales, but their starting to increase, and November and December should be good months in sales for the Wii U.

    Although PS4, and Xbox One will take away from Wii U in the first two months, Nintendo will get more spotlight. As Donkey Kong Country Returns Tropical Freeze heads out in February. And Mario Kart 8 will be releasing sometime in either March or April 2014. Bayonetta 2 should be on Wii U sometime after that (maybe in the summer). And of course E3 should reveal new games unannounced, and games that haven’t had any game footage such as Yarn Yoshi, Monolith’s X, Fast Racing Neo, and maybe, maybe the new Legend of Zelda (who knows!). And of course Super Smash Bros!

    Third party titles should also show better support in 2014 as well if Wii U sales increase. Lets just hope for the best!

    • Relick

      MS and Sony are struggling to keep up, so they have employed the tactic of making Nintendo look old, to mask the fact they are late to the party.

      Trust me, when things like Halo come out people will call Nintendo outdated, already had all its good games etc. blindly ignoring the fact that they have not had a ‘good’ game since they purchased the system!

      • Ducked

        Their late to joining motion controls, and next it’ll be them late to having a second screen. Technology wise, Nintendo is always first. MS and Sony brush it off with graphics.

        I really like your point! An excellent point you made. The haters need to wake up, and realize Nintendo isn’t the one being late to join.

        • readypembroke

          Actually even dual screen gaming also, look at the GameCube with the Game Boy Advance. Medal of Honor Rising Sun (I know I might get hated on but it was made by EA) with Medal of Honor: Infiltrator for GBA made the GBA a map which was cool. Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc for GC had a cool minigame that required a GBA and also has connectivity between thant and Rayman 3 for GBA. For come odd reason it won’t work for me.

          • Ducked

            Yeah, I won’t be one to hate on you. I loved the older Metal of Honor games (Frontline, Rising Sun, and European Assault). Rising Sun was the only FPS war game I knew with excellent 2 player co-op mode in it. Anyways, I get what you’re saying.

    • greengecko007

      The problem is, while things are looking a lot better for current Wii U owners, there still isn’t any real incentive for Wii U sales to start picking up. The games you listed in the first paragraph are already out, and the Wii U is still where it is. There’s nothing wrong with liking those games, but the majority of people don’t care about them.

      While I’m hoping that games like Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros. help boost Wii U sales through the upcoming year, I wouldn’t count on people buying a Wii U for Yarn Yoshi or Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.

      • Ducked

        Well, no their not system seller titles. But DKCR TR and Yarn Yoshi are “another reason for someone to buy a Wii U”. The more software, the better.

      • C4

        A good library is a start πŸ™‚ . Wii Sports, mario kart and bros were all long term selling on Wii.

        • greengecko007

          Wii Sports was packaged in for years, but Mario Kart and Smash Bros. both sold extremely well. It’s for this reason that I think they are the only 2 games we can truly bet on for increasing Wii U sales.

    • Rinslowe

      True. There’s plenty of reasons to own a Wii U, especially now. Next year is going to be a big year for Wii U software. Some killer apps are on the horizon….

  • andrew grover

    I have the WiiU – no great games. I can only do so many Mario titles. Metroid? EVER? I have the Ps4 – becoming my fave – by no means a fan boy. I bought the Xbox1 last night – for the TV experience, as well as the game titles. It kills my cable to the point I can not watch TV. The only fault I have had with the PS4 is that the online did not roll out until 12 Pacific Time. I’m Eastern Standard Time – I sat for 3 hours of errors. None of these next gen consoles are ready for primetime. The WiiU has been out for a year, time flies, I also bought a black one for my nephew, for Christmas, last year – it hasn’t even tried from what I see. The WiiTV at least plays – even though it is a glorified TV guide. The Xbox1 is looking tragic, as far as the entertainment / TV side. Just my observations on all 3 systems.

    • Justagamer

      Wii U is better..PS4 is second and Xbox dead last

      • Suraj Alexander

        Actually, right now xbox one is looking better than ps4 to me. its got lots more and better features

        • Justagamer

          Nah PS4 and Wii U look better ive seen how Xbox looks and again just a cablebox

          • Suraj Alexander

            but xbox 1 has a lot more features to offer than ps4. I really hope wii u comes on top this gen. i love playing on it.

          • Justagamer

            Cool but again i could care less about xbox one Wii U has more value for my money

          • Suraj Alexander

            Amen to that

    • andrew grover

      Voted down by fanboys -you are so powerful with the downvote! I’d say get a job but I’m sure half of you are 13 years old.

    • Quicksilver88

      I just wonder what your definition of great games is? WiiU has lots of great games already and is just getting warmed up….Pikman, W101, Lego City, MHU, Zelda WW, Sonic, ZombieU, 2 Mario games are all year one exclusives. Batman AC and AO, AC 3/4, NFSMW, Injustice, ME3, COD Blops2/Ghosts, Rayman, Splinter Cell BL, Deus EX are all good 3rd party with some being the definitive versions. Some good eShop titles too. What exactly do you want on WiiU or any system for that matter? PS4 and XB1 launch lineups include almost all titles that are on other systems with slight improvements and Knack and Ryse are both failures…..leaves you with KillZone and Forza…big whoop.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    “Timed as it was to release a full year before the then-mysterious next gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft, Wii U was frequently measured against these mythical high-powered machines”

    This is a very good point. And interesting to reflect upon.

    • It’s interesting too that many people, owing to the extreme length of the last console cycle, seemed to forget what console launches were like. Hit-and-miss launch line-ups, inconsistent or partially broken operating systems, these are not just problems the Wii U had at launch, they’re launch problems.

      • BIG Franky

        yep….and we’re already starting to see the same problems with the PS4 and XB1…. both systems have a lack of quality software…no good games (my PS4 is still in its box for heavens sake, LOL!)…. and lots of titles pushed back.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Yeah, but thats a different perspective. Although this one from the citation is very interesting on its own. An existing console becomes measured with the hype of products that are not even launched yet. Had Nintendo been out either one year before, or one year after, the situation might have been very different.

      • imthebestonlyonegood

        The ps4 sold a million in north america alone. Gamestoo has ran out of ps4’s but they have a 2.3 million demand on ps4 only on gamestop. Soon the ps4 will launch in other countries. Simple math, 1+2.3=3.3. Bestbuy, target,kmart, walmart will sell ps4 during black friday. those 3 will sell a million. 3.3+1=4.3. ps4 launches worldwide, 2million at least will be sold if not 1 million. lets say 1 million. 4.3+1=5.3 million…wii u after first year sells 5 million. ps4 in one month sells 5.3 million. Im sorry but the most powerfull hardware is selling the most.

  • Nate

    Seeing the picture of the eShop reminds me how much I love the layout. I love the banners they have and the colorful tiles, ease of use, etc. It’s so appealing it makes me want to buy more games. LOL Hopefully they don’t ruin it like Sony ruined the look of their Playstation Store during an update last year. Now it is slower and harder to navigate.

    Another random observation from the article: it is a shame gaming failures are always compared to the Sega Dreamcast. That was a wonderful system! The 2k sports games, Shenmue, Sonic games that were actually good, etc. Fond memories of that system.

    • Rugmouse

      I am a huge fan of digital versions, and I couldn’t agree more about the Nintendo eShop. It’s very well designed and very easy to navigate. It took me 30 seconds last night to purchase Megaman 2 (on sale now for $3.50) and another minute this morning to purchase Mario 3D World.

    • Hey I loves me some Dreamcast, I still have mine hooked up and it gets a good spin of Chu Chu Rocket every now and then at parties (although it is getting pretty noisy in its old age). Point is Dreamcast, like Wii U, is a great system that A) stepped too far out of line with what consumers were used to and B) launched too early. The similarities are there.

      • Nate

        I wish mine still worked. I have the common disc reading error that randomly appears while playing games. I heard a possible fix is to adjust the laser with a Q-tip, but I haven’t tried that yet.

        I definitely agree with your points A & B. Definitely a lot a similarities to the Wii U. My point is Dreamcast is considered a failure and most people consider failures to be junk hardware and software, but the Dreamcast was a powerful and well-built system with a lot of good games. It certainly was far from low quality.

      • imthebestonlyonegood

        Point A is wrong it wasnt out of line of what people were used to, people wanted next gen and dreamcast was next gen. B it didnt launch to early its that sony made a better product with more next gen hardware. Now wii u IS out of libe of what people want which is next gen. Wii u is not next gen. Wii u didnt launch too early, ps4 nd xbox one is actually next gen, what people want. So people dont make arguments out of thin air.

    • Quicksilver88

      Don’t forget Soul Caliber, Crazy Taxi, the excellent Skies of Arcadia and Grandia II……DC was a great system but was a tweener power wise being better than ps1 but not as powerful as ps2…..In that way WiiU is similar being between ps360 and ps4/xb1.

  • erich80

    Hey, Tim, very nice, well-balanced article. Kudos for you.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Its silly to compare Wii U to Dreamcast. The main reason Dreamcast failed was because when it came out Sega at the time was sitting on a mountain of debt. Plus the Dreamcast was just coming off of the Sega Saturn which had left a bad taste in many people’s mouths. I think It has the capability to do better with third parties as the main excuse most have made with not supporting Wii U has mostly been install base.

    • FoxMulder900

      Agreed, the Dreamcast actually didn’t do that terrible (selling over 10 million in 2 years) it was just mired by many years of bad business decisions on Sega’s part. I loved mine and was really disappointed when it was prematurely discontinued.

  • LFC chris

    anyone know when TVii is coming to theUK

    • Jelle Knibbe


  • linxz

    the most LAME year in the history of gaming.

    • LordYukYuk

      Makes sense, it is the year of Luigi after all…

      • C4

        2 out of 3 Luigi games were on 3DS, Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Mario & Luigi something (forgot the name)

  • fabian

    To me, it’s not important that they sell as many systems as they did with the wii. If they just make enough profit that the games are as great as possible, I’m happy.

  • Can’t believe the Wii U is already one year old.

    • Kevin Malone

      Ironically, my shock was that it is ONLY one year old. I thought it’d been out for years. In fact, the few months ago when I bought it, rewind only a few days from then and I still thought Wii U was a handheld, like a lot of confused consumers who get a vague idea from advertisements or quick gaming segments on shows but don’t pay a lot of attention to the details.

      My last console was the PS3, after which I stopped paying attention to the latest gaming news. Finally started paying attention again when Xbox One and PS4 started getting mentions on my favorite tech shows, like Tech News Today and Tekzilla, or on podcasts like the one by Escapist. Realized how old my console was getting and wanted to invest in another for new big hit titles to be released in the next few years.

      Decided on Wii U because of the price tag, the backward compatibility with the Wii games library, — and the Zelda bundle just came out. My next choice would have been PS4 because I have a large PS3 library and know how much I like what that console comes up with, but since I cannot play PS3 games on it, I know it will be some time before the games I want on PS4 build up enough for me to pay the dough.

  • InterTreble

    One years of too much words (by non-owners) and plenty of hours of pure entertainment: NSMBU, MH3U, Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, LEGO City Undercover, W101, Rayman Legends, Wind Waker HD… And 3D World is around the corner. Later Smash Bros U, Mario Kart 8… X… a certain Zelda… Poor of non-owners, people who always talk and forget to have fun… πŸ˜‰

  • Justagamer

    Mario 3d is now been beaten in less than two hours..Now zelda time

  • peeer

    This site really needs to make separation in the front page where we can select to view only news or opinions. Seeing opinions mixed up with news in front page pisses me off because its not indicated if its news or opinion unless you click to view the full article.

    EDIT1: Whoever downvotes this comment is obviously someone that loves to read opinions and don’t know how a pain it is to navigate the site for news when you don’t want to see opinions.

    EDIT2: At the very least we need to have a clarification in front page when its opinion or news so we don’t have to click to see full article to figure out if its opinion or news.

  • joseph castillo

    now to get destiny.

  • mikehall708

    The lack of loyalty to the launch buyers (8gb buyers in particular) is really annoying, putting my faith into basically a beta version of the console made me feel cheated! Having said that i do love my wiiU! Also Nintendo U would’ve solved the whole confusion issue!

  • WiiUisgaming

    A Batallion Wars 3 would be awesome for WII U

  • Guest

    Wii U doing pretty good!
    Weekly Hardware Chart 16th November 2013
    PlatformN. AmericaEuropeJapanGlobal1,071,807N/AN/A1,079,311147,829185,34164,766426,79264,827132,37711,968255,29398,71278,007384193,79414,13340,49390,754162,46538,02523,86315,13482,27736,97926,77761970,4281,56326,0124,15151,3708,1405,6601514,667

  • iamserious

    Good article. Good points of discussion.

  • jrob23

    The thing is…it IS all those things. You wouldn’t know it by most of the lazy ports. But it can deliver the same graphical performance AND provide things the others don’t like off screen tv, 5 player local play, great family friendly 1st party genius. Dudebros just don’t believe it because a)they are children b) 3rd party games are so watered down and the reviews keep them away. Can you imagine if Call of Duty Ghosts was built from the ground up on the Wii U to maximize the system? And that when it came out it was 1080p, 60fps, with off tv play, cool gamepad use, and universally considered THE definitive version. That COULD happen but the others have paid for it not to happen. If that had happened Wii U would have been sold in massive numbers.

  • shaun

    Just a side note I live in CA downloaded new super Mario world 3D at 9pm Thursday.. Amazing! I keep buying nintendo for the big N exclusives.. Though they do just a little bit under power each system. Would have liked to have seen usb3 and a 64 or 128 gig option this generation I, download only now as it makes it much easier to not deal with discs – all games instant like my iPhone. And the remote play with game pad should have been a lot further so I could go upstairs to my office and play

  • Adam

    I have high hopes for Nintendo. I beat A Link Between the Worlds about a half an hour ago. I must say, it was probably the best Zelda game I’ve played in a decade. I thought skyward sword was good (hate me if you must) but this has by far surpassed it. Only a few gripes, but the game is totally balanced and does offer some challenge (I only died once, but I just beat ALTTP on the SNES in preparation so I was ready)

  • imthebestonlyonegood

    Does the person who wrote this article not have any writing skills at all? There was mistakes left and right. Words missing that made some sentences unreadable. Lastly this guy doesn’t even know what it takes to be a writer. He cant even get a simple article infrastructure right. This article was under oppinion, lmaoooooo. What was his oppinion? lmaoo this article didnt talk about oppinion at all. He keep regurgitating small facts over and over again. Proving not different points but the same point each and every time. Leading nowhere because if his intention was to back up his oppinion, then it was a fail because there was no oppinion stated to back it off. Not even a thesis or introductory paragraph. Dont even get me started on his conclusion paragraph which was abysmal. This is supposed to be a website of articles from research and some oppinion wise from each writers perspective. The LEAST YOU CAN DO WII U DAILY IS GET A DECENT WRITER, NOT A HORRIBLE ONE.

  • Nintenjoe82

    Hey Wii U Daily, are you ever going to do any reviews or are you becoming a news only site?

  • imthebestonlyonegood

    Does the person who wrote this article not have any writing skills at all? There was mistakes left and right. Words missing that made some sentences unreadable. Lastly this guy doesn’t even know what it takes to be a writer. He cant even get a simple article infrastructure right. This article was under oppinion, lmaoooooo. What was his oppinion? lmaoo this article didnt talk about oppinion at all. He keep regurgitating small facts over and over again. Proving not different points but the same point each and every time. Leading nowhere because if his intention was to back up his oppinion, then it was a fail because there was no oppinion stated to back it off. Not even a thesis or introductory paragraph. Dont even get me started on his conclusion paragraph which was abysmal. This is supposed to be a website of articles from research and some oppinion wise from each writers perspective. The LEAST YOU CAN DO WII U DAILY IS GET A DECENT WRITER, NOT A HORRIBLE ONE

    • fireheartis1

      I understand what you are saying here, but you can’t even talk crap if you can’t spell opinion correctly, and if you can’t put the apostrophe where it belongs. Sorry but opinion has on p not two.

    • verymetal

      He gets to write for Wii U Daily, and you – the critic – will only be able to use your perfect grammar (which has many errors as well) on comment boards such as this one.

  • Majora’s Mask

    wii u daily has seen one of the biggest site falls, since summer its quality has dropped and it doesnt have reviews any more,really dissapointed i was a daily reader now a weekly and i still see the same news

  • Alex Filipowski

    I love playing Assassins Creed IV on the Wii U. The console has a good life ahead of it

  • Leo

    The year has been a media massacre for Nintendo. This year proved how people are so easily manipulated on behalf of corporate interests. Mind control is at an all time high. Its tragic and funny that as we speak the launch lineup of XBoxOne and PS4 are completely dreadful and nobody dares to say a word.

    • NkoSekirei

      ps4 and xbox one gamers are tearing each other into pieces after both their systems ended up with some serious issues and now karma is a bitch for them after they bash the wii u first and now they got nothing to say about it.Wen u play with fire u get burned

  • Green

    I wish I had friends on my Wiiu then I’d probably have fun lol. Oh well /shrug I have none so I guess I just will have to deal with it and just play single player games.

  • Rinslowe

    ” If the last year has shown us anything it’s that Nintendo has a specific vision in mind for the future of their home consoles and, unlike Sega with the Dreamcast, they have the funds and flexibility to see it through.”


  • Grulnork

    First party software will carry the system, just like with the GameCube and in lesser extend the N64. Just don’t expect a big hit like the original Wii. Motion control was a brilliant idea and everyone wanted to try that. Now we are back to the core Nintendo fans.

    There won’t be much third party support, and I personally can’t care less; I got a kick ass PC (with hdmi out to tv and everything so I got all the comforts of a console whenever I want).

    Looking forward to the real Nintendo titles we all love so much. And that basically starts now. So we may as well say that the Wii U releases now for real. :p πŸ™‚

  • imthebestonlyonegood

    Does the person who wrote this article not have any writing skills at all? There was mistakes left and right. Words missing that made some sentences unreadable. Lastly this guy doesn’t even know what it takes to be a writer. He cant even get a simple article infrastructure right. This article was under oppinion, lmaoooooo. What was his oppinion? lmaoo this article didnt talk about oppinion at all. He keep regurgitating small facts over and over again. Proving not different points but the same point each and every time. Leading nowhere because if his intention was to back up his oppinion, then it was a fail because there was no oppinion stated to back it off. Not even a thesis or introductory paragraph. Dont even get me started on his conclusion paragraph which was abysmal. This is supposed to be a website of articles from research and some oppinion wise from each writers perspective. The LEAST YOU CAN DO WII U DAILY IS GET A DECENT WRITER, NOT A HORRIBLE ONE

    • There’s only one ‘p’ in opinion, sir.

  • Guest

    eShop still do

  • X3–>fan

    eshop has no account based system, rather your purchases are tied to one console. if you have 2 wii u like i do you can only play your games on the console you bought it on. this is a huge problem that is never really discussed

    • shaun

      I agree it should be like the iTunes store where any purchase can be re-downloaded onto all your apple devises. This will be a particularly larger problem moving forward as we move more into digital downloading

  • Pedro Natera

    Year one was horrible. I expect a better year next year. I will not tolerate the Please understands following I apoligize for the delays.

  • Wiiluigi

    Why does everyone say nintendo was trying to beat sony and Microsoft with the release of the wii u? It was time already. Nintendo releases their consoles every 5-6 years. Nintendo 85-86 Snes 91-92 n64 96-97 GameCube 2001-2002 wii 2006-2007 wii u 2012. Why doesn’t anyone see this? I mean gosh. Or am I reading the opening statement wrong? Even if I am this post won’t go to waste being that no one else seems to know this.

    Also first year wasn’t terrible not as bad as virtual boy and nintendo will pull through like the 3DS. So it doesn’t matter!

  • Leo

    Nintendo passes through two console launches from the competition and their stock goes up. Like a boss

  • devmiles

    Year one was indeed horrible as a mofo, something that suits nintendo as well because i will never think or feel different for nintendo again. Their focus is completely kiddy and they cow milk with shitty VC titles or release a 2DS when we as Wii-u owners just want fucking games. My main focus will be PS4 but will keep the Wii-u for whenever there will be something worthy but believe me those are just a handful games in the end (soft of like the gamecube days)

  • linxz

    year two will be just as bad. a couple of games will come out but with the competition getting all the 3rd party support, Wiiu will feel like a rotten and splashed tomato in a veg market. garbage

  • Mavl14

    This is really lazy writing. The key innovation of the Wiiu that the other consoles cant replicate is a real time second screen on a controller…we were promised new, game changing experiences with it. One year on it hasn’t delivered even with a new flagship Mario title. Nintendo will continue to make amazing games but its key innovation looks like being a complete flop. Even wii’s motion and pointer innovation showed a strong proof of concept early on that caught the imagination though did not become a game changer for serious gamers…the Wii U has failed miserably here