Feb 25th, 2013

The latest upload by freddiew reveals what a Mario game might look like from a first-person point of view, and with realistic graphics.

Awesomeness aside, could this be what Nintendo has up its sleeve for the next 3D Mario title? On the Wii U, the Gamepad screen could display the stage from a side-scrolling perspective, while on the TV viewers can see the action from the eyes of Mario himself.

I know, the concept is unlikely to be realised, but the animation is an epic one to say the least; and it gives us a solid impression of how a first-person view could make an age-old, 2D game appear entirely unique.

Nintendo always aims to bring something new to the table with each iteration of their beloved plumber. So, if it’s not a complete change of perspective, what other dynamics do you think Nintendo will present to us at this year’s E3? And what graphical style do you think would best suit an FPS Mario? Let us know in the comments!

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  • zoohero

    ha ha first to comment… nice concept. but im hopin for something like galaxy

  • Nintenjoe82

    Please Nintendo, don’t make this game!

  • fireheartis1

    Although this is a great looking animation I don’t think Nintendo will ever go with that realistic of graphics for Mario.  The Mario Brothers are all about fun popping colors so expect plenty of them from Nintendo.  The first Person expective on the TV and a sidescrolling perspective on the GamePad would be awesome though.  I can’t wait to see what Nintendo has in store for our favorite pudgy Plumber.

    • Rinslowe

      More power to that. I’m just starting to understand what Nintendo can achieve visually with Mario & Zelda on Wii U. I expect to see those colours POP. And of course they will…
      You know when I look at it like that, this whole next gen fiasco sort of just melts away… What Ninty has in store…

  • Looks impressive graphically but would rather keep it 3rd person

    • MugenHiryu

      My opinion exactly***

      • Drew Heermance

        Me too!

  • HurpDurpDerp

    “Awesomeness aside”
    no. no this isn’t awesome, and it’s a stupid concept. only a moron would think this is good

    “could this be what Nintendo has up its sleeve for the next 3D Mario title?”
    No are you fucking retarded, Nintendo would never consider anything this stupid

    •  Exactly! And why would anyone believe a FAN MADE video is what Nintendo is actually up to :/

      • JumpMan

        yeah, it’s like trying to predict the end of the world. if it’s gonna end, i feel like it’ll only happen on a day when no one expects it.

    • sdmac200600

      I think it’s pretty awesome…..Its a terrible idea for Nintendo to do this but the animation itself if freaking awesome. just because you don’t think it’s awesome, don’t make everyone who disagree with you a moron…

    • john

      It would be awesome if it were third person.

    • Rinslowe

      Wow! way to crap all over the efforts of others who obviously love Mario… Even though this idea is not suitable, your manners are terrible mate!

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    (but the guys got skills)

  • Nintedward

    First person mario ? no . It’s a great effort to be sure , But I expect the 3D mario graphics of Wiiu to have a bit more character and elegance to them.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    would have been cooler in 3rd person, seeing mario perform his feats is what makes mario super

    • WiiUltra

      Ya I don’t like the first person idea. It would be horrible for a Mario game in my opinion.
      But cool video!

      • RoadyMike

        And a super realistic Mario like this looks just wrong for a Mario game…

  • Fred

    I love how this person made the environment look, but it would have do be 3rd person!

  • Would be a bit hard to make sure you’re jumping accurately. Can’t see this actually existing.

  • Th3PANO

    very very bad idea, we have enough first person games already.

  • jjd_87

    This could be the fact that I’m already feeling shitty but this video is extremely sickening. Also no way this would make a good game.

  • Jeffrey Debris

    Nahh, you need to see Mario. 1st person is a bad idea and doesn’t work well for platforming games. 

    And doesn’t FPS mean First Person Shooter? 😉 

    • Ibi Salmon

      Mirror’s Edge would like to have a word with you.

      • Jeffrey Debris

        Name any other game that does it as well. 😉

        • Ibi Salmon

          Metroid Prime had platforming elements and that worked out fine.

          • Jeffrey Debris

            Ye, but Prime was primarily an FPS game. Most FPS games have some degree of platforming elements. I just don’t see it working for a game that is primarily meant to be a platform game. And it definitely doesn’t fit a Mario game.

          • Ibi Salmon

            True, but unlike most FPS games, the emphasis was more on exploration rather than shooting. That alone required more platforming sequences. And unlike most FPS games, the platforming in that game was actually decent.

            Also, why is first-person platforming looked down upon? I understand with shooters since the controls weren’t made for platforming. But what if a first-person game was made with platforming in mind? I don’t see that being so terrible.

            Why is it that we cry for something unique in our games one minute, and then laugh off an interesting idea that might turn out great the next?

    • olajuwon_patterson

      thats what im saying

  • The graphics look nice but I doubt the Wii U could handle that.  Nintendo would not dare attempt to make the graphics that detailed anyway.   I am tired of Mario fighting Bowser or saving the princess.  First-person Mario is not good though.  I hate first-person games anyways.

    • Will Carpenter

      Cool story bro. Go tell it to your mom. 

      • Well I just told it to my son!  Did you like it?

        •  haha gay

        • Nintedward

          You don’t have a son. At least I can’t believe you have a Son. You come across as a 13 year old Butthurt Sony troll.

    • Nintedward

      Childish, idiotic troll ^

      • Jay

        he thinks playing gta makes him “GANGSTA”. No joke. The boy’s got to be less than 12 years old.

        •  You are a fool and GTA has not had a ‘gangsta; theme since San Andreas.  Get with the times.

    • Jay

      this guy posts a facepalm a day!!

    • MetroidZero

      “I hate first-person games anyways.”

      I guess you never liked the Metroid Prime Trilogy? (Assuming you played it).

    • mac
      •  OK, but demos usually show the system’s full power, not marginal power.  I have no debate with the Wii U’s POTENTIAL, but it should have been the Wii…

    • NkoSekirei

      wii u can handle it dude cause it runs on 2011 specs and it hasnt been fully tapped yet and it can run unreal engine 4 and its a very powerful game engine

      • Any Direct X 11 videocard can run the 11 features, but running them well along with other factors is the key. If the Wii U was that powerful, Nintendo should not have had a problem having a game utilizing it’s power for launch then. They need to have one before September!

  • DK_Hadouken

    The only way this would work is if you can replay a level or challenge in first person. The actual game should be left in third person.

  • John Andalora

    This website is supposed to be about the Wii U, right? You know, like if Nintendo or a third party has said something that would affect the Wii U, we’d hear about it through these people. So, it would be justified in saying that an article saying “I know Nintendo didn’t make it, but wouldn’t it be cool if they did?” isn’t news. Hell, talking about how cool a fan-made animation is isn’t even remotely connected to the Wii U. 
    So, why post about it? Why talk about it? Why even make a statement? I didn’t come to read an uninformed opinion column, I came to get news on the Wii U!

    •  I take it you don’t expect Nintendo to make such detailed graphics?

      • John Andalora

        Nintendo’s made good games without the best graphics in the universe. I’d just rather hear what Nintendo is actually going to do, not what someone thinks “Gosh! Wouldn’t that be really really really really REALLY cool if Nintendo did this? Yeah…”

        • Spry Carpet

          You make it sound like you where forced to read the article. You stated yourself that u came to read WiiU related news. If you just read the title, then you would have skipped the whole article, because it’s not what you came for

          Instead you probably went and read the whole thing, watched the video and are now complaining about the stuff this site posts as news. If you really want official news from Nintendo and 3rd party’s then i suggest u stick to the official nintendo/third party sites.

          Read the info about this site. It says ” WiiU Daily.com- the leading Wii U site, with news, updates, rumors, videos, and much more.” 

          Nuff said

        •  All graphics have to do is suite the game meaning that if they game is meant to look like a cartoon then so be it or if the graphics do not affect the gameplay who cares.  Great graphics are cool in all but so many people focus on that as a primary reason why the game is going to be good or why the game is cool.   A polished turd is still a turd.   Look at games like Minecraft for example.  Blocky graphics yet it is so widely popular and fun to play (or so I have been told)   I would say that there have been more horrible games that looked great graphically than games with what some would consider poor graphics actually being bad.   Nintendo game sales prove this.  Their franchises sell more games than most anyone else and yet all some people can do is throw insults at them.   Their  games are almost always found at the top of every game ranking list and that should tell you something.

    • Wayne Beck

      They’re called Human Interest Stories and most of the ones on WiiUDaily are very good. There is nothing wrong with asking people if this kind of game design is something they would be interested in. 

      This Website may specialize in Wii U, but it’s packed full of Nintendo Fans.

      • John Andalora

        Yeah, but personally, I want to hear what Nintendo 2nd or 3rd party supporters are doing. Not what people think might be cool.

  • Not to bad at all

  • D.M.T

    No…just no. Mario games should be colorful and cartoonish, not realistic. We need to see mario do his thing, so first person is a bad idea as well

  • Guest

    Looks good, but loses the feel of a Mario game

  • Justin Shelton

    seems horribly complicated and broken platformers are not meant to be in 1st person graphics are pretty though

  • Wayne Beck

    Graphically, that looks amazing. I would love for the next 3D Mario to go in that directions. 

    Gameplay, looks awful. Sorry, but can you imagine actually having to turn around to see cannon balls firing at you? Having to pop up off six cannon balls would be next to impossible to a real player. No one would ever be able to get through it.

    The only way a first person Mario could work, is if it was free roaming, not classic single path. Even still, I think the iconic image of a Chubby Mustached Man in a Red Cap is to important to the series to ever let First Person be the primary camera mode.

    Again though, looks beautiful. I really do hope Nintendo starts moving in this more realistic animation style. 

  • Would be impossible to play a platformer in first person perspective.  Th visuals were cool, but I don’t think it really fits with the mushroom kingdom.

  • Laud

    No, this will never work, enough.

    What would be cool is if it was 1st person on the TV but side scroller on the Gamepad, that’d be neat.

  • Scott IsMe

    This would be awesome as it would “grow mario up” and give him some edge without detracting from what makes the franchise a classic!!!  I’m on board!

  • This is from FreddieW on youtube. This has nothing to do with Nintendo, apart from using it’s characters. We most likely will never see a first person Mario title. Nintendo rarely change the formula, so they’ll stick with an amazing 3D world plat former and a basic 2D plat former. 

  • Martin Kearney

    AMAZING!!!!! The idea is cool, but really hard to imagine perfectly. This looks like a strait forward path, while exploring the ship should make it have more depth. Like I said, this would be really hard to imagine yet to perfect, which might never happen. A rom hack on the internet or a Downloadable game like Sonic Fan Remix, but not a Nintendo product.

  • TheSpeedymouse

    Looks SO cool but I rather keep it 3rd person!

  • Mr. Nidoking

    The video looked good and all, but I couldn’t tell what was going on half the time.  

  • no fps mario, no another galaxy mario, yes to another super mario sunshine (II)

  • Epic Markell Joshua

    We shall see it won’t be a fps or in first person.

  • Guhtere

    Mario wouldn’t be good in first person. First person doesn’t work well with platforming.

  • John Novakovich

    Freddiew has had a first person mario video on his channel for a while now. This isn’t new

  • zerooooo

    The idea is amazing but i want it to be more like a 3d type a thing not just walking strait and jumping. I would still like the experience though.

  • Srpg2ishere

    I would rather have the 3D gameplay stay as it is in the Mario games like Super Mario Galaxy. This would be HORRIBLE in a Mario game in my opinion. It just isn’t right. Well at least not for me. I don’t think this is what Nintendo has up their sleeve either. Because if it is, THAT WOULD SUCK. But is isn’t. Hooray for reality! 😛

  • skid5jack

    Mirrors Edge Mario. Not for me thankyou. Hated it

  • it looks a little confusing if you really play it.

  • Drew Heermance

    Shigeru Miyamoto said he wanted to do a fp and he helps creates 3d Mario,but I dought this!

  • Graham Marshall

    I hope not. I like Mario being third person, first person seems too weird.

  • olajuwon_patterson

    dont like the first person thing but that video had some good animation

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Relax guys, this is a FreddieW video, it’s there to be entertaining, not a possibility for future Mario titles 

  • No thank you!

  • The graphics in this video are amazing, but I’d have to agree with the rest of you that a 1st person Mario game would not suit the Mario series.  I would love to see another Mario adventure similar to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine with hints of Super Galaxy 1 & 2 but in 3rd person.  We’ll have to wait and see.

    But here’s a thought.  Imagine a 1st person version of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.  It’s what started the Paper Mario series, which I would love to see another one of those adventures similar to the first and second game.  I’m not thinking of a remake, but rather a whole new Super Mario RPG altogether.  It’s been 17 years since the last game, and it was, in my opinion, one of the best SNES games.  And since Nintendo has been teaming up with other gaming companies, such as Namco Bandai to create Super Smash Bros. Universe, why not have Square Enix and Nintendo team up for another Mario role playing game?  

  • Anthox Androniux Zoltwes Zoltw

    maybe is the new engine wii u running. for future games.

  • Anthox Androniux Zoltwes Zoltw

    if common gods watch that runs graphics, because not a mario ono

  • Anthox Androniux Zoltwes Zoltw

    wii u is evolving graphically. wii u eye moves all engines

  • Anthox Androniux Zoltwes Zoltw

    to all holders of a wii u, have a console with advanced, if not walked account. jusguen not because the cpu is small, the contrarior deverian be proud. The smaller are the components and potential micro velociadad be overwhelming. bye …

  • Anthox Androniux Zoltwes Zoltw

    I hate to think how they zelda metroid next Asher and starfox, with that graphic I die .. seriously the tremendous advancement for nintendo.

  • Anthox Androniux Zoltwes Zoltw

    remember crytek mentioned that CryEngine 3 runs fine on wii u.

  • me1034

    Looks very cool.  But a first-person platformer like Mario = instant frustration.  Would NOT want to play this… In the least.

    Seeing that their 2D game for WiiU was a rehash of NSMB and NSMBDS, the “3D game” will likely be a Galaxy with HD graphics.

  • Rinslowe

    I would just be happy for a fresh new Mario title that effectively utilises all the modern strengths of Wii U hardware, incl. full gamepad feature support.
    Third person perspective is preferred, because a Mario game without Mario? No thanks.
    Although the Galaxy series was a blast, I sincerely hope Nintendo can take a fresh approach on Wii U. Wow me like Mario 64 wowed me all those wonderful years ago…

  • Zero theHero

    pause at 0:05 you can see peach inside marios head.

    • Zero theHero


  • val berger

    First Person isn’t as popular in Japan and especially with a Jump & Run, no one would really prefer that perspective.

  • Nintengoth

    Visually Looks outstanding! although i would have loved it to been 3rd person like Mario 64, still this is what Ninty needs to do with its games now. cant wait for E3 to see whats up hehe!

  • $41809923

    like to see this in metroid for the wii u

  • Jonas

    well freddiew doest cool videos, but i hope it wont become a game