May 7th, 2014

Alright, so for the past few Zorpix Dens, this has sorta been my mindset:


Well screw all that! It’s time to get talking about the reason you’re all on this site. You’re here because you love games. Specifically, Wii U games. There are some amazing titles out there on the Wii U, and chances are, you probably have a good number of them.

However, most people argue that the Wii U has awful third party support. While it’s not exactly at the level of other consoles, there are still plenty of 3rd party experiences for you to have. Some of these have been higher profile than others, but I think a good few easily slipped under the radar. Without further ado, here’s my official list of under the radar titles! (From here on out known as an O.L.U.R.)

Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party

eShop or physical: eShop only


If that image of two grown men with nothing between their luscious lips but a wiimote doesn’t make you want to buy this game, then you are sad and I have no desire to speak with you. But seriously, don’t let the name of this game scare you off either. Or the art style. What it’s really about is you and your friends (and maybe some alcohol. I won’t tell.) having wacky fun with each other and some wiimotes.

We talk a lot about games using the gamepad in unique ways, but I love giving this game credit for using the wiimote uniquely as well. It’s able to detect when it falls over, is dropped, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Honestly, hats off to KnapNok Games for their fantastic use of something that we thought was all used up.

Seriously, if you like parties, friends, and living room shenanigans, you’ll want this game. Make sure you have some living room space though, as this game will get you off the couch and moving!

Injustice: Gods Among Us

eShop or physical: Both!


If you’re itching for a traditional style fighting game and can’t wait for Smash Bros, Injustice may be the way to go. If you’ve ever played Mortal Kombat, you’ll feel right at home (I’ve heard), but this game is a lot easier to pick up and play. I normally can’t do anything when it comes to fighting games besides smash, but I seem to manage alright in this one.

Another thing to mention is that this is one of the few 3rd party games to come to the Wii U that actually has some DLC with it. Not all the DLC, but it’s something!

Cloudberry Kingdom

eShop or physical: eShop only


If you want to beat your head against the wall before throwing your gamepad out the window in frustration while still feeling oddly satisfied, this is a game for you. Cloudberry Kingdom starts out with a simple concept. Get from point A to point B. However, what’s in between those two points may prove to be a bit of a downer. Randomly generated levels with a guarantee that they’re possible doesn’t sound too promising, but once you get the rhythm of a level down, you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish.

There are many different modifiers for you to try as well, such as being stuck hopping in a box, or even turning into a spaceship. Either way, this game is packed with things to do, mainly because of the nature of random generation, but there are quite a few modes to keep you happy… or frustrated. Thanks for the game, Pwnee studios!

Zen Pinball 2

eShop or physical: eShop only

zen pinball 2

You may think a pinball game isn’t worth mentioning on this list. If you think that, you’ve never played Zen Pinball 2. The pinball tables are beautiful, the physics are spot on, and the tables are creative and feel like real machines. What’s better is that the base game is free! It doesn’t come with much, but you get free trials of all the cool tables they have to offer. Being a free download, I highly recommend at least giving it a try. It’s the only free thing on the list!

Props to Zen Studios for making Marvel tables too, so I could even out the amount of Marvel and DC in this article. Don’t need people on my back about that.

But seriously, go check it out. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had playing pinball. Even better than that game that used to come with every single windows XP computer.

Skylanders: SWAP Force

eShop or physical: physical only


I know I never shut up about this game, but it’s seriously fun. The reason it I consider it “under the radar” is because it gets written off as a cash grab pretty quickly. (And I needed a fifth game to round out the list)

However, if you like collectible figures, dungeon crawler style gameplay, and need a game to play with your kids or younger siblings, this is a good choice. Sure, it comes with a hefty price tag, but there’s a reason this franchise has made over 3 billion dollars. The game is actually fun. My first article on the site was actually a review for the game, so if you want a throwback, check it out!

Activision has done a great job with this series on the Wii U. They use the gamepad to either do off TV play or let you view stats of your skylanders on the fly. Normally those stats are tucked away in a menu, and this reason alone is why most players say the Wii U is the best version. Not to mention Activision and Toys for Bob have always done well with making its graphics really shine. With the recent announcement of Skylanders: Trap Team, now’s as good a time as any to get your collection started!

Zorpix and Miiverse

For this week’s Miiverse segment, I have a bit of a different story today.

Post Text: “I should hold a weekly “Zorpix Cup” Tourney once MK8 comes out. I can do it the same day as the Zorpix Den! But we’ll go hardcore. Blue shells only. Rainbow Road. No karts. You in?”

Post Link: Right here!

Alright guys, we all know it’s coming. Mario Kart 8. We’ve been talking about it nonstop here, seeing how we’re pretty excited about the game. So excited in fact, that I decided I’d use the new tournament feature to host a weekly monthly tournament! It’d probably be on the third wednesday of each month, or something like that. I want it on a Wednesday, because that’s same day that the Zorpix Den releases. I’d use replay footage from the previous months to compile a neat little video of the race to post in a new segment in these articles.

What I need to know from you guys is whether or not you’re on board. Who wants to race me?!

If you’re worried you won’t have the game, we’ve got you covered. Enter our contest to win the game, and you could be one of our four lucky winners! Here’s the link for anyone who hasn’t entered yet.

Wrapping up

If you do happen to have any suggestions for next week’s topic, any questions about the content I wrote, or just wanna say hey, feel free to sound off below! If you really feel inclined, you can mosey on over to my TwitterFacebook, or Miiverse account. Please don’t feel offended if I don’t respond to friend requests on the Wii U, as I reserve that for people I actually know in real life (usually…). I’ll probably follow back though!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you at the finish line 😉

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  • greengecko007

    Most of these Wii U games don’t appeal to me personally, but it was still a good read and I can appreciate what you’re doing Zorpix. I would definitely be all over a Mario Kart 8 tournament with the Wii U Daily community though. It’s a fantastic idea.

    • Glad you like the idea! Too bad none of the games appeal to you 😛 What’re your favorite under the radar games?

      • WiiUPS4

        I will take you on in MK just let me know when man and my user ID is deafswin77

        • it’ll probably be soon after the game’s release

          • WiiUPS4

            awesome i went and subbed your youtube channel

          • Oh crap, that’s right. I have a youtube channel

        • Marioman21

          Deafswin you are on wii u daily too.

          • WiiUPS4


          • Marioman21

            I am on your friends list on miiverse.

          • WiiUPS4

            Awesome man do you the ps4 too?

          • Marioman21

            No do not have the money for s4 yet
            hopefully eventually

      • greengecko007

        I feel like Tine 2 Director’s Cut is kind of underrated. I thought it was a very fun game, but I’ve never been successful in playing online with anybody.

        • I liked Trine 2! First Wii U game to have online play too, I think. However, I got stuck waaay late in the game and never went back in to finish

          • greengecko007

            Some of the later levels are pretty long and tricky. I completed most of the game with the help of local friends.

          • Wish I had more of those XD

      • Marioman21

        I cant wait my username is Collin and my id Marioman21

        • see you on the track! 😀

      • MrPablox

        I would really think another day of the week would fit so much better with a lot of other people, like a saturday or sunday. During the week people are not always free, this way, if the tournament is held in the weekend, I can certainly say that more people will attend!!

  • Alright guys! Cuss me out telling me what games I forgot to add, or which games didn’t belong up there! I’ve heard this is the joy of making “Top 5” lists 😛

    • Ducked

      You should make your Top 5, or Top 10 3DS games on the Zorpix Den.

      • I could. But then it wouldn’t be able to be featured on the main page I don’t think 😛

        • Ducked

          Well there would still have Wii U things in the Miiverse section of the article. There’s also been 3DS articles posted in the Wii U section in the past, so it should get featured.

          • I can probably get away with it

    • I don’t cuss; I use violence.

      Seriously though, good list. Also, if you want a dancing game, I heard Michael Jackson the Experience is coming to Wii U. Yay.

      • huh. MJ on Wii U. Could be interesting :3

        • How do dancing games work on the WIi U anyway? Do you just drag on the gamepad, or does it involve actual dancing?

          • I think the gamepad is like, used for lyrics or something, and wiimotes are used to track movement

          • Hmm. Sounds awful. Thanks.

          • yup XD

    • Mario Garth

      Why don’t you do Nintendo E3 predictions?

      • because at this point it’s anyone’s freaking guess XD

        I’ll probably do that once E3 draws nearer though

  • Niknique

    Holy crap cloudberry kingdom looks awesome! Now I have to get it!! Can’t wait for me and my friends to die a jillion times XD

    • Best part is, it’s four players! Have fun! 😀

  • I’m gonna throw Scribblenauts Unlimited in there. The Wii U is a great interface for it, and it’s a fun way to exercise some creativity.

    • It is quite fun, but a bit short for my tastes. Also, it’s hard to redo puzzles that aren’t in their own scene

      • Sdudyoy

        At my Walmart yesterday I saw that game for twenty dollars, I haven’t played it yet, do you think it’s worth it?

        • have you played any scribblenauts game before?

          • Sdudyoy

            Yeah, I played the first one, I enjoyed it as a pass time, but it was fun.

          • it’s kinda different now. It’s open world, and you just kinda wander around helping people out. There are a few distinct quests, but other than that it’s pretty much a sandbox game.

            I like it as a distraction. For 20 bucks I’d say you can go for it

        • gerb1977

          Keep an eye on…..they have had it for $9.99 a few different times

        • Marioman21

          it is worth it

    • Rinslowe


    • Ducked

      If we’re throwing games, we can throw in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I’m surprised Zorpix didn’t add it. Some people have overlooked it.

      • I don’t see it as terribly overlooked 😛

        • Ducked

          Well it wouldn’t hurt mentioning it 😉

          • I guess I technically overlooked it by not putting it in XD

  • Wishsong214

    Cloudberry Kingdom is fun, although I would recommend muting it at a certain point. After playing it for a long period of time and constantly dying, the music wore down on me.

    My current favorite download-only game would have to be Mighty Switch Force. Give that a go for some serious fun times. I’m also almost through Wonderful 101 and find that it was pretty underrated.

    • I liked the music, but you’re right. it can get old.

      I wasn’t a fan of the 101 demo. Maybe I need to give it another go

      • gerb1977

        I wasn’t a fan of the 101 demo but so many people talked about needing to play the game that I bought it and loved it. Once you get into the flow it is hard to put down and it meant i was getting 2 hours of sleep for a while

  • Sdudyoy

    I’d love to play in a tournament with Wii U daily! that would be fun to see how everyone plays.

    • My thoughts exactly! Can’t wait to get it started!

      • Josiah Parsons

        It looks like tournaments are so easy to set up that you could have weekly MK8 tourneys! I’d be game!

        • yeah, but the video compiling and everything I plan to do would stress me out way too much to do it weeklyi

          • Josiah Parsons

            aah. I see.

          • MAYBE biweekly. We just have to see how it goes

          • Josiah Parsons

            Ok. I look forward to racing with you however it all comes out!

          • same here!

      • Josiah Parsons

        I don’t really like the hardcore, blue shells only thing. Maybe mix it up a bit each time?

        • That was more of a joke XD I think I’ll do normal rules

          • Josiah Parsons

            I think that special rules are a great idea! Maybe do a Bomb Om Blast-style B-Os only battle mode one week, and a hardcore Mushrooms only race the next?

          • Depends on how often we do it.

            Of course, I can hold my own tournaments on the side on days that the official one isn’t going

  • Rinslowe

    Great write up Zorpix.
    Also looking forward to seeing a Wii U Daily, Kart 8 tourney

  • JB

    I’ve really been intrigued by the skylander series, but never pulled the trigger… I may one day.
    As for the MK8 tourney, I’m totally down for that! Outside of fighting games (and lately Titanfall) I don’t play online often as I like. Oh and I finally remembered to follow you Zorpix! Haha

  • Ducked

    Lego Movie clip added nice humor to it lol. Props to that.
    I would only buy the spin the bottle game if I was in a room with all females.
    I’ve played Cloud berry, its an amazing game! But warning its extremely hard.

    I’d like to see a 3DS article sometime by you Zorpix. Going over your personal favorite 3DS games. Even though its a Wii U site in all I’d still love to see it. Also, where is that Wii U vs PS4 article? lol. Anyways, as always great article Zorpix!

    • THANK YOU! I’ve been waiting for someone to mention it 😛
      Spin the bottle is fun with anyone 😛
      Cloudberry is super hard if you want it to be

      Wii U vs. PS4 is temporarily to indefinitely postponed. I got a few complaints about doing videos, and I just don’t know if it’s worth the effort and whatnot. It restricts my reader/viewer base, and I never wanted that. Besides, I’m happier writing articles anyhow! :3

      • Ducked

        Well it can be difficult watching a 40-50 minute video lol

  • steveb944

    Freaking hilarious intro Zorpix! I’m glad you saw that trend.

    Looking forward to the tournament and hope I can participate and my 9-5 doesn’t stop me.

    A lot of these seem to be E Shop titles, tho Gods Among Us has been on my eye for a while, I may get it to hold me over until Smash.

    I think there are numerous titles Wii U owners miss out on because they’re too depressed or blind to look behind the ‘Wii U is dead’ curtain. I myself have enjoyed my system, tho I’ve missed quite a few big name titles I don’t care because I rather support Nintendo any day of the week rather than those other technology companies that only do gaming as a side business.


    Thanks Zorpix for keeping things fresh.

    • Heck yes I saw that trend. And I was tired of it! I felt just like unikitty, too 😛

      Hopefully not. I plan to have a full school/work schedule, so we’ll work something out.

      Glad I could add a bit of freshness!

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    A Wii U Daily tournament sounds great! I’m in 😀

    • see you on the track!

      • Tim van Broekhoven


  • Arthur Jarret

    This list could use some expanding, great topic though… anyway – if the tourney would be on a wednesday, it’d be impossible for me to join. Time differences and all that. And that would make you sad.

    • It could, but these were the only underrated titles I owned, as I couldn’t speak to titles I don’t own

  • WiiUltra

    Nice article, but what does WUD stand for?

  • palomino blue

    MK8 Tourney! Where do I sign up?!

  • BrotherDump

    Ya I’m up for a Mario kart tournament! Just pre-ordered it today!!!

  • Mario

    Mario: I’m a gonna beat in the tourney Zorpix!

  • Dark-Link73

    Only five games? Awwwww! I was hoping to read about at least 10 to 20, lol. Now that it’s $30USD on the eShop, I’ve been tempted to get Injustice. I used to be a huge fighting game fan… until “mapped combos” ruined the fun it was to perform your own combos. Performing traditional combos from scratch is a lost art.

    • FlashFan207

      Injustice is great. Tons of fun and the comics characters look fantastic and have some crazy cool moves. Get it. All my combos I made up myself, so you may be able to rediscover your lost art form. 😉

  • Marioman21

    I cant wait to do a tourney also I have been a reader since February 2012 but just now started commenting. I just want Mario kart too come out already.

    • thanks for commenting 😀

  • Steve

    That spin the bottle game is kind of awkward. Lol

  • Daniel Carvalho

    I missed Spin the Bottle in purpose…

  • great deku tree

    I’d love to play in a tournament with people from wii u daily…it’s just that I’m from the UK and as far as I can tell this is a US website? so I may be in bed or something when you guys are playing. still if you are playing during the day or early evening I should be able to play. do you have any idea what time you’ll be holding the tournaments at? (if at all)

  • Adrian

    Tourney is a decent idea…I wonder if I will be any good at 8. I was pretty much 90%+ pro (as in less than 10% from max skill level) at MK64, but haven’t played much Mario Kart since.

  • Mark LaVerne

    Great list, and there’s many more to go, but these deserve a mention:

    * Tekken Tag 2 was incredibly well ported, with many different Nintendo costumes for the fighters.

    * The Cave. Not just because it’s from the maker of Monkey Island, but because it’s a great modernization of the adventure genre – with added platforming.

    * Darksiders 2. No, you don’t have to play the original in order to enjoy this. A great action game with a little touch of Zelda magic.

    … and I cannot believe there are people out there who have missed out on Wonderful 101 and Need for Speed: Mos Wanted U.