Jun 18th, 2014

zelda screenshot 2

Thanks to Santiago for this week’s topic!

As pretty much everyone here knows, the new Zelda game was shown off in a fancy gameplay trailer this E3. Yes, you read that right. The trailer that was shown was actual gameplay. It surprised the heck out of me, as it was so smooth it looked like a CG trailer. The way the horse spooked, according to my resident horse expert, was spot on to the way a real horse freaks out. It sounds like the team at Nintendo has spent a lot of time making this game perfect as they can.

However, there are apparently quite a few people unhappy with the trailer that was shown. You may be thinking to yourself “why?! It was so good! What could possibly be wrong?”. Select others of you may be thinking “Of course we were! Who wouldn’t be furious!?”

Well don’t any of you worry. Doctor Zorpix is here, and he’s gonna make you feel alright! (If you agree with me…)

What’s the issue?

Alright alright, I’ll stop being cryptic and tell you what this all is about. A lot of people are unhappy with the art style this game seems to be using. So per the norm, a week after the game has been announced, with only one trailer, people are swearing up and down this game is going to be terrible.

As much as I’d love their genie powers to be able to see the future, I don’t have that ability. So today, we’re just going to look at it from my simplistic “analytic” perspective. Sorry about that, soothsayers.

Alright, but in all seriousness, I can kind of understand where this hatred is coming from. Honestly, I felt a little disappointed in this display at first. Once I saw it in motion though, all my doubts faded. It looks like a beautiful and magical fantasy land that I can’t wait to explore.

Wii U Zelda

I understand

Look, I get that some of you guys wanted a “realistic” Zelda again. The E3 demo left all of us drooling last year. Seeing such a high definition and detailed view of Link’s magical world was just breathtaking. Like most tech demos, nothing on the Wii U has even come close to looking as good as that video (as far as I’m aware) so it really shouldn’t have come out as so much of a shock.

Still, they could’ve gone the Twilight Princess route and it would’ve looked just fine. However, I think this game started development really early in the Wii U’s lifespan, and they didn’t want to try pushing its power too much. When you start to make a game this big try to look as realistic as possible, it becomes harder and harder to keep glitches and such from rearing their ugly heads.

Nintendo isn’t a company who thinks graphics first. They think gameplay first, and build around that. They could’ve spent a lot of their time working on graphics and making it look amazing, but that’s not how they make games. They focus on what’s fun, and what would be cool to experience. The graphics, the story, and even the IP are all determined by those first decisions.

History repeats itself

This is also kind of a case of history repeating itself. Remember the gamecube’s Zelda tech demo? For those who don’t, let me show you.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEF9Utdu-L0]

So, people were shown this tech demo, and then they were given Wind Waker. That’s quite a jump. However, I know the video quality is kinda bad, but the graphics themselves haven’t aged anywhere near as well as Wind Waker’s have. Wind Waker for the gamecube still looks bright and crisp, with no terrible imperfections. This demo just doesn’t look very good… I think Wind Waker was the right choice for Nintendo, and I feel like they’re making the right choice again.

I don’t care

Honestly, Link could be a capybara riding a unicorn shooting rainbows at enemies. As long as it has the official Nintendo seal and is titled “The Legend of Zelda”, I don’t care what it looks like. It’s enough to know that it’s a Zelda game, and I’m going to have a blast with it.

What do you guys think? Does the art style really irk you, or are you a fan of this smoother style? I’ve already stated my opinions, but I want to know what you think!

Miiverse and Zorpix

I promised these videos a long time ago, but now it’s finally time to show them! Here are some of my Mario Kart replays!

This was me and my friends Andy and Mikey playing! Such an upset at the end!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DyOC4WuLo8]

There I go, hopping across the finish line!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBGXNtSg2a8]

Me and my girlfriend’s second race. We were still learning the ropes!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DyOC4WuLo8]

I absolutely destroyed Rosalina on that one jump where I used the horn. It took a while to get the perfect shot in the replay camera!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHkhTEWYxC4]

Wrapping up

If you do happen to have any suggestions for next week’s topic, any questions about the content I wrote, or just wanna say hey, feel free to sound off below! If you really feel inclined, you can mosey on over to my TwitterFacebook, or Miiverse account.

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Hope you’re all having a great summer!

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  • MujuraNoKamen

    My first thought was “woah!” but after that I was kind dissapointed that they went down the Cel Shading route again. Oh Well it looks stunning and open world Zelda, that’s what we all wanted isn’t it.

    • yeah, I share your feelings. I’m excited about this style, but I wouldn’t have complained about realisticness either

      • JB

        I don’t care, personally. It’s Zelda and I’ll play it and more than likely enjoy it! πŸ™‚ I’m sure we’ll get a realistic one next time.

    • Nice Ness

      its not cell shading, its soft shading (at least that’s what it looks like to me)

      • phaedruss

        Yea it’s really a mixture.

  • skyloft87

    As long as its Zelda and plays well which they all have… Well other than Zelda 2 in my option.

    • Zelda 2 I just had to stop

    • JB

      I guess I’m the odd ball here, but I actually enjoyed Zelda 2. Though the final battle with Shadow Link destroyed my soul with its difficulty. Haha

  • Assassinated23

    It’s not my first choice graphically, but it still looks fantastic.

  • palomino blue

    I’m not the biggest Zelda fan out there. Anyone who knows me knows that. Honestly, I don’t think Zelda was ever meant to look realistic. It’s a fantasy world that lends itself to a stylized art style. I think you’re dead on with stating how well the actual Zelda games that are released age vs tech demos. I’ve been replaying the original recently and was commenting on how it’s still so damn fun and compared to a lot of games that poorly executed on gameplay for the NES, I have little to complain about with that game. In regards to the new style, I think the watercolor paint look is perfect for the world they are creating. it’s going to come down to shadows and lighting and the music to really set the tone for this game. Bold, colorful models stand the test of time as TVs become higher and higher resolution. 10 years later, “realistic” character models tend to become more pixelated than stylized ones. Nintendo has always had that foresight in making their games fun to come back to many years later.

    • I agree! I believe it was Reggie who said “We don’t concern ourselves with the used game market because people don’t trade in our games as much as other companies.”

      • palomino blue

        I actually feel confident buying Nintendo’s IPs brand new when they come out for that reason. They don’t really go down in price for a while and you feel like you’re investing in your collection. A lot of other games, I wait for them to drop in price or buy them used.

        • yeah, Same here. I was pissed when I bought rayman legends full price, then it was 30 bucks like, 2 weeks later

  • LevenThumps

    I think this art style is amazing, and this will age very well, similar to Wind Waker.

  • Kenshin0011

    Amazing is how I would describe what I saw, no, FANTASTIC! I can already tell this is going to be my most favorite Zelda style ever. It had an anime vibe to it and I love it. Honestly I think the tech demo looked ugly and bland, especially Link’s character model.

    With this new graphical style they can push the game farther. They’re making it open world with vast areas. So we need as large draw distances as possible. If they went the realistic route it would just look crappy and underwhelming.

    • Eh, I liked the tech demo, but this looks a lot more vibrant for sure

      Yeah, that’s what I’m excited about. They can push it futher this way and aren’t held back by the tech

  • ZeldaFan83

    The new Zelda is definitely my style, it looks like I’d be playing an anime. Kind of like Princess Mononoke but a little more of a modern graphical style plus it’s an open world.

    • yeah, it’d be cool to see a full anime style Zelda. Kinda like the Naruto games art style

    • Ultrasyd

      YEAH ! I always mention Princess Mononoke too : ) And a bit of Disney in the eyes. Anim style sounds great to me. And it will age much better this way.

    • Sultan 7

      EXACTLY!!!!! Damn realistic graphics!

  • After re-watching the trailer and looking at a few 1080p screenshots; I’ve come to the conclusion that it looks fine.

    No – not “fine” as in passable, average – or okay. I mean fine like; a sleek looking, luxury sports car. Or a really fine-looking woman.

    Honestly; I don’t get why everyone is so bent on this boring brown-gray color palette we keep seeing. Have you ever seen an amazing painting? What does it have? COLOR and VIBRANCY. That’s what makes it pop! Take a look outside. If you live in a suburban or rural area; chances are you have trees, flowers, plants and possibly bodies of water to look at. Do they look dull to you? Imagine if those flowers were dark, or that water was gritty – would it be appealing?

    Honestly; I think the artstyle looks amazing. Zelda is a FANTASY ADVENTURE. It’s not supposed to be “realistic”. It’s supposed to be filled with character and imagination. If every game looked like Watch_Dogs, The Division or The Order: 1886 – it would be repetitive and boring, visual wise. The world is filled with color – why can’t games be the same?

    • hey look, my desktop background XD

      • yey

        • ZeldaFan83

          If you go to Nintendo’s E3 site and go to the Zelda page you can view 4 screenshots in HD like this one and set them as your desktop. Their all pretty cool.

          • I’ll have to check it out soon

        • RetroSquid

          Ha, I know that feel…

          My current background.


          • how do you have three..

            Oh right. some people have money XD

          • RetroSquid

            Ha, something like that.

            T’is just a workstation, albeit somewhat untidy at the moment.

            The joy of balancing a degree in computer animation and an inde dev studio… A busy mind and busy desk.

          • lucky >.> XD

          • RetroSquid

            Ha, not quite…
            Lots of hard work and effort. πŸ˜‰

          • Tecpedz94

            What are u a computer programer lol or a hard core gamer :p

          • RetroSquid

            Ha, the head of a small indie dev studio and a 3D animator… Also, I likely game more than anyone else I know, so you could say hard core gamer, too, I suppose. πŸ˜‰

          • Silver Man

            Ha ha! I could use a drink right now!

          • bistricky


        • WiiUisgaming

          I have the same background πŸ˜€

        • Ultrasyd

          Same πŸ˜€

          • nf_zeta

            same here!

        • Marioman21

          I also have that as my desktop background before it was pikmin.

      • Guest

        Mine :3

      • Gudleifson

        Yey backgrounds :p

        • such tall
          very building
          scrape the sky of your dreamz


    • anyways, I agree. It’s very vibrant and popping. It fits the fantasy theme very well, and I think this art style is going to be a joy to look at every time I play.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      It’s the same thing that keeps me from getting into other companies’ franchises. All of them have an amazingly realistic graphic, what makes all of those games seem really boring, repetitive and generic at first glance. There’s no charisma, no suspension of disbelief for me, or even a minimal interest to get into the game. That’s why I love Nintendo games!

      Now, don’t get me wrong. I loved Twilight princess, and although many claim it was “realistic”, I don’t think it was. It was dark, obscure, but never “realistic”. All the characters were made with the series’ traditional design style, the buildings, items, and even the world’s physics were fantasy-like! I would love seeing a new Zelda like that, dark and obscure, like we’ve seen in the tech demo, but I’m never disappointed at what Nintendo shows us, because whatever it is, it’ll be beautiful. And above all, fun to play!

    • Rinslowe

      Well said.

    • Santiago

      I agree with you. That said is something you maybe didnt know. There is no such thing as a 1080p picture. That is only used for video. The P stands for progressive and it is the oposite of 1080i, which is an inferior video technic. So you may say you have a 1080×1920 picture, or even a 1080 picture but not a 1080p one.

    • darkcreap

      Exactly. There are dark things in the Zelda series, but also there is an epic and adventurous side to it. It is an alive world that makes you will to explore. The traditional music in a Zelda Overworld is an adventure, not a creepy tune (except at night, of course), it is a music that invites you to explore that world. It is a world of secrets in which there are things that can stare you to death, but also mistery and fun.

      Miyamoto created Zelda remembering how he liked to explore caves in Japan when he was young. When you go for adventure on a Sunday morning to the countryside, you will find creepy things out there, but you go out to discover the misteries of the world out there. That kind of world has to be inviting and that is why there is this mixture in Zelda games.

      Of course, I don’t mean that darkness cannot be the general mood of a game or that Zelda games shouldn’t be at all dark. Precisely that balance is what makes them so attractive. And the thing is that the main topic in a Zelda game is discovery, not only “danger” and “fear”.

  • D.M.T

    I expected a more realistic look but I like the one I saw at E3, it looks beautiful.

  • It looks excellent, and the detail itself in the environment is impressive.
    Skyward Sword itself will likely age better than Twilight Princess.

    • It already has. Twilight Princess already looks ugly. You can see the low-res textures and lack of anti-aliasing. I don’t care for graphics, but anyone with eyes can see that Skyward Sword looks better.

      • I have no preference about graphics. They can do whatever, and as long as the game appeals to me, it’s good. Games on the PS4 like No Man’s Sky look impressive, and HD and 4K not only interest me, but also excite me. But I also like Wii U games, which continue to be bright, colorful, and full of depth and quality. Mario Kart 8, is many times better looking than Infamous: Second Son, to me, not because of the graphical fidelity, but because of the art style, and just how wonderfully bright and colorful it is.

        • Rinslowe

          Well unless you’ve got yourself a decent PC. 4k gaming will be next generation. Heck 2.5k will be next generation…

          • And that sucks.

          • Rinslowe

            Well I don’t really know. Sure games look stunning in 4k. But 1080p is still relevant gaming. And it’s about the kinds of effects and overall performance that the game includes. But that’s just the tech. Gameplay trumps everything.
            I’ve tried 4k gaming. But I’ve got a dedicated three screen set up @ 2.5k on PC and it’s decent in comparison.
            But I game Mario Kart for eg on a 1080p projector and it looks really nice. Both are different experiences.

            Ultimately though. When all systems are supporting 2.5k – 4k gaming without having to compromise on performance and effects, then it should be overall a positive.

      • matthew garcia

        Both of those zeldas look pretty crappy on a hd tv these days. Only way they look ok are on old tube televisions.

        • David

          Uhm, no. Skyward sword looks beautiful due to its art and color pallet.

    • too bad, because Twilight Princess had a sexy midna :c

      • Im afraid I will have to downvote you for that.
        I am sorry. I am soo, soo sorry.

        • MIDNA WAS SEXY, DAMN IT! >:c

    • palomino blue

      For all intents and purposes, Twighlight Princess is a Gamecube game so it’s really a generation behind Skyward Sword, but it’s still a good example of more realistic graphics not aging as well.

    • asdfg

      That’s not really fair. You got a low-res pic of TP and put it next to an HD screencap of SS. And keep in mind that SS came out 5 years after TP, when developers already knew how to make the most of the hardware.

    • joey t

      just gonna put it out there the pic on the right is clearly a screen grab from an emulator, twilight princess looks pretty good when up res’ed as well.

    • darkcreap

      Agreed. I think Skyward and Wind waker are going to age better. Wind Waker has already aged quite well.

  • Hey everyone! I’m on my lunch break! If you wanna ask something or leave a compliment/complaint, better hurry! ;P

  • Negatron99

    It looks beautiful. I loved Wind Waker’s style. This looks like an evolution of that.

    • LevenThumps

      His clothing looks similar to Toon Link’s pajamas.

  • ZeldaFan83

    You could say this is more reminiscent of the original but in 3D. The original wasn’t realistic and neither is this. Maybe that’s what they were going for, a design that more closely resembles the original but in a 3D open world environment. This one seems to blend a few game designs together graphically, I think it looks like a combo of Skyward Sword and Wind Waker with a little bit of Ocarina of Time.

    • original… Zelda? I dunno, maybe at the time that WAS super dark and gritty πŸ˜‰

      • ZeldaFan83

        I was there at the time. My parents got it for my 7th birthday when it was released. It wasn’t that dark and gritty, it had more of a fantasy world appeal to it.

        • I have it on my 3DS. not dark at all

  • bistricky

    I have absolutely no problem with the style of graphics Nintendo has chosen for Zelda U. Finally ….. Zelda in an open-world game …… that is key to me. Cheers πŸ˜€

  • greengecko007

    I can understand both sides of the argument over Zelda’s art style. Some people would argue that because Zelda games involve going through dungeons, they’d rather the game be darker, grittier, and more realistic, to emphasize the dungeons more and immerse them in the game world. Other people feel that because the Zelda games are fantasy games, it should have brighter colors and less realistic graphics, emphasizing that Hyrule is a different world from our own.

    I think both opinions are find to have, and neither group is right or wrong. I personally, feel myself more towards the colorful and cartoon like fantasy side. I don’t think dark and super realistic dungeons would benefit the Zelda series, because the Zelda dungeons are riddled with puzzles, which require you to see things clearly. I loved the dark and gritty dungeons in The Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim, but those dungeons almost never had puzzles, and when they did, they were weak. There were times when I would be stuck in a room in Skyrim, unable to find the switch to open a door just because the dungeon was too dark to make out shapes clearly.

    • I don’t really have a preference, like yourself. They all look good and have their ups and downs.

    • Marioman21

      I like realism as much as the next guy but I just prefer bright colors makes it feel so much more alive to me.

  • Jackson five

    Just reading this article and the comments and seeing that screenshot, now I have the Zelda theme going in my head. Lol.. The game looks like its going to be amazing! I can’t wait to explore its world.

    • The wait is too long!

      • greengecko007

        Another year at minimum unfortunately. Anouma has already said we will see more of this Zelda game during next year’s E3.

        • yeah :c

          • Jackson five

            I wonder if I can freeze myself in a block of ice and have someone thaw me out right before its release. Like cartman did in south park while waiting for the wiis release.. Except that didn’t turn out so well..:)

          • that was funny though XD

          • Rinslowe

            Yeah that would be relatively easy. But it’s the thawing part that gets a little tricky…
            Just sayin.

  • JB

    “… but the graphics themselves haven’t aged anywhere near as well as Wind Waker’s have.”

    You took the words right out of my mouth. As great as the tech demo they showed a while back looks, It still feels kind of bland and generic, which is exactly the problem with the spaceworld demo when you look at it now in contrast to the Wind Waker. Really, the way the game looks now feels more alive and vibrant IMO. It feels more fantasy like than even Skyrim.

    Like I said in another post awhile back, this might be the Cel-shaded Zelda vision fully realized now that they have the hardware chops to pull it off. Also, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the next Zelda game went back to a more realistic style. Look to Twilight Princess as an example. After everyone complained about Ww’s style after the spaceworld incident, they gave a darker, more realistic Zelda afterwards. Though obviously that’s just my speculation.

    • yeah, I was just about to say in another comment that they’ll prolly go “realistic” next

  • asdfg

    My main problem with these graphics is the lack of consistency. The enviroment has normal shading and the trees, rocks etc. look like regular 3d models. But Link, the horse and the characters (such as the goats and NPCs) are cel shaded and look out of place. And I’m very unhappy that they decided to go with the cel shaded style again… not because it’s “childish” or colorful, but because I think it looks extremely ugly. I dislike the transition between shadows and highlights, it’s not smooth and it looks like two blocks of color. It’s not very aesthetically pleasing to me. Also, the technique doesn’t allow for detailed textures, not as nearly as normal shading does.
    And I don’t buy the “but it ages better” excuse. Granted, technically speaking WW looks timeless, but I didn’t enjoy the graphics when it came out and I still don’t; while I was able to appreciate TP’s looks back then, even though it shows its age nowadays.

    I’m not too fond of Link’s design either. But it could be worse, I guess (amirite, Toon Link?). tl;dr Graphically, it looks “meh” to me, but people shouldn’t dismiss the entire game just because of how it looks.

    • yeah, what it comes down to is how it plays. looking great is just a bonus. I’d be curious what their next TP style zelda looks like

    • Nice Ness

      They aren’t cell shaded just so you know, its more a stylistic shading. Looking at this artist example (not mine). They want to go for a more soft-shaded look

      • Rinslowe

        Well to be fair it’s still cel shading but with extra layers for the latest Zelda. There’s easily defined lines between each “layer” that you can see. Still quite impressive. Not strictly soft-shading though…

        • phaedruss

          And you know that, eh?

          • Rinslowe

            Yes I do think so yeah…

  • Jon

    ok, this question is asked on EVERY Zelda game.

    • and I answered it πŸ˜€

  • Nookling

    I think the game looks beautiful so far

  • C4

    Would have done the same for environments. Not sure about Link and potentially other characters though. I hope for less human / hylian-like characters and more variety. WW has too many weirdos…

    • I like WWs weirdos πŸ˜›

    • Arthur Jarret

      So did MM…

    • Marioman21

      Face it weirdos make interesting characters Hence why I love Ghiriham.

  • asdfg

    I think people doesn’t really get the definition of “realistic”. It doesn’t mean “gritty, dark and unsaturated”. And no one wants a photorealistic Zelda. By all means, every Zelda game, even the darker ones, are still cartoony. So I think people should stop saying that Celda is better because it’s more fantasy-like. I mean, look at Mario Kart 8. It has realistic lightning and shading, but still looks colorful and magical. What I’m trying to say is that Zelda doesn’t need to look like a flat, 2d drawing in order to keep its fantasy atmosphere.

    • I meant both

      • asdfg

        Oh, I wasn’t talking specifically about you.

  • Sdudyoy

    This Zelda game looks great, and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way, every Zelda game should have a unique art style or else they would all be the same thing.

    • brandon

      I don’t think each Zelda game needs its own art style.. To me, the style of Zelda shown in this video is fantastic, and I would be very happy to see other Zelda games in the future done in a similar style.

  • Ducked

    I was a little irritated by Nintendo’s decision at first, but then I looked at it in a different way. The gameplay looks so detailed and beautiful. Open world Zelda just sounds awesome. I’m still trying to figure out what’s with Link’s new design? I expect to the game release in November 2015.

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      I hope so. Hopefully Gannondoraf returns.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      March 2015

      • Ducked

        Ha ha sounds funny. People also expected Smash to be out in the Spring this year.

  • MerryBlind .

    Personally I think it looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • FutureFox

    Its also kind of unfair to compare what was shown this E3 and the promotion from last year. The images shown are different environmental settings.

    • Zuxs13

      Two years ago. No Zelda last year on wii u

  • Jasen Swett

    I think this Zelda game looks amazing! Can’t wait too play it.

  • Nice Ness

    To everyone saying they are going the cell shading route again, that is not what cell shading looks like (the only reason we say that is because Wind Waker and maybe 1 or two other games actually used that form of cell shading). From what I can tell, they are going for a more soft-shaded look which (at least to me as an artist) looks very different than cell shading and it can lead to some truly detailed and beautiful locations.

    Check the example (not done by me, whoever did it, has done a nice job though)

    edit: Also, take a look at the pictures on the official website, those are realistic shadows which we kind of saw in WWHD (not the original). Looking at Link with the bow is the best view of that

  • Lusunup

    I love it but not my style because I bought the wiiu so I could grasp my hands on the new tech demo of LOZ and especially to shut up xboxone and ps4 fanboys. I wish to see the wiiu being pushed to it’s limits when comes to graphics is all but hopefully Metriod gets the treatment as will as star fox….

    • Zuxs13

      It is being pushed to its limits. Go watch rewind theater of the Zelda demo. You obviously missed how impressive the game is. This was all in game engine footage.

  • ActivesiN

    I am loving the new Zelda art style, its gorgeous, Link looks like a wuss though, but maybe that will change once he gets the hero suit and master sword

  • Arthur Jarret

    It looks amazing! I really don’t ‘get’ why people are upset. That the art style would be ‘similar to skyward sword’ was already said by Aonuma a looooooong ass time ago. I believe it was even in the same month as the tech demo that he said the new Zelda would not look like that.

    We get something gorgeous that is going to age really, really well. Want realistic zelda? Play Hyrule warriors!

    • phaedruss

      That’s the thing it’s not entirely skyward sword.

  • Carlos Webster

    ugh… stupid graphics snobs hating a game just because of its art style. (in case you only read the upper part of the article and just jumped down to the comment section, no, I am not criticizing Zorpix himself).

  • Rinslowe

    When you take one system and two titles, one with a realistic approach and the other with a more alternative art style. Most people assume the realistic version is looking better and/ or more taxing on system resources. But of course this is not necessarily the case.
    When I look at both the tech demo and the latest trailer for Zelda. I don’t see a game more technically demanding or ambitious in the first example over the second.
    If anything the animations, rendering and shading approach in the latest Zelda is streets ahead of the tech demo. And would be quite demanding on the Wii U’s feature set.

    I wanted a realistic Zelda as much as anybody. But as is usually the case with these sorts of projects. What we actually get exceeds expectations in ways we didn’t even know we wanted expectations to be exceeded.
    In that regard the latest trailer for Zelda blew me away from it’s organic qualities and it’s Pixar masterclass level of effects, to it’s ambitious scope.
    This game is going to steal my time… a lot.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Agree. There is a lot more going on in the new Zelda than the tech demo. Grass is moving. Animals on the field, workers, birds etc. The light from the fireballs and the water looks good too. I would prefer the second over the first any day.

      • phaedruss

        Yes not to mention the tech demo was in 720p and was in a small enclosed area. Has it been confirmed what the trailer was running at?

        • Rinslowe

          Well the screen shots for nearly every title released on Wii U from Nintendo have been accurately indicative of their native resolution so far. Which would indicate that the new Zelda has every possibility of being 1080p…

          • phaedruss

            If that’s the case then it is incredible.

          • Rinslowe

            The screens released so far have been in 1080p.
            Pikmin 3, SM3DW, DKTF and Mario Kart 8 all had 720p released screens. WWHD’s no surprise, was 1080p.
            Not saying this is a guarantee. But it’s followed that pattern to date.
            By that, it is very possible to be 1080p. But not a certainty by any means…

  • Personally I felt a little sick thinking owh brother GC tech-demo and final game all over again. It’s no secret that I fancy the darker twillight princess, ocarina of time/majora’s mask style over windwaker and skyward sword style. So yeah I was and still am a little dissapointed.

    But with that said Zelda U looks very good, although the kinda tech-era is one thing that does not fit Zelda at all imo. It should stick to medevil era like always. I prefered a Darker style but an openworld Zelda is a gamegasm to every Zelda fan. Atleast this style is more adult-like unlike the to cartoon-style of Wind Waker. I know that I’ll have atleast 40-60 hours of exploration ahead of me and I’m looking forward to this in 2015.

    • Dominicruz

      what are you talking about 100 or more hours skyr]im takes more the 100 to complete everything this game has to be epick and dark!

      • Like I said aswell but the trailer shows otherwise. And it’t won’t be changed, for that I’m a little dissapointed I would have been super hyped if it was more like skyrim as you said, but it isn’t. I’m still happy for the openworld in the new Zelda, but preffered it to be more like skyrim in the artstyle department.

    • Zuxs13

      Tech era? They have always had “tech” in Zelda. Hook shot, Beatle, bombs, spirit tracks. Anouma even talked about this in a recent post e3 interview

      • yes, but this is rather futuristic in ways unlike we’ve seen before in zelda, the arrows seem to be made with some sort of laser, unless it are the actual light arrows.

        • Zuxs13

          Anouma even used the hook shot in his press conference aboyt the tech he said that a hook shot even today couldn’t be used. There is nothing “futuristic ” in this Zelda that’s any different than past games.
          You didn’t have flying Beatles and hand held hook shots in roman times! Plus Zelda has had railroads, boats with canons on them the arrow in the demo was no different than things used in the past.

          • It’s a fantasy game but railroads and boats have been around far FAR longer then the 16th century and up. Discussing my thoughts seem to fall on deadmans ears as you keep bringing arguments to counter. It’s MY opinion and that’s all it is nothing more nothing less. Also I said 2 times before and this will be the third time, I’m not saying I hate the direction, I’m saying it’s a different direction then that we have seen before.

            It’s not a bad thing, not even by a longshot. It’s a fresh unique approach, that it dissapointed me a little is purely the artstyle direction on which again “my own feeling is dissapointing a bit” again it’s NOT a BAD THING, not by a longshot just a lot different then I expected, I know it wouldn’t be tech demo style, nor that it would be a windwaker artstyle. As it is now it seems to be in between Windwaker and Skyward sword. But what I personally expected was between Skyward Sword and Tech-Demo style.

            I’m not attacking the game, the tech and Anouma for the approach, I’m not mad about anything, I’m looking forward to the game but it’s just different then my expectations. That’s it nothing more, nothing less. But I’ll leave it at this for now not gonna start and endless discussion about it. This is the game as it is now and as it will stay.

            All I think about now is was it 2015 allready so that I can set my teeth in one of the most anticipated games on Wii U for me. Only Xenoblade Chronicles X and Bayonetta 1+2 I’m also eagerly waiting for on Wii U

          • phaedruss

            Fantasy isn’t really based on a certain Earth time period, remember it’s a different world not ours.

          • Yeah, you’re right, I’ll see what it brings, I’m sure the game will be great as always. Windwaker wasn’t my style in the artdepartment but the story of windwaker was awesome.

            This too will be again a great story and seemingly a whole new chapter in the Zelda Universe. I don’t see yet in which timeline according to the book which came last year, but in a 45 second trailer it’s pretty much impossible to find out anything about the story anyway πŸ™‚

        • Zuxs13
          • Thanks for that link it does explain it better. I see his point and thoughts about it with this quote. We’ll see what else he comes up with. Still as mentioned in my last reply before this one, It’s one of my personal most anticipated games on Wii U next to Xenoblade Chronicles X and Bayonetta 1+2

  • HydePark1980

    Oh please!!! If gamers today had their way every goddamn game released would run with photo realistic graphics and have the option of going into first person perspective.

  • Brandon

    I never played zelda, so I dont care what thet do. Im just glad that the graphics and concept looks good.

  • Darkness

    Mario Kart 8 is ok if you only race but like many others that battle, Nintendo ruined battle mode. We all should sign this in hopes Nintendo sees that the fans want DLC

    • phaedruss

      Who cares go play one of the other Mario karts. It’s just a game anyways. If it sucks move on.

      • Darkness

        Apparently a lot of people care smarty. They update games like Mario Golf with DLC characters so it’s possible for Nintendont to give Mario Kart 8 more options

        • phaedruss

          I think starting a petition on a site that is meant for petitions for political change for a video game is so absurd, truly first world problems.

          • Darkness

            Take a look at the site, there’s petitions for pretty much anything you can think of. I didn’t make it but I support it. We could sit here, do nothing at all and maybe move on to Playstation or Xbox. Or maybe try to show support for a company we don’t want to give up on yet by explaining what the fans want

          • phaedruss

            Yea it’s stupid what people will make petitions for. How about don’t keep buying their tired old franchises to make them make something new and fresh.

          • Darkness

            Unfortunately for Nintendo they don’t have many new and fresh games, there’s a few but not a lot. Nintendo’s biggest sellers are remakes. They will see how much they dropped the ball when they don’t come close to Mario Kart Wii’s sales

            I am almost to the point of moving on.

          • phaedruss

            Well obviously they have to make those games, they don’t just appear out of thin air.

    • Zuxs13

      Its a Kart racer. If you want to beat people up buy smash brothers.

  • Leo

    I love the current Zelda artstyle! Its fresh and its beautiful! and its OPEN WORLD!!!! O.o

  • phaedruss

    How anyone can be upset with this new style is beyond me. It must be the youngins. I wanted the tech demo, what we got is so much better.

    • asdfg

      Different opinions, maybe?

  • Fuzzylittlebastard

    My biggest problem with all of this is not that I want the realistic version, which I do, but the fact that we have seen a similar style (cell shaded, kind of cartoony/animeish, etc) too often. Lets see here…. after twilight princess we had:
    Phantom hourglass
    Spirit Tracks
    Skyward Sword

    Notice anything? they are all very similar art styles. All cell shaded. To me, the art style in LOZ is always changing, always evolving. I wanted something that made me think “I have never seen this before!” or “I cannot BELIEVE that they are using that style!” Understand what I mean?

    • phaedruss

      If you can’t see how this style is very different, yet a combination of all of those styles you are blind.

      • Fuzzylittlebastard

        Its not that, I can see that its different, a better way to put this is “I am tired of all this cell shading” There are more art styles than just realism and cell shading. OOC and MM were not cell shaded (at least from what I consider cell shaded). I just want a brand new art style that is unlike anything that we have seen before, or one that we have not seen much of (I.E. TP style)

        • phaedruss

          Again it’s not just cel-shading anyways. Within cel shading you can do many different art styles as well.


          Cel shading itself is not an art style by the way.

          • Fuzzylittlebastard

            I stand corrected on the Cell shading bit, I do not know much about video game art styles. but I stand by what I said. The art styles have become a bit monotonous. I want a different color pallet. How is that?

          • phaedruss

            I don’t understand your position at all. This style is completely different from all of the others. It’s like a painting, yet semi realistic and has some cel shading. What kind of pallet do you want? What I’m saying is it’s not monotonous in the least. To say so is literally bonkers when compared to every other game series out there.

          • Fuzzylittlebastard

            So the past few have been a light-hearted pallet/art style that looks like it came out of a Saturday morning cartoon. Thats not a bad thing, and I have been enjoying the games, but I want something else. Like maybe an ancient Japanese style/pallet? or maybe a game that has an orange tinge to it? Or maybe a Cell Shaded game that has some dark realism in it, Kind of like Wolf among us? I do not know, just something else.

          • phaedruss

            I don’t see how this is light hearted. It’s not wind waker or spirit tracks. It’s not Skyward sword either. It’s almost in between skyward sword and twilight princess in a way I think.

          • Fuzzylittlebastard

            I guess that would be a matter of opinion haha

          • phaedruss

            Yea but it’s not even close to wind waker or spirit tracks or even skyward sword.

          • brandon

            This Zelda video didn’t look like The Flinstones ! This game looked gorgeous. It reminded me a bit of Studio Ghibli in terms of its quality, atmosphere and style!

          • Fuzzylittlebastard

            How about the pallet? The color pallet of recent is kind of… well… happening again and again. Thats kind of what I meant by Cell Shaded, I thought it was a style.

    • FutureFox

      Disagree on ALBW.

      • Fuzzylittlebastard

        Why is that?

        • FutureFox

          ALBW was not cel-shaded at all. Just plain ol’ 3D models. It was cartoony only in that it was recapturing the cartoony style of the ALTTP, though now its not as pixelated as the 16-bit game.

          And really to me, ABLW had more in common as far general character models with OoT. The difference being the scale of the models in ALBW to work in the top-down magic of ALTTP.

          • Fuzzylittlebastard

            Fair enough!

  • David Horowitz

    TPYO: “making this game perfect as they can.” Irony much?

  • I like Zelda no matter what it looks like, it’s my favorite franchise, I’m a Zelda fanboy lol. I would like it if it was all in black and white like MadWorld or hell if it was Stick Figures lol. As long as no stupid time limit is in the game like Majora’s Mask I’m good.

  • Iflywright

    It looks very open world like my favorite game ever, read dead redemption, only if John Marston came across some peyote.
    I think this is an excellent balance of realism and fantasy art in high detail. I think if this zelda were hyper real like if it were a sony feature it would come off cold and creepy.

    Twilight princess Link gives off a Beiber vibe. Like a werewolf Beiber. And Skyward Sword looks too pristine.

    I’m not sure if this is what they mean by cel shaded but the more zelda looks like a painting, I prefer the best, therefore I really dig where they’re going with this one.

    • phaedruss

      Red Dead sucked, even worse than skyrim.

      • Leo

        sucked??? Wow… that is the first time i see someone hating that game… O.o i get its your point of view, but for me Red Dead Redemption is a real masterpiece!!

        • phaedruss

          Ugh, it’s boring, the missions were dumb rockstar missions, etc.

    • Leo

      Yes!!! I totally saw Red Dead Redemption on it, not Skyrim!! I love that game!!!

    • 00EpicGamer00

      I love Red Dead Redemption too. In fact, it’s my favorite game ever. In my opinion, there is no game out there better than RDR (as of right now, anyway). If this game has an open world as big as RDR, and has “stranger” missions and side missions and what not. Best Zelda game ever!

    • asdfg

      Don’t you dare to compare TP Link to Bieber. Just no. lol

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    I AM!!!

  • YoG99

    Until you are able to see the game “live”, it can’t be amazing. It will probably run at 60 fps and videos of it is 30 fps. It’s easy to see the difference in Mario Kart 8 between youtube vids and the real deal. Personally, I hate realistic games. I love Nintendo for being able to use other artstyles. They are real artists.

    • phaedruss

      It won’t run at 60 fps.

      • asdfg

        How can you be so sure of it?

        • phaedruss

          Because it’s not needed and with how big the world is etc it will be nearly impossible especially if they go for 1080p. Has any Zelda run at 60 fps?

          • asdfg

            ALBW did.
            And well, a lot of things are really needed but makes for a better experience. I would take smooth animations over 1080p graphics any day.

          • phaedruss

            You’ll have smooth animations with 30 fps. Did albw run at 60 fps with the 3d turned on?

          • asdfg

            But with 60fps it wil be even smoother.
            And yes. They said it stabilizes the 3D effect.

          • phaedruss

            You got a source for that? As far as I know the 3d always hurts the framerate. If course it would seem “smoother” at 60 fps, doesn’t mean 30 fps isn’t smooth though.

          • asdfg
          • phaedruss

            Ah ok. Surprising but again unlikely for Zelda u.

          • asdfg

            We’ll have to wait and see.

          • phaedruss

            You think an open world Zelda at 1080p with the kind of fidelity they’re showing has a chance of being 60 fps on the Wii u? That’d be literally magic on a 176 gigaflop gpu.

          • asdfg

            I don’t think anything. I just won’t go out there assuming stuff because I may be proven wrong when the game comes out. I simply prefer to wait quietly and see what happens.

          • phaedruss

            Well we can look at the likelihood of it happening and say that it’s not likely, in fact close to 0% chance.

  • Des

    Let me preface this by saying I do not own a Zelda game. I never liked RPG’s and Zelda reminded me of one. However, I’ve seen vids of a few of the different games from Gamecube, Wii, 3DS and now Wii U. I like that they have changed up the visual styles from time to time. It keeps the games fresh and interesting. I wish more games would do that. It reminds me a bit of Mario. They had the original sprites (Super Mario series), the 3D games (Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, World), the 2 1/2D games (New Super Mario) and the cell shaded games (Paper Mario). I like that they’re not afraid to mix it up. Heck, now that I own a Wii U, I might even go back and play a few of the Wii Zelda titles or give Wind Waker HD a try.

    • Zuxs13

      Zelda is action adventure not RPG

      • phaedruss

        Yes exactly. I really don’t know why it was classified as RPG for so long, probably because you use a sword and it’s a fantasy setting. Which is dumb obviously.

      • Des

        If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck… It always seemed RPG’ish to me. Maybe cause the original Zelda on the NES and the one on the SNES looked like every other RPG out there. I haven’t owned a Nintendo console since the SNES. So I was never a Zelda fan. But like I said, I’ll have to give them a try.

        • phaedruss

          Looking like an rpg doesn’t make it an rpg.

          • Des

            If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck… it might be a goose and you just can’t tell the difference. The Zelda games looked like RPG’s and so it was unappealing to me. It’s like asking someone if they played the new GTA5 game and they say that they don’t like racing games. You explain to them that it isn’t a racing game. It’s an open world action adventure game. They say, “Are there cars in it?” Yes. Do you have to drive it and do missions with it? Yes. Well I don’t like racing games. Same thing with Zelda. It had an RPG aesthetic which I didn’t care for at the time and I always just assumed it was an RPG. However, like I said before, I’m willing to give them a try.

  • Denvy

    I can’t say that “style” ever mattered to me. I’ve never been disappointing by a Nintendo published Zelda game. Regardless of style, I will enjoy this.

  • InterTreble

    It’s not just a matter of “graphics”, but above all of “style”. I’ve found much more beautiful this graphics, this style, than the one of all the other iper-realistic games presented so far. Including Batman, the game presented by Sony which was running on a PC… What a fail, and what a shame! πŸ˜‰ Lack of style, to come back to the beginning of my comment! πŸ˜‰

  • Leo

    I can’t wait for Link Marston!!! lol

    • phaedruss

      SHUT UP.

      • Leo

        Excuse me? O.o

        • phaedruss

          Link Marston? Sounds awful.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Ever heard of a joke?

  • dorkmen

    If Nintendo makes Link to realistic it will not leave nintendo anywhere to go in the furture with a Zelda game. How does Link look in Hyrule Warriors?

    • phaedruss


      • dorkmen

        Made sense in my head and was brilliant. Guess it came out

  • Arthur Sataine

    What is wrong with it? The artistic take on the graphics? Well if people have an issue with that then they need to grow up. Photorealism does not automatically equate to fun. This bright, vibrant world pulls me in more than a monocolored travesty of a world. I want a world that is alive and thriving. Not some glum drum post-apocalyptic feel to it. I want to see a world worth saving!

    • asdfg

      I don’t think anyone wants a photorealistic Zelda. Where that came from? And what’s up with the idea that realism has to be monocolored? The real world is full of vibrant colors.

      • Arthur Sataine

        Exactly. The push for the majority, which so happen to be the degenerative, of gamers is photorealism. And the trend in that area is almost always dark and damned near monochromatic.Common knowledge through mere observation. Which is all nonsense. Games aren’t about graphics. They are about fun.

        Which is why I’m digging everything Nintendo is doing.

        • asdfg

          I agree. I think the graphics for this game look gorgeous, my only problem with it is the shading technique they chose. Not a big fan of the flat look the characters seems to have, I must say. But yeah, as much as I love TP’s style, it lacked color. It could be much more vivid while still maintaining its realisticness(?).

          • phaedruss

            The “flat” look is a result of cel-shading, but the shadows kind of make it seem more 3D.

  • LinkaKirby

    My personal view on that trailer was honestly, I am amazed by this stunning work of beauty. The fact on waiting till next year was, yep I guessed that.

  • gerome

    this look to the new zelda just feels kiddy, cartoony, gay. i hate it i hate it i hate it! i want a zelda game to have the same graphics of call of duty! realistically dull graphics, that’s what i want!. now before all of you start lynching me, in case you haven’t noticed it i’m being sarcastic. i prefer creatively expressive games. the best games i’ve played are not realistic. the best games i’ve played are colorful, based on the fantasy genre, sometimes kiddy and cartoony. but i dare someone to say that windwaker is a kiddy game. give that game to a kid and they’ll give up trying to pass it. hell, windwaker even had a scene were grown ass ganondorf slaps child zelda to the ground, that was a “i can’t believe this happened on a rated e game” moment, and another scene where link stabs ganondorf on his forehead and his own blood turns him into a stone. windwaker has sugar and rainbows wrapped all over it, but it’s one of the most badass hardcore and grown up zelda games out there. look at games like kingdom hearts, at surface they look like they are for little girls, but kingdom hearts is one of the most badass games out there and they also deal with dark mature themes and awesome characters deep within their storylines. so go play windwaker and kingdom hearts and then come tell me they are for little kids!
    also, i didn’t mean to use the word gay in an ill spirited way, gays are cool, my initial message was sarcastic after all, so don’t go all ninja gay on me.

  • devmiles

    I think eventually the game will be great as any zelda game. they said it would be more like skyward sword but their shouldn’t have shown us the tech demo… that is the kind of zelda we want and we still have in our minds engraved. why that sudden switch of style. i mean i liked skyward sword but the tech demo gave us a feel of like..yeah this is really next level zelda, serious, dark, realistic. Now they kinda stick to something what is already done in terms of style. They should have realized zelda is ready for a true transformation… What’s next.. metroid cartoonish? Not that i dislike the open landscape stuff but that should be standard by now and with the power of the wii-u. They now mix windwaker style graphics with skyward sword graphics and make that work on a wii-u… feels kinda the easy way in a sense while a full blown realistic type zelda would require much more programming, maybe it’s a sign that they are not ready for that yet. Look at all the other games on wii-u.. cartoonish is the word, not necessarily in a bad way but you want to have something different too than just that cartoonish type graphics. Ok, that’s where sony and microsoft obviously jump in..

    • phaedruss

      who’s we? I wanted the tech demo originally and you know what? This shit blew me the hell away. It’s truly incredible to think that we’ll be playing this game next year.

      Also, it’s not just cartoonish graphics. It has a realistic aspect to it as well. The best description I have seen of it is “cartoonish cel-shaded half-realistic painting”

      • C4

        “who’s we?”

        Excatly my first thought reading that. tech deom Link looks like a doll, and the environment and enemies look somehwat mechanical. I don’t know if a full game in that style would look as good as the ~2 minute or so footage does. And I’m certain Zelda U will look as good or even better and consistent compared to what we saw on this years E3 πŸ™‚

    • phaedruss

      Also, what makes you think that “full blown realistic zelda” requires more programming than this? I’m really not sure that that’s true at all.

  • darkcreap

    Hi, Zorpix. I don’t quite agree with your reasons. I mean, I agree that the looks are not important, but not with the explanation of why Nintendo does not choose a more realistic art style.

    The real reason why Nintendo does not choose to make a realistic Zelda game is because it does not suit their vision of a Zelda game. With Wind Waker they went too cartoony (although I loved its artstyle and I also agree that it has aged really well) and alienated part of the fanbase. But the same thing happened with Twilight Princess, they went with a too dark style that probably eastern players didn’t like that much.

    In Skyward sword they went for a compromise between the two, so you you have a Zelda with style that suits moments of darkness with moments of light and that achieved a balance for Nintendo. Back in 2012 it was rumoured (in WiiU daily precisely) that the art style would resemble more that of Skyward because Nintendo felt that it got the right balance.

    The reason for Nintendo to do this is, in my opinion, clear: although some people demand a Zelda which is all darkness, Zelda is not all darkness. I haven’t played all the Zelda games out there, but I have played Twilight, Skyward, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, Ocarina, Majora’s Mask (just began, I have to finish it) and A Link To the Past. Also tried a little bit Zelda and Zelda 2 for NES, but I only beat one dungeon in the first Zelda. I didn’t have patience for that with Zelda 2.

    If you see Ocarina, for instance, you will see that there is a mixture of dark moments, like for instance when the Deku Tree calls Link at the beginning of the story, the moment you enter the well or the Spirit Temple cut scenes. Not to mention when you enter the Shadow Temple. You also have lighthearted moments, like when you meet the Gorons and he dances to the tune of the Lost Woods.

    Same applies for Majora’s Mask. Despite being a quite dark game you have Tingle and many other fun situations. There is this balance between darkness, lightness and sense of humour.

    A completely dark Zelda wouldn’t be a Zelda. Personally, I don’t know why people bitch so much about the artstyle every time a Zelda game is announced. Furthermore, Twilight didn’t get the right spot, so it is clear they will not go for any of the extreme options anytime soon. And personally, in hindsight, I think that Wind Waker has aged much better than Twilight in terms not only in graphics, but also in story. It does not mean I don’t like the plot in Twilight, which is wonderful, but I honestly think that Wind Waker resists better the flow of time.

    I wonder if the people complaining are people who feel ashamed to play games that are not all darkness just because they think they will be labeled as “kiddy”.

    • asdfg

      Hmm… I don’t think photorealistic means what you think it means. A photorealistic Zelda never existed, and I don’t think that’s what people want. So idk why you are mentioning it.

      • darkcreap

        English is not my first language, so I could perfectly be wrong. What I mean by photorealistic is that graphics seem “real life” images. Yes, we agree that a photorealistic Zelda has never existed. The one that tried to have the most realistic graphics could have been Twilight, but it is far from photorealistic.

        Nevertheless, in that paragraph you comment I was not talking about a previous Zelda, I only meant that I don’t care about Zelda WiiU not being photorealistic. There can be games that aim for realism but still look like crap because other aspects of the graphics don’t look great (like animation, for instance). In that paragraph I was not referring to any previous Zelda game.

        • asdfg

          It’s not my first language either. And your english is pretty good, by the way.
          Anyway, now I see what you meant, and I agree with you.

  • phaedruss
    • asdfg

      Is that a re-texturized TP? Looks better than I remember.

      • phaedruss

        It’s actually skyward sword and twilight princess running on the dolphin emulator so it’s upressed to 1080p. That said, it’s amazing comparing skyward sword to twilight princess. It’s almost like a step back. The wii u zelda is just another beast IMO. Looks amazing.

  • WarioForever

    Overworld is fine, but I really don’t like Link’s design.
    NOTE: I don’t want a realisitc Zelda, but what I would like would be a darker Zelda, like MM,OOT,TP.

  • steveb944

    Zelda is ALWAYS my style. I would have preferred a more realistic look, but I have no complaints. The open world just took me away.

  • George

    I’m really tired of the Wind Waker / Skyward Sword art style that Nintendo insists on putting into every Zelda title now.
    I want epic, realistic, Lord of the Rings, Twilight Princess style Zelda.

  • Oracle of Truth

    To anyone still on about “cartoony graphics”, this is not Wind Waker or Skyward Sword, though it is closer to the former’s art style only due to the game being partially cel-shaded. Look at the lighting, particle effects, and color. It’s not as bright, in the use of bloom and color hues, as WW HD nor is Link’s character’s model in this game as disproportionate as he was in WW. The game also doesn’t have the same dependence on blur and pixelation as Skyward Sword for graphical effect. Not to mention that the game’s graphics in motion run more like a Miyazaki anime, in the fluid and organic way that objects and characters are animated.

    TP was not ‘realistic’ in terms of its art style. It was grittier, had darker hues, and the character models looked plastic, very similar to most fantasy games in the HD era. The 2011 tech demo was a reamagining of that style.