ZombiU is a first person shooter game for the Nintendo Wii U console. The game takes place in London in 2012, where humanity has been hit by a virus that turns people into zombies. ZombiU is based on the survival horror gameplay mechanics, where the player is tasked with missions fighting through hordes of zombies. Players will control a series of “survivors” in ZombiU, where they can switch from one to another as they are killed by zombies, where the objective is to survive as long as possible to clear the level. The game will include a series of different levels, ranging from tight indoor areas, to large open spaces in demolished cities and towns.

ZombiU features

ZombiU will make use of the new Wii U GamePad controller, and will use the tablet screen as the survival kit, where players stash their weapons, med packs, items, and more. The game will also features a unique death mechanic that puts the survivor into the body of a different survivor each time, and lets them recover equipment and weapons. ZombiU will also be fully playable using the Wii U pro controller, which doesn’t feature a tablet screen and is suited for old fashioned first person shooter gameplay.

ZombiU screenshots

ZombiU videos

The ZombiU videos include trailers, gameplay sections, and even developer walkthroughs.

  • Colton

    Something tells me this is what the kid in the Miiverse trailer was playing.

    • Chris

      That’s because the game the kid was playing in the Miiverse trailer.. was ZombiU!!


  • Eddy120876

    “God Save the Queen and Lets slaughter some Zombies….aah yeah good times good times” 😀

  • Jer Peggy

    I like the concept of “1 bite, 1 death”, probably the most hardcore game Wii has in its arsenal. I watched the E3 coverage and I liked that video better personally. It showcased the use of the “second screen experience” using it to do things like survive a zombie run-in, hack open doors, etc. I’m waiting for a price release before I make a commitment, but I’m excited never-the-less.

    • Garzard

      Pfft, n00b. *get’s bit after 2 seconds* …Whatever

  • Granite

    One of the most innovative games on E3. Nice job.

  • Andrew

    Wow, im impresed that nintendo is getting into hard core gaming

    • Ryu

      Nintendo always get into hardcore gaming, not just casual like the Wii was.

      • Ryu

        Sorry for the English

        • Lalalala

          Nintendo hasn’t been hardcore since the N64. GameCube and Gba weren’t family oriented and weren’t core oriented, gba was popular with kids. Wii and DSi are mainly family/multiplayer . 3DS and Wii U are pretty much for everyone. Personally I think the wii u will be like dreamcast. Insanely popular for a year or two, Microsofts console comes out, Shazam. But there’s to many loyal Nintendo fans for the console to die like dreamcast. It will probably sit in 3rd place just like GameCube.

          • Madmagican

            I wouldn’t be so sure about the WiiU taking third place, you have to take everything into account first: the WiiU is coming out years before Microsoft and Sony’s next gen and not too many gamers are gonna want to wait that long to get another console with improved graphics, also the WiiU has yet to have been priced on anything to do with it so it can go either way, oh and I almost forgot, Nintendo has already said that they want to appeal to the core gamers this generation as well. Providing Nintendo plays their cards right, they could end up an top; if not, it might end up like the 3ds, just so-so

          • Smokey cheese

            @lalalala. How would you define hardcore? I thought the GameCube had an amazing array of engaging and entertaining games.SuperMonkeyBall and Rogue Squadron both launch games were what I would class as hard core games. Eternal Darkness, REsident EVil Remake,Zero and 4 could not I think be classed as family centric.

          • joesatmoes

            The Wii U DOES appeal to everyone- so developers for ‘hardcore’ games will keep developing games for it, especially if Nintendo players are enthusiasitc about these games- ZombiU for example. ppl highly anticipate it, so more horror games will be produced. ppl like Black OPs 2 and Aliens CL, so more FPS will be on it, AC3, more adventure games, etc. Because developers want money.

          • Shadow 4231

            gamecube was for core or did you forget bout shash bros. melee and the metroid prime series let alone twilight princess came out for wii/gamecube and it was reversed to the wii version uhhhh just like master quest and you have to remember that those console didnt have as much third party support besides nintendo is about inovation not just trying to be mainstream like sony/microsoft you tell me how many people hve sony move or a kinect thats extra items you have to purchase nintendo doesnt make you purchase extra things at least not items that are over 150

      • joesatmoes

        actually, i think what he is trying to say is, the Wii was focused more on casual party games- the only ‘hardcore’ games it had were their first party games, Call of Duty, Red Steel, Conduit, and 007.

      • Hardcore

        The Wii was not pure coincidence, but playing Resident Evil 1, or No More Heroes (and 2), Manhunt 2, Mad World, and more you research the catalog.

  • OmahGod

    The game has 2 secrets:
    1 this game was initally Killer freaks from outer space
    2 Now it’s a sequal to Zombi. Another game from ubisoft.

  • Pokemon Master#1

    I want split screen multiplayer as well as online because i want to play with my friends and brothers.

    • PK Thunder

      Split screen multiplayer would be awesome!!!!

      • Peter

        There is NO support for split screen on the Wii U. Nintendo is very strict with the rule of using the second screen rather than split. This annoys me, but that’s how it is. Apparently they may make exceptions with call of duty games, and other FPS’s. Which is a massive relief.

        • Joesatmoes

          well i think that games that utilize the gamepad alot as well as FPS and (possiblu) racing games will have regular splitscreen. I actually doubt that splitscreen will be less popular in games than using the touchscreen

          • Herox95

            Ya know, in ZombiU 2, there WILL be Online Multiplayer. 😀

        • Axe

          This comment is just plain wrong. 3 of the games in Nintendo Land have split screen, ZombiU has confirmed split screen, most of the multiplayer FPS games have it. There is no basis of what you say, and Nintendo telling other developers to not include such a wanted feature in their games is complete suicide.

        • baz

          call of duty lets you choose split screen or each person has their own screen, lets you choose, just o u know…..

    • tubagodd

      They already have a mode like that except one player has the gamepad and the other has the pro controller

    • link5

      They do since the wii u can support 2 wii u controllers

    • link5

      They do because the wii u supports 2 controllers so wohoo :0

  • Come at me bro

    Totally getting it at launch

  • SpeedRacer5

    I would love multi player co-op would be awesome……to be able to meet up and band together! I am looking forward to the Wii U launch and this game!!

    • Herox95

      I know. UbiSoft will add that feature in ZombiU 2. And this game is 2nd for me because I am getting NintendoLand (for starters) and then ZombiU (or maybe both).

  • power of life

    that game looks really good for many reasons first because this is the first time that nintendo is apearing for hard core players secound iwent to newyork show ihad tryed this game my self and the gamepad makes the game really fun and relstic and in the sametime is kind of scary game as well at some point you have to grap the key from a dead zombie and when you like searching for key its sort of like wake up and scar iam telling the game is so good and iam expacting nintendo well do well in the future

  • Daniel

    Will it come for ps3?
    Maybe you only need to by the tabletconsole, and Then it could Work?

    Tank you.

    • Pshhh

      Obvious troll too obvious.

    • Exynos

      It will come to other consoles. It could either be current or next gen. It is confirmed to be on other consoles.

      • Joesatmoes

        it cant nbe on those consoles/. this game utilizes the gamepad too much, and the nextbox and ps4 will probably stick to their regular controller

        • jacobcruz

          It will not be on ANY other console it is wii U exclusive.

        • Herox95

          It says ZOMBI’U’, so it won’t be coming to PS3, PS4, Xbox360 or Xbox720.

        • person


      • Michael

        Hahahaha Jealous???

    • 007 1/2

      yea it will b zombi3 bc its not like zombiu is exclusive or anything.

    • joesatmoes

      Pfft yeah… u can play on your…um…vita? …

  • biggo

    does it come with the system or is it sold separatly

    • LyingTuna

      Really? A Nintendo system. Think. It won’t be coming with it. It’s made by ubisoft. My bet is Nintendo Party being the pack in title.

      • Joesatmoes

        no- nintendo land more like it. Wii Party U has not even been hinted, and Wii Sports U would just be stupid. The gamepad doesnt even use the GamePad in the best possible way for Motioncontrols.

        • LyingTuna

          Yeah, I meant Nintendo Land. I just screwed up whilst writing. That’s all that was.

  • Loleus

    Too bad it’s only local multiplayer and not online.

  • LyingTuna

    I don’t like shooters… But I am SO getting this at launch if:

    1) it is a launch title.

    2) The Wii U comes with Nintendo Land. I want a game I can play in front of my younger sibling/cousins.

  • daboy5

    I’m looking for a game console like this… variety … has quality games… good developers and companies … it comes with a gamepad that does a lot to help in gaming and i can play this with my family wii u will do more than what i said which is even better

  • GirlGamer

    sounds good. Gotta be girl zombie’s though. and someone tell me this games pegi.

    • LyingTuna


    • Madmagican

      of course there’s girl zombies, but it does beg the question of why you never really see a high diversity in ethnicity throughout zombie-based games

      • 007 1/2

        lol ur right

    • Ben

      Forget girl zombies, they need baby, kid, and midget zombies!!

      • Mordecai

        They can’t, maybe midget zombies but stupid laws prohibit the death of children in games/movies. It would count as child abuse bro.

  • TexMex134

    lets hope its Gorey and NOT family friendly…. cuz we all know Nintendo likes to be family and kid friendly 😀

    • manu

      lol, have you seen the trailer?. It’s even more gorey than that infamous trailer for dead island and, actually, I think it’s a rip off cause that trailer for ZombiU also had a pleasant song that was funny with all those bites and wounds and blood… god save the queen lol , here, watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eyuOu3W3tQ

  • LolWatTurtles

    I was really hoping this game would have online multiplayer. I was thinking something along the lines like Dead Space 2’s multiplayer or Left 4 Dead where some people play as zombies, others as humans and the humans have to do certain objectives. Or even at least have a Survival Mode where 4 players online come together and fight nonstop hordes. The game will still be amazing though.

    • Saucy17

      It does have multiplayer, local,and online

      • LolWatTurtles

        How come i’ve never seen any of online multiplayer then? I mean, all i’ve seen of multiplayer for ZombiU is the CTF mode, but you need to have a 2nd player using a regular Wii Mote to do that, so it’s not ONLINE with another player, they have to be with you in the same room.

  • Omotayostorm

    I can’t play this call me a pussy but those things freak me out it’s like resident evil but I’m still gonna try causebit looks awesome

  • Azzadude

    Il wait for a review on this when it comes out. Have been burnt with Red Steel once. Don’t want that Shit to happen again

    • RoboticLink

      Smart move, and so will I, you never know if a good looking game will fail ( I think it will good, but you can’t be too sure).

  • Zak Eblade

    To me, ZombiU really shows off what the wii U gamepad can do. I saw the E3 demo and it was totally hardcore and at the same time freaky. This game sort of reminds me of this online game called the “last stand”, with its survival type gameplay and “resident evil” with its sneaky zombie ambushes.

  • Daryusp07

    ZombiU will be the 2012 Game of the Year!

  • Daryusp07

    I can’t wait to post my 1 survivor full game gameplay on youtube, twitch, and others!!!

  • Herox95

    I’m gonna get this so I can scare the shit out of my Mum. Like when we’s walking into the lounge room, and I continue playing, and suddenly a zombie comes in front of you. I reckon she would hit the roof!

  • PiionU

    One game won’t change the kiddie image of the CRAPTENDO Pii U. Look at the horrable visuals this proves again that SHITENDO Pii U is already outdated at launch. FUCKTENDO doesn’t want to live in the future they don’t even want live in the present. It is just a crappy underpowered Piece of horseshit for kids and people from 80+. PISSTENDO sucks ms and sony’s balls. They just recycle their games thay means if you played one Mario you played all. All franchises are gay e.g. Zelda look at Link (super faggot). There is also an article first party games won’t be in HD.

    • Zak Iceblade

      I totally disagree with you dude. Nintendo doesnt really care about graphics, they care more on gameplay. Honestly this shows how much better Nintendo is. I mean these days many people care about graphics. But what really matters is gameplay not graphics.

    • 0soul

      Lol you are here in a nintendo oriented site and criticizing Wii u. fail, xbox troll. What, you got bored of playing you shit called halo. Lol have fun with that. Idk why I’m arguing with a kid that uses “naughty” word to get his point strait, but seriously save it till bed time, Kay kiddy?

      • LyingTuna

        Yeah, well Ocarina of Time is the most critically acclaimed game of all time, so… Wait, there’s nothing wrong with being gay… Besides, I don’t go around trolling Xbox and playstation sites! And if I wanna get rude, I can point out that Nintendo has Zelda and Mario, both of which you trashed, are extreamly important to your current gen games. Plus, Mario outsold every other series ever. So yeah!!!!! Suck on that!!!! Or better yet, don’t! Never show your face
        here again!!!

        • GayBoi

          U go 😛 xD

      • derpoholic 0solul

        Lol, little kiddo, Mario outsold every game, and Zelda is actually the best game series of all. Nintendo makes it’s things. Sony and Microsoft copy them (in different ways), and SonyFanBoys are now saying that Nintendo stole Sony’s idea of the GamePad. Well, guess what, they’re all liars, they’re just trying to sacrifice the blood of a NintendoFan so they can destroy Nintendo ‘once and for all’, but that aren’t gonna happen. Oh yeah, look, Sony does however have it’s own good games, like Microsoft, but Sony is very unlikely to make a PS4 GamePad controller. So there you have it.

    • Bailey

      That’s why MS and Sony are copying Nintendo’s every move, right? PS Move, Kinect, Smartglass, Vita Crossplay. Nintendo’s leading the video game industry. And this game isn’t even complete. You are truly stupid for criticising the visuals of an incomplete game. And Zelda is one of the greatest franchises of all time. Look at Skyward Sword. 10/10 on IGN, great gameplay, one of the best games of all time. You say Nintendo is rehashing Mario games? Activision is doing the same with CoD. They even have the same maps, so it’s even closer in resemblance to the previous game than Mario to its previous game.

      TL;DR: He’s a stupid Nintendo hater that criticises the visuals of an incomplete game.

    • Jesus

      I really wonder… what’s your concept of gaming then? You’re not a true gamer for calling Nintendo a Sh*t, you my no-friend should be ashamed to consider yourself a true gamer.

      • Ben

        Don’t take God’s name in vain!!!

    • 007 1/2

      Sorry this game runs in full 1080p. And Link is not a faggot. And this game is not a first party title. And you are the stupidest troll on the web.

  • masseffect3

    This game looks amazing.
    I can’t to known the release date.

    • masseffect3

      I can’t wait to known the release date.

      • Exynos

        My Guess… NOV 18TH

      • Ben

        massefect3 correction:
        I can’t wait to know the release date.

  • Aidan 745

    Am I the only one who played the trailer over and over because of the song? Who sang it?

    Oh, and the trailer looks cool. 🙂

  • Nintendero

    ZombieU….. I want….. Wii U….. I want….
    Just need two months, withstand gamers withstand.

  • cony

    What i like of zombiU is that they are usin the control to his full potential the touchscree, gyroscope, lock on sniper on the touchscreen i like it is… so… SEXY I WANT TO BUY NOOOWWW

  • CPT-Tallen

    i hope it will also have like a free roam mode were you have to eat and drink and you can build baracades from almost anything because im a really big zombie SURVIVAL fan and i hope it.l live up to its rep. ps sorry about bad spelling.pps i hope it does have spilt screen that would be so cool.ppps i also hope its got LOTS AND LOTS of guns and weapons and items.

  • CPT-Tallen

    also please repley thank yous

  • CPT-Tallen


  • ashworth

    i really like pie

  • CPT-Tallen

    i found out that its going to be around………………………….600$

    • Joesatmoes

      Two words. Boe. Shit

    • derpoholic 0solul

      Rubbish! The announced 2014 Zelda game will be the largest game of all console games, and Nintendo is making sure it is exactly like our world, forest vines, cliffs, everything, they’re making it to look realistic.

      • Jesus

        Actually, they are sticking to the Skyward Sword. Stylish world, but in HD :3 I seriously can’t wait to hear something new from Nintendo.

        • Ben

          Don’t take God’s name in vain!!!!

    • Ben

      You mean…………….$60.00.

  • CPT-Tallen

    i loveed the Zelda games they were so good then they made a crap version and then it got more crapey 🙁

  • LyingTuna

    Just pre-ordered…aw yeah…

  • 2K RichKid

    not to be neagative or anything, but game like this are very bad. i would never play it even if it mean saving my Life. :l

  • CPT_Tallen

    my mum went and preorded one for me but they said its going to be out november the 30th

  • Nano

    Can’t wait for this

  • TAWOG carrie

    So many zombies in this wii u exclusive game

  • dillon

    this game will be awesome so picking it up at launch

  • Jeremy

    Would love to see a Day-Z like game on Wii U, that’s like Zombie U but focuses on online cooporation.

    • joesatmoes

      well ZombiU will have online co-op, but idk how many ppl. either 2 or 4 probably- not like DayZ i guess but its good.

  • Ben

    Just a little bit to graphic for me.:(

    • joesatmoes

      i know… they HAD to make a powerful console that was more powerful than the PS3 and the Xbox…and probably the PS4 (and the Xbox 720, if Microsoft sees that developers wont make games for them when they could make them cheaper on less powerful consoles- one cannot deny- due to Microsoft having so much money, they can probably make a console that is better than anything… maybe more than a PC! they just wanna make money) *sigh*… but what are ya gonna do? i guess we have to sit with our HD graphics, and beutiful art styles… im sorry man

      • LyingTuna

        Well, considering the fact that they probably meant graphic violence, I’d say you screwed up.

        • Sheela

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  • quran pen , pen

    I get pleasure from, cause I found just what I used to be taking a look for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  • matthias

    dudes dudes …

    zombiU will gets THAT HIT of the launch Titels on WiiU ..

    Why ?

    1) All the other “big” launch releases are polished versions of old Concepts and Games (New Super Mario Bros U, Ninja Gaiden 3, Assassin’s Creed 3, Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2, Monster Hunter 3 and so on … )
    2) ZombiU instead, is with THIS graphic, gamedesign, controlling system and particular THIS multiplayer made exactly THAT what all the core gamers want !!

    What game should play all these core gamers in multiplayer (online) ?
    I think ZombiU, will be a big surprise and impact a lot <3

    And nearly <> loves Tower Defence.

    Matthias, Vienna

  • Phoenex68

    Quite possibly the best Zombie game I have ever seen.. I love the fact you only get one lif, it makes it way more realistic.. Great choice nintendo, I hope you make a sequel.

    • hgc

      the funny thing is the next zombiU game is going to be a HIT like online muti-player something like black ops BUT THE FULL EXP. 10 big boards. there inner active. they have a better CHOICE of guns & would like some made up ones thrown in there & ABLE TO built up MAKE SHIFT Items COMBIng others & be able to aim down sights & what ever else you can come up with ubisoft

  • hgc

    & get a SPEACILE WEAPOn everytime 13 rounds went by & something wird happens for you to get it thru a certain means

  • NintenDon

    I hope this game is as hardcore as it sounds! Currently tackling some of my old games while i wait for my WiiU, (november 30th can’t come soon enough) and rediscovered Dark Souls for the 360. That game is insanely difficult, but what a challenge. I hope ZombiU measures up. Does anyone else thing ZombiU is a crappy name tho?

  • theresafynn

    can anyone help me can i play ZOMBI U on my normal wii console

    • ppp

      No, U cant.

    • jacobbaba

      no can you play wii games on your gamecube!?!

    •  Wow…………………………………………………………………….

    • Captinn2


    • John_Shepard

       never go full retard..

    • banacheck

      Sorry WiiU games will not play on the Wii, so you’ll need a WiiU to be able to play ZombiU.

    • Antonie Potgieter

      Such childish replies on this comment… why can’t you just say “No, it is not possible”

    •  HAHA Your stupid…

      • Snoztastic

        Your stupid what?

  • jacobbaba

    getting this game today anybody who is not shore about getting the wii u it is worth every penny in my opinion

    •  ????????? why do you think people are buying WiiUs???????????

      • Sidney Majurie

        because they sold over 2 million in 6 weeks…

  • banacheck

    I’m playing ZombiU at the moment and it’s an excellent true survival horror game, i love everything about ZombiU but the Multiplayer should have been online. Ayone thinking of getting ZombiU that are a fan of survival horror, ZombiU will not disappoint.

  • Serge Conus

    Now with the price drop, im considering getting wiiu and zombie u. Looks like an awesome game.

  • was honestly thinking of picking this up maby after bayonetta 2 arrival. is it really worth it like all the BS reviews. “the whole game you walk around, crocetting everything.”- ign video.

    • Yes, it is worth it.  Read the comments of the review on IGN and gamespot.  They almost consistently say the review is garbage. 

      Here is what you need to know:
      -This is not a shooter, or even a killing game.  It’s a survival game.
      -Resources (including ammo) are semi scarce.
      -If you get good, you can do ALOT of damage with a little bit of ammo.  My first playthrough I killed maybe up to 50% of my zombies without using the bat.  My second playthrough, since I’m way better than I was the first time through, I’m killing up to 80% of my zombies without using melee.
      -All the little crap they put in this game is intentional to make it scary.  It’s their intention to make sure that Zombies aren’t “easy” to kill.  It’s intentional that you don’t become super powered.  It’s intentional that you have to PROCEED WITH CAUTION. 
      -This is the first game that has scared me since I was like 8 years old and I played QUAKE 2 on the computer.


  • ZombiU or Mario Bros U? 

    • Jimmy D. Fugate


    • Snoztastic

      Scares the hell out of me so I wouldn’t let my 7 yr old play it. Aside from that ZOMBIE U every time.
      Fernando Henrique Canuto enters the Arena!!!!!!!!!

  • Snoztastic

    The sequel “Zombie U2” is set in Dublin for some reason. 4 familiar looking Zombie Bosses and a great soundtrack, Sunday Bloody Sunday.

  • ThePieGod375

    what the!
    i mean i love this game but am i the only one hoe notist that a lot of this stuff was not in this GAME.