Dec 6th, 2012

ZombiU comicUbisoft has released the complete ZombiU web-comic online. The web-comic initially ran up to the release of the game, with one episode released each day until launch. Now the whole thing is online. The comic, called “Z-14”, shows us more of the ZombiU world, its characters, and most importantly, zombies!

A lot of Wii U gamers probably don’t know that this existed (we didn’t!), since Ubisoft did very little to promote it. That’s a shame, because it’s really well made. The web-comic consists of 15 small episodes that are all related to the levels in the game, in one aspect or another.

You can check out the whole thing here. It’s not for the faint of heart, but then again, neither is the game.

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  • El_CaRaS1

    They are actually quiet good. I enjoyed them. Wii u daily staff please fix your site. When I visit through my phone the whole article is blocked by a whuite line.

    • Lazara the Last

      Yeah, I have to stop loading the page before it’s finished so the white box don’t appear!  >:[ 

      • Captinn2

         Works fine for me. THATS PROBABLY CAUSE I USED THE NINTENDO 3DS AND WII U THATS WHAT >:{U -I love my mustaches-

        • Lazara the Last

          The Wii U browser is just great, right! 😀 I love it, it works for everything; Browsing, Youtube, P*rn… Everything!! And you can just make the TV image disappear if U want! XD