Oct 12th, 2012

Ubisoft has teased us yet again with a new ZombiU trailer. The trailer showcases a level called Tower of London, where the player has to navigate through the zombie-filled fortification in order to get to roof for a helicopter extraction. ZombiU is an exclusive Wii U title and will be available on launch day. The game will feature 1080p visuals and several multiplayer modes, including online integration with Miiverse, where players can see where and how their friends died in the game, and can even loot their dead bodies.

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  • Nintendofan

    looks sick.

    • T2

      looking fwd to this game especially. Nintendo is going all out with games that appeal to everyone. graphics are as good as they come!

  • marioU

    on launch day one

  • Dan

    Everyones still asleep:)

    • Jeffery02

      TGIF Dude! Lol.

  • XBox 360

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    • RedRocBoy

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    • Roedburn

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      • Nko Sekirei

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        • Nintenlord

          And ruin a wall,Is it wort it?

        • Gavin


      • Xen

        easyyy they are gonna be waiting @ queue to buy wiiu

    • green banana

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    • SortableShelf19

      Can you please get off of this site

    • El CaRaS1

      Stfu its like saying codz copied re mersenaries. Like a game for what it is not for what plataform it come I smell jelous all over you xbot fan boy.

      • Gavin

        Could you repeat that please?

      • wiracocha12

        am…… your english is totally awesome!!!

    • ceramicsaturn

      Wow, way to be a troll.

      This is nothing like the zombie mode in CoD. Do some research, you’re making yourself look even more uneducated than a typical troll.

    • Nintenlord

      Dude try harder your trolling is weak

    • The guy who likes chips

      Please remove this idiot from your site WiiUDaily.

    • Joswag (3ds fc: 0216-1072-9703)

      WRONG!!! call of duty copied a game named ‘Zombie’for the nes made by ubisoft

    • CarsONLementi

      lol, nowadays when you watch a video of a game exclusive to the Wii U/Wii and 3DS, people are always saying “FAIL. THAT’S A COD RIP OFF!”
      I can only lol at those comments

    • NintendGO


    • Guhtere

      I’ve played COD zombies and it was sorta fun, but it is a completely different experience. COD is fast paced and you have to shoot and kill enough zombies in order to go to the next round. In Cod you need money to get new weapons. In this, it’s a slow paced zombie shooter. Of corse you still have to kill zombiew, but there isn’t rounds. In this, you need to analyze your surroundings to see if you can find new weapons.



      Also…I would like to add my statement to his comment.

      Wow call of duty zombies way to copy the RESIDENT EVIL zombie games…

      Now ZombiU is truly a cool and different take on the Zombie games, they don’t have gimmicks like PACK A PUNCH, or I can create chainsaws attached to my shopping cart. It is a one (Life) and your done Action Adventure that is made more true to life as if your @ss was in a Zombie Apocalypse and I think is it going to be a great and scary game to play over and over…

    • Nintendo Power (Chuck Norris)

      @XBox 360
      Copying Call of Duty Zombies? So Resident Evil Copy? No You have to be the dumbest troll I ever met. ZombiU is like a real world base apocalyptic FPS While C0D Zombie is RUN and GUN

    • Lewis

      Where’s troll patrol when u need him? Get off our site scum ball! 

      • nintendofreak

        well let me say dis call of duty is shit…………. first of all is not even logical, nor survival dere is guns every fucking where, there is ammo everyf ucking where n diz zombies eyes dont glow in d dark like in d trailer of cod black ops 2 zombies……second of all u just hide behind something n holy shit ur life magically fully replenishes in resume is not realistic n extremely easy, its easy as hell took me less dan 8 hours when i played mw2 n i played it just because a friend lend me it… and as of zombiu well to wat i have seen is realistic u get bit ur fucked, u need to scavenge n etc………..n if u really want a fps play fear, or if u actually want to play a good one play sniper elite, everything affects u dere hearth beat, wind, gravity, and all dis oder stuff is not like ohhh im so badass at shooting i just align d cross hairs to the dudes head n headshot……or metal gear solid i would love to see u play a game dat needs stealth, strategy, and intelligence things most cod players dont have……and for d last u believe cod is so hardcore so grownup shit tell me how many times dat u have played online u havent play against middle schoolers

        • nintendofreak

          sorry 4 d profanity and spelling errors

        • nintendofreak

          n to finish u off how many good exclusive xbox 360 games have u played other dan halo n gears of war?

        • zonda777

          It took me more than 5 minutes to read this…

    • Matthewmc685

      If that’s your option than fine all people have opinions. The way I look at it is like this: opinions are like assholes everyone has one but some people feel the need to spread their poorly digested opinions on the web to see who cares. Well sirs I do not care so take you’re feces!

    • Madmagican

      you must be new and or incompotent in the gaming world, zombie games have been around since 1984 (first FPS zombie game is Doom) and other companies copy Nintendo. that’s how stuff works around here

    • Britton

      This game is really innovative. It is unfortunate you spoke before you thought.

    • Jetty

      If xbox is so great, then why do you spend time on Nintendo websites?

    • theBALLANCEDopinion

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    • Asiancake

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    • Kahhhhyle

      Lol what did he even say… I actually kinda laughed when I saw that

      • SortableShelf19

        He said “wow what a way to rip off call of duty zombies.”

        • XBox 360

          No sir what I said was that they copied cod zombies and that’s just really sad and it doesn’t even have co-op so even sadder . . . . What a bunch of noob down voting mii.

  • theBALLANCEDolphin

    Looking good!

    • theBALLANCEDonion

      Name change again lol

      • theBALLANCEDopinion

        Good god……..what have i DONE?

      • theBALLANCEDopinion

        Also, i am flattered.

  • Nintenlord

    How can ppl complain about the wiiu graphics look how beutyfull it looks

    • jacobbaba

      because there just jealous that the wii u will be more powerful then current gen consoles

      • Nintenlord

        I have see it, it was there the first tv ad that shows a wiiu game it was mickey the power of 2

    • gsingh

      You haven’t even played this game yet…
      i doubt it’ll be better than re6.

      • Nintenlord

        I have and if i have to chose from r6 or 007 legends i chose legends

      • TheImaj

        The concept alone slaughters re6. It will indeed be better.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    this game blows RE6 out of the water

    • wtf

      nope not realy but let’s hope it’s gone be out for wii u

      • Maverick-Hunter

        Dude it totally blows it out of the water first and for most your not even fighting zombies in RE6 they are more like mutants than zombies zombieu actually scares you RE6 is all flash no scare 😛

      • Madmagican

        meh, I didn’t really enjoy RE6 as much as the others, I just hope we’re not building too much hype around ZombiU

    • CarsONLementi

      Resident Evil is changing from a survival horror into an action horror.
      I’m Glad ZombiU will be complete survivor horror

  • Daemonrunner

    This game just keeps looking better and better. I love the dusty lens flare they use with the lighting. Gives it a very “lost footage” feel.

    • Daemonrunner

      Also, this trailer seems to give off some hints into the mysterious voice. It almost sounds like there are two entities working against each other – one is the mysterious male voice who seems to have just lost all hope and the female voice of…some kind of secret society of super humans (since she did mention this idea of “normal people”)? Sounds like there is a little bit of a power struggle here. Who does one trust? Maybe we are given a choice….

      I am quite intrigued.

  • relo

    not here in europe

  • Jeffery02

    This game looks creepy as hell! I can’t wait to get it! 🙂

  • That Guy That Comments

    I love the way we’ve never seen a level complete they always die before the end
    Looks like zombi u wants a challenge and a challenge it has!!!

    • Rev86

      I read an article that stated that you do not end up playing through the game as one character. When you die, that person dies and you become someone else. At which point you have to find your old self to get all your stuff back. It sounds like such a great element of gameplay, but absolutely sounds challenging!

  • That Guy That Comments

    I have full energy in england but I hear we’re about to have a zombie infestation

    • RedRocBoy

      Better get some guns homie. LOL!!

    • Purple3DSXL

      This game is to prepare you for what you shall face during the real zombie apocalypse, so, you’re right!^^

  • Roedburn

    This is off topic, but I was thinking about the Zelda Wii U article and I had a sudden realization. They were talking about it being the biggest Zelda game ever and having an entire forest that’s a dungeon. Some of that sounds like to me that they’re working on A Link to the Past 3D. Biggest Zelda ever, two whole entire overworlds to explore in 3D graphics. Entire forest that’s a dungeon, sounds a bit like Skull Woods. This is a hunch based of a potentially unreliable source but I hope it turns out to be true. Thoughts?

  • mc7791

    I still wonder… is it possible that a zombie-fied member of the royal family might show up in the game?

  • The Wolfen

    Screw RE6 I’m getting this!

  • NintendGO

    im getting this epic nice job ubisoft you make nintendo look great

  • Guhtere

    I like British accents. I wish I could actually be able to do that accent.

  • Oracle

    This reminds me of Bioshock and Resistance Fall of Man mixed with Fear.

  • nintendoododo

    Hmm I don’t think I like this game. I’m just waiting all main games(kart, smash, paper, 120 star….)


    Day. One. Purchase.

  • Madmagican

    STOP TEASING ME UBISOFT!!! ….just take my money; I can’t wait too much longer

  • Shane

    Looks cool. It looks like the Red Steel team made this(1st one). It looks pretty cool, I only plan on getting the Nintendo games(Nintendo Land in Deluxe Set and NSMBU), a Pro Controller, an extra GamePad(if they have one), and one third-party game. Thats all I have money for right now, but i can’t wait for Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3(F*********************CK!), and I might be getting a couple other 3rd party games, since pretty much no 1st party games are officially announced and detailed. Or maybe I could just buy $70 worth of DLC off the eShop, instead of ZombiiU. BTW, why wasn’t it called Zomb”ii”U with 2 i’s?

    • Madmagican

      unless you live in Japan, you’re not gonna get to buy a second Gamepad for awhile; that’s an extra $120+ US (I can’t remember the actual price, just that it’s over $120) right there. PROBLEM SOLVED.

  • Hangman

    This game really does just keep looking better and better!!!

  • Mrpaquito_95

    Has anybody been to the tower of London? Is the game accurate in the sense of location and rooms?

  • Kahhhhyle

    I’m actually waiting on line to play this at comic con right now

  • TheMadTeaBagger

    If anything this would be most like a single player Left 4 Dead. Love that game and can’t F’ing wait for this!

  • makaresh

    the devs of this game did no good job. maybe they lack of experience. for a console that offers more power (some said 19 times bruhahaha) than actual consoles the acting, fx and physics are really bad. this looks like an 8 year old fps with updated graphics. and why do they have to talk all the time? where´s the suspense then?

    unfortunately (i love zombie games) no title for me.

  • Lusunup

    I have been teased yet again….

  • TheImaj


  • wellsberg

    so how is Nov 30th launch day? Or is that the european launch date??

  • Grem

    This game has everything I need now, that damn AK-47 =)

  • Scarface407

    Can’t wait to play this, Just wish they would of offer the Zombiu Bundle here in the US.

  • Craig

    I own a ps3, and wii. Both my brothers own 360. An we all agree this looks great, an very different! I hate trolls that are so negative! This is good for gaming, new ideas bring it on! I got sick of cod after modern warfare 2!
    This new console will be a hit, I just guarantee it! Nintendo have been around since the best days of gaming,(80’s n 90’s) an they will be there till the end!
    I wouldn’t be surprised at all, if Sony or Microsoft take ideas from this console! (Again) 🙂

  • Nintendoro

    Already paid for my black Wii U ZombiU bundle. Getting day one with pro controller included. Soooooooooooooo can’t wait……..

  • iLikeWeYOU

    points2shop is amazing!

  • Drew

    I dont know if I should get this or AC3 thumbs up if I should get this thumbs down if I should get AC3