Jun 5th, 2012

ZombiU screenshots
Ubisoft has released a few ZombiU screenshots. The game was showcased during Nintendo’s E3 press conference and showed off an interesting new feature: players will be able to use the Wii U GamePad camera to scan their faces and turn it into zombies, something that was demonstrated with Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime. Be sure to also check out the trailer for the game.

ZombiU was previously known as Killer Freaks From Outer Space, and is a first person survival horror shooter which uses the Wii U GamePad in a variety of ways, including as a radar to scan for zombies, as an inventory screen, and more. ZombiU will be a Wii U launch title and is exclusive to the new console. Check out the new ZombiU screenshots after the break.

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  • hedges

    The screens look a bit bland artistically, but I DO see some pretty decent detailing and lighting upon closer inspection. Definitely some pretty decent texture-work involved here.

  • Pokemon Master#1

    I think that Killer Freaks would have been better.

    • Leeeroy

      Well it had a better name

    • larsberg

      I agree, I got the sense that Killerfreaks was meant to be a FPS parody.
      There is too little humor in games these days.

  • Swic11

    I think that it looks great, I hope that all games will be at least this detailed

    • Chris

      Well watch the Assassin’s Creed 3 Wii U gameplay, then you’ll be surprised

  • dave

    Ok after looking close you can see a lot of texture between objects you can see hair on the guys arm and check out the blood veins in his wrist also look at the shading effects of the trash on the street it gives good depth to the object

  • Hafid

    No problem for graphic look at the différents gameplay from YouTube !!!

  • david6

    I love the graphics, nintendo didnt show off game play like ubisoft did in presentation. I think xbox and ps graphics are disturbing plastic-clay like w limited view and see through brush. Nintendos graphics are flush and artistic and realistic. (But still something in my immunity says no to wii u nane and console design. ‘Nane’ means non-other, im using the term that its none but wii. That empty feeling of somethings missing.)

    • david6

      And i dont intend to humiliate nintendo, but they do not except our emails or ideas. I give ideas away for free (how much are they paying Regginator?) And my ideas are always more superior and demographically accurate.)

      • david6

        Zombie u looks fun. What makes me mad is how people lie, like diablo doesnt even demand specs above 3ghz or best card. The only thing i saw worth while on pc was Unreal Engine 4. So i hope Nintendo gets it. And something about wii u game play is better than ps xbox, like you can tell theres more power, more live creatures or people more to world, and did anyone miss the fact that wii u has the first 3d interface os for a major brand?

        • Britton

          I’ve decided you like to talk to yourself a lot.

  • CedrictheDragon

    It does look a little bland but I think when the game is running it will look better, I remember how impressed I was with Half-life 2, maybe it needs to be seen in 1080 to show it’s best quality

  • Solphins

    When I first saw this I thought you could play it like Resident Evil Chronicles, but able to move around. Then the second person holding the Game Pad holding the map could drop zombies wherever they want. I thought this because there was a glimpse of someone playing the game and someone else holing the map sitting on the couch.

    It would be like walking threw an area you already have been in and now there is a Zombie behind the door, scares you half to death, and the person that dropped it there laughing their butt off. That would be great, my wife would love to torture me like that.

    If it’s not in this game, I hope someone does this.

    • Solphins

      Looks like I was right. Ubisoft said, “A competitive two-player multiplayer mode that puts one player in the role of a “Zombie Master” controlled via the Game Pad screen, and the other as a survivor on the big screen, is also included.”

  • DazJ

    Intrigued as to how “Killer Freaks from Outer Space” became “ZombieU” …. kinda reminds me of how Rare’s Dinosaur Planet became Starfox Adventures … 🙂

    Looks interesting though – one I will keep an eye on as the info starts to come out. Very intrigued at the concept of when you “Die”, you carry on playing but with a completely different set of objectives ..

  • nathant16

    I have PC gaming and it doesn’t look any better than this. I’ve been in the woods and missed all the Wii U news catching up. Spike TV gave a clue that the next Aliens sequal Aliens the old movie will be a game for Wii U. Is that true?

  • Britton

    Good to see more hardcore games being produced for Nintendo. It always sucked to watch a game preview and then see “only for X-box 360 and PS3”. But now… not only does Nintendo appeal to an even larger audience by grabbing most of the games from Microsoft and Sony, but they have their amazing 1st party games which are my favorites anyway.

  • wiiboy101/ guy

    every single thing about thids game would be VASTLY SUPERIOR built for wii remote plus and nunchuck


    wm + destroys the lol sixaxis like stupid motion in the game FACT

    beating with a cricket bat wm+ stabing wm+ hitting wm+ throwing things wm+ im sorry but six axis was giggled at 6 years ago i ain six axis playing nooooooooooooooooo game and i aint RETARD AIMING with a second analog stick

    give me core tight from the wrist wm+ motion and tight core mouse pointer aiming via wii remote


    LOL @ the sixaxis BS

  • Matt

    This isnt even finished graphics there getting more polish wow already its at pC level the childrens paintings on the walls ect and the yellow play house all lool uber pho realistic wow.

  • Max

    This game would be perfect if the wii u game pad was 3D like the nintendo 3DS