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Game critics panning Zombi U with terrible reviews simply don’t get the point. Ignore them: they would probably also judge horror movies by character development, porn flicks by story line, and fast food restaurants based on dish presentation. Zombi U is far from perfect, but in order to objectively measure and rate its success, you have to understand what you’re getting yourself into.

Zombi U is classified as a “Survival Horror” game. Think of yourself as a character in “Saw” on a world like “I Am Legend” (without Will Smith). Resources are scarce. Humans are absent. And sure, there are guns, but unlike action films/games and first person shooters you’re not going to spray 8 million rounds and kill everything in sight while you’re somehow able to miraculously dodge enemy attack after enemy attack.

Survival horror is about suspense and in ZombiU, Ubisoft is able to capture that intensity by carefully limiting the user’s resources, offering them time sensitive opportunities in the face of death, and creating a set of circumstances that makes the player feel constantly vulnerable.

Getting Started

I highly suggest everyone begin in Survival Mode. This is a 1-player campaign mode where you’re afforded only one life. If you die, game over. Want to play again? You’ve even got to re-watch the entire opening video. This practice of understanding “when you’re dead, its all over” is an important distinction to make when playing ZombiU. Indeed, it’s ALL about survival.

The first couple times I played, I found myself eagerly confronting Zombies, anxious to bash their brains in, loot their inventory, and become the world’s greatest zombie killer. You’ll quickly find out this is NOT the best strategy. Once you’re brought back to reality, and understand the gravity of dying, move back to “Normal Mode” which offers a more forgiving and seamless gameplay experience.

You start the game in an underground “Safe House”: it’s where you sleep, save, restart, and get mission briefs. Your missions are narrated by “The Prepper”, a mysterious voice with computer access to your facilities. He’s your only friend and a lifeline while you’re on the move (so long as you’re above ground). Beyond the prepper’s advice… you’re alone.

Who are you? The main character. Who is that? It changes each and every time you play. When you die, your character becomes a zombie and your next life is a brand new human soul attempting to survive. You’re story line is limited to a name, an occupation, an appearance, and different sounds of horror, violence, and nervousness as you fend for your life. The lack of story line and character development is an asset rather than a burden; in addition to flowing with the infected zombie theme, it gives you just enough information to make you feel like they’re a real person, but little enough so that you’re able to fill in the blanks with your own imagination.

The Controls

The controls for ZombiU are simple and straight forward, allowing players of all skill levels equal access to the game’s suspense. The heart of ZombiU’s experience is the use of Nintendo’s Wii U GamePad, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

Like most games, the left joystick moves your character around while the right joystick changes their visual perspective. If you push in the left stick while moving it, your character will run. It can sometimes be difficult to initiate, and your character gets tired quite quickly, adding to the anxiety as zombies hunt you down.

The X button is the main action button, allowing you to pick up objects, jump onto ledges, crawl under things, open doors, and more. The simplicity is relieving, once again allowing you to focus on the tasks at hand: escaping the zombies, or killing them if you find your self cornered. Assuming combat is necessary, you’ll hold down ZL to prepare/aim your weapon and pull ZR to strike. If you’ve got a gun, same deal, only Y lets you reload. Chances are you won’t be reloading often as ammo is quite scarce, and for safety’s sake, you may want to keep your attack on the ready just in case.

Other important controls include nightvision goggles (L), doing a quick 180 degree turnabout (R), and switching weapons (B). Using the game’s main controls quickly becomes a breeze; the Wii U GamePad’s screen is where most of the action takes place.

The GamePad

The first thing you’ll learn to do is turn your flashlight on and off. Seems simple enough, but the complexities of the flashlight run parallel to the game’s entire proposition. If you want to turn on your flashlight, you’ve got to divert your attention to the GamePad, leaving you vulnerable for a split second.

In a dark world, you’ll need your flashlight often to navigate. Unfortunately zombies are attracted to light so you’re simultaneously inviting their attention whenever you use it. Keep your flashlight on too long and it’ll run out of batteries, potentially leaving you in a dark and precarious position when you most need it. Managing your flashlight is a minute detail that, when combined with all the other options of the GamePad, create a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

What ARE all those “other options” of the GamePad?

Your Map
With the help of “The Prepper”, a narrative voice with computer access to your Safe House, you’re often able to download maps of your surroundings. They’re complete blueprints that show both the outline of rooms and the location of doors. While traveling in nearly pitch black conditions, not knowing what’s around the next corner, it helps to have a map guiding you to your destination. But it’s a bit like texting and driving (read: dangerous), spend too long fumbling with your mobile screen without looking where you’re going? You’ll wind up dead.

Your Radar
The two most valuable uses of your radar are pinpointing your destination and locating zombies. While looking at your map, the yellow circle shows where you want to go next, giving you some direction while viewing the map.

In the lower right hand corner you can “ping” the map with radar, uncovering the location of surrounding zombies with a red dot on the map; it briefly blinks when life is identified nearby. It’s an invaluable asset that you’ll use (at least you should) throughout the game. But you have to use it with caution: the radar can also mistake crows, mice, or other animals for zombies, and sometimes zombies sitting very still will go untracked by your radar. It’s a handy tool, but by no means a bible, and once again… put too much time, faith, and attention in your radar and you’ll find yourself infected.

Your Backpack
This may be one of the most powerful visual connections with the world of survival horror entertainment. Although you have “quick access” to 6-items, located on the top left and right of your touchscreen, your backpack holds everything else you collect along your journey. If you want to get something out of your backpack, you had better be darn sure you’re in a safe location. As soon as you open your backpack, by pulling down the “backpack” text from the menu screen, your character goes into a kneeling position on the TV and you’re restricted to seeing only them kneeling. If zombies are on the prowl, you’ll have no way of knowing.

For this reason, you’ve got to act quickly while accessing your backpack. Get what you need, drop what you don’t, use what you should, move things from your sack to your hands… whatever, but do it quickly. Every second you spend sifting through your inventory is a second your focus is diverted and your life is in danger.

While I love FPS games where you can jog over a sniper rifle here, pick up some rocket launcher ammo over there, and jump in a tank and start running over people somewhere else, this “shootem’ up” style has no place in ZombiU. The majority of the game you’ll be using a cricket back as your primary weapon, beating the sense out of your attackers with a blunt wood object until they cease breathing.

There aren’t a lot of other weapons, but you will run across some. When you do run across them, you’ll have a hard time finding ample ammo. While that might irritate trigger happy gamers, I couldn’t be more happy with the choice. Horror entertainment does a much better job at horrifying when you the circumstances seem dire and the situation realistically dismal. Zombies are approaching and you’ve got a big wooden stick and a handgun with 8 bullets: which do you use? If you run out of bullets before killing them, will you have time to switch to your stick before getting tackled?

Decisions, decisions. By limiting the quantity and quality of weapons, ZombiU forces you to make split decisions with limited resources that could mean the difference between life and death.

Feeling safe? Want to scour for resources or find your way around? Your nightvision goggles light up the room like your flashlight on steroids, helping you see every fine detail of the world around you. It also offers an augmented reality perspective that identifies valuable objects to loot, doorways or pathways to enter, and sometimes electronics that can be remotely disabled/enabled or hacked with help from the Prepper. But once again, make sure you’re not in close proximity to danger or you’ll regret you ever whipped those googles out.

The Cumulative Effect (on Gameplay)

When watching a horror movie, how often do you find the character making some time consuming decision like nervously rummaging through their pocketbook for a key or nervously trying to load up a gun full of bullets, hands shaking, while the killer is on their tail? Meanwhile you’re thinking  (and sometimes even shouting) directions for the character. What they should be doing.

“RUN!” or “Get the gun from the drawer you idiot!” or “Hide under the bed!” It’s easier said than done… and now you’re forced to find out the hard way.

The game offers a constant struggle and love/hate relationship between television screen and GamePad, for the benefit of the game play. Constantly throughout the game, you’re inclined to toggle your flashlight, loot bodies and cabinets, consult your map for directions, ping your radar to identify nearby zombies, rearrange your inventory to optimize your weapons, dig in your backpack for supplies, and much, much more. Every time you involve yourself with a GamePad task, your focus is taken away from the television. It’s no coincidence that the television requires your undivided attention during survival moments.

That constant struggle between addressing the TV or GamePad creates lifelike scenarios where you’ve got to analyze, prioritize, and act quickly to save your neck- all in a matter of seconds. In places the games can be slow, but the pace coaxes you into a false sense of security and then BOOM. You’re dead.  The combination of the gameplay and gamepad keeps you on your toes at all times, making for an exciting and suspenseful experience.

Multi-Player Modes (Kill Box & Assault)

The “Normal” and “Survival” versions of Campaign Mode aren’t the only options in this game. I was excited to see that ZombiU offers two multi-player modes: Kill Box and Assault.

Kill Box
Right out of the gate, Kill Box became hands-down my favorite part of ZombiU. I’m a sucker for battling my friends in head-to-head action, and KillBox offers a unique option that gives each player two totally different roles. One player is the Zombie King, using the GamePad to position and reposition a growing army of various zombies to attack the lone human. The opposing player is the human, running for survival while trying to accumulate the most kills.

I was slightly obsessed with the strategic battle until we found a little Kill Box cheat that ruined all the fun.

If you’re playing at home, come to an agreement that “X”ing out your zombies is illegal and banned, or it will be no fun. Hopefully Ubisoft removes this feature in a GamePlay update.

You can liken this version of ZombiU multi-player to capture the flag. Once again, as in Kill Box, one player is the zombies and the other is the human. Each is trying to acquire as many flags as possible, which you earn by standing in close proximity to the flag for a set period of time.

The Zombie King is offered various types of zombies but only one particular type can collect flag points and they accumulate at a much slower pace than the human player. As the game goes on, the Zombie King is offered upgraded units and capabilities for his army. Whichever team collects 4 or 5 flags first (option in settings) wins the match. Of course if you die as the human, you simply respawn after a few seconds.

ZombiU Online
There is no online multi-player version of ZombiU which I think is a shame. Kill Box and Assault offer the perfect opportunity for an exciting head-to-head experience (once the trick/cheat is patched). Online gameplay isn’t something you can easily just update in such a prominent release, but I’m hoping for the success of this game, including a sequel that features online gameplay.

The Flaws

ZombiU is by no means perfect. There are certain areas that need improvement and several things I would alter if I could, but nothing so glaring that it takes away from the overall enjoyment of the game. I’ll share a few of what I think are flaws in the game.

At the game’s introduction, you’ll notice the opening video stutters a bit in places. It’s a bit jumpy. This immediately concerned me and I was worried actual gameplay could be suspect. That was not the case. Gameplay was smooth and enjoyable, albeit there are sometimes long load times, nothing hampered gameplay enough to be a true irritant.

The game’s graphics were good but not great, which somehow I absolutely don’t mind. In fact, I think the murkiness of the pictures sometimes aids the game’s experience (and is perhaps purposeful) because it offers a more dirty and gritty atmosphere.

Many other people complained about weapons. I totally disagree with most of the criticisms: adding lots of weapon options and ample ammo would have absolutely ruined the experience that Ubisoft crafted. However, I would have liked to see a bigger arsenal of organic/homemade weapons. Why not throw in a sledgehammer that you also use to bust open doors?  How about a shovel? Maybe even let people pick up trash cans and cabinets to hurl at the biters. I didn’t want bigger and better weapons, I just wanted more random crappy weapons. And to be honest, in a real survival situation, you’ll grab anything nearby in  your defense so this could have greatly heightened the gameplay experience.

Another big complaint I disagree with was the lack of discoveries when “looting”. The entire earth is infected and devastated- how much useful stuff do you expect to find? If you get bored looting, so be it, but you’ll be going into battle a little less prepared. If you spend a bunch of time looting it might take awhile, but perhaps you’ll find the objects that end up saving your life. In my opinion, this continues Ubisoft’s insistance on staying true to their experience.


ZombiU shines on the Wii U because of its GamePad integration. Anyone can port over an existing game title to play on the Wii U, but the promise of the console is to offer a new and unique gaming experience, and ZombiU does this better than any of Nintendo’s other launch titles. The Ubisoft team designed a beautiful balance between the TV and GamePad  that not only recreates the suspense of a horror movie, but forces you to divide your attention, distract your focus, and make decisions as the main character.

I won’t give ZombiU a star rating or letter grade: at this point, with so many divisively pitiful and stellar grades, the task seems pointless. Nothing in this world is one size fits all. Some people will love the game and some people will hate the game, the important part is understanding the purpose/type of game and trying to determine which of those categories you fall into.

Personally, I love the game. I also love horror movies, enjoy the energy of being scared/anxious, like the adrenaline rush of making buzzer beater type decisions, and all-in-all the game’s concept appeals to me. If you’re obsessed with first person shooters and require fast paced games with high powered guns and infinite amounts of ammo, this game might not be for you.

But what I fail to understand is how even people who don’t personally enjoy the game fail to understand the art in what Ubisoft has created. They’ve taken Nintendo’s Wii U concept, architected a way to extend and enrich the user experience in ways previously unimagined, and the result is nothing short of a gem.

Picture the girl in the horror movie, sprinting from the chainsaw killer and crashing into a locked door. But she has the key. It’s in her purse! With rattling hands and a chainsaw screaming in the background, she rummages for the key in a desperate attempt to save her life. THIS is the feeling Zombi U is able to emulate through the delicate balance of television screen and GamePad screen. Taking your eyes off one is risking the other. And that risk could be your life.

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    Nice review, differs from what I’ve read so far

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    Looks cool, but I can’t get it 🙁
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    Thankfully it’s Nintendo so I can play Mario!

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    Looks pretty darn cool. I like the realism involved. Originally I thought this was going to be my first game for the Wii U, but a lot of negative reviews had me 2nd guessing…

    Looks like I might pick it up after all 🙂

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      Trust me do it, awesome game almost took it back after negative reviews so glad i didnt

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    take THAT ign!

    • Nintedward-WiiU is 100% paid off.

      Agreed. Thanks Wiiu daily and ROB!!! (NES ROB :P) I will be buying this on day 1 because your review confirms everything I expected out of this game.

      I didn’t expect triple A production value , just a nice introduction to me new Wiiu home entertainment system!

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      Any bets on what kind of horrible, nonsensical review Gamespot will do?

      Seriously IGN is one of the better ones…

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        IGN are the most reliable reviewers, because they are always honest and very critical with all the games they review. IGN gave NSMBU a 9.1 out of 10. That’s great.

        • Master of Awesomeness

          Regarding IGN’s review for ZombiU, they gave it the score it deserved.

          • I was frozen today!

            6.3 is fair for an action FPS unfortunatly Zombi U is a survival horror both IGN and Gamespot couldn’t see that where as sites like CVG (8.4) and eurogamer (9.0) reviewed it correctly as a survival horror .

        • I was frozen today!

          That’s why I don’t trust IGN every other reputable site gave it in the mid eighties judgeing it to be to similar to NSMBW.

        • Hate Skyrim

          Pretty much any well known online video game reviewing website is untrustworthy. Anytime you have a large website like IGN or Gamespot, you end up with reviewers going about their reviews different ways. Multiple reviewers aren’t consistent with each other, and the bias is different per reviewer.

          All in all, it’s better to just get a heads from someone you know that has similar interests to you. It’s also worth a rental if you can pick up a copy.

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    Ok so ign gave it a 6.3, gamespot gave it 4.5 and euro gamer gave it a 9……………….. IM REALLY CONFUSED

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      I’d say at least give it a try, more of a rental in my opinion. After i a few hours of playing i turn more towards Scribblenauts and Nintendoland both of which are amazing games. I have the New Super Mario Bros downloading right now so ill try that one shortly.

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      Nintendo magazine gave it 92 percent.Gamespot and ign were expecting res 6 sort of game am sick of them games this is more original,can’t wait to play this.

    • Kahhhhyle

      I might get hated for this but this is a Nintendo fan site. So it wouldn’t be too crazy for some… Optimistic reviews of exclusives that have been heavily hyped for the wii u. Now I’m not saying that’s case here. However reading a halo 4 review from xbox monthly isn’t what I’d call fair or unbiased

      • Wii Ultra

        But one thing you have to remember is that zombiu is a thirdparty game to nintendo amd halo is a firstparty game to microsoft.

        • Kahhhhyle

          Well yes but it is an exclusive to then wii u. Maybe a better example is left 4 dead. Not published by Microsoft but it’s an 360 exclusive. So even if it was terrible it will get good reviews from the sources that are close to Microsoft.

          • Ovargas

            Left 4 Dead is also PC

  • TheCruzKing

    I have the game and I have to say I was fairly disappointed in the game with graphics and gameplay, constantly having to bash a single zombie takes way to many hits especially when you face hordes, it’s cool they made it hard but it’s more of a hassle for me rather than making it hard it doesn’t make it as fun, if you threw in some different killstrikes that’d be cool, however waiting til they’re injured enough to bash their face just doesn’t satisfy after awhile, and as for guns even though take a while to kill them, again a single headshot should take down a zombie. I hope they refine the game for a sequel and make something amazing but for me this is just okay. Does get your heart racing though sooo that’s good I guess

    • All I see is you whining at a challenge.  This is the kind of game I’ve been waiting for, for a long time.  I just went through the game and died 11 times.  Most of the deaths terrified me.  It’s been a long time since I’ve played a game that can kill me off more than once or twice.  I haven’t been as exhilerated playing a game as I was when i survived the freaking nursery in who knows how long. 

      And the whole “constant difficulty” is a lie.  Zombies get noticeably faster as the game progresses, new types of zombies appear, and some can even climb ladders!  Even if you are overly cautious (like me) you get stuck fighting a horde on even ground in a few spots.  Hope you packed some good equipment!

      Also, the average zombie in the game (90% of all enemies) only takes 10-15 seconds to kill with the cricket bat.  5 hits with a cricket bat (less if you are lucky and get a headshot).  A few of the stronger zombies may take twice as many hits, but just use two bullets to head shot them and save some time.  And it is the fact that it TAKES TIME that is the point.  This means that other zombies have time to approach, or attack.  This means that you can’t go all action style and pimp out a horde of zombies with your oversized arsenal.  You gotta plan your assaults.  It’s supposed to feel real.  It’s supposed to make you scared.  It’s supposed to make you feel weak.  Because you ARE weak.

      I just have to say I loved this game.  Great atmosphere, great immersion.  Satisfying killing.  satisfying missions.  Tense scary moments.  Even the weapons are quite satisfying once you get good at using them.  I killed 1/3rd to 1/2 of all my zombies with either explosives, molotovs, or other projectile weapons.  You just have to make the optimal use of them.  There are times when you go cricket bat crazy, but it’s not like the weapons don’t get their use.

      I, as ROB said, must also stress.  Do NOT go into this game thinking it is a shooter, of any kind.  The focus of this game is not killing.  The focus of this game is DECISION MAKING.  Make the right choices, and you will (likely) survive.  It’s basically a huge scary ass puzzle game…with zombies and a few guns.

      Now my next goal is to go through the game a second time without dying.  Ahhhh!

  • Ashley

    Great review, Rob. I really look forward to getting my hands on this game. People who have been bashing it don’t really understand that the game is meant to be hard, you’re meant to think about your actions and live with your consequences.

  • nintendofreak

    haters r gonna hate….lmfao rate porn by story good one….but being completely honest seems like d game for me since its realistic im tired of dose cod stupid blue flashlight eyed zombies

  • icanseeu

    I’ll stick to Farcry 4……

    • TheUNation

      I’ll stick to ZombiU. In yo’ FACE! U can’t see me!

  • Pellesvanslös

    I read the IGN review and was surprised by how they gave it such a bad review. They were very negative and brought up every possible little flaw in the entire game. The only thing that I think they should have added is more of the crappy weapons, like Rob said in this review, and being able to loot not only specific areas. Maybe they could have added something like hiding in closets and things like that, but I am still getting the ZombiU bundle at launch in Europe.

    Sorry for my english.

    • EvanescentHero

      Your English is perfect.

    • Mano_Brown

      Great review!

      Greg Muller from IGN wrote like expected more and more, he didn´t analyze the game but the game tha would be.

  • Edgar

    Times have changed, I guess. We used to really enjoy hard games before. I mean, do you really think a zombie will die with one cricket stick hit? You HAVE to bash its head.

    I agree with Rob, this game tries to be realistic, and that makes it awesome. Also, people have been complaining about Nintendo not catering to adults. This is the perfect example of them trying to change that, and now people are complaining because they want easier games? Oh well… I am getting it.

    • TheCruzKing

      When you play it you’ll see its more than just bashing zombies a few times with the cricket bat… it becomes more of a chore and the gameplay just sorta of dies on you after awhile. I enjoy hard games, this one i wouldnt say is incredibly hard just run back draw each zombie at a time kill move to the next simple easy strategy. The cricket bat just gets tiring

    • PKUltima

      I absolutely love this game. It takes me back to the time when games didn’t hold your hand and give you super powerful weapons. The atmosphere is very tense and every time I see more than two zombies, I fear for my life. This game makes you feel powerless and scared like the old Resident Evil’s used to without giving you crappy controls. Overall the game is very good with a few minor flaws, but nothing game breaking. I’m sure ZombiU2 will improve much on an already great game 🙂

  • GAMER101

    i think i might buy game

  • Kevin

    definitely like the use of the controller for this game, interested to see how other titles take advantage of it.

  • Linskarmo

    This does look like like a great game for horror enthusiasts. I’m not one, but I hope those that are enjoy it!

  • linkaut

    You’re story line is limited to a name…


    Yes, it bothers me that much.

  • LaLlamaqueLlama

    Its the cricket bat the only melee weapon?

    Seems that all the negativeness on this game is because of that but on some early videos there where other ones.

    I guess that a big repetitiveness of the game can be solved with a weapon pack

    • Brendan K.

      I personally think that a weapon pack would be a good idea, as long as the weapons are not too overpowered. If it added little things like possibly a lead pipe or a small knife would add the variety people want without ruining the hardcore game style.

  • Johny

    Exactly ! …people are still living in previous generation.. and when they see a game like that, it throws them off balance, and judge it by previous standards…
    Sure this game is love it or hate it, but its well said: you have to understand the concept and deeper gameplay experience “outside of the box” 😀

  • Sylux

    I had some minor doubts about the title, but I wanted it. Now after reading this review I just want it more, hopefully just before xmas I’ll buy the zombiu bundle here in Europe. Finally again a game which is very hard, off topic I love megaman 8 and 9 on the virtual console, 8 bit grapje, but also insanely hard, zombiu offers the same I see only better grapje 😛 GIEF NOAW!!!

    • Sylux

      Hate autocorrect on lumia, typing language was set to Dutch >_< so in other words grapje = graphics.

  • Nintenjoe


    This review gave me a much better idea of why I’m not buying this game than the other reviews. I want action not tension. I hope most of the gamepad ideas get used by future action orientated games though!!

    • Rob

      Thanks for the comment Nintenjoe. Love the level headed response. I wish more onlookers would take your approach of “it’s not the game for me” rather than a flat out “it sucks” all the time.

  • Zak Iceblade

    I agree with Rob, the atmosphere and the lack of resources does make a survival horor video game. I think Ubisoft hit the jackpot with Zombi U. But yeah, there are some problems, like they should have allow you to collect junk and maybe use those to craft a weapon. And also, i wish that there were more melee weapons to begin with, like a pickaxe, baseball bat, a sword, or maybe even an axe. And they should give a wide variety of guns like automatics, more snipers, more rifles, and more pistols.

    • Graham

      You have to remember it’s set in London. We very rarely have baseball bats as cricket is the bat and ball game here, we also don’t have many guns.

      Still, game looks great, probably get it with my Wii U if I can afford it.

      • I was frozen today!

        That’s a really good point but it would have been nice to be able to loot shop’s and create your own weapons like Dead Rising.

    • paperchao

      wasn’t there a pickaxe in the first trailer?

  • Yoyoyoshi

    Man I was about not buying this game due to negative reviews, but now I’m going to buy this game, hahah take that haters!

    • ninjabake

      You gotta at least try it before making judgment. Remember, reviews are simply an opinion (sometimes very subjective) of someone who has experienced the game. I don’t think it’s wise to place a ton of stock into reviews especially in this case where the zombi u has epitomized “mixed reviews” At the end of the day you have to play what you like and purchase what you like. Unless your not gaming for yourself, but for a ‘reputation’ which is absolutely silly to me but to each his own.

  • VezNetwork

    Better review than IGN.

  • zaln

    Now this is what a review should be like.

    Unfortunately, reviews without scores don’t sell.

  • Dan

    Nice analogy, i dont watch starwars for great acting also!! Or buy halo looking for UAV,,,,

  • podge79

    Im getting it midnight launch in uk. Gonna play the crap out of it. Will prob trade in wen im done n pick up AC3. God i cant wait!!! Also..great review. Cant believe i got sucked in by igns narrowminded shabby review. Uve really put my mind at ease and re-ignited my craving for this game. …Great job, keep up the gd work.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Finally someone who knows about gaming gives this gem a worthy review IGN is full of CoD lovers and gamestop doesn’t know crap. I understood what an awesome game zombiu was the second I saw a door locked needing an input on the game pad while at the same time zombies coming in hot. That being said I can’t wait to get my wii u assumig stores get more b4 Christmas I’m not worried though I know they will 🙂

  • Nintengoth

    Wow, great review, places like ign give this game a crap rating but thats ign lol i cant wait to play this game i WANT to shit my panties lol thanks again WiiUDaily!

  • Ovargas

    This. This is a good review. This is EXACTLY what Zombi U is about.

  • James

    Finally, a very balanced review for a very unique game. Informative & informed … job well done!

    • I was frozen today!

      Strange a City fan liking something thats balanced and fair I’m surprised you didn’t suggest Ubisoft sell up to the Saudi’s that way they’ll top of sales chart every time …………. well except in europe anyway, HA!

  • alfano romeo

    “Game critics panning Zombi U with terrible reviews simply don’t get the point.”

    That’s simply the worst way to start a review. Thinking that you understand things that others don’t, thinking that you’re right and they’re wrong…

    • Rob

      If I didn’t voice my strong opinion when I have one, I should find a different line of work. Read reviews of ZombiU that get less than 5/10 stars and it’s like reading the review of an Android phone from an iFanboy. They’re judging a survival horror as a first person shooter from the perspective of a first person shooter fan.

      And you could call me a Wii U fanboy, but as you’ll see in some harshly negative upcoming reviews, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

      • I was frozen today!

        Strange how so many reviewers have forgotten what survival horror is. The sad truth is thanks to Resi 5/6 their is a generatioin of gamers who think a survival horror game is a co operative action game with no danger and plenty of ammo, very sad.

  • Jiminhno

    I must admit I preorderd my wii u for this game, reading the other gaming sites reviews of this game had me concerned….but this review has put me to ease abit… I’ve gamed since the Atari,playing and owning almost every console released and will continue to do so for what we all want from video games……….. New ways to play and experience interactive entertainment …

  • Hydrowave99

    I want this game because it looks like a good game. I did get a little worried because of the reviews, but that won’t stop me from getting me this game if I got it. The game actually takes skill, something that would be a delight for this day and age. Most FPS are all the same, boring thing when this game has a completely different vibe. I can’t wait till the day I get a wii u so that I could get this game

  • The Plague

    It seemed to me that everyone wanted very badly to find the bad in ZombieU because this was WiiU’s big third party exclusive at launch that showed what the gamepad could do as well as the kind of support a big developer name like Ubisoft was bringing to the new platform. Good review.

  • 7Down

    Hmm… I’ve heard negative things about the game, the killing takes too long some have said, but it is trying to be realistic survival game so I could imagine that you’re an idiot if you even think about trying to rush it.

    Though I’m most of the time rushing in FPS games because I enjoy the play style, ZombiU might not be the game for me, but I’d still like to try it before I judge it at all

  • TheMan

    You guys are doing reviews now?
    And I’m happy to see people who still enjoy survival horror and do not just demand every recent game to be a quick FPS shooter.

  • VectorAKA

    Great review…can’t wait to play it. Maybe ZombieU 2 will take place in USA so a wider variety of guns makes since. Heck they could always release DLC that allows a new chapter in US…

  • Smokey cheese

    Can I just say two words..Cricket BAT. It is a small mistake but annoying none the less. You don’t say baseball club or hockey bat. Rant over. I was uncertain but after seeing other less negative views I think I’m gonna risk purchasing this game.

  • JoesatMoes

    i think it is a brilliant idea, and while the graphics could obviously be better, they r not so bad that the game is unplayable. i love the realism with lack of supplies. i might rent it, and then choos whether or not to get it

  • ziggy

    awesome game crappy review scores

  • popsthebuilder

    I have Zombiu. I think it is great. The amount of realism throughout the game goes hand in hand with the genre. Limited space to carry things, The fact that you can’t access your backpack in knee high water because the contents would be ruined, and you can’t run or defend yourself at all if you are in chest high water because your too busy holding your b.o.b. over your head to preserve it’s contents. It is extremely suspenseful. When what you thought was one zombie becomes 4 or 5 once you move in for the kill forcing you to rethink your strategy…fast or suffer the consequences. Keeping all weapons fully loaded is important too. The double barrel is sweet but I prefer the silent crossbow. 1 head shot is fatal, silent, it has a scope and you can retrieve your bolts from the corpses that you loot once the coast is clear. As far as graphics are concerned; The murkiness and slightly unpolished look adds to the sense of stress, filth, and lack of healthy sleep. The game is pretty difficult. A welcome change from others.    

  • The gameplay is superb until it’s not. The basic flaw is that the actual single-player campaign is riddled with glitches and bugs that kill the campaign itself. Essentially at various steps through the campaign, players find that they cannot access the next required element in the campaign. Then the campaign ends. It’s not intentional. It’s just bad programming. You contact Ubisoft Support. First they report that the developers will be notified. Then they tell you to throw out the last 30 hours of play and start again from the very beginning, and basically you have to cross your fingers that the same bug won’t crop up again. That need to start over from the very beginning is partly because there are no incremental saves. So, when a flaw crops up (such as an item cannot be retrieved because the character who had it disappeared from the game entirely, or some similar bug), you can’t just go back one hour and play over that segment. You throw out 30, 40 or 50 hours of gameplay, all because of a bug, glitch, programming flaw, whatever you want to call it.  Ubisoft’s own forums are full of these complaints.

    Broken game. Too bad the major reviewers have not played it long enough to watch it break down.