Sep 18th, 2012

Ubisoft’s ZombiU is one of the most anticipated third party games for the Wii U, and definitely one of those titles “hardcore” gamers will surely check out. Ubisoft’s Gabrielle Shrager, one of the writers on ZombiU, recently gave an interview where she revealed a few more details on the multiplayer aspects of ZombiU.

From what it seems. ZombiU will have some pretty sweet online features. Shrager says that players will be notified of their friends progress in the game, if they have been infected, and where they are. Then you’ll be able to go there and “mercy-kill them”, as Shrager puts it, and loot their gear. The Wii U game will also include stats tracking and online leaderboards.

Another feature is the ability to leave messages to other players. We recently saw this in a screenshot, where players used the Wii U GamePad to select a symbol to spray paint in the game. Now it turns out that those symbols are actually players leaving clues and messages to each other. However, you won’t be able to write words, it appears, since there could be a lot of abuse done that way. Therefore, messages are limited to signs and symbols (see image below).

ZombiU messages

Finally, Shrager touches up on the competitive multiplayer modes in ZombiU. There won’t be any online modes, instead, there will be 3 offline modes, including a local “asymmetric multiplayer mode”, as she puts it. One player uses the GamePad to dispatch and control zombies, while the other player tries to survive and complete a mission. The other two modes are death match and “assault”.

So far, the game is looking pretty good, but we already knew that. For more on ZombiU, check out the latest screenshots and the latest trailer. ZombiU will be available on launch day, and will be bundled with the European Wii U Deluxe set instead of Nintendo Land.


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  • Macarony64

    This is beast reminds me of those tags in half life 2 but now is playes leaving them

    • Macarony64

      Yes i realy meant beast has in animal

  • Dat Guy

    I don’t get it, if you can see messages from friends, and kill them as zombies, shouldn’t you be able to meet them alive too?

    • Madmagican

      Now now, that would be too easy cuz you could team up and actually survive for over twenty minutes

      • Dat Guy

        Then maybe 2 players = 2x zombies and 3 players = 3x zombies and so on? I think that would be nice!

        • oopjm

          Yes, that would be pretty cool actually! 🙂

          • some gUy

            off topic, just like ^this guy’s photo.

          • Alienfish

            Yeah, that’s a zoidburg isn’t it?

        • Grodus

          Cool, but that would probably make the game run at like 5fps. So, there’s your reason.

    • Macarony64

      Maybe the developer did not want a hog that would take all the resorss you know how ppl is 20 zombies comming and he runs to get a pack of ammo will he leaves you alone

    • Eddy120876

      Now that would be great. I bet they will add this feature on ZombiU 2.

      • Mechadestroyah

        LOL Sonny Bono as a zombie

    • YesIRock

      I agree…not having a coop online multiplayer mode seems redundant in this day and age. If i pay $60 bucks for a game i need some replayability.

      Did they say online multiplayer is completely off the table, or will there be an ability to add it later (like in RE5) with an update/add on?

      • Castamere

        Haha! You definitely used “redundant” completely incorrectly there. I think they meant that in a sequel they would be willing to add online multiplayer. I personally think it’s unnecessary for a game like this.

  • ZombieGuns

    “No online competitive multiplayer modes” Well that’s a disappointment. Still very excited about the game though.

    • Nintedward

      It’s a launch title that has taken 1 and half year’s to make . Infact this game was called killer freaks from out of space last year , so it’s taken 1 year to make .

      I am expecting a decent game with good graphics that is a true fright fest .
      We really cannot ask for much more . OK , maybe a true online mode for Fu&k’s sake :/ …..

      Patch , DLC = online multiplayer .

    • DarkPhazon_Qc

      ZombiU 2 will have multiplayer modes ..for Example: Capture the flag
      You , the survivor capture the flag and running the zombies..
      The bad guy will respawn many zombies around u. Sorry for the bad English

      • Alienfish

        I’d actually be more interested in coop in a game like this. You and three other friends could team up or go off into separate areas of the city and chat over radio (headset). I think a shared game between friends would also be cool so if one person wanted to go off and gather supplies for the group they could do that whenever they wanted to. This would make waiting for friends to show up in the game much less painful since it usually takes awhile to gather a group together.

  • Gavin

    No.. no online?

  • LyingTuna

    I really hope the multiplayer is classic controller compatible.

    • ZombieGuns

      I’ve preorderd the Pro Controller for that purpose.


      It has been confirmed that the asymmetrical mode will require the pro controller and wiiu gamepad

    • Wils81

      Highly doubt it. 😐

  • Matthewmc685

    Is it true that the UK gets this game with the black Wii U and not Nentendo Land?

    • Jetty

      I believe they didn’t get the sensor bar, but I think it’s the same as NA.

    • Ledreppe

      There is a ZombiU pack available in the UK, and it doesn’t come with Nintendo Land. If you want Nintendo Land you’ve got to buy it seperately, or buy the Black WiiU pack that comes with Nintendo Land and not ZombiU.

    • Le Sauvage

      In Europe it’s actually an other option if your ready to pay some extra cash, you can get the Black Wii U with ZombieU and a Pro Controller. It’s a special Pack and yes that would replace Nintendo Land with the game ZombieU

    • Novum Magus

      I believe they have this as a separate option packaged along with a Classic Controller Pro for a bit more money than the Deluxe Model here in the States

    • Nekine

      The entire Europe does,but actually they have a third blunde.It’s not the replacement of the nintendo land one.It adds a wii u pro controller and it has the zombiu instead of Nintendo land .It costs a little more than the Normal Deluxe

    • F

      There are 3 SKU’s available in the UK, the basic and pro bundles, and a pro ZombieU bundle tha includes ZombieU, a Pro Controller but no Nintendoland. It’s priced around £30 more than the Nintendoland Pro bundle.

    • frank

      Apparently. It kind of lowers the appeal of the deluxe set to younger/more casual gamers. I’m not sure what to think about the fact that zombiU is set in the UK and its with their deluxe set.

    • Thomas

      Not only UK but all in Europe can get a limited Zombie U edition that replaces Nintendo Land with Zombie U and the Pro Controller. The normal basic and premium packs are in stocks too.

    • *.*

      Yeah id like to know this also

  • Murray

    Will an infected version of your character appear on your friend’s game to kill AND on yours? Or is it a competition where if someone else loots your undead corpse before you it is gone from your game too?

    • Andrew Sheehan

      It is highly likely that if your’ zombified character gets murdered by a friend on their game, that it wont affect your zombified character in your game.

    • Grodus

      No one knows, but the first idea is more likely, while the second idea sounds more funsterating, depending on your tastes.

    • Weslley

      It will appear on every able friend game and also on your. If someone kill your character before you do, it will disappear from all games.

  • Jetty

    After just finishing the RE6 demo, this is very exciting! I can’t wait to see this game in action. Looks very beautiful. Adding proper online multiplayer just builds the anticipation. This will be a great Thanksgiving!

  • Whoobin

    Make online modes please…

  • Nekine

    It’s Confirmed UPLAY will be included.

    • Grodus

      UPLAY? Included with what?

  • Kamon

    Death match and assault? what does that mean?

  • Andrew

    So wait.. you can’t actually play the game online with people?.. has Nintendo still learned nothing? Frustrating

    • Marq

      I believe that’s up to Ubisoft, not Nintendo.

    • Grodus

      Yes, because Nintnedo controls Ubisoft’s games. Everyone knows that.

  • GirlGamer

    oooh Mama Mia

  • Carlous Rex

    No Co-op then? D:

  • John

    Yeah I told you people this a month ago. Online multiplayer would of made this the most important game on the system.

  • The Bored Guy

    I read the original interview and it says that that the asymmetrical mode will support also wii remote and nunchuck(yey because I wasn’t going to buy a pro controller).

  • Ed

    Awww, no horde-style online mode? That a missed opportunity! Still have the game on pre order, and single player sounds nice, but a left for dead style online mode would have been boss!


    This game s concept is just bomb-@ss old school. One and your done, I love this and had to pre-order this game. Plus I know my greedy @ss clan members would totally just buy this game just to wait for me to play for like 3 days and then get bit and become Zombi-tized just so they can come alone and blow my head off, lmfao…

  • CantWaitAnymore

    @ Mattewmc685 There is 3 different versions of the Wii U for us UK’ers, the white, cheapest version, black delux edition with nintendo land game, and a ZombiU + Pro controller version, which cost a little more than the nintendo land package. I pre-ordered the ZombiU + Pro Controller version as this is a game i sooooooooo badly want to play. Im stuck to playing my xbollocks and gaystation 3 until then 🙁

  • Bacon

    i would really like if it had online multiplayer like dead island had…

  • Andrew Sheehan

    This is great, I love the opportunity that will arise, to rub in one’s face that you are glad they suck at ZombiU cause they keep dying and leaving you their inventory. xD

  • CantWaitAnymore

    I’m kinda hoping other bundles come about, like black version + mario, as my son loves super mario games. Also, does anybody think something like the demon/dark souls message feature would be a good thing for ZombiU? maybe of instead of just leaving a mark/message on the floor for anybody to see, you have to use your flash light to see them…….

    • Grodus

      JUST, your son? You sure about that?

    • Alienfish

      Actually you’ll have to wave around your black light to see any messages. I guess the zombies can read?

  • Kahhhhyle

    Why no online modes? I was really hoping for left 4 dead-ish online modes when we get to play as infected? WHY YOU NO LET?!

  • Opheodrys

    Does anyone know if this game has a story(cut scenes) and boss battles, or is it just killin’ zombies and running like hell?

    • Kamon

      I’m sure it does. There’s some guy leading you to somewhere is all we keep getting. I wish they would tell us a little more about the story. Are there more people or anything? They never address that.

    • Johny

      theres that early trailer of ZombiU showing that nerdy guy playing it and mentioning “Zombie boss” severall times… so yea.. i bet…
      for the story ? well i hope too =)

  • Paul

    bit dissapointed in this as it has multiplayer leaderboards but no multiplayer apart from the offline modes only

    hopefully there will be a resident evil game with online multiplayer

    • Opheodrys

      I’d love RE Mercenaries on Wii U!

  • Johny

    Half Life 1 spray paints yeaa xD

  • Neonridr

    As long as ZombiU sells well, then Ubisoft will reward us with ZombiU 2.. Remember The terrible Red Steel? Well it was succeeded by an amazing Red Steel 2. Honestly, if you haven’t played that yet, go get yourself a copy cheap.

    Basically if we take care of Ubisoft, they will take care of us. And I am sure part 2 would have a lot more features.

    • Benjaminkno

      Exactly!! It seems like ‘anti-Nintendo’ fans are only to be for “something else” the truth is, there are just as many good games as there were with their competitors, and you can still play them. I still think MP3 is still the best FPS I ever played.

  • Nintendo.sega

    I thought their was online coop mode so u could play together?

  • kmac_321


  • Grodus

    I like the idea of spray painting hints. Hope other games use stuff like htis.

    • Grodus


  • Colton

    I think it’s dumb we can’t free-spray. I mean, what abuse can you do in an M-rated game (you can’t tell me it won’t be M-rated) that you can’t hear in a game of Halo or CoD? No one’s going to be offended by f-bombs all over the wall or spray painted body parts when they’re killing zombies. Is it immature/dumb to do so? Sure. But it’s not going to offend anyone who’s okay with a game that is already about going through things and killing them.

    • Lusunup

      Because if you free spray anything you want they could give out spoilers and how likes spoilers in games it has nothing to do with “droping f-bombs” honestly you can draw it out if thats what you meant but ubisoft does not tolerate spoilers and will block them like in miiverse with nintendo.

  • Ziraku

    I like the idea, it will be cool if the online was only 2 players. The two are in different place of the map and you have to meet up (if you survive 😉 ) But its kinda good they did that so it can give you the feeling of loneliness, but it will be cool if in the ZombieU 2 they would make it open world but that would be more like dayZ…but thats a different story :p

  • Lusunup

    I would not care if there is not online multiplier because this game all ready looks sick,and offline modes. I believe there is a mode where you can take the other players B.O.B but you have to be quick before they take yours that’s basically considered online and hints that can trick you or help you out how interesting is that all ready?
    Also In my opinion why do some of you consider playing with a pro controller isn’t the whole concept of wii u to change gaming experience I just don’t get it :/

  • zombi ubisoft tink outdated is core

    Ubisoft’s ZombiU is one of the most anticipated third party games for the Wii U, and definitely one of those titles “hardcore” gamers will surely check out. Ubisoft’s Gabrielle…..

    Gabrielle my friend, twin sticks is not core fps and sixaxis isn’t core motion this game got wm+ and pointer mouse written all over it so wheres the support

    i dont want sixaxis ITS DUMB i want core fps and touch screen so give me that tryarch are with black ops 2 i stopped DUMB controlling a fps last gen

  • On The Fence

    NO ONLINE, shame real shame this is what I pre ordered the Wii U for! a campaign that lasts less than a dozen hours tops and a offline multiplayer, what is it 1999.

    Canceling my pre order today, a copy of left 4 dead 2 is alot cheaper and it’s online.

    • Lusunup

      so your only reason you bought the wii u is to play one game? I’m sorry but your going to miss out on a lot and dont go whinning when you realize how amazing its going to be and you will not be able to get it in the market because so many will be getting it.

  • NeptunePirate

    No online multiplayer was something that I was completely expecting. I would much rather have a developer get the base game down with fun gameplay and controls. That’s what sells a game in my mind. Once you have a good combination of both gameplay and controls, that’s when you focus on extra features like online multiplayer.

  • steven12153

    I Pre-ordered this with my deluxe Wii U I can’t wait to get scared by it