Nov 19th, 2012

I became infatuated with ZombiU when the first trailer was published, so it’s no surprise that a good chunk of my launch day time was spent playing the horro title. The multi-player mode “Kill Zone” quickly became my favorite because of the diabolical difference in player missions. One uses the Wii U Game Pad tablet to strategize and control an army of zombies while the other uses a typical game controller to kill as many zombies as humanly possible.

Fun over. At least for now. Resident Zombie expert Steve Albright quickly devised a plan to control his army in a way that makes it almost impossible to kill a single zombie.

The trick takes into account the following timing and details of gameplay:

  • When you deliver the final devastating blow to a zombie, they fall to the ground and agonize for a couple seconds before disappearing
  • When you’re controlling your army, you can “remove” soldier zombies from gameplay by tapping the “X” in the lower right hand corner and then double tapping the zombie you’d like removed
  • When viewing the tablet as the Zombie King, you can see the location of your lone human enemy
  • In addition to location, a white “field of view” shows you which way the human is facing and what zombies are around him

From there, all you’ve got to do is connect the dots. Here is how you implement the trick:

  1. Continuously create “attack” zombies and watch as they approach your victim.
  2. Whenever your zombies enter the “line of sight” of the human, quickly “remove/kill” them with the red X
  3. Respawn your zombies on different sides/locations around your subject

Your enemy will waste their ammunition trying to kill zombies that suddenly disappear, without counting deaths, even after shooting them directly in the face. More zombies will continuously appear in different directions, causing confusion as your enemy runs out of ammunition. It might take awhile, but sooner or later your opponent will make a mistake, get caught with his back to a biter, unknowingly run out of ammo, and meet their demise.

As you can see in the video above the tactic is incredibly frustrating for the opponent because even head shots are rendered useless. It’s most likely a matter of programmatic timing. If a Zombie is killed they don’t “disappear” and count the points until X seconds after actually dying. Because you’re monitoring where your opponent is likely shooting and removing zombies accordingly, it’s unlikely that those X seconds will transpire before you’re able to remove them from gameplay. Even if they’ve been killed, it’s still likely they’ll escape unscathed by way of score.

Pretty crafty little trick, but unfortunately, it ruins the favorite part of my favorite game on the Wii U. Nintendo should release a software patch or update that either eliminates or reduces the ability to remove the zombies you’ve already placed on the board.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. And if you’re able to find a method of defeating this tactic, let us know in the comments!


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  • Astro Black

    Sigh… wish I was American.

    • Cheese


      • Cheese

        ha haa hahahha mwhahahahaahwahah

    • Madmagican

      Try not to get bricked when you finally get one; I’ve been hearing quite a few complaints by those poor, ignorant souls

      • Nintendude

        You’d think it would be common sense right now considering every other hardware device says “Do NOT unplug or turn off your console.”

        • Fatherb

          well when the system freezes and stays stuck for five hours not doing anything after downloading the 5Gb FW update and before installing it and you call support and they have been getting calls all day about it… I dont think its the Users fault. I had this and they tell you to wait 2 more hours and call back then you do and the first response is pull the plug and cross your fingers. Then after all that you start all over and if it does it expect more errors. External Hdd dont work if they are powered by the usb… wii transfer crashes repeatedly… downloads from the store are not resumable if the system is turned off or crashes… and your treated like you are the problem when things dont work. Just wait to you get yours and good luck that “YOU” dont break yours by following directions either.

    • :(

      I’m an American and I still don’t have a Wii U…

  • Superstick

    Ripping and killing zombies always makes me happy. Especially when they chunks of brain fly out. XD

    • 0soul

      Do you like video games?

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  • Adalkin

    ZombiU get’s very bad reviews. What do you guys think of the game?

  • Nintedward

    Hey Rob! Are you gunna be the person reviewing ZombiU ? If son when can we expect the review and the other reviews to start showing up?

    The game is getting such mixed reviews. I am buying it to introduce me to my wiiu. I don’t expect a game with the graphics and production values of Uncharted 3 or Halo 4. Just a nice launch day Zombi thriller to get started with!

    • Nintedward

      If so *

      • Nintenjoe

        IGN’s reviews have been crazy in the last month.

        Sequels getting almost perfect scores and games that they have more or less plugged every day suddenly turning out to be rubbish.

        This will be my highest number of cross platform titles on a nintendo launch because it looks like AC3 and BO2 are the best games available!

        • scyther

          AC3 and BO2 definitely aren’t the best games available.

    • Nintyfan

      Well it’s graphics are definitely better than BLOPS 2 zombies!

    • ssb4 3dsFC 3007 8585 6950

      any way i can make a gravatar? so people dont use my username?

  • Nintyfan

    Couldn’t you just melee them instead?!?! LOL

  • Sylux

    Haha Rob, that is so evil of you, you must be the most evil zombie king out there. To bad I can’t do it on my friends, I suppose by the 30th of november on the Europe release it’s allready quick patched 🙁 And no I’m not from the UK, as I read something people auto assume you’re from the UK when you are from Europe 😉

  • theEuropeanWiiU

    I think Wii U is gonna be amazing!!
    What’s your opinion Rob about ZombiU? Is it good? Scary? Good graphics? Good gameplay?

  • Mariolgy101

    This game honestly does not look fun at all to me. I picked up a Wii u yesterday and love it. But this game looks really boring. Most likely will still get the game since its a “must have” but we’ll see about that.

  • marioravesto3d

    Nintendo magazine gave it 92 percent,I can tell am going to love it.Have read some positive news on wii u so far.Apart from the download bit.

  • Chance

    It’s called being cheap or cheating
    Just tell the guy with the gamepad to stop
    Problem solved

  • verymetal

    Looking forward to this game.

  • King rat

    It’s not for Nintendo to fix, it’s ubisoft’s responsability.

  • dragonkiwi

    This seems awesome, i am posting this on my wii u gamepad