Aug 14th, 2012

Ubisoft is showing off ZombiU for the Wii U at GamesCom in Germany, and the company has released another trailer for the game. The trailer lets us in on some of the back story of ZombiU, and lists the 5 rules players must learn in the game. 1) keep your distance from the infected, 2) don’t waste anything, lookout for loot 3) keep a lookout for higher ground, the infected can’t climb ladders, 4) the infected can smell and hear you coming, they’re attracted to bring light, and 5) nothing is dead until you blow its head off. Yep, sounds like a pretty good set of rules to live by during a zombie apocalypse. ZombiU will be a Wii U launch title later this Fall.

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  • Ryu No Hadduken

    they need to improve the graphics, STAT!!!!…looks like a Wii game

    • ninjabake

      Your trippin LOL at worst it looks like a 360 game but a wii game? Now your pushing it.

    • SehxualPanda

      The game-play shown above is probably from an earlier build. The game is most likely in its final stages of its development and i’m sure the graphics will look 1000x better than the footage you saw just now.

      • Pachter Jr

        What’s the point in showing an old build with graphics that suck? If that’s the case then the ought to fire their advertising executive. Stop making excuses for nintendo. A system that’s only 2 times as powerful as current generation consoles is Fail.

        • face


        • ninjabake

          Your right there is no need to make excuses, however, why would you be on a known Nintendo fan site just to troll? Do you have nothing else better to do?

        • Josh

          You’re ridiculous. You’re acting like current generation systems aren’t powerful; 2 times that is pretty respectable. Obviously if a game hasn’t finished development yet, it wont represent the real graphics of the game, or are you unfamiliar with how a game is made? You can’t expect them to pump out graphics that are indistinguishable from real life when neither the game nor the console have been released yet. If all you care about is graphics, then go and buy a state of the art gaming PC; don’t expect the same level from consoles.

        • lick1nob

          It is a launch game, it’s not like the 360 and Ps3 launch titles looked fantastic anyway.

        • Giggity Giggity Goo

          No Dude your a Fail

          • Giggity Giggity Goo

            who ever gave me a thumbs down are bunch of Sony and Microsoft fanboys who can’t get a life…Nintendo FTW!!!\

    • Kirbo99

      …said no one ever.

    • :3

      You need to improve your eyesight, looks just fine to me.

    • deSSy2724

      Okay… maybe i believe you. So, tell me pls what Wii game?

      Honestly, answer this question…

      Thanks! 😛

    • me

      The potato you watched it on must be slightly out of date if you think those are Wii graphics

    • XDLugia

      Let us be honest here. The graphics are decent, but not for a 7th gen console. Both Xbox 360 and the PS3 can pump out better graphics than this, and they are 7th gen!
      They probably optimized it for an early dev kit, but still… This is a horrible example to show off Wii U’s horsepower as an exclusive.

      • XDLugia

        Wow… Another bomb of dislikes…
        I don’t get your logic.this is supposed to be 8th console gen, a jump like from N64 to the PS2 graphics-wise. Don’t you think it is true that the WiiU is next gen? Then why the hell all the dislikes?…
        I really don’t hope the majority of Nintendo fans are blind like these. I always thought Nintendo fanboys were the more mature ones…and you have yet to prove it… Better start now.

        • Lord Carlisle

          I really hate to agree, but I have to. I really hope these aren’t the graphics. I don’t care personally, but I’m tired of my relatives bashing Nintendo because of the “sucky graphics”. I really hope the graphics are better, as I can say this is not the level an Xbox360 can handle.

          • Lord Carlisle

            God, I used the word “really” a lot.

          • venomjamaica

            The character animation isn’t that great but have you seen the background? The lighting? Come on 360 and ps3 will struggle to display those. Watch the video again the 720p and on a hi def pc and you will see that it’s pretty decent. Not great but pretty decent. Better than 360 and ps3.

            Get N or get OUT!!!

        • ninjabake

          You may be getting all the dislikes due to your constant focus on graphics. Keep in mind that launch titles for the 360, PS3, Xbox, Dreamcast and even the PS1 weren’t anything to write home about graphics wise, barely looking better than the previous Gen.

          Look at Halo on Xbox and tell me it looks far and away better than Medal of Honor on the PS1. Look at the CoD2 port on the 360 and compare it to the original Xbox version. Look at NFL 2k on dreamcast and tell me it looked so revolutionary compared to Madden 2000 on the N64.

          My point is launch titles never are the best showcase of graphical capabilities for a console. A lot of people were thinking the same thing your thinking when the dreamcast launched (ports that look like the current Gen and not many titles to truly showcase the graphics power leading them to believe the system was less powerful than the PS1/N64) many voters thumb down your posts not in blind hatred but maybe in annoyance to the importance you place on graphics and the perception of the system rather than looking at what it can offer GAMEPLAY wise and how entertaining (or not entertaining) it can be.

          Does Zombie U look outdated IMO? YES! But is that why I’m weary of the game? No. I’m more concerned with what this game has to offer and if its as shallow an experience as it seems. Remember, its not important for this game to sell, seeing that its a 3rd party exclusive that may be ported anyway, its more important for titles like Mass Effect, Batman, Assassins Creed, Aliens and Darksiders to sell so the sequels can come back to the system.

          Trust me graphics isn’t the reason wii u wont get 3rd party games, if they don’t get enough support it’ll be because of money. That’s simple

        • Macarony64

          true but if you compare a release xbox 360 title to this . this beats it by a fairly long shot

      • Nintendonoob

        you gotta remember XDLUGIA… when the ps3 and 360 came out the graphics looked horrible then as the years passed the games looked better and better until it got to the highest it could be without setting the console on fire… it will probably be the same with Wii U

        • XDLugia

          That is not my point! Consoles of the 7th generation can handle better graphics than this! Just look at the upcoming Halo 4 and The Last of Us!
          My point is: A launch title or not, this is not a port from a 7th gen console and it still does look WORSE than 7th gen graphics! The Wii U is 8th gen… This is a shame.

          • ninjabake

            Like I said before your too concerned with graphics.
            This is ONE GAME that looks bad you can’t judge the console based off of one game. And it isn’t Nintendo’s fault this game looks the way it does, its ubisofts. After checking out other launch games the graphics look fine at worst they are on par with 360/PS3.

            Another thing, don’t get your hopes up for a tremendous leap in graphics this forthcoming Gen cause it wont be coming. Not from Nintendo, not from Microsoft, and surely not from Sony. Everyone will be looking to keep costs down while trying to do something unique (or gimmicky depending on how you see it) So if a big graphics leap is all you want and pure entertainment from the games isn’t important than this Gen you may want
            to either a) stick with this hen’s consoles or b) build a gaming PC they’ll have cheaper ports and will always look superior to consoles regardless

          • jose garcia

            dude shut up the graphics are sharp and they do look better than the wii but its a launch title theyll learn from there mistake there nintendo oh and its not the graphics that r important its the gameplay

          • Saucy17

            Your bullshitting, you know damn well that,this is a early start for the wiiu,and that these graphics, are way better than the starting games for both xbox360,and ps3 when they were launched, the game is not even ready yet, it truly pisses me off, when cry babies like you never shut the hell up, about something that was’nt released yet, but you want to cry anyways. My 6 month old niece, cries less than you do.

      • deSSy2724

        Wait a second….i am mature, but thing again. Jump from N64 to PS2/GC? maybe u mean, jump from SNES to N64/PS1? or maybe no nVidia physx vs nVidia physx on and so on?

        Just look at the very first xbox360 and PS3 games at beggining, now, do the same for Wii U…. yes, Xbox 720/8 and PS4 will probably be stronger in terms of “RAW power” but wait o second, PC are much stroger BUT, does the games looks so much better looking? not all games, multiplatform games like Crysis 1 and Metro 2033 sure are much better on PC, or nVidia Physx games on PC too like Mirrors Edge, Mafia 2 etc…. and think again, how much $$$ do u need for PC? its because developers dont care much about PCs power and optimisation. Why? i think its because: “consoles = more sales”, and PC users are mostly prates.

        Yes, i own a high end PC (now 1500$)… owned almost any Nintendo and Sony console (including PS3 and Wii).

    • Alienfish

      My Wii games don’t look that good. Where did you get yours? 😮

      • Collected

        I’m tired and all I have to say is on the matter is Minecraft, just look and Minecraft and the success that it is.

        • Collected

          *just look at Minecraft and the success that it is

          • Anonymous

            Simple solutions to all you who think the graphics on this video are sucky.

            STOP WATCHING IN 240P!!!!!!

            They’ve already said the actual Wii U will support 1080p graphics.

          • XDLugia

            240p and 1080p isn’t graphics, it’s the resolution of the image = total pixels on the screen.
            Just because I play N64 emulator on full HD does not make the graphics in the game on par with Xbox 360 games.

          • deSSy2724

            PS3 is full hd? yeah, only for bluray. What about games? most games are less than 720p, 720p is about 30 FPS on PS3

    • BlueBerryShadow

      This is the primary reason I am purchasing a Wii U console on release day!!! 😛 I hope Nintendo continues to release titles like this one, across the Wii U’s life span.

  • Tubba Blubba

    There goes my chance of sleeping tonight…

  • jat

    This game is starting to look good

  • SuperShyGuy

    looks epic! Ubisoft putting the terror back into zombie games like Capcom did with the old RE games

  • link

    dont get the wii u they said,it is for little kids they said

    • ninjabake

      I feel what your saying but kids will inevitably get their hands on this game regardless. It annoys me hen “gamers” labels games or a sytem as “kiddy” that should’ve been trumped after playing CoD online with middle school students yelling and screaming.

      All games are for entertainment and provide Fun for all audiences the wii u will be no different.

      Now about zombiU it looks decent no doubt about it but my concern is how deep is this game gonna be?

      • link

        could you write it in a less advanced language please?

        • Replier

          How is this advanced….Unless your the kid.

        • Nintendude

          He’s speaking the English language, how could he talk less advance? Are you just some 8-12 year old online that can’t read passed a 4th grade level?

        • elbossmx

          Instead of less advanced, he should learn where the “comma” button on his keyboard is. Super long sentence with no commas or periods.

          • formylife

            True. But that isn’t advanced that would be less advanced not having commas either way who cares it has NOTHING to do with the article at all. He was trying to be informative, didn’t use commas, so what. Moving on.

        • theyoshiking20

          exactly fan boys can be soo stupid

    • brickster

      are you implying that it isn’t for kids or just for kids?

      • Anonymous

        *18 certificate*

        What do you think…

  • kopp3rbug

    Dumb remarks like “they need to improve the graphics STAT! ” are extremely ignorant.

  • ken

    i want to smack michael pachters bum hard so it leaves a red mark

    • Raul

      Kinky Ken…

      • Oscar

        Sorry! My bad, I didn’t want to give U a thumb-down.
        Just the opposite one.

  • DoubleDragonDonut

    Draco Breach <3 Rush Limbaugh

    • Draco Breach

      Your little crush is just too cute. That puppy love stage truly is just so adorable. I’m flattered. I really am.

      Just one problem. Well, I’m going to just have to rip off this bandaid.

      I think we should just stay friends.

      I know. I know. It hurts. Don’t let it get to you too much.

      If if makes you feel any better, there’s just somebody else I like. She’s a lot prettier than you, and I can actually carry on a conversation with her.

      Don’t get me wrong. We can still chat. Shoot the breeze. I just don’t want you feeling too uncomfortable when I start longing for a mature company.

  • :3

    Every time they release a new trailer, I get even more excited about this game. I’ve even had dreams about it…

    • Mr.Chimera573

      Wouldn’t those qualify as nightmares, considering they involve a zombie apocolypse?

      • Nintendude

        Depends how many Zombies you’re killing before you start to actually be in trouble.

        • Anonymous

          Or if you get in trouble at all.

  • kopp3rbug

    I’ve got a feeling that a game like ZombiU is going to set the benchmark for future “SURVIVAL” horror games. Resident evil started the trend but completely changed to action survival horror. I remember being terrified of the original resident and then the remake made it that much more frightening. ZombiU does one thing perfect, and that is give you the feeling of complete isolation in a city overrun by Zombies, and that is what survival horror games should be shooting for.

  • bob

    think ill wait for reviews on this game graphics dont look all that,

    • kopp3rbug

      Meaning you’ll wait for someone to tell you what to spend your money on? Its quite simple, buy a game because YOU like it, not because someone tells you to. I personally don’t like call of duty, why? Because they can simply do downloadable content instead of releasing a brand “NEW” game every creaking November. Everytime they rave about how great it is and honestly I don’t buy into it.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly, CoD games are just the same game with new maps new killstreaks and guns.

      • Souljaboyalex

        u don’t like cod cause u suck at it a , u don”t have to lie

        • ninjabake

          Your kidding right? LOL my little sister can hop on CoD on Xbox live and go 12-4 the game is tailor-made to be pick up and play. If you know the slightest of the basics in a FPS game, then you know how to be successful in CoD. Now does that make it a bad game? No. It still is fun and enjoyable however the value of the product has gone down considering the game gets replaced in less than a year.

          Don’t insult people to defend what you like, there are more mature ways to go about it.

        • 7Down

          CoD is made for 10 years old kids, the reason it’s rated as 18+ is that the kids think they’re badasses for playing a mature game, which it wouldn’t be without few random curse words.

          Like ninjabake said, it is made to be pick up and play, it’s a game where everyone can win at least one match.

          I like to play CoD every once in a while but I hate how some just overrate it so much. >:(

    • Nintendude

      Ahh, I see you are one of those “I only buy a game for graphics” kid…

      • Anonymous

        I am not at ALL bothered by graphics.

        I play super mario 64 wii virtual console a lot, but do I complain about the graphics? No.

        Do I complain that it’s out-dated and stupid (because it isn’t)? No.

        My point is you shouldn’t go for freaking stupid games like CoD and Halo that have a pointless franchise and go for games that are good in GAMEPLAY, sure Halo was fun when I first played it, but there’s absolutely no difference between each CoD, Halo, etc. I mean, all Halo had was new weapons, new maps, new enemies, new upgrades for each release, but the feel is still the same!

        And on another note: sometimes, listening to what game someone else likes is alright, my friend said I should buy SSBB and I was astounded by the graphics, gameplay, characters, and storyline! I mean, for a 2008 wii game, that’s pretty damn awesome.

        And, as I’ve said before, if you’re SO bothered by graphics, DON’T WATCH TRAILERS IN 240P!!!!!

  • Christopher

    I can’t wait to play this game at the Wii U’s launch =3

    I pre-ordered my copy already and I’m glad I did because this game looks epic. Great graphics (For a launch title), awesome new gameplay (Looks like its going to be different from COD… thank god -_-) and looks like shooting them in the body does little effect.

    Can’t wait.

  • gPadWatcher

    The new trailer of ZombiU for the Wii U looks even better and more playable than the trailer from E3 two months ago.

  • Kamon

    This game is looking better and better with each trailer.

  • trainerblk

    The award for being the best zombie game exprince of all time. Goes to resdint ev…lol No really zombiu hands down i can’t wait to get this and suprise my wife by making her play & zombie pop up on the bottom sreen i may not be married after this lol

  • LolWatTurtles

    Just to clarify, this must be footage from the earlier development stages of the game. If you look at recent gameplay of ZombiU you can see the graphics are amazing, a lot better than what is shown in the trailer.

    I also loved that title song when ZombiU popped up on the screen with the dead guy sitting in the chair in the background. Hopefully they’ll consider making that the theme. :3

  • Raul

    One word to describe this game


  • Bacon

    my body is ready… to scream like a little gril with this game 😀

    • Crapcake

      You’re a grill? Quick get some steak!!!!!!

  • Nintendonoob

    I am loving how scary this game is gonna be… Im not getting it though because this game is scary as H*ll and I need my sleep

    • Nintendude

      …Play it early in the day?

  • lick1nob

    Reminds me of resident evil 4, where you could shoot them any where and take them down different ways. Me likey.

  • TurtlePowa

    I think the only flaw in this game is the Multiplayer mode because you just place zombies on the controller, I would had liked an online survival experience with friends collecting loot until we get killed or something.

    On the other hand the game itself looks amazing…Especially the detail of how they’re killed.

  • Draco Breach

    Watching Ubisoft release information on this game has been quite interesting. ZombiU is looking more and more like a title I’ll pick up launch day. It actually feels like you’re trying to survive, and the GamePad really makes the immersion.

    I do agree that the textures seem to be a mixed bag. A lot of the textures look as good as some earlier videos I’ve seen, but some textures do look seventh generation. However, the lighting and particle effects remain strong.

    I really think the OP proves the time and effort Ubisoft put into ZombiU. There’s a definite and dark story drive, and it puts the game into the right setting – survival horror. Coming from a guy who thinks horror is dull, I think I’ll like the action survival elements more than anything.

    I’m still waiting for my spiritual or true successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, but this game may tide me over until then.

  • 7Down

    I don’t get it, I see someone complaining about the graphics, they look just great for me.

    People are seriously stupid in these days, just like some here said, the graphics of the launch titles were never the best possible, you’re asking too much if you think they should already be maxed out to the level where the console isn’t able to run better graphics anymore.

    Trailers are rarely/never in the best possible graphics either.

  • Collected

    It was a good trailer, but hopefully they show something with the player facing psychological horrors too. There was a brief flash of a humanoid ghost/silhouette in the E3 Nursery walk-through and psychological horror could help flesh out gameplay/survival horror experience.

    It could work as a sort of sanity loss where if you control the same player for a long time it becomes more difficult to tell the real threats from the false. I just want more than to zombies to make up the survival horror of the game.

    • Kybalion

      “Eternal Darkness” right Draco??

      • Draco Breach

        The insanity that is Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.

        The single greatest survival horror game of all time.

        I don’t even like the horror genre. It’s too dull and predictable.

        Let your sanity slip in Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, and you’re liable to start screaming or crying in a corner. The “Mwahahahaha!” after every slip in sanity followed by the on screen character’s simpering just made the game.

        Oh yeah. By the way. There’s been an internal error in the console. You’re GameCube memory card memory’s been erased.


  • Lord Carlisle

    Uh, god… it looks like Wii’s graphics. I don’t care about graphics myself, but due to reasons I left in an above comment, I was hoping for more… but some of you say it will look better come launch day.

    I find it ironic that my 11-year-old cousin says Nintendo is too “kiddy”.

    • Collected

      Umm…. it looks better than any Wii game I’ve seen, especially the cinematic cutscene that starts the trailer off. Was that what the Wii could do graphically?

    • Kyron

      Your cousin is brainwashed…

      • Lord Carlisle

        Look, I’m not trying to be negative on Nintendo, let me make that clear. I love them, huge fanboy. But I get sick of my Xbox fanboy relatives, and this isn’t graphically superior to the Xbox360, so I can’t shove it in their faces!

        Ah well. I shouldn’t care. The only problem is, we always… ALWAYS get in an argument about it when we get together. Why? Because I’m the one playing the Wii while they play dual screen Black Ops. They can’t resist commenting on the Wii’s… limitations… sometimes.

        I just can’t stand how they act toward Nintendo. Especially since they call Zelda stupid a lot. In their minds, if it can’t happen in real life, it’s stupid. I hate that unimaginative, limited mindset. This world would be so dull without books and games and movies going beyond what we perceive as possible.

        And they mock me for having Zelda music on my iPod. Or classic music in general. I’ve listened to orchestrated music before in front of them… the reaction was the same as it was to Nintendo games.

        Well… look at Skyward Sword @Collected. Although that game WAS exceptionally beautiful, so perhaps that’s not a great comparison.

        I know I shouldn’t get so angry about it (sorry for the rambling), and I might not care normally… but whenever I try to argue… the only thing they have to say in return is that the Wii has “sucky graphics”. Heck, I showed my cuz’ a Wii U trailer for ZombiU, and he said, quote, “But it doesn’t have Xbox graphics.” I wanted to argue that it did, but looking at it… well, it didn’t compare to what they were playing.

        And that’s when I first started to lose a little faith in the power of the Wii U. Still going to buy it on the first day, though. And I’m still confident that the Wii U will blow the competition away! I just can’t stand that which I mentioned.

        As the saying goes… haters gonna hate.

        • Collected

          @Lord Carlisle
          Your right about Skyward Sword; great game with a top notch art style, haven’t played it in a while thats all. If I acted like a jerk in my previous comment then I am sorry. Just stressed out about other things I guess.

          • Lord Carlisle

            …Well… I didn’t detect any rudeness in your comment.

        • Novum Magus

          The main problem is all most people care about is graphics, which is only a small percent of the joy IMO, and in truth. Don’t get me wrong, the first time I saw a CG scene in Final Fantasy 7 I about creamed myself, so they are somewhat important, just not as important as most people make them out to be. Did you see the opening cut scene? The graphics on that are pretty great if you ask me. The gameplay graphics aren’t terrible either

        • NoPUNintendo

          When the PS3,and Xbox360 first came out. They showed us the first games. They looked EXACTLY Like PS2 and Xbox games. No improvements whatsoever. Now it’s been years since 2005 2006 etc. The graphics are intense now. Look at the Wii U. Xbox360 graphics. It’s not even out yet. So picture this. In a few years, game devs will be able to push the graphics of the system even further. It’ll be totally beast. Now let’s throw away graphics, for now, and focus on what makes games good for once. Gameplay. Zombiu looks fun. I mean really fun. To me, it looks like the second best game this year! (Assassins Creed 3, to me, is in first). I don’t see how anyone could hate Zombiu. The way they chose to have the game is perfect. One zombie bite, and you’re dead. Looking in your inventory? Well zombies can still get you, it’s just like real life. This is the closest we will get to having real zombie action.

  • Anonymous

    Ya know, it’s weird how you all make referances to RE, but not L4D!!!

  • Hmmmmm

    All these Graphics issues? Why? Sure poly models and textures are not next gen, but the lighting A-A, and the fire effects look pretty sweet. A-A is something just not possible in 7th gen systems without making major sacrifices…This is a launch game, where I will start to make my judgment is in 2 years time. If games are still looking 7th gen by then, then we have a problem as far as the hardcore and 3rd parties.

  • kopp3rbug

    L4D and res are two different things…..the main thing that sets them apart is the actual game pacing and the atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong, l4D is one Hell of a multiplayer game, I love it, but its not survival horror, its to fast and frantic to give anybody a sense of fear.

  • Bravyoura

    The more trailers I see the more fun this game looks and although it’s a bit short on content it’s one of those games where no two play throughs are the same. Besides how many games let you kill zombies Shaun Of The Dead style.

    P.S does anyone else think Valves Portals series would be a perfect fit for the wii u using the gamepad, Portals collection for launch:)

  • Inga

    I think the framerate in this game is more of a concern. Ubisoft have a history of rushing games out for launch (red steel) and are always below 60fps. I know this is a much slower paced game but the framerate looks choppy even for just looking around the map. Ubisoft have a habbit of overlooking framerate issues. It’s rare that gamers choose to pay attention to this and instead feel it necessary to comment on graphics. Maybe that’s why software studio’s don’t care for it either.

  • snes snes aaahsnesshooo!!

    Sick of this arguing about graphical power now. As much as i love nintendo i wish they wud just tell us exactly how powerful the graphicsare compared to its rivals. Maybe then all this bickering wud stop!!!

    • ninjabake

      No. Announcing the specs vs. Competition will only create MORE bickering. If it isn’t as good, trolls will bash, fanboys will complain. If its better, fanboys will rejoice and trolls will say they’re lying and start a flame war.

      Announcing the specs wont change anything.

  • Sikora

    not impressed with the ammount of polygons on the character models.
    As i stated before, i’ll get the wiiU once Zelda is available.

  • Moon-Doggie

    why do people care so much about graphics??? I’ve played all these hardcore graphic games, and honestly they aren’t that great I mean they look pretty and all that. but seriously is that what makes them great? i’m sorry i’m just confused as too why graphics matter so much.

  • Novum Magus

    At first I wasn’t too into this game, but this trailer was intense. It feels like it’s more of a “survival” than a “run around and shoot zombies to rack up kills” game, which is awesome. Survival is what it’s all about, I like the idea’s

  • Giggity Giggity Goo

    I don’t care about graphics.I Care about Gameplay

  • Toaster of the apocalypse

    For the people who care a bit too much about graphics, I like to compare call of duty to team fortress 2. They are both first person shooters right? Call of duty has the upper hand in graphics… But it’s boring and tiring as fuck! Cod lacks creativity. But team fortress 2 is fukin amazing! Plus I love the art style!

  • The Beeshnu

    This game is looking better and better everyday

  • WTF

    WTF this a early built LOOK FOR ZOMBI U new built it looks CANDY PAINTED way better when i firsy so the game but when i so the backgrounds lightening and colors it looked FINTASTIC but it was just how they look in the face than 2 months later POW NEW BUILT of zombi U that looked even better than the first time and can’t wait for ZOMBI U 2 that game I CAN TELL WILL GREAT JUST by the first

    • Lord Carlisle

      Your name sums up what I thought after reading your comment.

  • theWii(wants)U(r) Money

    Ubisoft is just so dumb. That game shouldn’t be on the Pii U. It has to be a PS3 Exclusive because the ps3 is much stronger than the Pii U. Now that it looks like a once grat game will come to a kiddie toy it isn’t good anymore. The also should call it ZOMBIEPS3!!!!
    Pii U is soooooo fucking gay and has last gen hardware. Even my iphone will have better hardware and higher resolution graphics.

    • Zero

      “It has to be a PS3 Exclusive because the ps3 is much stronger than the Pii U.”
      –Umm… Right, no source, no evidence
      “Pii U is soooooo fucking gay and has last gen hardware.”
      — No source, no evidence… Oh and PD: A machine can not be gay. Look Homosexual up in a dictionary.

      Last off, you do not have to like the Wii U, or buy it, or be on this page. Your opinion is as valid as everyone else’s, but I believe Zombie U is a great name and a great game, and the Wii U is yet another one of Nintendo’s unique consoles, that will surely have a lot of great games.

      –Good Day.