Jul 13th, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 22nd, 2012, 9:27 pm

ZombiU trailer
Ubisoft just released an extended ZombiU gameplay trailer with a good 3 minutes of gameplay footage. The footage, taking place on a level called “Nursery”, shows the many gameplay aspects of ZombiU, including lock picking and inventory management. The latter is done through the Wii U GamePad, and the game seems to go into small cut-scene-type events when the tablet controller is in use. Visually, the game looks quite impressive, and the shooting and movements are on par with what we’ve come to know from first person shooters. ZombiU is exclusive to the Wii U consoles and will be a launch title. Head on after the break for 3 minutes of zombie slaughter!

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  • Glenn the Great

    OMG, that was f*cking intense!!!

    • LizardLee

      That scared the SHIT out of me! LOL!

      • deathfrombelowii

        dam ME TO FING SCARY DAM!

  • VongolaMafia

    That was just scary awesome

  • Maverick-Hunter

    oh fuck this … way too damn hard lol

  • Raul

    I was iffy on this title at first but now I will be getting it for sure!!!

  • THA

    Nintendo : release the U on 10/30. F*** Christmas, I want this game for Halloween!

  • gPadWatcher

    Best survival/horror title for the Wii U!!!!!!

    • Indoctrination

      how do you get your icon picture up there

      • Joey

        Poster might be a beta tester for the next site, I suppose 🙂

      • gPadWatcher

        Sorry for going off-topic, but there are two things that I use– Paint and ImageShack.

  • Enigmatic

    Holy mother fucking graphics.

    Why must this be an exclusive. WHY? ;(

    • Shankovich

      Are you saying they’re bad or good???

      Yea the textures kinda suck, especially on the walls (the outdoor parts beg to differ though). I see pretty high AA though, great draw distance, the AF is awesome for a console, and of course physics + HDR dynamic lighting. None of the current gen consoles can run all of these at once.

    • a man above all others

      because nintendo knows gaming and CONTROLLERS and ubisoft are building around the controller so put 2 and 2 together

      id prefer it if it was wm plus and pointer mouse and nunchuck the fps the motion and the interaction would be 10 x better yes i get this second screen use etc but i think a better game around the wii remote would have SO ROCKED

      aiming and camera controlling via a second analog is out dated slow robotic and totally lacking precision

      • gPadWatcher

        You should use the Wii U Game Pad instead when playing Zombi U. Adding a second screen on the touchscreen controller adds more complexity and depth to the gameplay experience. No more pausing the game and checking your inventory. Instead, you can check your inventory, radar screen, or go sniper mode during the game. The more you get to know of using the Game Pad, the better your gameplay experience gets.

    • trainerblk

      Holy shit why you om wii u daily & would care?

    • Enigmatic

      The fuck are you all disliking my comment for. I obviously meant that the graphics were good.

      • Draco Breach

        Maybe too few good comments?

        Anyway to answer your question, I believe Ubisoft has already discussed the possibility of bringing ZombiU to other consoles. They’d have to dumb it down and give it an ugly, in-your-face HUD like The Last of Us, and they’d have to scale down the resolution to maintain frame rate. However, it is doable.

        It just wouldn’t be the same game. It would be like comparing Rayman Raving Rabids on the Wii versus 360 where the Wii was more fun and 360 prettier.

        Except Wii U is prettier and more fun, and 360/PS3 just loses out this time.

  • trainerblk

    This game is sweet the only thing sweeter. its only on wii u the so called nintendo is for kids i belive this game say other wise

  • ax-el

    The game looks great, but i need something else in this level, BABY ZOMBIES crawling around, after all it’s a nursery, at the begining of the level in the video a troop or 1 or 2 baby zombies can be very scary and difficult (check the obstacles in the first room, perfect for something small crawls).

    • Skozo

      That’d be more depressing than intense D:

      • josh with the truth

        i think that would be FUCKING AWESOME kinda sad like bioshock and the girls but its a virus that infected every human being so that means kids to just to make it more realistic

  • kard

    Damnit! I cant watch this video on my galaxy s 2!

    • TheBoldman67

      Just go find it on YouTube, one of the many things the WiiU will do when it launches

    • Nana

      I just did woth the sgs2 xD

  • UGotWongGuy

    Even though it is an awesome trailer, and I cannot wait to get this game, why must the flashlight come from an invisible source? Maybe it is just me, but I like when they take the time to put some detail into the little things.

    Some options.
    1.) If they want 2 hands on, then render a tactical light on the gun.
    2.) Make one hand hold a flashlight.
    3.) I would even be happy if he clicked on a headband light.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am really stoked for this game, but like I said before, the little things that can make or break the immersion because you stopped to think where the light was coming from. While I am not asking for the extreme like Doom 3’s flashlight or gun, but not both at the same time, unless you had the duct tape mod), I would at least want to believe the light source.

    Yes, it is a small nitpick, but if you think about it, if that small detail is all you can really find wrong, that means the finished product is gonna be great.

    • Ravyu

      You want think so much when playing the game…

    • NeptunePirate

      I totally agree with you. Although, maybe they will explain that the characters will have a flashlight that sits in a shirt pocket or something, along the lines of the Silent Hill games.

    • TheBoldman67

      The source of the light is from the flash light on the GUN.

      • UGotWongGuy

        @ TheBoldman67

        You are incorrect. There are multiple times you can clearly see there is no tactical light on the handgun. Hence why I listed option 1.

        @ NeptunePirate

        I would go for that explanation.

    • Crusader

      The light actually comes from a flashlight attached to the shirt collar.

      • Crusader

        I forgot to add but if you go to 2:20 and look at his shirt you can see it.

    • epicrean

      Around 1:20 they clearly show the flashlight tucked under his left arm

      • epicrean

        Small screen but second look through its probably some sort of shoulder strap. Either way

        • UGotWongGuy

          Nice find! (Kudos to Crusader as well)

          Now that is what I am talking about. That kind of attention to detail is what I am looking for. Not to mention that it has me thinking of replacing one of my 2 D-Cell monsters in my emergency kit with something similar. (I get Tornadoes by me, and that kind of flashlight could be very useful.)

  • Megaman

    Ubisoft sucks.

    • trainerblk

      1 how dare you speak ill on one of the. 3rd partys & 2 how dare you soil megaman name anything that megaman is like on till you came you must work for capcom

    • Wii Uoops!

      What’s that? U suck? Yes, sir. Yes you do.

  • Gavin Trevena

    Getting a WiiU even if its only for this game! Amazing trailer and exactly what i want from a zombie game.

  • The Beeshnu

    t-that w-w-was sc-scary a-a-as fuck!

    • josh with the truth

      i totally agree with u

  • junker181

    scared me cold chills i want this game ending zombie eats ur face perfect ending to a demo

  • icanseeu

    I’ll stick to Resident Evil 6 thanks….

    • Skozo

      That’s an action game not a survival horror. . .

  • Nintengoth

    Omg that shit me up big time lol please Ubisoft dont port this to other consoles leave it on the WiiU!!!

  • Levi Anthony

    I almost crapped my khackies when that zombie woman woke up after he had shot her 5 times.

  • NeptunePirate

    This game keeps looking more intense and great everytime I see a new video. I was trying to hold off on getting a Wii U right at launch, but I may just have to if I keep seeing stuff on this.

  • fedster

    hey guys i’m saving up enough money to get the wii U, a pro controller and 2 games…. but idk which to choose… i either want pikmin3, project p-100, batman (i never played it), or zombie U…. any suggestions?

    • Draco Breach

      It depends on what genre you like.

      Really, P-100 seems like a spiritual successor to Viewtiful Joe, which is far from a bad thing. I might pick it up myself, but I haven’t decided.

      ZombieU seems like the type of action-survival game I could enjoy, but I find the horror genre dull in general. Still, the immersion…

      Pikmin is always fun, and 3 really benefits from Wii U innovation. I think the GamePad really brought out the game.

      Batman, well, I’m not one to comment on that game. I did not like the control interface from the either Asylum or City previously, so I have to reserve judgement until I actually play this version.

      If I were to pick…P-100 and ZombieU because they are both new IPs.

      It’s just a really hard choice.

  • Gamer

    Word to the wise, at 2 am when you get a sandwich and some milk for a snack turn the light on. I about socked my laptop with milk and lettuce when I clicked on the new Zombie Wii U trailer. Left me shaking for 3 minutes. Ubisoft, polish this version so it does not go the direction of red steel 1. I am sending Ubisoft an email just to help them polish this.

    • Joey

      Thanks! My only complaint with the game’s graphics is the character models. Then again, KFFOS had perfect models, so the ones you see in the videos could just be placeholders until they can perfectly replace the ones from KFFOS and these ones!

  • Alienfish

    I’ll have to prepare a few packs of adult diapers for this. That’s some scary shit!

  • Jerm1234

    This looks so badass!

  • Matt

    HOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIT!! Never jumped that high out of my chair in my life!

  • josh with the truth


  • SanPharaoh


  • Daemonrunner

    Is it just me or does this game look a little more polished since the E3 demo’s?

    Textures look about the same as before (not a bad thing), except the characters hands look a little better than before (which is nice). The lighting looks to be a lot better than before. I also didn’t notice a single jagged edge ANYWHERE in this level. Facial animations are very well-done as well.

    0:13 – 0:22: Those lens flares look like some of the most natural looking lens flares I have ever seen! It gives the impression we are looking at the game through a dusty camera – which suits this particular levels mood. I also noticed dynamic shadows when the flashlight hits objects.

    0:24 – 0:28: When the camera pans to look out the window, the patterned window gives off a very natural distortion of the world outside – very Source Engine-esque.

    0:46 – 0:48: Love how the shadow from the flashlight naturally shifts as he is rounding the corner in the ventilator shaft!

    0:55 – 1:04: I was impressed at the dynamic lighting and shadows that came off the window with the busted blinds. I did notice the shadow itself was a little jagged, but it was a nice touch. Also, if you really pay attention, as he turns the corner, the blind starts to move a little, which also changes the shadow’s position.

    1:10 – 1:15: The zombie reacts to where ever the bullet strikes. His gun must be a super hand cannon to cause the zombies leg to just blow back the way it does. It is a nice use of physics.

    1:24: The depth of field transition when he starts picking the lock is very impressive.

    1:44: I assume there are multiple paths/objectives in area’s, because I seem to remember the character falling through the floor and losing Gamepad signal, not going through a door and losing it.

    The features I described aren’t anything new, but they definitely prove the Wii U isn’t a weak machine. Ubisoft has done an amazing job with the attention to detail that really shapes the overall mood of this game.

    • Kyle

      Its not just you. It is definitely improved. I remember the beginning of this trailer from a previous one from E3 and it looks extremely better. They have been improving upon it.

  • Kyle

    This trailer sold me on this game. Totally getting it!

  • pwait5026

    this isnt very scary…it looks fantastic and i will be buying this but its about the same fright level as L4D2

  • Saucy17

    This is the best survival horror game ever.