Nov 14th, 2012

ZombiU is probably the most anticipated third party Wii U game that’ll be available at launch. We have seen countless trailers and videos of the game, we’ve seen tons of screenshots. Now we got a sweet 5 minute developer walkthrough of the game, explaining many the gameplay mechanics, levels, and characters. The gameplay video also shows the GamePad screen in the lower right half, giving us a good idea of how the two screens work. It looks like that for the most part, the GamePad screen will be used as an overhead map as you make your way through each mission. Check out the full video below.

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  • Armani

    This might be off Topic, but I just found out my bestbuy isnt doing a Midnight Launch on the Wii U 🙁 This is just devestating… I guess my Local Walmart is, since they are open 24/7…

    • MattC

      I just found out yesterday when I finished paying off my Wii U and games, that the GameStop around the corner from my house is not doing a midnight launch, due to lack of pre-orders (I’m one of 12 people)… what the heck.. I don’t know why they gave me my Assassin’s Creed 3, except to make me suffer even more! But those edges.. they’re so round and beautiful!

      • Draco Breach

        I’ve talked to GameStops of all levels of preorders. The Wii U had stronger preorders in all stores than Halo 4 or Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but the some pencil pusher decided not to have a midnight launch. At all. I haven’t found one in my general area – Charlotte/Concord – that’ll open at midnight or at least early Sunday morning. They’re opening at 10am, same as usual, as if nothing in the world is happening.

        It’s disgusting, really. I’m highly disappointed in GameStop in general for this nonsense. I hate that the Walmart crowd is beating me to playing this game. I can put up with Toys’R’Us beating me to it.

        If anybody knows any GameStop locations that are launching the Wii U at midnight – as they should – please tell me, so I can personally call them and thank them for properly handling this major launch. It will also tell me that GameStop Corporation does care about it’s consumer base. After all, corporate has to approve a midnight launch before stores can open for it.

        • Fireheart

          I’m actually kind of glad GameStop isn’t doing a Midnight sale of the Wii U. It gives me time to enjoy my work night at my Walmart without worrying about GameStop acidentally saling my console. I’m not sure if that’s actually has ever happened, but for some reason I was worried about them doing that lol. Plus I have to work at Walmart that night so I wont be able to play it until after 10am anyways. Maybe GameStop was trying to consider the people who have to work that night so they don’t have to worry about their system. Who knows but I’m just glad I pre-ordered my Wii U Deluxe Set before hand and getting it payed off.

          • Smokey cheese

            Just think ,if you worked at GameStop your life would be sweet. No working Saturday night,time to pick up and play your console and you wouldn’t be working for a company that expects its employees to work unsociable hours. Hope you are paid a % pay increase for the unsociable hours worked. Anyway enjoy you new console and console yourself with this disheartening fact. We Brits have to wait an agonising twelve long days longer than you lucky ducks.
            Come 18 th nov Enjoy the Nintendeliscious Delights.

          • darkfox

            u work at walmart but preordered at GS?

          • Draco Breach

            GameStop stores are required to hold games and consoles for preorder customers for a minimum of ’48 hours’ after launch. Most stores that I deal with print off receipts with the customer’s name to affix to the item in question. They may have made that mistake years ago, but they are under very strict guidelines to prevent that now.

            What I find disgusting, and let me reiterate this part, is the blatant disregard for Nintendo fans. There has not been a midnight launch for a single, highly-anticipated Nintendo product in years. Despite high demand and high presales of games – like Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Kirby, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, et cetera. Many games with higher presales than Halo or Call of Duty.

            The Wii U is estimated to have presales at US retailer GameStop of nearly six digits. Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 each had less than a quarter the number of the above estimate.

            Now, I’m truly sorry that you have to work graveyard at Walmart. I know how hard it is to work that late. I had to as a guard from time to time, and that was when I was hired to work weekend dayshift. I specifically asked for Sunday off.

            Regardless, in less than 48 hours, I’ll be waiting outside my local GameStop waiting to bust the door down in anticipation. I told my boss not to contact me because I’ll be comatose. I’ll immediately set up my Nintendo Network ID before taking my time setting the console up right. I’ll search around for demos of games I’m interested in before diving into Nintendo Land. I’ll throw in some ZombiU before I have to go to bed – early for me – to get up for a 12-hour shift Monday.

            I probably won’t be able to touch my Wii U again until Thanksgiving because that’s my next day off before heading into work for another 12-hour shift Friday to greet customers at 6:00am when they try to bust down the doors of the store I work at – not to be related. Don’t even bother asking. I won’t divulge my retail chain.

            GameStop needs to remember that Nintendo customers are a large portion of their base. The average games-per-console last generation was right around eight. The Wii was no exception.

          • Draco Breach

            Correction: I meant 72 hours. For some reason, my internal clock and calculation system is a little off. Must be the anxiety of next week setting in.

      • micky

        im in the uk but the chain that I pre ordered my sons wii u from has said it has sold out of all the wiiu’s that it has been allocated

    • zonda777

      I guess I made the best choice to reserve it there. Since it’s reserved, it’s moved to the reservation counter before the public distribution of the product, which is seperate from the place you’d normally go to buy it. So chances are, I won’t have to wait in more than a 10 person line at most if I go at midight. It’s nice to know that Walmart’s reservation counter is open at all times.
      If there’s anyone who hasn’t reserved their own Wii U in any way, there may be some open spots at the nearest Walmart to you. It all really depends on it’s location. You just need to call and ask.

    • Tobbe

      My local gamestop (in sweden) dont have nightopen when U is coming. I find that pathetic cos they had nightopen when black ops 2 came out. Ffs its a new console coming out. Wtf

  • Erwin

    great stuff !!

    • zonda777

      The death, the spatters, the struggle for life… It’s just all so peacefull. Wait, what? This music is really unfitting.

  • Koalajay2

    Ugh soooo close to it being in my hands. 4 1/2 days… Took a vacation from work to just relax and play 🙂 WOO!!!

  • Sharkz

    This is gonna be a FUN game!

  • whelen

    tis about time the ol res. evil franchise had a little competition……me thinks they have gotten a bit lazy and this looks to give a little electric prod to a franchise that might have gotten one to many headshots……..

    • Axe

      Resident Evil has had competition since the beginning… It’s called Silent Hill. Unfortunately neither franchise is trying anymore.

      • Smokey cheese

        Now would be the perfect time to Resurrect Eternal Darkness. Just a shame that Silicone Knights is going to be sued and bankrupted. I wonder if Nintendo could buy the rights from whom so ever ends up owning them,then farming it out to Retro Studio. Just made myself feel giddy got to go lay down for a bit.

  • hollowtips

    Finally some real news.

  • podge79

    I cant wait

  • marioravesto3d

    Pre-ordered wii u 32gb with zombie u so glad I did that looks amazing.Can not wait not long to go now.

  • The Island Of Misfit Toys

    *stupid phrase about the island*

  • NintendoMan

    All of you Nintendo dorks don’t know what real gaming is

    • The Island Of Misfit Toys

      The island!! Hur durrrr!!

    • TheDavyStar

      All you Sony fanboys have no idea who really invented the Playstation.

      • retlaw


  • NintendoMan :D

    Nintendo is a fail… Sing it with me!! NINTENDO IS A FAIL MINTENDO IS A FAIL!!!! That’s my favorite song.

    • Nko Sekirei

      how about we lay the smackdown on u troll to get u to stfu and gtfo this site

    • Axe

      How come we have to wait for our comments to be moderated if obvious troll comments make it through anyway?

      • revolution5268

        even i don’t get that? what happen to the new rules that wii u daily said like you troll you ban?

  • AnesthesiaGamer

    Off-topic, but did you read the article out about Wii U and data storage?
    I’m very disappointed 🙁

    • Madmagican

      you can buy up to 3 TB of extra storage pretty cheaply though, I shouldn’t really have that much of an impact

      • AnesthesiaGamer

        Yea, but u have to format the drive and it can ONLY hold Nintendo data. No cross-platform use.

        • Raif

          What you can do is partition a certain ammount of data for the wii u. I have partitioned about 250 gigs from my 1tb harddrive.
          Its quite a simple process and there are many guys on the net that teaches you in 3 easy steps:)

          • Smokey cheese

            Yup.did it for the PS3. Put a Fat32 partition on my external hard drive. It’s used for backing up my systems restore in case of meltdown,photos and music. You won’t just be buying the hard drive to use solely for the console there is so much space you can dump almost everything on there.

    • Tobbe

      Lol read some more about Wii U m8 before cry. I give u some hints. Support 3tb ext.hdd. No large hdd internal keep the cost down for us buyers and so on and so on

  • Draco Breach

    3 Days.

    I have the Deluxe Edition, ZombiU, and New Super Mario Bros U preordered and paid off. I just have to decide if there are any other games I’m interested in to buy immediately. I know I’m getting Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I have to play Assassin’s Creed before I buy it. I’m hoping Nintendo finds a way to let me demo everything before I drop good cash on it.

    3 days…

    • ndefalco

      I have deluxe edition, NintendoLand, Zombiu, Assassin’s Creed 3, New Super Mario U, Black Ops 2, and a pro controller. No, I’m not rich, I’ve just been saving for it since E3 2011. 🙂

  • Destructonation

    I don’t think I’m getting this game, just because there have been to many zombie games over the years. They’re all the same.

    • Matt

      nope. all call of duty games are the same. this is the first real zombie game in years.

      • revolution5268

        yup what matt said

  • Nintedward

    ”aaaaaaah , Graphically, I though our game should be a, dirt!”

    • Smokey cheese

      I’m guessing his first language is not English 🙂 the colour palette is subdued and grimy. I do hope there are daylight scenes though. The t.v series The Walking Dead has some pretty scary moments in daylight but I do understand you get a better sense of tension if the game environments limits your ability to see potential face chewing encounters.


    I can’t wait for this game, but I am so much of a competitor that when I die it’s gonna piss me off so much and I will not want to play it for a day or two…


    im getting this and mario on the 18th……….cant wait to invite all my ps3 and 360 friend’s over so they can get all jelly about the way i play my game’s on the fearless.


  • Lewis

    Almost time to switch the lights off and play zombie in the dark

  • JumpMan

    um… off topic, but i just saw an add for Tank! Tank! Tank! that said “available Now!”…. ok?

  • wiiufanatics

    new gamepay. hw come the wii u gamepad joysticks are the ones fung onthe prototype

    • wiiufanatics

      sorry a bout my spelling, my keyboard is a bit dodgy… fung is found by the way

      • jaybro

        ummm bro they are not the same joysticks. the ones on the prototype are circle pad these are click able joysticks

  • xyz478

    Right down in my ally

  • totesawks

    I really hope this game gets good reviews but I do not have high hopes.
    Graphically, it just looks to awkward to see anything.
    However, its a great use of the gaamepad. I just hope its not another Red Steel

    • cynthia

      you did not spell gamepad right lol

  • cynthia

    The zombiu is going to be badass and it is going to be scary to . Zombiu is cool becouse you could play two player .1 play is the surviver the other player set’s the zombie where you want to set the zombie on the gamepad

    let’s see how long you could survive on zombiu ; )

    • XSydburn

      You did not spell “too, because and survivor” right lol

    • Cr1TikaL

      i will survive for a long ass time

  • Klesto92

    this is going to be horrible to play because of that stupid auto-dimming my samsung tv has

  • XSydburn

    Will buy this for sure

  • Michael

    I wonder if the game will have the ability to have “family members” be characters in the game. Like, if I play as John Doe and die, maybe 4 character deaths later I play as Jane Joe, and her descriptor is “Sister to John Doe”. It’d definitely be a neat touch. Anyways, game still looks awesome, definitely hoping it sparks up an interest in hardcore survival games.

  • Michael

    *Jane Doe

  • Smokey cheese

    Wow a mere nine hours to have my posts moderated.
    I have to say to the Nintendoman:D he should be embarrassed. Those insults were barley that. Put some effort into your goading or at least try a modicum of humour. I know we shouldn’t feed the trolls blah blah blah but I feel cheated when it seems I have invested more effort into clicking the see comment bar than the person has into there actual comment.

  • 7Down

    Ugh, I hate when they play the game in these videos, the reason I do is that they actually manage to make it look terribly clumsy by having a bad player.

    Still, getting this at launch and can’t wait to see how it is, hopefully I won’t be disappointed, I just love zombie movies/games so I think I’ll have great time with it.

  • elbossmx

    They added a health bar?? I thought this game was all about “one bite and your dead”. I hope at least that the bar doesn’t automatically fills, it’ll give you more of a horror feeling if you are one touch away from dying and having to look like crazy for health.

    • ProppaT

      You can have one bite and you’re dead and still take damage. If they bite you, you’re dead no matter how much health you have left. If you run out of health, you’re even if you didn’t get bitten. Makes the game a lot more interesting.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    ZombiU looks epic!

  • Mike1986

    Seems that graphics is pretty bad 🙁 I wonders if should I cancel my pre-order, as I found lots of information from developers claiming that it won’t be such powerful to provide 1080p/60fps (clearly you can find lots of gameplays with 23-25fps which is very far from 60…), there are also missing stuff in Black Ops 2 (on the ground there is missing particles of the wall) in graphic what can indicate that they need to cut quality of graphic to achieve higher resolution…

    ZombiU looks awful as well (heads looks like from Quake 1 from ’97)…

    I decided to cancel my pre-order. I will go to Amazon now and I will cancel it.