Aug 24th, 2012

Ubisoft’s ZombiU is looking better each day. The newest video, called “In the Eye of ZombiU” showcases some gameplay and more importantly, ZombiU senior producer Guillaume Brunier gets a chance to explain some of the aspects of the game. We get to shed some light on the game story: it’s set in present day in London, where a virus has contaminated the city, and we find out that ZombiU is a zombie game where realism is the main focus. Another interesting aspect of the game is that when you die, you’ll never play as that character again. Instead, you’ll only see that character as a zombie next time you go through that area with a new character. You job then with the new character is to reclaim your backpack and items, but in order to do so, you have to kill your previous character. Who is now a zombie, of course.

The video mentions that this is “Episode 1”, so it’s likely that we’ll get a full series of ZombiU developer walkthroughs over the next few weeks. Check out the video below.

Be sure to find Wii U Daily on YouTube for more videos!

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  • Garzard

    I think this was on IGN a couple of days ago but other than that, cool.

    • Macarony64

      the 1 you saw was 4 assasins creed 3

      • LolWatTurtles

        No, he’s right. The same ZombiU video was on IGN. I’m not complaining or anything, just correcting you there. :3

        • Macarony64

          darn youtube giving me old videos to watch it make a dumb of miself =(

  • Kyron

    I think the idea of restarting the game again with a different character is pretty nifty. Having to get your things back from your former (now zombie controlled) body is like a twist on the “starting from scratch” thing that happened back in the days. No more checkpoints no more easy pass. If you get infected, you gotta go back to the starting line. Its a consequence for either being so careless or incompetent.

  • Pachter Jr.´s a dick

    I´m gonna go masturbate.

    • Nintendude

      After watching a zombie video? That’s…. odd…

      • AKA-Link77

        I guess he has a sick fettish for Zombies or something. 0-o
        kinda wierd

        • Macarony64

          is called necrophilia and that is sick

  • Alienfish

    I want this game more and more, but the temptation to watch new videos of it online and become spoiled by them is hard to resist. Same goes for GTA V, I’m gonna quit paying attention and wait for a release date.

  • King of Red Lions

    And I thought I was manly enough to play this game…sniff…now I’ll just go to the corner and think of something…besides zombies……

    • ed

      me too

  • Kard

    I could think of no better location for a zombie apocalypse than London.

    • Solboogie

      New York is already full of mindless sheep who could easily become Zombies!

  • Kamon

    No one has said anything about the story of the game yet. I’m really hoping you’re not alone the entire game and that there are other characters. Looks great though!

    • EvanescentHero

      In some videos you can hear a man talking to you, presumably over a headset or radio or something. He gives you directions and objectives.

    • PS360Wii

      The Developers are going to discuss the story of the game in their next ZombiU Developer Walkthrough episode.

  • BananaPwnz

    Will you be able to use the pro controller for this game?

    • EvanescentHero

      Doubtful, considering all the realism and immersion the game brings stems from the GamePad.

    • Castamere

      Yes, but only in multiplayer.

  • Hi8us

    Any new details are always good to hear because I was sold on this game from day one. Picking this up, and Arkham City at launch hopefully.

  • Raul

    This is truly a “Survival Horror” game. This looks genuinely scary and the whole concept is to be able to survive as long as possible.

    Something tells me this will be a great game for the Wii U and a day one buy for me!

  • Nintedward

    this game looks awesome!!!

  • Macarony64

    fact zombies are my nephews favorite zombie and i dont know why his fave games are plant vs zombies and left 4 death and he is just 5 year old

    • Macarony64

      i meant to say favorites monsters but what can it do to fix it now 🙁

    • grant

      fact… zombies…

    • YAK(youraveragekid)


    • NoX

      not that odd my sis in which she is 7 she is amused by zombies like when i would play black ops for zombies. Even before that she hates COD but likes the zombies part.

  • chito120

    awesome can’t wait until it comes out it’s all about strategy baby (-_-)V

  • Maverick-Hunter

    and there goes my good night sleep lol

  • 16der

    I dare anyone to play this game after midnight, totally alone in your house, and if you can go to sleep after that, you have guts.

    • Kamon

      GURL STOP! I’m not even playing this game after 7pm!

    • rafael

      I dare anyone to play this game midnight, in a graveyard, sitting on a corpse that is being eaten by a cannibalist psychopaph :/ Now thats scary.

  • Ekayode7




    • Grodus

      Left your caps lock on?

    • Tw1nsnakes

      I’m sure everyone is getting Zombi U as their first game. I know I am!

  • Solboogie

    I have not read any mention anywhere about level bosses. Yes I realize its supposed to be a realistic Zombie Survival game, but its still a game! Whats a game without an awesome end of level Powerful Mutated Zombie Battle! I hope theirs some sort of Boss fight other then just the 5 diff. zombie types already mentioned for ZombiU.

    Some of the character designs and battles in the Resident Evil series are just plain epic. I hope this game will not be based around a formula of just plain survival.

    Don’t get me wrong this is looking like a property with enormous potential for the WiiU. With the amount of buzz and interest this game is generating and Americas and the worlds fascination with Zombies its sure sell a ton of units. The sequel will not be far behind.

    • venomjamaica

      I think there are bosses in this game. If you remember the pre e3 direct the guy was playing it and got stuck at the boss and was asking everyone to help him and his gramps did? It might be just for acting but it look like there will bosses and special ways to kill them.

  • Ledreppe

    I went off FPS’s years ago, so I wont be playing this, but I can’t help feel a little excited for this game. Afterall, it will help the Wii U given the amount of interest in it.

  • Madmagican

    ZombiU keeps looking better and better, I love the tension when you’re trying to unlock doors and you can see the zombies coming at you and also how they showed the melee weapons being used in motion with the new controller

  • Lusunup

    I have a bad feeling ima need to preorder this game as soon as i can before anyone else does.

  • alexdodoll

    lol he is french, i’m french too and the way he is talking in english is funny.

    ( excuse me for my bad english )


    im looking forward fingers crossed with zombiU but aiming and cam control via second analog stick is so old gen can i go twin stick for a fps im not sure same applys the motion wm+ in a remote makes far more sense ,howz about a dual screen with remote control set up ubisoft?!!

  • John

    Graphics are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!