Feb 8th, 2013

Earlier this week we told you that several Canadian retailers were listing the ZombiU bundle that Europeans have had access to some time now. Nintendo have finally officially announced the bundle for North American release, with a price set at $390. The bundle includes the Deluxe version of the Wii U and all its benefits, along with a copy of ZombiU, a pro controller, and a digital download of the game Nintendo Land. The bundle will be made available for purchase on February 17th.

Since Nintendo have announced that there are no price cuts in line for the Wii U in the forseeable future, this is likely their way of enticing consumers to purchase something they may have been on the fence about previously. I almost wish I had waited for this bundle, as it’s cheaper than my day one purchase of a deluxe Wii U with Zombi U and I didn’t get a pro controller thrown in for free. Ah, but c’est la vie.

What do you think of the bundle? Let us know in the comments.

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  • savisn

    Pretty cool….but for my Ubisoft RAGE ūüôā

  • Fred

    Incredible steal of a deal. I have friends I could probably talk into buying this, but alas I’m too mad at Ubisoft for the bomb they dropped on me yesterday. I don’t want to tell anybody about this.

    • NintendoNoob

      ¬†you can tell me ūüėõ

    • Laud

      It wasn’t available at launch because if it was it would be a slap to Europeans.

      They get everything we get but more expensive, they deserved the bundle first really. 

      Everyone is complaining about how they got the Wii U early and they missed out on this deal or whatever, dude… It’s $390, if you got the Wii U deluxe you can just find Zombi U for like $40 online. =

      • Ahferom Abraham

        Pro controller, bro.

  • Haha looks like the pages are turned for a change, we Europeans get it first then the US will get it later. (Xenoblade Chronicles, Last Story, Pandora’s¬†Tower and now the ZombiU bundle) kinda amusing it has always been the other way around, first¬†US get’s it, and maybe later EU get’s it,¬†now it’s the other way around. I¬†do think it’s a good choice, but kinda¬†sucks for the people who bought the WiiU at¬†launch¬†and bought ZombiU with it.

    Perhaps Ubisoft is trying to apologize for the Rayman thing?? 

    • Fred

      If they want to apologize then give us Rayman. At least let us download it through the eshop

    • bizzy gie

      Do you own a 3DS? Europeans get ALL the demos on the eShop first.

      • Yes, I have a 3ds and maybe we do get¬†all demo’s first honestly I don’t know, I only check the Eshop when there is a game I¬†might want¬†and it’s released¬†all ready¬†in stores, then I check if a demo is available, but only when it’s a game I have doubts on whether of not to buy it, else I’m¬†hardly using the E-shop.¬†But even if we get all demo’s first we still get the actual game weeks sometimes even months later then the US, the only exceptions are Xenoblade Chronicles, Last Story and Pandora’s tower. We got MH tri and Skyward sword 2 weeks to a month after the US release and often even much later.

        For a very rare occasion we get some stuff earlier then the US in my 25+ years in game experience these things are extremily rare, so don’t hate me for having a laugh for a change.¬†Let me¬†give some Snes examples to show my point on how screwed we “often” are in EU¬†Breath of Fire 2, Final Fantasy 4, 5 and 6, Chrono Trigger back in the¬†snes days they even never got released at all in Europe, we had to import them and pay the retail price times 3. (so $49,- for US ,for EU ‚ā¨159) I’m just glad it get’s released at all there, besides for this bundle $390,- feel lucky for that the same bundle costs ‚ā¨399,-/¬£370,- for EU which is about $425,- probably even more. Anyways enough rattling on this subject for me.

        • bizzy gie

          No hate was intended bro.

          • CharmanderRulz

            ¬†I don’t think he replied thinking you where hating and with us getting 3DS demos first, sometimes yes, sometimes no but there are many times we miss demos altogether. In the UK (and most of Europe) people mostly game on PC and as the PC platform prices varies a lot they so stooped MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) to take more cash from us (USA Wii U = about $300 – $350, UK = costs what the shops want) We are now in a recession (high up business people pretending they don’t know why consumers aren’t buying overpriced merchandise)

          • bizzy gie

            “so don’t HATE me for having a laugh for a change”

  • Ubisoft… this doesnt fix it

  • Jonn McNally

    Ubisoft sucks. I want the Monster Hunter bundle.

  • tronic307

    Where is the Rayman Legends bundle?

    • Srpg2ishere

      That would be so awesome!!! ūüėÄ

  • sdmac200600

    omg really people? are you really still mad about rayman legends? they gave a vaild reason as to why it will be multiplat and delayed so why are you guys still complaining about it? it’s not that serious. just be freaking happy it’s still coming for the wii u and shut up.

    • Fred

      They gave us a legit reason for making it multiplat, but that doesn’t bother me. They never gave a good reason for not keeping with their Wii U release date. If they would just release it on wii u this month all would be forgiven (and I’d buy the game on the day they release it)¬†regardless of the multiplatform release.
      As is I won’t be buying it.

      • sdmac200600

        they said they rarely release a title thats gonna be on every console to only one console so that is a legit reason on why they delayed it. why won’t you buy? you can have an extra 60 bucks by september so you can still buy the nintendo titles that will be released.

        • Fred

          Just because they rarely do it doesn’t mean they should never do it.¬†
          Besides if that is their rule why didn’t they delay¬†Assassins¬†Creed III until Nov. 18 when the Wii U launched so that all 3 consoles could get it at the same time? They didn’t because there was no reason to wait.
          Same applies here the game is done and there’s no reason to wait just release it. I’d be perfectly happy if they just released a digital copy in the eShop.

          • sdmac200600

            they knew they were going to release AC3 on wii u which is why it wasn’t delayed. both verions of the game was done when it was released on ps360. they wasn’t considering having rayman legends being a multiplat most likely until just recenty. possibly after the first time they pushed the game back. now they need to have time to actually make a good port of the game for ps360 so you can’t use AC3 as an argument in this.

  • cole bailes

    -_- there making rayman BETTER for the wii u and NOT for the ps3 and 360

  • Bastards, If I knew about this, I wouldn’tve bought my Wii U till this came out.

  • Does anyone knows how the box size and weight is changed? I’ll be in the US this month and probably going to pick this one up, insted of the regular one. I have a 5kg maximum limit to carry it on the plane

  • Darkscarab

    wait wait… they get a digital download for nintendo land? i didnt get this! >;( now im just upset

    • Fred

      I agree I’d gladly trade with anyone that buys this. They can have my Nintendo Land Disc and I want the download code.

  • I wish this bundle would’ve come out before Christmas…

  • gil

    Question for those that already bought the original deluxe package: does Nintendo Land come in its proper casing or in a sleeve like Wii Sports? I’m buying a Wii U this week and I’m choosing between this and the first bundle. If Nintendo Land is in a proper casing, I’ll probably get that then buy ZombiU separately.

    • mappy4ever

      It comes with its own real hard case.
      But if you want nintendoland and zombiu, Just get this instead. Becaue you get Zombi U + Pro Controller for only 30 bucks more.

    • RoboConker

      Nintendoland comes in digital form, but i dont know if it is already pre-install or you have to download it

  • DemonRoach

    So, early adopters are being scammed for about 110$. Nice Scamtendo.

  • DemonRoach

    Early Adopters should be able to buy (Zombie U + Pro-Controller Bundle) for $40 to make up for this scam.