Jul 14th, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 22nd, 2012, 9:27 pm

ZombiU trailer
Ubisoft is at it again with another ZombiU trailer. This time, the level is called Buckingham Palace and we get about two and a half minutes of gut-wrenching zombie-slaying Wii U gameplay. The game looks very gory, something we don’t see often on a Nintendo system. The Buckingham Palace trailer shows off some more gameplay elements, including new weapons such as the crossbow. ZombiU is one of several Ubisoft games that will be available with the Wii U at launch. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Wii U videos and trailers.

Head on after the break for the full ZombiU Buckingham Palace trailer.

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  • Nintendude

    I am definetly getting this along with the Wii U!

    • AwayToHit

      who will not xD

  • Elcaras1

    Dam I want this game even more! Nintendo just shut up and take mu money! Btw firts lol

    • T13char

      Do you have to swear? Is is a website for anyone and everyone. Sure it’s not a game for little kids but a little kid might see that, say it somewhere and then get in trouble. Then it would be your fault.

      • Seriously?

        I didn’t see a single swear in his post. Plus, a kid should NOT be looking at a gorey video like this, and if they do, then they should be expecting to see some fucking swear words in the comments.

      • Christopher

        I’m guessing you never played COD

      • Nintendude

        So it’s bad that a kid sees Elcaras1 swear, but not look at a gorey video of a game that is not meant for a kid’s age?

  • trrainerblk

    A true zombie horror game we dont get these annymore lucky il be playign this game nighttime i can’t wait

  • Ryu

    I want this game so bad lol

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Wait wait the main character whips out a wii u in gameplay now thats just silly.

    • Nintendude

      That’s not going to be in the game. It’s just showing the Wii U gamepad to show you how you will be using some gameplay elements.

  • haisodes

    Wow, the guy playing these demos sucks. lol Always dies.

    • gary

      its a trailer. not a demo.

  • nucima

    Going to be great :).
    Would have been funny if the guards still don’t move, even as zombies. Well or just if the Zombi-Queen is next to them ^^.

    • Chris Ogilvie

      I was thinking actually that it would be a hilarious easter egg if you could find a secret room with the zombified queen inside XD.

  • NameUcan’thate

    looks epic. i pissed myself when i saw the body move because it never did that in other trailers. just goes to show how dynamic the world of zombie london is.

  • sanjay

    Shove a brick in your anus and suck dog balls while working the shaft

  • alex

    this game look so good and i will get this one with the wii u but am sad becuse i was expecting RE6 on wii u that is my favorite game so i will buy a PS3 this christmas with RE6 and on summer 2013 the wii u with zombie u, pikmin 3, nsmb u # 1 reason why dont buy wii u this christmas well there is no game othger than wii u that tell me buy me nowwwww, assasin creed, batman, dark sider, ninja gaiden and COD are in other consoles by the way am not buying COD or NG 3 on ps3 those one will be for my wii u of nintendo reales this with Metroid it will be diferent story for me or with Super Mario galaxy 3 or if i see 3rd partys doing somthing ele that is not in other consoles untill then summer 2013 for me so i can have more games to chose from

  • Captain Falcon

    Absolutely love how the Gamepad is used when the crossbow is in use. ^_^

  • SanPharaoh

    Waiting for the Wii U is getting harder and harder. I’m about to go buy more titles for my Wii. Titles that I’ve passed on for no particular reason, just to hold me over until I can get my hands on this baby.

  • trrainerblk

    I know this is not a part of the topic but let me say i really like this site its one of a few to not have trolls or not many flooding the comments section up with idotic statements. It all how it should be fellow gamers geting a insight on behind the seens & mostly showing knowledged in there statement

  • Wii Uoops!

    “May contain content inappropriate for children?”


  • fedster

    lmao dead island has got nothing against this

  • Case

    This is definitely the first game I am getting when I get the Wii U!!!

  • Paul

    one word and one word only “EPIC”

    day one release for me guys and girls

    some of the infomation about game

    SURVIVORS VS. ZOMBIES – An adversarial multiplayer mode where one player takes over the role of Zombie Master (top-down view) spawns enemies and springs traps with a simple touch on the Wii U new controller; while a second player (first-person view) fights for survival with the Classic Controller!

    MERCY KILLER – When your character gets infected, your online friends are alerted of your death and can come and hunt down your zombified character to loot the gear in your BOB and put you out of your misery!

    • jamin

      the “Mercy Killer” thing gets me thinking… will that mean that London will be a free-roam online world like computer RPG’s? if so… i’m definitely getting this! of course, i already was definitely gonna get this horror masterpiece!

  • NeptunePirate

    I need this game now. I need to stop watching the videos.

  • Chris Ogilvie

    Being a big zombie fan I am fucking pumped for this its a nice little suprise after the disapointement which was dead island.

    We really need more games like this and the dark souls they have this sorta retro feel to them and I like the way the souls games made it so the story was never directly told to you and you sorta had to piece together most of it yourself (im hoping for that as well from this game).

    Speaking of which I have a bit of a theory about where the zombies in this came from. On the zombiu website they seem to mention the great plague of london sorta out of the blue and it would be an interesting way to explain the virus if they did something with that.

  • rodrigo

    A fe things have me concern. If its linear, if the luck of protagonist makes the game vaccum and the story, im waiting for a genuine story base con the survivors and the misterious voice.

  • Gamer

    My fellow poster above I want to answer each and everyone of you guys personally, but I guess I just did. Let’s all like “OPERATION RAINFALL” email Ubisoft and input this first (0) learn from your mistakes from redsteel 1 like Nintendo learnt from overpricing the 3DS at launch. Now (1) polish the game with a great story and a narrative or narrator mode on the Wii U touch pad screen and speakers. (2) Wii U holds 25 gigs disc and more, please Ubisoft add content intensely because Zombi U might be resident evils real rival in the future. (4) make redsteel 3 exclusive to the Wii U with Zombie Wii U redsteel 3 mode. (5) make it only $ 30 and advertise it Halloween week :).

    • josh with the truth

      i agree with everything but the 30 dollor thing it should be 50$ on Halloween and 60$ after that would be alot of sales and release it a week before Halloween IF THE WIIU COMES OUT BEFORE HALLOWEEN

      • Paul

        sorry josh the game will be a release title on the wii u

        • josh with the truth

          i know it is thats y i said that if the wiiu comes out Halloween because its coming to the wii u

  • Daemonrunner

    I really love how the smoke and flames engulf that helicopter. It also looks like all structures cast a shadow when the lightning strikes. Very impressive attention to detail.

    I know I talk a lot about the graphics (see my ZombiU posting about the Nursery), but the game-play already speaks for itself as being awesome. The only thing left to talk about is how this game is coming together visually as a testament to the Wii U’s graphical power.

    Let’s just hope the finished product is just as all-around as amazing as these videos portray the game.

    • Daemonrunner

      Even the mirror on the ambulance casts a reflection!

      It also looks like the lightning light source changes location, changing which shadows appear on the ground – I could be wrong about that since he’s always in a different location when lightning strikes.

  • Daemonrunner

    That crossbow ammo looks like a box for an Nvidia card, not a bunch of bolts. LOL!

  • Nintendofreak

    I knw dis is stupid…..but wat abou people on wheelchair just imagine a zombie on a wheelchair huuuh scary

  • GirlGamer