Jul 8th, 2015

Over the course of the past few weeks, there have been rumors cropping up that Ubisoft will be relaunching its once Wii U exclusive title ZombiU on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We haven’t had anything but rumors about that until now, where a Taiwanese ratings board shows that those rumors were true.

ZombiU had something of a troubled start on the Wii U, despite plenty of reviewers who found the game to scratch the survival horror itch quite well. The game never found its audience on the Wii U and Ubisoft announced ZombiU was unprofitable and that no sequel was planned. Perhaps Ubisoft is attempting to determine if the game was unprofitable because of the low install base, or if the game would sell when made available on a console with a larger install base.

Either way, several changes will have to be made to the game, as it was one of the only titles released for the Wii U that actually had a legitimate use for the GamePad that didn’t feel tacked on.

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