Dec 31st, 2012

Zen Pinball 2

The upcoming launch of Zen Pinball 2 for the Wii U has been delayed until January. Zen Studios made the announcement via Twitter, but failed to include any details for the game’s delay. It should be noted that when the game does finally launch in the eShop, it will be available for free, with the option for players to purchase the tables they want to play most frequently. This model sticks to the same one used for the Xbox LIVE Arcade version of the game.

For those pinball wizards hoping to get their fix soon, you can check out the Android version of the game that was recently released.

[via Twitter]

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  • Laud

    Darn! Not Pinball! This was a Wii U game Nintendo couldn’t afford to delay! I hope the company doesn’t suffer, who am I kidding? This will bring down hardware sales dramatically. 

    • Say what you will about pinball, Zen Pinball 2 actually has a very active community on XBLA.

      • Laud

        I agree with you! That’s why I’m really disappointed that this game is being delayed!

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Your blaming Nintendo for the delay and its already January so we don’t really have to wait much longer/

  • Mr. Nick

    Zen Pinball rules. Looking forward to this.

  • god dammmit

  • it’s getting a little bit ridiculous. i already paid 3 times for zen pinball (ps3, vita, 3ds). the engine rocks, no question, but a wii u version i really do not need in addition. but if there is any human being left on earth who really does not own a copyyet, then by all means: go buy it. it’s worth every cent. every cent the first time i wanted to say 😉