Feb 3rd, 2013

If you’re like us, you just can’t wait for Zelda Wind Waker HD to come out on the Wii U later this year. And while we have to wait another 9 months or so for the game, online retailers Amazon and GameStop have already opened the pre-orders. Both Amazon and GameStop list Zelda The Wind Waker Wii U with a $60 price tag.

Wind waker wii U

Nintendo revealed the game last month to everyone’s surprise, and outside of Pikmin 3, it’s likely the most anticipated Wii U game of 2012. Be sure to check out our Top 5 things we want from Zelda Wind Waker Wii U article. You can also check out the first screenshots of the game as well.

Pre order pages: Amazon / GameStop

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  • Adam Porter

    FFS!!! why, it’s not out until autumn!!!?? makes no sense to hype this soooo much

  • Sergio Díaz

    what’s the point of pre-ordering it so soon….

    Rather spend my $ on something else I can have right now -_-

    • you have  9 month to have the money.
      you dont know if you can buy it in 9h month

  • Goginho

    lol ..it’s funny, of all the games coming out in “2013” (now I don’t quite know of all, and may be a bit ignorant), a remake is the “most anticipated”. Respect :PP ..just goes to show how much ppl value this game, and pretty ironic, since its first-time release back in the day wasn’t welcomed by many (mainly skeptics that got proven wrong) :DDD

    • Adam Porter

      it’s a great game and all but there was no need for a remake, if they had have just released the old version on the virtual console then i think it would have been every bit as well received.

      • Brayden

        I think nintendo just wanted to placate the impatient fans… and I am placated.

        I think it will be awesome – and by releasing it separately they can add things to it that we wouldn’t have seen in a VC release

        • Adam Porter

          well i’m not, i had my original copy of wind waker sold on me when somone mistook what the term “you can have it for the lend” means. bought it again there a few months ago, the graphics still hold up, i actually don’t like the hd look the more i see it, the old version is edgier looks cooler more like a comic, this version looks softer and just less appealing to me personally.
          it worries me a little to think why they did it. maybe it was easier to do a remake than port it over, maybe the wiiU won’t support straight gamecube ports as we all thought it would.

    • I’m one of the sceptics I suppose, I really didn’t like this game when it was released, hated the graphics, so a re-release of this game is nice and all but I’m still the sceptic. The story was and is great seriously but the cellshaded graphics (hate it still) now we get it once more in HD (I admit what i’ve seen of it, it’s a great worthy HD remake, other dev’s can learn from this) but imo not needed, I for one won’t buy it atleast, a release on virtual console would have been sufficient for me aswell

      The ones who loved it and the ones who didn’t play it, here’s your chance to do so now. I won’t be spending €59,99 on it myself though.

  • i want to see a bit more footage before i buy it, i do enjoy zelda games though 🙂

  • FabulousKing

    9 months? Bitch, please! Final Fantasy: Versus XIII.

    It was announced at E3 2006 for PS3.

    If FFVsXIII is not released for the next-gen consoles, Tetsuya Nomura (director) is going to commit suicide… Probably he’ll upgrade/improve/update the graphics of the game.

    • sup3rnoah

      Just go with the new Monolith Soft rpg coming out for wiiu. Looks amazing.

      • Elem187

        Anyone have a date for this?

      • FabulousKing

        That X game, right?
        :T Nah, it looks like a copy of Monster Hunter and I’m tired of copies and recycled stuff, just my opinion.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      That game is never coming out. 

  • Matt Lambourne

    Can’t wait for this.  The best looking Zelda game looking even better.

  • ronaldco91

    *Clicks pen*

  • Forget this! I want Zelda HD!!! Bring on the new Zelda already… Hell, I’d preorder that right now if I could just to secure a copy… :/

    • Adam Porter

      exactly, and imagine if instead of wasting time and resources making this remake, they had put that towards the NEW zelda, maybe we would be expecting it early next year instead of god only knows when.

      • Nintendo made this for two reasons. To experiment with art styles to find out what would work for the next installment, and to be able to get out a Zelda game to hold us over until the next one. They said themselves that this game was worked on by just a very small crew and doesn’t take a massive amount of effort to work on. It’s not going to delay the next Zelda title, it’s just going to give people something to play in the mean time. 

      • They are still working on the new one. Iwata said they’re giving us windwaker HD to hold us off until the new release of zelda.

        • Adam Porter

          i know they are working on the new one but why waste time making this when they could have just ported the old version, and just hurry up with the new one.

    • Watch_Dog

      Technically, this remake of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker will be in HD [High-Definition].
      Though, at the same time, I know what you mean. I can’t wait for the new Zelda. However, Wind Waker HD will do until another great Wii U game and then eventually the new Zelda!

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

     I loved the original on Game Cube, and I’ll buy this one for sure, but why pre-order ? And why now ? If not for a collector or limited edition, you just have to go to the shop on day one, and it’s done …

  • DemonRoach

    $60? wtf.

    • xdlugia

      Gamestop… It is the worst place to buy games…

    • Gary Moscheles

       yea, for a new game on the Wii U? outrageous.

  • skid5jack

    Cannot wait to play this again. I just hope the boat sections are re-jigged and less tedious.

  • Linskarmo

    Did you mean the “most anticipated game of ‘2013’” near the end of the article?
    I will most likely get it, but I don’t think I’ll pre-order it just yet.

  • NintendoNoob

    I don’t know if I want to buy this. I want to see gamepad implementation and gameplay before I try 

  • Hummmm 60 dollars for a updated version of a game i beat when it came on the gamecube….yep i will buy it

  • Didier Gonzalez

    shut up and take my money!!

  • Didier Gonzalez

    anyone know if there is a good rpg game coming to wii u? another than monster hunter-.-

    • AKT4

      The Xeno game.

  • The

    Wii U Daily needs to proof read there stuff before uploading! It says Zleda Wind Waker is one of  “the most anticipated Wii U game of 2012” Do you mean 2013? Second yesterday you called the new Yoshi game Kerbies Yarn. Either you guys are sleep deprived or really dont give a fuck! 

    • Sydney Ultrasyd

       I think sleep deprived, they play the Wii U way too much

    • BazzaLFC

      Coming from someone who can’t even spell Zelda.

  • ZanetheWise

    Wait $60? I sure hope that is the retailers pricing the game above just in case. If the game really launches for that much Nintendo’s crazy. $40 max for this consumer.

    • Elem187

      Then wait until enough people have purchased it, played it and traded it in for a $40 preowned price.

      • ZanetheWise

         Reasonable enough, though I think I’ll wait until it’s $40 new. I want Nintendo to get some money out of the deal after all. Buying used funnels it all to Gamestop. I may even go digital.

  • ZanetheWise

    Monolith Soft showed off a bit of the game currently called X in the last Nintendo Direct. Granted a short video with no hands-on impressions or live gameplay isn’t much to go on, but based on their earlier work and the scope of the world shown in the trailer, I’d shay it’s shaping up to be one heck of an RPG.

  • Johny

    cool… its like expecting a baby… with all that 9 months and such 😛

  • Already a console price drop for the WiiU of $50(Costco). Game prices were also dropped within first month of release, now they are trying to get pre-order sales in. I hate to say it, but these are all signs of a console that isn’t selling well. 

    If they had not included the gamepad, they would have been able to launch with a much more competitive price or a more graphically viable console to support the next wave of games. Lets face it, this is not about innovation anymore, it’s about gimmicks. Wii-motion plus, Wii-speak, Wii-Zapper, Wii-heart sensor…etc. Back before the Gamecube’s launch , Satura responded to many criticism’s about not including DVD support on their console. He said that nintendo does not want to focus on movies and the entertainment industry, they want to focus just on games. Two consoles later, and Nintendo has spent more time talking about MiiTV, TiiVo, Netflix…etc than releasing Nintendo 1st party games. They have lost their way Nintendo and should have aquired more game development studios by now to support their consoles. Miyamoto recently said that they have learnt their lesson regarding online. Nintendo has no 1st party games online. Not Mario, not Nintendoland and not Pikmin. Pikmin has been in development for 7 years and they still did not include online.This is the first console I have not bought within the launch window and to be honest, at this point, I can’t see myself buying it this year either. I’m happy to pay $30 less for 3rd party titles on an xbox than buy a new nintendo console with no exclusives. 

    • YoG99

      What’s the point of posting that on a Nintendo fans site ?  I mean, you could be disappointed by the game choice right now (I’m kinda disappointed too) but I think Nintendo still knows how to do great games and still innovate.  I prefer a game coming late but with a high standard of quality than a rushed game with no mojo in it. 

      • Elem187

        He’s just trolling, he doesn’t own a Wii U.

        • Just because I don’t own a Wii-U doesn’t mean I’m trolling.  I’ve owned every Nintendo system they’ve put out. The N64 game drought was one of the worst, but you can understand that since then I am getting pretty tired of Nintendo repeating history. My comments come out of love for the company. If I didn’t care about Nintendo, I wouldn’t keep an eye on them and wait for them to do something magical again. I loved the Wii and still play it today. 

          But after 2 years of following the Wii-U and now seeing it for myself, I can honestly say that I’m a little dissapointed. I think any fan is entitled to express their views without them being ignorantly categorised into trolling. Just accept that Nintendo have still not showcased the true potential of the machine with a killer flagship title. Nintendoland is great fun, but I’m not spending $450 on a console for it.

          You are just an ignorant fanboy who hates on other peoples opinions. Understand that all game company’s aren’t perfect. It is troubling that Nintendo has been around the longest and they continue to make the same mistakes and the idiot fanboys continue to defend their mistakes. 

          The fact that the gamepad has a microphone inbuilt yet you need to purchase a headset to speak to people is ridiculous. I mean seriously dude, that just says it all. All Nintendo understands is money. So that’s why I refuse to give them mine. 

          • i dont know if you have ever tried wiiu but if not, then you dont know what your talking about if you say gamepad is just a gimmick. it’s a great innovation and gives many new ways to play. for example i can play normally with big tv screen using pro controller if i like and sometimes i play while lying on the bed next room using gamepad. That is a great. feature.

            It’s true that there’s not that many great games at the moment on wiiu but both ps3 and xbox360 had the same situation when they lanched. There are many great exclusive games coming on wiiu in near future like Rayman and Pikmin 3.
            You shouldn’t judge wiiu’s graphical performance at this point when theres only 3 months from launch. If you compare xbox360 launch games to games xbox has today you can see a huge leap. I’m sure after few years we can see whats wiiu is truly capable of. If you liked wii you should have even more reason to like wiiu.

          • Stephanie Weaver

            The WiiU Gamepad is such a great innovation that even Sony is copying the touchscreen idea with their new controllers for the PS4 😉

        • Metal_Man_v2

          What an ignorant thing to say. Are you also trolling?

    • Adam Porter

      it’s kind of hard to get the appeal of the wiiu without actually having it, lack of online is a downer, nintendoland would have been great to go in the plaza and find people to play with, it’s hard to always have atleast 2 players for certain games.
      but as for games, i know we all wish we had a 3d mario game and the new zelda already but they are coming, i’m looking forward to pikmin, i’ve never played one before so i don’t know if it lends itself to online play or not. monster hunter of course will be an online beast, but again like wind waker hd it’s an old game revamped, and the visuals don’t blow me away tbh but i’ll probably get it to tide me over till autumn time.

      • Pikmin will no doubt be a great game and Monster Hunter was a great game also, so having it ported over to the Wii-U would be good too. Deep down I know that whatever Retro is working on will make me want to buy the console. 

        But until then, I can’t justify the premium price. All the killer titles their showing at E3 will be great but wont be available till end of the year or early 2014. So I will hold my judgement till then.

  • Sami Rautio

    50 more could sign this petition? signet it myself this could get the wii U sales up… Naruto game is what we need on Wii u too 🙂  http://www.change.org/petitions/namco-bandai-games-port-remake-naruto-shippuden-ultimate-ninja-storm-3-for-the-wii-u-2

    Also the awesome video of the game <3 Wii U! http://youtu.be/3B014vhZJKQ

  • Alienfish

    This is worth $40 not 60. I’m all for this remake, but I already paid $50 for the first version. My advice: don’t give your money away until you know what you’re paying for.

    • Elem187

      hmm, then maybe YOU aren’t the target. I never played the original, so this price doesn’t bother me.

      The original game cost 45$? so you are getting HD graphics tacked on for an addtional $15?

      • Alienfish

        You do realize that Nintendo won’t have to commit any resources to actual game development since they already have the game made, right? They’re making it pretty, that’s it. The rest is already there. Let’s also not forget that Nintendo is not the one setting the price here, it’s Amazon, so throwing money at your computer screen now is just showing how blind and dumb a consumer you are.

        $40. That IS how much it will cost.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          I doubt it will be $40 day one, new and unopened.  I wish that were the case, and correct me if I’m wrong, but Nintendo has not done any price cuts on games just because they were remakes.  $60 is the standard for new games now and $60 it shall be.

          • Alienfish

            But it isn’t a new game. Pikmin 1 & 2 for Wii were cheaper.

        • Da Juggla

          They already said it was more than just textures. The game engine, if not completely new is going to be improved a lot. Also new physics and it been rumored that previously ommitted content from GC may be included. From the screenshots it looks like polygons increased as well. Its much more than a texture ugrade, that could be done in less time and would cost less. Aside from the story this is a new game and a Zelda game is always worth the retail price. I have had 5 copies of OoT from n64 to 3ds. Didnt pay for all of them but original and 3d at retail and downloaded on Wii.

  • i remember that being on gamecube

  • Even though I will most likely pick this up when it is released and I understand it is a full HD remake and not a HD upscale (I hope) $60 is a little much especially to those that owned the gamecube version.  Maybe $30 – $40 would be more reasonable.

  • YoG99

    I’m trying to per-order it by throwing money to my computer screen … it seems it doesn’t work !

    • DudeMateBro

      Try the DVD drive.

  • Elem187

    Excellent, I haven’t played the original (had all the Nintendo consoles minus Gamecube) So paying $60 for this won’t be a problem for me.

  • Brandon Gardner

    Why is this game $60?! Its a remake! Come on Nintendo… This game better feel like a brand new game 

  • JumpMan

    perfect! my Power Up Rewards card just expired, so i’ll go by Gamestop, renew it and pre-order the crap out of this!

  • Kyle Berger

    I want a HD Mario world remake. Like if u agree.

    • MetroidZero

      Super Mario Sunshine HD = Epic

  • Darkscarab

    I HOPE Nintendo do something nice for wind waker u like a limited edition for a silicon case or what ever for your game pad or a little king of red lions statue and a poster map of the whole ocean of the islands hell why not a wind waker baton prop? what would you think would be a good limited edition thing if they chose it?

  • MetroidZero

    Hmm….HD remake of Majora’s Mask would be even better…

  • johnathan villalona


  • johnathan villalona

    I know this game will be amazing, pre-orderin it. YES!!!!! I cant wait to see how it has improved.

  • SinisterKid

    For a previously released game?  This seems like a steep price.  Unless they’re adding a lot of new content?

  • Another Metroid Prime would be phenomenal!

  • ok freaken wind waker was my childhood this is awesome but i get some people dont like it and i can see their point of view i mean nintendo has to pick it up their kinda falling behind a little bit lol i honestly dont need online crap nintendo makes two things: awesome singleplayer games and weird party games and people trust me you dont want a nintendo online game i own black ops for the wii and that was terrible hahaha im totally psyched for this game!!!!!

  • Takora

    Oh God I wish games were as cheap as that in my country! Seriously you people complaining about it being $60 US have no idea how lucky you are, in NZ (where I live) Nintendo games come out at about $120 NZ which is about $100 US.