Jul 27th, 2013

Wind Waker HD Wii UNintendo is readying Zelda: Wind Waker HD for release on the Wii U, and we’re certain it’ll be a best seller. And according to Amazon, the game might not cost as much as other Wii U games.

Amazon has listed the price of Wind Waker HD for the Wii U at $49.99, which is $10 bucks cheaper than other first party Wii U games. When it comes to game prices, Amazon has a very strong track record of getting it right.

Usually, publishers will price HD remakes below the regular retail price, and it appears that this is exactly what Nintendo is doing.

Not that it will matter too much though — Wii U owners are going to buy Wind Waker HD whether it costs $50 or $60. When it comes to Zelda, and the HD remake of one of the most original Zelda games ever, $10 bucks makes very little difference. Some might even think that $50 is too much for an HD remake. We doubt it. What we’ve seen so far from Wind Waker HD on the Wii U has been impressive.

Last week, it was rumored that Nintendo is readying a Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle as well. Will you be picking up Wind Waker HD for your Wii U? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • If you preorder while its 50 and the price goes up, amazon will still give it to you for 50 via the “Preorder price guarantee” I’m pretty sure

    • wiiudaily

      Yep, and Amazon is rarely wrong on these things, so I expect the final price to be $50.

  • rulqua

    GameStop owes me 10 bucks.

    • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

      They owe the whole world money lol

  • Zelly Jeffers

    I would easily buy it for $60. That’s how much I love this game!

    November can’t come fast enough.

  • Mr. J

    I’ve never played it before so it will be a whole new experience for me. I can’t wait

    • Zelly Jeffers

      You’re in for a real treat. 🙂

      • LoZ4life98

        Ahhh, the advantages of remakes when you haven’t played video games for many years.

    • martin valles

      I’m jealous, if I knew it was going to be released HD so many years later, I would have waited

      • Mr. J

        I would not have been able to wait.

        • martin valles

          Probably me neither

    • Same here

    • Mario

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      • NkoSekirei

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          • Steven_Segal

            Yeah I think so.

      • Yousif Alromaithi

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        • Mario

          You got the lunatic part right. I’m starting to hate this troll.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Off Course. Trolls are stupid in many websites.

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          • Mario

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          • Daniel Gonzalez

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          • Yousif Alromaithi

            You are right about that but some do care and the worst part I hate people disagree even though we reach the end of discussion.

          • Zombie Boy

            Do you ever get tired of being proven wrong?

      • Joey

        what are you talking about, what kind of question is that have to do people that never played Zelda: Wind Breaker, i have never played this one or never had a gamecube, the price is right for me at $50 i am looking forward to it. i played Zelda: Skyward Sword and not finished playing Zelda: Twilight Princess yet. 🙂

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          He is asking who is down votinng not what part of Zelda games also it is not Zelda Wind Breaker it is Wind Waker. Meaning I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

        • DragonSilths

          Wind Breaker? Hmm must be pretty windy in that Zelda game to have to wear a wind breaker…Windwaker you mean lol

      • Guest
      • Jon

        I would assume that “truthteller” guy that trolls. I am sure he has like 30 accounts made so when he get banned, he can instantly go back to his previous trolling state.

  • SonicLucario

    Well it really dosnt make a difference to me, Im just excited to play the game

  • jrob23

    Having only played the original Legend of Zelda, and about an hour of Twilight Princess, this will be the first Zelda game I plan to purchase and play all the way through. Hopefully I get this as part of a Zelda bundle

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    That’s a good move by Nintendo

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

    For what I know, Link’s games are worth twice that. I’ll never beat him.
    In games, I meant.

    • Sonic

      Look out guys,dislike bots.

  • Aamir Islam

    Awesome! Now I can get this AND another Wii U game(probably Lego City) for my birthday in November!

    • Mr. J

      Lego city is awesome the amount of content is amazing. Does anyone know if lego marvel superheroes will be of the same open world style genre?

  • Madmagican

    It’s definitely interesting to see this but it kinda makes sense, I’ve never known Nintendo to put out remakes priced at the same point the originals were (note the metroid prime trilogy or Oot remake for 3DS)

    • Lassassino

      starfox was 39.99 =/

      • Madmagican

        and the original star fox was $60
        this was my point: Nintendo realizes they’re making a remake of the game and thus decides to not price it the same as was originally
        it’s just good marketing

  • Sdudyoy

    Wind waker is a great game but I still have it on the Gamecube and beat it a couple of times, I still want it on the Wii u but not at launch, besides I don’t have a HDTV and I don’t care for graphics so I really don’t care for this remake, but I do want the next Zelda game.

  • John Smith

    $50 in europe is €37 !
    Games here are normally €50-60 so, thats a bargain!

    • Mr. J

      Cheaper = better

      • John Smith

        Better = Best seller.

        • Mr. J

          Cheaper + good game = best seller

          • Steven_Segal

            Cheap + masterpiece= awesomeness!

    • sharlo galmo

      I think that we can buy it for 30 euro in europe!

    • Also looking at Europe having higher prices I think it’ll be €49,99. Then again I did see super Luigi U (hardcopy) priced at €39,99 at Media Market so maybe it indeed will be sold for €39,99, but best to count on standard euro price of €49,99.

      In a few months we’ll see what it’ll cost eventually.

      • Tim van Broekhoven

        It’s strange because Nintendo said the retail copy of NSLU would be € 30,- and here in the Netherlands the retail price was € 45,- so you’ll never know what The Wind Waker will cost…

        • I saw it yesterday at mediamarket Breda priced at 39,99 usually mediamarket is very cheap didn’t check other stores but likely it would be 45 indeed, gotta love Netherlands and Europe with their “special pricing rules” making so many things gaming related overpriced, no matter it’s Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft these silly rules make overpricing more a standard than an exception.

          As for the first post mr. Downvote and assistant been on the move? 4 downvotes on nothing more then a friendly advise to keep the higher price in mind instead of exchange the us price in dollars to the actual price in euros while history has learned us euro price is exactly the same as dollar price ($49,99 would be €49,99 instead of €37,-) I did not set the exchange rates for dollar vs euro or any other valuta’s banks do that. I just give a heads up and friendly advise.
          I guess haters will hate on anything they can hate on huh.

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            Yeah I know you can get it cheaper, I found this site called budgetgaming.nl where they compare a lot of webshop prices. (you should check it out)
            Since I discovered that website I never buy games in normal stores with their crazy prices lol.

    • Grulnork

      euro = dollar in gamesales

  • Arthur Jarret

    Usually, HD remakes are part of a collection, so you’ll get 2 or 3 titles for less than another title.

    Just saying… it’s zelda, so I’ll get it anyway (despite still owning the awesome original and having 100%`d it thrice)

  • starwars360

    Just cannot wait for this. Nintendo can alway take my money when their great first party game releases. 🙂

  • Re4wii2008

    Awesome! ever since this was announced I wanted this so bad and now that it might be only 50 dollars makes me more excited! I really wanted Pikmin 3 but don’t have the money for it!

  • Jack5221

    I still have my Gamecube with all its awesome games. For some reason, I never got Windwaker on it. Looking forward to playing it in HD for the very 1st time on m Wii U 🙂

    • Adam Porter

      i envy you, WW is probably my favorite game

  • Merrfn

    Glad to see a bit of a price drop. I have never played Wind Waker, So I will have a blast trying out this “brand new” Zelda game!

    I am getting ready for a brand new, immersive experience where everything is exciting fresh, and adventures are around every corner. Hopefully for the Gamecube users this game will be new and exciting for them too. I personally cannot wait for this.

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      Hope the price drops at 50 on Eshop. If not Amazon.

      • Elem187

        Not sure what ragion you are in, but in North America the eshop price has been identical to retail thus far at launch.

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          I live USA so is my Wii U .

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      It’s a new Zelda gamefor me too 🙂 I’m already saving up some money for it because I want to be sure to pick it up as quick as possible. I hope there will be a cool pre order bonus as well 😀

  • Titan4.0

    If nintendo came out with a clear wii u like the N64 and the old gameboys, even though I already own a console, I’d buy one in a heartbeat ;^) believe it (naruto voice)

  • Luffy

    fair price. I was expecting full price so that is only good news for me!

  • Steven_Segal

    I can’t wait, this will be my second Zelda (started playing Ocarina 3 days ago)!

    Edit: Um… 4 dislikes/downvotes on almost every comment in this article… Seems like trolls/haters came earlier.

    • Destructonator101

      Ok… but u played original OoT or remake?

      • Steven_Segal

        I’m currently playing the original for the Wii Virtual Console.

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          Good choice. The original is probably the best and I like it more than 3DS version. I finished the original first back on 2003 at Game Cube. Because I could not finish the Nintendo 64 version since I was 10 years old. Majora Mask at Wii Virtual Console on 2008. I really would recommend to play the entire series including the spin offs. Zelda always deliver but it sucks to find most of the copies even at new since it is overpriced at ebay and amazon. Zelda is a rare game. Ironic that Ocarina was the second game I ever finished and Wind Waker was first. You and me share the opposites.

          • ItzameyaToad

            So is Majoras Mask worth the money to get on Wii Virtual Console? I ask because I never got to play it(was little) and only got to play Ocarina of Time(haven’t beat it yet, playing it again on my 3DS. Played it on N64 when I was a kid). I have heard alot of great things about MM but aren’t sure if I should get it now on VC or wait to see if they release a 3DS version.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            I mean have you played twilight if you did you will like Majora. This game has some sort of awkward difficulty not like twilight but kind of a different Zelda. The game plays differently. I mean it has a time line of about three days but you can reset it many times you want but still you got to be careful. This game is confusing and I got lost many times that’s why It took me months to finish.

          • Adam Porter

            i’d say you should wait and see, a few more years and there could likely be a HD remake. it’s the remake most fans want. i’m waiting it out, i’ve played a bit of it and the game seems so interesting i decided it was worth waiting for an updated version to have that first play through experience in HD.

          • Steven_Segal

            By spinoffs you mean Ocarina Master Quest on Gamecube?

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            The DS and GBA also Game Cube.

          • Steven_Segal

            Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass! I’ve played a bit of PH and is pretty good.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Hard but good. They were awesome and I can’t wait for Zelda 3DS on November so four months and It will be mine. Old school rules.

          • Steven_Segal

            Yup! I need to pickup a 3DS soon

  • Luffy

    everything wont go as plan! You will have more then 2 downvotes!!

  • Jason W

    Is there an ETA?

  • Smartass2

    Getting it from the e-shop.

  • I_I

    Zelda and Mario games should be at least 99USD but thanks for Nintendo they give it to us almost for free compared to the other 59USD rubbish on other consoles

  • Sonic


    • MrDownvote

      IT BURNS!

  • Smartass2

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    • Lord Carlisle

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  • Jared Garcia

    I pre-ordered it a few weeks ago. Since I could never get around to finishing it for the GC, I figured now was a better time since its not a pixelated full screen experience.

  • Destructonator101

    Even better!

  • Best Buy has had it at $59.99 since NIntendo announced it. I was hoping for a $29.99 price tag for a remake but I guess we will see once it get’s closer to release time.

  • John Smith

    Do you even have to pre-order it ?
    Could you not wait and buy it in-store ?

  • NkoSekirei

    ok wat the hell with all the downvotes im seeing is this some practical joke or some dam trolling

    • I am thinking some trolling going on.. Lord knows we have a good handful of trolls on this site.

    • MrDownvote

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    • Baum 「ツリー」

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    • gayguy

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      • bizzy gie

        My “homophobia”?

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        • Mochlum

          He’s talking about the use of “gay” as an insult. (inb4 flame war)

  • Gecko Altair

    Yes! That means that I will have $10 more to put towards Arkham origins. The only problem is that my Pikmin 3 preorder just emptied out my wallet. 🙁 Time to go to work again.

  • ItzameyaToad

    I am glad it is going to be a lower price(if in fact it is) because it means I can put $10 towards another big Nintendo title or towards a game like Splinter Cell.

  • Truthteller

    $50 is much too much. No more than $30 is right. If they did not lengthen the game and it the same game only in HD, than no more than $30 is good. John, you do not have to bow down to pressure. If you are trying to be a journalist, you are supposed to support the facts and remain objective, not to be subjective with your writing. You do not have to slant it to please anyone. Give them the raw facts and they can take it or leave it.

    • ItzameyaToad

      First off this is speculation on the price, 2 we don’t know how much work has been put in to this re-release of the game. Nintendo is one of the best companies when pricing re-releases of games and im sure multiple thing’s go in to deciding the price of re-releases that the public doesn’t know about.

      You are always saying how he needs to be a journalist and” not be subjective with your writing” when he is agreeing with alot of people, but if he disagrees with people you still have a problem with people saying something. He obviously agrees with people and this article shows he agrees, I saw no part of this that would make me go “oh he is being subjective with his writing”.

      • oontz

        “Nintendo is one of the best companies when pricing re-releases of games”

        Um no. Sorry but almost 10 dollars for SNES games on the VC is way too much. Especially when the cartridge is sitting in a box in my closet.

        • ItzameyaToad

          Im talking about Nintendo as a whole is good at pricing re-releases.And really when you look at EarthBound(the game you are refferring to) the price is justifyable. How so? Not sure if you knew this but for $10 you get a as Nintendo put’s it “a premium game” AND a digital guide for the Wii U second screen that cost money back when it originally launched on the SNES, combine the fact of offscreen play and you have a game well worth the $10 price tag. To some people like yourself who already own EarthBound it may seem to be a steep price but alot of us never got to play the game (was only 2 or 3 when it was released) so paying $10 for a game vs paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get a working SNES then get a expensive copy of EB.

          In short EB is a premium game so it deserves a premium price(only $2 more than most virtual console games).

          • oontz

            I wasn’t referring to any particular game. I was referring to ALL SNES games on the VC. I think as a whole the Nintendo VC prices are too expensive considering the competition and the services/prices they offer. I think NES games should be $1.99 and SNES games at most should be $4.99. Also you should take into account when using these services that you don’t even OWN the games. You are only paying for the use of those games. So the fees should be much less.

          • InsaneZucchini

            What are you talking about? You own the game. Once you have downloaded it, if you never connect online again that’s it. It’s yours forever, just don’t let your system break. It’s hardly any different than if you break your CD or cartridge. If you need to get the game more than once, that’s your fault.

            This isn’t the same as Xbox One’s initial DRM plans where you were essentially paying to rent them. Having to be online to get to play, and if you can’t connect after a period that’s it you can’t play them.

          • oontz

            Maybe you want to go read through the end user agreement/privacy policy you agreed to before downloading your VC games.

            By definition, the term “ownership” means; possession with the right to transfer possession to others.

            You don’t actually own the VC games.

            Ask yourself this… can you re-sell a VC game? Can you lend a VC game to your friends? Can you even transfer a VC game to another wiiu? No, No, and No.

            You don’t actually OWN the game. You have only paid Nintendo a fee for the right to play the game, under THEIR terms.

          • InsaneZucchini

            Here’s the thing. You own the game. However it is locked onto YOUR system. Asking if you can lend the game to a friend is the same as asking if you can lend your Wii U to a friend. The answer for both is yes. You can sell your games, but only as your are selling the system with it. It’s a package deal. Do you own your Wii u? If the answer is yes, then you own the games on it as well. You have only paid for the rights alone if they have the power to take it away from you. While not entirely impossible for them to do so, for all intents and purposes the answer to that is no, they can’t just take the game back from you.

            You have paid for the game once, therefore they are only obligated to give you one copy. You have complete ownership of that one copy, but you also acknowledge with your purchase that it is on that system alone. It is as transferable as the system is. You are disinclined to give it to anyone else, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. If you buy a Wii U, load it with thirty games, and then sell that Wii U those games don’t suddenly disappear from the system, you are entitled to sell it as a bundle set.

          • oontz

            Again… By definition, the term “ownership” means; possession with the right to transfer possession to others.

            You never have ownership of individual E-shop purchases, EVER! Trying to suggest otherwise is laughable.

            Trying to explain it away by being linked to the console you DO own doesn’t change the fact that you don’t truly OWN that digital download and never will.

            That’s like buying a car and then wanting to sell the original stereo system but the car company doesn’t allow you to, even though you own it. They tell you you can only sell the stereo IF you sell it ALONG with the entire car. Would you still consider you had OWNERSHIP of that stereo?

            BOTTOM LINE…
            If you OWN something it’s your right to transfer that possession to others. You… the OWNER, dictates who can have possession of the item, not the manufacturer. There is no reason people cannot resell their digital downloads or transfer ownership to other people. Many other companies allow customers to transfer ownership of digital software. Nintendo doesn’t.

          • InsaneZucchini

            Tried to reply before but it never went through. Anyway.

            Your analogy would work if the stereo wasn’t a physical removable stand alone object, but it is, so it doesn’t quite work.

            You own the game. You are the only one with the rights to ever transfer the game, Nintendo can’t just take the game away from you.

            If you filled a bottle of water and wanted to sell the water, you’d be typically and expectedly sell the bottle with it. Because water needs a storage unit to be effectively transferable.

            When you buy a physical game, you get one copy, same as when you download it. It however is stored on the disc. If you were to sell the game, you would be selling the disc with it, not just the data. Selling the game stored on the disc is just more convenient for you. No matter which one you choose to sell you have to give up it’s storage unit in the process. It just happens that the Wii U has value outside of a single game’s storage unit and you are disinclined to part with it. You can sell it to whoever you want, period. You just don’t want to.

          • oontz

            “If you filled a bottle of water and wanted to sell the water, you’d be typically and expectedly sell the bottle with it. Because water needs a storage unit to be effectively transferable.”

            Not if the person you’re selling the water (VC game) too also has a bottle/container (wiiu).

            Again regardless of what argument you try to make ownership only means one thing and it doesn’t apply to the downloading and use of a VC game, since the end user cannot dictate the possession of said game. There is no reason for Nintendo to not allow total ownership of downloadable games.

        • Steven_Segal

          Well if $2 extra is way too much then don’t buy it! It’s that simple!

  • Will.F. Martinez

    Either way i’ll be getting it, but a price drop is always good

  • Johny

    CANT WAIT. i played it on wii. i didnt get far, and then my optical unit on wii died 🙁
    so i never had a chance to finish.. i was really down… and when N announced a remake for wii u, it was like a gift from god 🙂

  • Johny

    i hope it’ll get lower price in europe too -.- not that bullshit when they just put aside the conversions… 50$ is like… 37€.. which is a big difference

    • ElladanCZ

      Aye but those people tend to follow some crazy equation dollar=euro so I wouldnt be surprised if I was forced to buy WW for 50 euros.

  • bd-lt-dnkr

    Never played the original. Played TP and SS recently (my first 3d zelda games), and have been disappointed with both. Too linear for a Zelda game, IMO.

    For someone that’s played the original WW, does it have the same type of ‘linearity’ as SS and WW?

    • Joey

      Twightlight Princess & Skyward Sword were not too linear Zelda games then its not your type of games i played both and and 2 3DS Zelda games are great games then why are you here.

      • bd-lt-dnkr

        Any adults want to answer my question, and not some butt hurt child with bad grammar?

        • Jray

          wind waker feels alot more open and expansive than tp and ss, there are loads of unnecessary, but cool to check out islands, of course there are “go here” segments, but shortly into the game when you get the windwaker, you can pretty much go anywhere. Granted you won’t be able to do much without the right items and junk, but you can still explore. And in this game you don’t even get a world map, you have to go to each area and get the map filled in yourself ( you don’t have to and its a little tedious, but its cool to chart your own map, or have the choice to not chart your map at all.) Anyway, I’ve played WW multiple times and i can say it does feel more open and less linear than TP and SS,There is some linearity, but also nonlinear gameplay, with one of the main quests letting you complete it in which ever order you’d like.

          • bd-lt-dnkr


          • bd-lt-dnkr


    • oontz

      WW is similar to SS in the sense that you have a boat instead of a bird and the islands are in the ocean instead of floating in the sky. The story of zelda is a linear story driven game. There is a bit of exploration but it is usually point A to point B.

  • Guest

    Finished the game few times and I’m still going buy this version for $50. I think for a remake the price should be $40 tops. However, I will swallow my pride and buy it for $50.

    • Destructonator101

      why would you post this?

      • Mike A

        Sorry I meant the picture to be my profile pic. Didn’t realize it gotten posted like this and now I can’t delete the FN thing.

  • Mike A

    Finished game few times and I’m still buying this version for $50. I think it should be $40 tops for a remake but I will swallow my pride and buy it.

  • funkzillabot

    Look. Nintendo and I both know, that I will buy it no matter what price they charge. Because it’s Zelda. So there really is no point in bringing up the price.

  • David Noble

    By the way, “$10 bucks” is redundant.

  • Marvel

    $10 dollars definitely makes a difference. Now I only owe $1.90 on the preorder as opposed to $12.73.

  • WellWisher

    I’ll be buying it. It never looked the way I thought it should on the Gamecube, so I never got it. Now it looks perfect. Day 1 for me.

  • Steven_Segal
  • blaster man

    Game is super childish with really dumb hiding in barrels. Typical Nintendo kiddie games. That said, the original was beautiful and fun but I wouldn’t pay $50 for a game I beat long ago. 40 is more typical for an HD remake.

    • Michael Jurado

      what separates a man from a boy are the size of his shoes and the price of their toys enough said

      • blaster man

        A fool and his money are soon parted.

  • Maxid765

    I heard phantom Ganon is a b*tch in this game is that true? I thought he was the first time I played Oot

  • Bomberman

    Am I the only one who thinks this should be cheaper?

    • Maxid765

      you’re not the only one

  • Ice Climbers

    Sweet. I just hope Sonic Lost World isn’t $60.

    • bakedapplepie

      Sonic Lost World is also listed just under 50 dollars on Amazon.

      • Ice Climbers

        That’s good to know! 😀

  • Grulnork

    Still to expensive

  • Mark

    I don’t care what the price is, I want the game!

    • Michael Jurado

      right on brother

  • Diogo Zacharias

    The game don’t deserve to be treated like a WII U game, because it’s a game from other generation of Nintendo. So the price shouldn’t be as a lauch title of a game directed for the WII U’s generation.

    • Michael Jurado

      that’s the price of HD graphics son

      • oontz

        Why is it that no other HD remakes are this expensive then?

        Metal Gear solid HD pack, 3 games = $29.99usd. That’s for 3 games!

        HD packs range in price from $19.99 to $39.99 and usually contain 2 or more games, Some… such as God of War Saga HD contain 5 games.

        Now if this was an HD pack with more than one Zelda game maybe it’d be worth $49.99 but for just one game, re-released with HD graphics. It should be $29.99 at most.

        • Michael Jurado

          because those are games that are scaled too hd go do some research wind waker has a lot more to offer aside from hd graphics

          • oontz

            I’ve done a ton of research and none of it justifies the high price tag. If it does release at $49.99, it’s nothing more than a cash grab by Nintendo. Nintendo knows Zelda fans are hungry for more. They know we’ll pay $49.99.

        • Elem187

          Those are not REMAKES. Those are UPSCALED PORTS.

      • Diogo Zacharias

        So you can say this to indie developer that are porting their games HD to the system to sell them at that price.

        • Michael Jurado

          well yeah I personally was happy with 8bit and 16bit but the world wants HD graphics so all I got to say is fuck everyone who is bitching saying this is too pricey it’s your own damn fault for praising the shit out of hd all of you can go suck it lol

  • Ricky__Spanish

    50 bucks is too high. Should be 30 tops

    • Elem187

      maybe if it was just a port uprezzed to 1080p I would agree with you, but not with all the new asset work that has gone into it…. Companies need to recoup investments made, 30$ would be perfect for a quick and dirty port liek what Sony does with their HD rereleases.

      I have noticed gamers really have ZERO sense of business, its almost mind boggling how little they understand about economics and business. If you don’t want to pay $50, then don’t. The rest of us believe a full remake of all the art and assets is worth more than $50….. You really should look at screenshots and compare if you think this is no better than an upscaled game. That or get your eyes checked.

  • William Cole

    Well how much will FFXHD be? Quit complaining guys. Wind Waker is right up there with Ocarina and TP. I will gladly pay for it.

    • Bordonec

      Let me remind you that FFXHD also comes with the remade FFX-2 (but not on Vita). Actually 2 games.

    • oontz

      $39.99usd for TWO games.

      • Elem187

        its not an uprezzed port like what Sony and Microsoft call a remake.
        When a company re-works all the art and assets, you don’t think they should be compensated? This isn’t some quick and dirty port done in 1080p like what Sony calls a remake.

    • Michael Jurado

      I’m also getting it, it’s my favorite zelda game in HD and it’s not like they are just scaling the game to hd a lot of work was put into it need I mention ffxhd and ffx-2 aren’t nearly as fullying as wind waker

      • oontz

        First… that’s just your opinion and not fact.
        Second… what does “fullying” mean?

        • William Cole

          I KNOW THAT! You guys just can’t stand for people to have an opinion. It is really sad! Where are the days when a guy could have a comment and not get bashed because it doesn’t fit their ideas? I don’t go around looking at everybody’s comment just to instigate.

          • oontz

            You asked “Well how much will FFXHD be?”

            I answered $39.99usd for TWO games.

    • 1) Wind Waker is 11 years old. 11 years. It still being $50 would be outrageous. Most developers who worked on it won’t even see a dime from it.

      2) Sentimental value =! economical value. Just because you’ll gladly pay for it, doesn’t mean that someone else is wrong for having a valid reason for why they disagree with this rumored price.

      3) Since the game is truly a classic, wouldn’t you think that’s be all the more reason to price the game low than near-full-retail price? To attract even more people who’ve yet to buy a Wii U who haven’t played the game but have been skeptical about paying $400 for a Wii U and a game?

      4) You shouldn’t compare Final Fantasy X HD to WInd Waker HD. Final Fantasy X HD costs $39.99…the price of pretty much every other HD remake collection out there. It’s even older than Wind Waker, and is coming to the PS Vita (a system that’s hurting for game perhaps even more than the Wii U at the moment), and yet, they’ve kept the game at the typical cost of HD remakes.

      5) As if Nintendo wasn’t already hurting from the current drought of games, overpricing Wind Waker HD is just not what Wii U needs right now.

      A moderately-priced Wind Waker HD would better help the Wii U, which is already going to suffer tremendously this holidays from most shoppers choosing the PS4 at $399 rather than a Wii U at $349.

      Since Wii U isn’t going to see a price cut this holidays (it seems), you’d better make sure your games are fittingly priced, to better caught shoppers’ attention.

      To overprice this game would prove to be one of the several questionable decision Nintendo’s made with promoting the Wii U thus far. And it’ll only make Nintendo look even more behind the times. If others make HD remakes about $40 at most, so should Nintendo.

      6) Comparing Wind Waker to Ocarina and TP does absolutely nothing to refute some of the fairer arguments here that $50 would be overpricing this remake.

      Heck, since you brought it up, just take Ocarina of Time 3DS, for instance. It was a complete remake and features a complete 3D enhancement. New development deserved the new-game price. That better merited a fuller retail price.

      But merely adding bloom lighting, a few minor touches (like speeding up sailing and whatnot), a simple upscaling operation, and not even applying a simple normal mapping…that doesn’t at all merit an asking price higher than most HD remakes.

      While I won’t be quick to judge your decision here, I will say that sentiment rarely stands up well to reason, so expecting others to share your sentiment while criticizing someone expressing a thought from reason rather than sentiment doesn’t mean their “complaining” isn’t justified.

      Some people have invested in Wii U based on a promise. So far, Nintendo’s falling behind to deliver on that promise. Making the Wind Waker HD remake a more reasonable price would’ve been a start. If anything, it’s the current Wii U owners who deserve the game to be closer priced to $30, since they’re not going to get any Wii U early-adopter ambassador program of any sort, it seems.

      • William Cole

        You guys take this stuff too seriously. It is sad really.

  • The_fuzz_buzz

    It supposed has a hard mode to, according to Amazon.com.

  • Michael Jurado

    I would pay 10$ for a nintendo/super nintendo game not in HD, I have no problem paying 50 for an HD remake of my favorite zelda game. case closed

    • oontz

      Then you’re the problem.

  • companyoflosers

    dont care how good any game is, any remake, hd or not shouldnt be priced like a newer game. wind waker hd should be somewhere around 30 bucks. we are after all only paying for the same experience with a few tweaks and a graphics upgrade. half the development process is already finished.

    • Elem187

      Yeah because Nintendo shouldn’t try to recoup the development costs of a doing a full remake…

      If it was just an uprezzed port like what Sony does in their HD rereleases, I could see your point.. But when a year worth of new asset work has been done, I would expect any company would want to recoup their costs…. Its like $50 is the end of the world… Its not Nintendo’s fault you make minimum wage.

      • companyoflosers

        the thing is, it isnt a full remake. they didnt have to remake the game engine itself or any of the actual game mechanics. the inner workings of the game itself were already there and paid for by the profits made in the original release. all it basically is, is a re-skin of the original game with better shading and hd resolution textures and a FEW add ons. they already said they arent bringing in new dungeons or big areas, just small tweaks to the existing game like adding a faster sail to the boat. no big effort on their part. half the work is already done yet they are charging full price. im not saying i wont get it eventually regardless, im just saying that because they are charging full price for half the work, ill be delaying my purchase until quite a while later. i still have the original game. if i feel nostalgia calling ill just play that until i do get it. until then, no real big need. i WILL however be getting the new wii u zelda on day one which is why they should have announced it back at E3 like everyone expected them to do.

      • oontz

        All nintendo is doing is making it LOOK better in HD. Maybe they’ll use better textures, or better lighting effects. But the BASE GAME is the same as it was 11 years ago. Same story elements/design, character design, level design, game items, gameplay, music scores, language localizations.. Everything!

  • Baum 「ツリー」

    Pikmin 3 might be 50$, too since it costs 50€ ^^

    *But I really think I will never understand people (in the US)…seriously: you’re bitching about 2$, because the other SNES games also cost 7,99, but now 10$ “make a little difference” to fans?

    • Stoenk

      50 € is about 66 $

    • XiC

      It’s about setting a precedent. If Nintendo notices that if they can raise the price and just as many people buy the games, they’ll likely do the price raise for more games in the future.

      It’d be shortsighted to just see it as $2.

      • Michael Jurado

        that’s funny because when microsoft and sony introduced hd graphics nobody gave 2 shits about games jumping to 60$ yet you want to complain about 2$ man stfu lol

        • Are you seriously going to compare the price raise of HD games back when HD console gaming was new to paying $50 for an 11-year-old game with minimal enhancements? Are you fucking kidding me? ಠ_ಠ

          Nintendo didn’t even apply simple normal mapping to the game. They merely turned on a bloom effect filter, added a few extra features, and called it a day. It’s a great game and all (a classic), but let’s not exaggerate the value of this remake.

          It’s not like the Ocarina of Time 3DS, which was a ground-up remake. And it’s simply not the time to be overpricing Wii U games. Esp. since most other remakes usually about about $40.

          By the way, haven’t you ever heard that sometimes, it’s a matter of principle for not doing something? Sometimes it’s not about the price itself that’s so much the biggest issue, but simply rather just a matter of not playing puppet to a bad decision.

          I love Nintendo to death, but sometimes, they can make a decision that makes me question their judgment. If this pricing rumor is true, then this is one time Nintendo’s lapsing in judgment.

          The Wind Waker HD remake was supposed to tie us over until the new Zelda Wii U game comes around. There’s no sense charging people near-full price for a remake with minimal enhancements. The Wii U needs as much value on its side as possible right now.

          The higher price for such Wii U games reflect so much more than their mere price tag, it isn’t even funny.

        • XiC

          Production in HD is a huge jump forward in both human and financial resource requirements. Just ask Nintendo.

          The $10 increase in price was more than justified for Sony and Microsoft however a $2 jump on a simply re-released game is not justified.

          I’m not complaining, I’m just pointing out why fans have issues with the price hike.

          • Guest

            Reason. Boy, it’s nice to see some of that here.

        • oontz

          You sound like a douche bag. Yep… very douchey!

  • oontz

    Considering the average prices of HD re-releases of games are between $19.99 and $39.99 and usually include 2 or more games on a single disc…

    Then yes, Nintendo users should feel upset that this HD remake of ONE game is going to cost $49.99.

    • You have said nothing insensible here. Too bad some other people aren’t good at being honest with themselves, even about things they love. I say, if you love Nintendo, you’ll be dead-honest about them, and give them no excuse because you know they’re capable of much better. But you know kids today–they’re too sentimental.

      To be honest, not only do I think $50 is not keeping in the range of most other HD remakes, as often done by Sony, but (if this rumor is true, that is) I’d say that it’s showing that Nintendo isn’t truly keeping a mind of how much they’re in no position to make any bad moves concerning marketing the Wii U.

      It’s worse enough the Wii U isn’t getting a price cut of $50 (at least) for the holidays to better face a sweetly-priced PS4 at only $50 more than the Wii U, but they’re not even making good decisions about pricing an 11-year-old game that’s only seeing minor enhancements.

      Though, personally, if I were Nintendo, I would give Wind Waker HD to all early adopters of the Wii U for free. I say the Wii U needs an early adopter Nintendo Ambassador program even more than the Nintendo 3DS did.

      I think it’s the least Nintendo can do for the 4 million Wii U owners who’ve supported them during their paying full price for Wii U, sticking it out during the year-long drought of solid games and buying a Wii U despite Nintendo’s self-admitted poor promotion of the Wii U.

      But for other potential buyers of the Wii U, paying near-full price for a remake that’s only getting upscaling, a bloom filter, minimal texture improvements, and some minor new features here and there would be a bit absurd. Nintendo will need to play every card wisely by this point with Wii U. $50 for Wind Waker HD would not be wise.

    • Elem187

      Sony rereleases an uprezzed port IS NOT the same thing as a full on remake with all new art/assets and backgrounds… also self shadowing and dynamic lighting, the game looks miles better than Dolphin running the game in 1080p.

  • AlThor

    Yes, definitely buying WWHD when it comes out, day one purchase! Must get back to the Skyview Temple as I fear I have a ways to go in Skyward!

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I don’t understand all the whining and complaining. Looking at this game you can tell alot more effort was put into it than most HD remakes. Most HD re releases are just the original game up scaled to HD resolutions and nothing more. WWHD has pretty much undergone a complete graphical overhaul and added in several new features as well.

    • oontz

      Would you pay the same price to have your car painted that you did when actually buying the new car? No, nobody does cause it’d be stupid and considered a cash grab by the paint shop.

      Wind waker is already designed, characters, artwork, level design, localization, everything. No developmental costs need to be recovered by this sale. It’ll almost all be profit. Which means at $49.99 it’s a major cash grab by Nintendo.

      • Elem187

        Its new art, assets and backgrounds… Its not even close to the same thing as an uprezzed port.
        Seems like you don’t understand the work that has gone into this REMAKE.

  • devmiles

    having played this zelda i still think nintendo should have put focus on a different zelda game than this one. it’s fair and decent that it will be cheaper than the rest of the new games. i truely see this as a quicky for the fans or new younger generation..nothing special is added to the game etc. i still dream of that tech demo zelda that we saw and know also with all the titles that were announced that fans of the real franchises can easily wait another year or 2 to buy a wii-u. still i own one collecting a bit of dust, hope pikmin 3 will put me more behind the console

  • Mario

    Dude, just troll somewhere else. And take your brother with you.

    • NkoSekirei

      i agree mr downvote and his cornies are getting annoying

  • DVE

    What A Rip Off ! But I’m still gonna get it when it at least goes down to 30 dollars ><

  • Zeldatrek

    As my name implies I’m a big Zelda fan. But I probably won’t get this as this is my least favorite Zelda game. If I feel the urge I’ll just fire up the old GC unless there is a surprise demo or extra incentive.

  • RoboticLink

    I hope so, then I’m getting it for sure

  • Ahiam94

    The fact that people are complaining about this proves that humanity has turned into a bunch of spoiled little bitches. I don’t care if it’s just a remake. They completely re-worked all of the visuals. Also, this game is amazing. It’s totally worth $50. If you aren’t prepared to pay more than $30 for any game, good luck being a gamer. This is an expensive hobby, you should be aware of that.

    • Sometimes that argument applies, of people complaining from complacency and being too spoiled. But sorry, I’ll have to say that this simply isn’t one of those times.

      To pay near-full price for a game that’s 11 years old is pretty absurd. I think you don’t understand just what “re-working” consists of here. They’re not totally overhauling the visuals–they’ve merely upscaled the game to 1080p, put a bloom effect on everything and made some minor texture improvements here and there. Heck, they didn’t even put normal maps on the texturing.

      They’ve added some new features here and there, but by and large, it’s still the same game that was already created 11 years ago. It’s not as if even half the people who originally worked on the game will benefit any from the $50 price. So why we’re expected to pay $50 for a mere remake with minor touches rather than a more reasonable $25 or $30 is beyond me here. That is, if this pricing rumor is true to begin with.

      Right now, Nintendo needs to play every single card they lay down as smartly as possible. That’s going to mean pricing your remake–which is serving as a placeholder until the real Zelda game for Wii U is released anyways–at a price that’s going to make purchasing it and a Wii U more attractive.

      It’s worse enough that Nintendo doesn’t seem to think a price cut on the Wii U is necessary by this point (it doesn’t matter if Wii U is truly worth $350 or not–the PS4 sitting on shelves at $400 will hurt its value this holidays). The least Nintendo could do here (again, if this pricing situation with Wind Waker HD is, by chance, true) is make the game priced lower than near full-retail price.

      To be honest, I would say that early adopters of the Wii U deserve the game for free–it’s the least Nintendo can do for the 4 million Wii U owners who’d been starving for games for a full year. The Wii U needs an early adopter Nintendo Ambassador program even more than the Nintendo 3DS did.

      And if they’re going to keep the Wii U Deluxe Set at $350, they should make Wind Waker HD come free with it as a bundle. That’d stand a better chance than merely selling the Wii U at $350 and then wanting $50 for an 11-year-old game, especially one that’s not even a true complete remake. Not to mention that such a price would continue to drive many people to just continue to play their emulators, which also isn’t helping Nintendo any. But a more reasonable price would stand a much better chance of seeing greater support.

      You also seem to think that just because it’s a great game (and indeed, it’s a true classic), that it still merits the same price it cost 11 years ago. I’m afraid that’s not how value works. You don’t just keep a game at the same price it cost over a decade ago, merely because it was a good game. Sentimental value shouldn’t dictate its economical value. I love the game to death, but If I’m paying $50+ for it, it’d better at least be the original GameCube game, so that it’ll gain more resell value later.

      Finally, you shouldn’t have resorted to your fallacy of “If you aren’t prepared to pay more than $30 for any game, good luck being a gamer.” That’s a complete load of nonsense, man. Sometimes it’s a matter of principle, not price. But even then, even in the matter of price, again, if you go by practical economical rates, and not by some mere subjective sentimental value, you want to pay for a value that’s not exaggerated so that you can buy more games. It’s all the more reason to stand for the principle sometimes. Though, it’d be just all-around benefit for Nintendo to make the game closer to $25.

      By the way, kid, I’ve been a game longer than you’ve been alive. I think I have good luck being a gamer, and I’m certainly aware of its expense. I’ve been able to keep my luck as a gamer by my parents first being sensible about supporting my pastime, and then later on with me being sensible about my own spending. I make well enough to buy the game at $50. I personally just don’t think I want it at that price.

      I don’t own a Wii U yet, because I’ve been waiting for a good time to buy one. Pricing this game at about $30–or better, bundling the game with the Deluxe Set–might be a more enticing reason for me to perhaps buy a Wii U before next year. Perhaps in having included two games–Nintendo Land and Wind Waker HD–I’d feel better about dropping $400 on a starving system and a game this year.

      At any rate, don’t be such a smart-alec kid about the situation. Insincerity isn’t a good look. No need attacking people for feeling this game would be a quite overpriced. Not everyone’s college-aged like you and most likely have your parents still aiding you with most of life–finances included. For some people who have to pay for things like rent, $30 would better help their gaming habit better than an unwarranted $50. And for others, it’s more a matter of sensible value.

      • Guest

        Come at me, sentimental bros.

      • Ah. I do enjoy it when people merely dislike a comment without ever expressing a word where exactly I’m wrong or where they disagree. Shows me that such trivial actions is all they can do. Silence is often a loud victory.

        • XiC

          The wall of text scares people off among many other things.

          Do try and remember that most people here are pretty much clueless about the financial and economic aspects of the gaming industry. All they really do is look for keywords like “Nintendo bad”, “No Wii U” before giving you a thumbs down. Some would give you a thumbs down if your tone or attitude seems negative or rude regardless of the facts and reasoning you’ve given.

          I’m not saying everyone here is like that but the majority are. If you’re looking for intellectual discussion about consoles and games this is not where you’ll find it.

      • XiC

        Here’re my thoughts.

        Wind Waker is not worth a full priced game to anyone who has already played it. For everyone else it will be worth it. It’s a quality game and has an incredible amount of value in it.

        TL:DR Should Wind Waker be priced at $50? No. Is it worth $50? Yes.

        It’s not just an upscale even if models, animations, etc are the same.

        If you’re a Legend of Zelda fan you’ll wait for the New Legend of Zelda regardless. If you’re new to the genre this is a fantastic introduction. In this regard the price doesn’t have to be attractive. The coverage, history and gossip around the game should amount to sales.

        Wii U will get a price cut around the holiday season. Currently each console is sold at a loss which I believe is a first for Nintendo. To further cut the price only drops them into a bigger hole. It might also not help seeing as retailers have done their personal price cuts and have not noticed dramatic increases in sales. Overall $50 will not sway current customers of the console and may only result in lower profitability.

        TL:DR Wii U will have a price cut but that might hurt Nintendo more than it helps.

        Early adopters are enjoying far more benefits nowadays (in the West) than before. I do believe that has meant free merchandise, games and credits for games.

        There’s been a Legend of Zelda bundle each generation since the N64 so the likelihood of a Wind Waker Bundle is pretty likely.

        If people want to pirate and play emulators they will. Most Wii games can be found for $10 – $20 (used) right now but there’s still a very large group out there playing their emulators. The newest version of Dolphin which is around 8 months old has over 60,000 downloads just from the Google Code site alone. It likely has far more out there downloaded from mirrors and re-hosts. There are also benefits of emulating such as higher resolution, multi-tasking, etc that makes it more attractive than actually playing the game on the console even if it is cheap.

        TL:DR A low price wouldn’t stop people from pirating and emulating.

        I agree with what you said about price. I’m a university student, throwing money at games isn’t something I can do without thought. If the price is higher than I think it should be at then I’ll wait.

        You’ll get a Wii U eventually if you like the games. At the end of the day even if the system and games are overpriced you’ll still buy it if you personally value it high enough.

        • oontz

          “It’s not just an upscale even if models, animations, etc are the same”

          Yes, actually it is.

          • XiC

            I’ve read an article where that was tested. Dolphin running the game (I believe with AA, Res boosts, etc) compared to footage seen and I believe demo as well.

            There’s a difference in resolution despite the fact that both are output in HD.

            The game is definitely a remake and not a quick upscale.

            Even if only one EAD team was working on this remake (which isn’t the case) the game would not take over a year to develop. Upscaling, bloom, dynamic shadows and new mechanics can’t possibly justify a year’s worth of development time.


          • oontz

            “Even if only one EAD team was working on this remake (which isn’t the case) the game would not take over a year to develop.”

            Considering the fact Nintendo has openly admitted having difficulty developing games in HD… yes it could take over a year.

          • XiC

            Ugh, yeah.. difficulty as in managing higher financial and human resource requirements… not actually struggling to produce content in HD.

            Wind Waker HD became a priority project in the last few months and more teams were shifted to it. As I’ve said that should not take a year for a simple upscale and minimal changes.

          • Elem187

            oontz. Go look at Wind Waker in Dolphin at 1080p and compare that with the Wii U version.

            They are not even CLOSE to the same thing… A real remake is redoing all the art and assets…. What sony releases as an HD remake is a simple lazy uprezzed port…. WWHD is not a port. It is a full fledged remake, new assets/backgrounds and art, with new features of a modern GPU (self shadowing and dynamic lighting)

          • oontz

            The game was finished 11 years ago, story elements/design, character design, level design, game items, gameplay, music scores, language localizations.. Everything!

            All nintendo is doing is making it LOOK better in HD. Maybe they’ll use better textures, or better lighting effects. But the BASE GAME is the same as it was 11 years ago.

          • XiC

            “But the BASE GAME is the same as it was 11 years ago.”

            Yeah… Like everyone has been telling you this is a remake (remakes retain base game) not just an upscale…

          • oontz

            So if the base game has ALREADY been designed then Nintendo should not be trying to price it as a NEW game. The majority (if not all) of their original development costs were spent and recovered almost 11 years ago when the game originally released on Gamecube.

            It’s not the same as designing a game from scratch… story elements/design, character design, level design, game items, gameplay, music scores, language localizations…

            The reason NEW games cost so much is so the developer can recoup their initial investment of DEVELOPING the game. Nintendo already recouped those costs 11 years ago.

            Not sure what you’re failing to understand.

          • XiC

            “Not sure what you’re failing to understand.”

            You’re completely and utterly lost. I know what Wind Waker is and what it will have once HD. I own the GC game. Your entire comment is irrelevant as I’m talking about how this is NOT an upscale like you’ve insisted and have been consistently corrected on.

            Yet for some reason you bring up the contents of the game? Is that suppose to prove it’s an upscale? Lmao. This is a remake of course the content is the same.

            Elem187 and Guest also pointed out it’s not just an upscale.

            I’m not sure why you’re saying irrelevent obvious facts about the game when it has nothing to do with anyone is saying.

          • oontz

            Wow you really are a daft one aren’t you?

            Maybe go develop a game or work in the game industry and try and enlighten your self to what I am saying. It’s not rocket science. Simple business.

            Nintendo already invested in Wind Waker 11 years ago. They also recouped that investment after selling Wind Waker 11 years ago… still with me? Good, now the reason a company sells software for a price of say $49 to $69usd is to help recover/recoup their initial investment of developing said game. Trust me, it’s my job.

            Nintendo shouldn’t be charging almost FULL price for a game when almost ALL of that $49.99 will be profit.

            Now you and others are trying (and failing) to claim that Nintendo has somehow spent the SAME resources/money and development cycle on this “HD remake” that they would have on an original game… there by justifying the high price tag.

            When in actuality this couldn’t be further from the truth seeing as the MAJORITY of the game development (story elements/design, character design, level design, game items, gameplay, music scores, language localizations) are ALREADY FINISHED!


          • XiC

            Lmao, you’re even more irrelevant and off topic now. The only thing I’m saying you got wrong is that this game is a simple upscale yet you’re trying to argue to me everything but that. Wow, are you retarded?

            “Now you and others are trying (and failing) to claim that Nintendo has somehow spent the SAME resources/money and development cycle on this “HD remake” that they would have on an original game… there by justifying the high price tag.”

            Tell me where did I ever say this? Nowhere, this entire paragraph is irrelevant. You clearly can’t read or a mental case.

            “Nintendo shouldn’t be charging almost FULL price for a game when almost ALL of that $49.99 will be profit.”

            Did you not read my first comment? I clearly said it shouldn’t be $50. Againm another irrelevant fact.

            What does any of this have to do with what you’ve been corrected on? You’re on a completely different page talking about something that no one in this string is talking about. We’re saying this is not a simple upscale and is a remake which is something you just do not understand.

            You’re dense if not completely idiotic.

        • Guest

          Wind Waker HD isn’t just a simple upscale…. go look at screen shots, the original didn’t even have shadows or dynamic lighting… the art of all the environments are all new… This is quite a bit more than a uprezzed port that Sony calls a “HD remake”

          • XiC

            I know that, and I’ve been saying that it isn’t just an upscale. Rather that teams at Nintendo have worked on it to really change the game visually.

          • Again, better lighting with a bloom filter. Minimal. That’s standard today. They didn’t even add normal textures to the flat ground textures. That was as simple as opening up nDo2 and calling it a day. It would’ve cost them relatively little work to do at least that much.

      • Ahiam94


        • And yet, I bet you frequent Reddit… Miles and miles of mindless comments, all explaining nothing in fruitless debate. Kids today…

          You condensed your flawed logic. My post addressed all its flaws, leaving no question who’s right. Sometimes it takes a little more water to rinse away the drop of soap.

          But let me sum it up for you:

          To pay near-full price for a game that’s 11 years old, while most other HD remakes sell for about $30 to $40, all while providing minimal additions to that 11-year-old game, all for a system that needs all the help it can get, is pretty absurd.

          It’s not merely a matter of being able to afford the game. Sometimes it’s a matter of principle. Nintendo rather owes it to their supporters to give Wind Waker HD at a very fair and reasonable price.

          To be honest, I’d go as far as to say that early adopters deserve the game for free, seeing how Wii U needs a Nintendo Ambassador program even more than the 3DS did.

          • Ahiam94

            “Kids these days” uh, yeah. I am above twenty years old. I live on my own. I have a car payment. I work five days a week. I don’t have a Reddit account. You really won’t pass up on a chance to make a fool of yourself, will you?

            Do you honestly, believe that Nintendo should GIVE us Wind Waker, because we bought the Wii U earlier than everyone else? I would love to see you run a company that sold games and systems. It’d be hilarious to see how fast your company would crash and burn because of how little you think.

    • oontz

      “this proves that humanity has turned into a bunch of spoiled little bitches”

      Seeing as all other HD remakes range from $19.99 to $39.99 and often including 2 or more games in the pack… then yes nintendo is overcharging.
      Why are hd remakes/re-releases cheaper than new games… because they have already been developed.

      This is nothing more than a cash grab by Nintendo. They know zelda fans will pay any amount of cash, and they are right. The sad thing is that this will set a precedent and give Nintendo the go ahead to release more HD remakes at the same price points, which sucks for us gamers.

      Would you pay the same price to have your car painted that you did when actually buying the car new? No, nobody does cause it’d be stupid and considered a rip off.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        The reason those HD remakes are cheaper is because they are usually nothing more than then the same game up scaled into HD

      • Elem187

        Uhh You don’t know what a HD remake is.. those “HD Remakes” that you claim are 19.99 are not REMAKES.. They are ports uprezzed….
        Wind Waker is a full remake. Remakes entail all new assets/backgrounds/art….

        the crap Sony sells for 19.99 are the exact same game just rendered in a higher resolution… You should probably learn the different terminology before you embarrass yourself further.

        • oontz

          You’re the one embarrassing yourself.

          The game was finished 11 years ago, story elements/design, character design, level design, game items, gameplay, music scores, language localizations.. Everything!

          All nintendo is doing is making it LOOK better in HD. Maybe they’ll use better textures, or better lighting effects. But the BASE GAME is the same as it was 11 years ago.

          Is it a new story? New level designs? New characters? New gameplay? etc, etc, etc.


          Maybe you want to go learn a bit about game design before running your mouth.

      • Ahiam94

        Sorry man, but you’re wrong. I remember when Devil May Cry HD Collection came out. It was $40. And it was nothing but a port. The first, second, and third game still looked like old PS2 games. They charged $40. Also, the inFamous collection was nothing but two games put in one case, and they charged $40 when that first came out. A price that is more expensive than buying the two games individually at the time.

        Wind Waker is NOT like those games. It’s completely re-made. Brand new textures, new features, and new gamepad functions. This is not a “Cash grab” from Nintendo. You’re wrong.

    • Ahiam94

      Okay, I will admit, I got angry when I posted this. Why? Because recently, people will do nothing but complain about everything that Nintendo prices. Earthbound got released for $10 and people were so pissed that they still refuse to buy the game. Really? $10? What people don’t realize is that if they buy it for $10 they are saving around $240. I seriously, blame the app store and the Android market for people being so spoiled when it comes to prices. They are used to paying nothing more then $3 for anything.

      Again, I admit I overreacted, but some people have to agree that a lot of “gamers” are complaining about the price for ANYTHING nowadays. $50 really isn’t a bad price. I recently spent $60 on a game that I played for about 8 hours before I beat it and got %100 on it. So, $50 for a game that is as amazing and has as much gameplay as Wind Waker is NOT a bad price in my book.

  • Kholby

    I can’t believe how many people haven’t played this game! It makes me feel really old! I’ve been playing Zelda since the Legend began. This is definitely one of the most joyful games of the series. I can’t wait to see this game in HD: it’s going to be magnificent. Bring on the difficulty! Bring on the fun!

    • Elem187

      I’m probably older than you, and I haven’t played it…. I was in my mid 20’s when it came out I was a die hard PC gamer and I was going through that “Nintendo consoles are for babies” stage. Wind Waker and the purple lunchbox did a lot to strengthen that notion at the time. I was angry at a cartoon Zelda. OOT and MM looked far more mature.

      … so I missed everything on Gamecube minus Metroid Prime and Smash. Nintendo won me back over with the OG Wii…. So I will probably give it a chance on Wii U. WW is the only console Zelda game I missed (CD-I doesn’t count)

  • Elem187

    Bestbuy, Target, Walmart, Gamestop and Newegg has the game listed as $60…. either Amazon got it wrong or they are trying to undercut as many people as possible.

  • Will (ishigum)

    I’ve never played this one before so it’s new to me. I’m definitely getting this one on day 1.

  • Madelen Vera

    I’m sorry, but it SHOULD make a difference.
    As much as I love love LOVE Wind Waker, (its my favorite Zelda game)
    I can’t afford 50$. The issue isn’t about whether gamers care about how pricey it is, its if they can afford it. I CANNOT afford 50 dollars for a remake. I don’t care what they added to it. That’s way too much money.

  • Jonathan Dogey

    WHAAAAAT!?!?!?!? If this moldy old Gamecube game is $50 then Nintendo can kiss it!! That is a ripoff. Gamecube games ought to be $9.99 – $14.99 at most. Im not paying any more than that.

  • vamos_cactuar

    It’s back up to $59.99 today. Glad I already preordered.

  • val berger

    50 bucks is too much for a HD remake. 40$ would be appropriate.