Aug 25th, 2013

Nintendo will release a new Zelda Wind Waker themed Wii U bundle soon, but they’ve yet to reveal it. At least officially, that is. According to the guys over at NeoGaf, Nintendo uploaded a new trailer to its YouTube channel, which revealed the upcoming Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle. Nintendo quickly removed the video, but not before someone managed to capture a screenshot of the bundle.

As the image shows, there isn’t much new — the biggest change seems to be the GamePad, which has received some Zelda-themed accents, much like they’ve done with special edition Nintendo DS systems. The console itself appears to be the standard 32 GB Deluxe version. Of course, the bundle will include a copy of Wind Waker HD. No word on pricing or release date, but we expect the bundle to be available when the game hits the store shelves.

For more on the upcoming Zelda game, be sure to check out our recent article detailing all the new Wind Waker HD Wii U features.

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  • DigitalBlawks

    Seems pretty cool!

  • NintendoNoob

    TBH It looks like a skin, if you look at the gamepad there is a fine line by the camera and motion sensor, probably a skin that comes with the disc

    • JumpMan

      no that line is just the light in the studio that the picture was taken in, it’s the same as on other Wii U adds.

    • Nintendude

      Looks just like the outline around the camera and motion sensor on every Wii U gamepad to me.

      • Baum 「ツリー」

        Look again…You can CLEARLY see whirls and the Tri-Force on the Gamepad.

        • Nintendude

          Yes, I obviously see them. He was talking about “a fine line by the camera and motion sensor” in which I see nothing out of the ordinary.

  • Non_Specific_Action_Figure

    Seems legit, but, it would be cooler if the Wii U was actually gold-colored, right? I mean, I love the look, but I want it ALL to be gold!

    • blindtiger

      yes gold! oh well, at least i dont have to buy another wii u…

    • Connor Devlin


    • Ismael Ototo

      I think they’re saving that for the next actual Zelda game.

    • Jack5221

      I like how they made a bundle with the game, that will get consoles to sell no doubt, but I really wish they would have made it a different color other than black or white. A light blue would have been cool, with gold decals on both the pad AND console.

      • Guest

        They actually had a bundle with Zombie-U for awhile, don’t think it sold that well but I got a 32gb Wii U a pro controller a copy of Nintendo-land, Zombie U and some Zombie U concept art from the devs all for about $400(after shipping and taxes so about $380 before taxes) so I saved like $60 bucks. These bundles are great value especially if they ship with Nintendo Land.One thing Nintendo should look in to doing is maybe put a coupon or discount towards a Pro-controller if you buy this bundle, would make it an even better deal.

  • Zombie Boy

    Unfortunate title there (a leaky Wii U?) but I think this is a good idea on Nintendo’s behalf, sure to be popular with those people who were waiting for the big games to drop before pulling the trigger.

  • crocodileman94

    The bundle leaks?! Man, they didn’t make bundles like back in the 90’s.

    • Pikachief

      It leaks goodness! (But bundles in the 90’s overflowed goodness)

  • sdmac200600

    If it was gold, I’d be sad but I can do without the artwork on my gamepad. If I really wanted the artwork I would do put it on there myself. It’s doesn’t seem complicated…

    • sdmac200600

      Lol I like how I’m getting dislikes for wanting to make the exact same pattern on my gamepad that is on the limited edition gamepad…

      • Clel

        I swear, this is why people can get repulsed by some of the (Nintendo) fanboyism that goes on here (the bad kind).
        Here, have some upvotes.

        • sdmac200600

          Yeah exactly. Apparently, I’m not allowed to make my own unofficial limited edition gamepad 😛

        • MrUpvote

          Did somebody say Upvote???

      • Andrew Longo

        people just pictured you doing it, and thinking, man he’s got the right idea, but all i have is white-out i couldn’t possibly.. then imagined fucking up their controls with white-out – got frustrated – and downvoted. only explanation i can think of.

    • Arthur Jarret

      You could spray paint your gamepad gold too… I’m actually thinking of re-coating my wii U with a matte finish, instead of glossy. I’ll wait until November until the warranty expires, though – as it involves taking the whole thing apart so you have ‘just’ the housing to prevent any accidents.

  • John Andalora

    Eh. Pretty weak bundle. WW just isn’t a good introduction game for newcomers, and those interested in WWHD probably already got a Wii U. It may get some customers, but not many more who didn’t already have it. NintendoLand bundle is still the better choice.

    • Clel

      I love how the top comment system works with downvoted comments. So, of course, first it’s the typical ‘most upvoted’ comments. Makes total sense.
      Then when you scroll down to comments that have 0 upvotes:

      Comment with 6 downvotes (0 upvotes): Further up
      Comment with 3 downvotes (0 upvotes): One level down

      Then from down on, the number of downvotes keep decreasing until you get the comments with 0 upvotes and 0 downvotes.

      It’s like Disqus WANTS you to disqus/ARGUE with the naysayers XD

      • John Andalora

        Seems a lot of people are defensive of the precious WWHD bundle pack. Amazing what a couple of scribbles on the gamepad and an old game with new paint can do to people.

        • Clel

          YABBER YABBER ARGH ARGH *argues fiercely with John Andalora*

  • insomniac

    did no one see the video? saw this on friday. thought everyone did? but i didnt know that they took the video down.

  • only god can judge me

    I think a mario 3d world bundle would be better with a red wii u lol.That would be a must buy for me but being that I already own a wii u ill just pickup a copy of windwaker instead.

  • SonicLucario

    This is pretty cool, I just wish they went a little more out with the WiiU design

  • What a slap in the face to all 1st year supporters. They better plan to do one heck on a bonus incentive for early adopters to even begin to make up for this.

    • Paul

      How is this a slap in the face? If you’re a day one supporter of the wii u, like I am, then you already have the system that’s there minus some scribbles on the gamepad. I’m pretty sure you got Nintendo Land with ur system and there’s nothing saying this will come with that. So just buy the game…we’re not entitled to anything for buying early.

      • Derk

        Its kind of a slap in the face… Not having any good games until now is a huge slap in the face…and Its a full circle bitch slap if they release a price cut on this bundle.

        I guarantee people will be a little more skeptical to buy a Nintendo console at launch in the future because we end up getting screwed. I think he means they need a better incentive next time, which they do.

        Our NintendoLand should have come with a limited edition console as well (to be fair)… The limited edition console should have been available at launch and the generic bundles should have been released now.

        • Seth S. Scott

          plenty of good games “until now”. PLENTY. and if you send me your WiiU I can draw those scribbles on the Gamepad with a white sharpie and send it back to you.

          • Derk

            Your optimism is sweet but …….Limited edition consoles are worth a tremendous amount more than regular consoles. It’s not making much sense for it to be cheaper than the generic launch console.

            There are no good games for the Wii U that are out right now. If you can sit here and argue that with me, then you must not own a Wii U.

            If its not a remake, its a ported copy of another game.

          • Steven_Segal

            Ok brother, Pikmin 3, LEGO City Undercover, New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Zombi U, and a few more + the upcoming games…

          • Zombie Boy

            I’d add Arkham City: Armoured Edition, NFS: Most Wanted and even Sonic Racing Transformed to that list. Ports, yes, but superior to the other console versions.

            And let’s not forget the many indie and Virtual Console games available on the e-shop.

          • Steven_Segal

            Agree, plus Trine 2, Bit Trip Runner 2, COD Black Ops 2, Nintendo Land and Resident Evil Revelations.

          • Zombie Boy

            Also; The Wonderful 101 (and coming soon, Sonic Lost World, Zelda Wind Waker HD, Rayman Legends (with Origins content only available on the Wii U), Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze and many more… And that’s not including upcoming ports like Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 4).

            Plus, being as the Wii U is the ONLY next-gen console that is backwards-compatible, we still have that massive back catalogue of Wii games to enjoy!

          • Steven_Segal

            LOL, and still trolls say that Wii U has no games!

          • Zombie Boy

            Well between us we’ve named 18 awesome games, not including straight ports, indie games, Wii games and Virtual Console titles. And there’s many more that we’ve forgotten about, too. That is equal to more than one great game for every few weeks of the Wii U’s first year (yes, I know they didn’t release one every few weeks, but still…). Seems okay to me!

          • Derk

            None of those games are out RIGHT NOW, so I don’t see how that is a response to my post.

          • Guest

            What rock are you living under? – all the above mentioned games are out right now! I beat each of them except W101 – which is awesome by the way!

          • Derk

            Trine 2 ported
            Bit trip runner is a $5 eshop game (I see your desperation naming that game)…..

            NintendoLand dropped in price quicker than any game ive ever seen which indicates the worth of that game….

          • Steven_Segal

            Does that mean that are bad games?

          • Derk

            Here is my original post….. We can call that my thesis….

            “There are no good games for the Wii U that are out right now. If you can sit here and argue that with me, then you must not own a Wii U.

            If its not a remake, its a ported copy of another game.”

          • Steven_Segal

            They are sequels bro, not remakes.

          • Derk

            make (something) again or DIFFERENTLY.

            Sequels are something that continues a story…. Therefore games like Mario Bros (which don’t have stories) are REMAKES.

          • Merrfn

            Well by that definition, every single game ever to be ported to another console in the history of gaming is a remake.

          • Jon

            Pikmin and Lego City are very good games. NSMBU personally I really liked along with the DLC but a lot of people just call that rehash even though people enjoy Mario as a platformer.

          • Jon

            actually, I think Game Party Champions was the fast game to go down in price….

          • Derk

            You guys just named a bunch of ported games that were originally designed for other consoles.

          • Zombie Boy

            Call Of Duty: Generic remake (after remake after remake…).
            Grand Theft Auto 5: Generic remake.
            The Last Of Us: Generic remake of Uncharted.

            What’s your point?

          • Derk

            Actually, I was talking about Nintendo.

            In regards to Nintendo, Call of Duty is a ported game too. The new ghosts games is a port to Wii U by Treyarch.

          • Zombie Boy

            Whatever console you’re talking about, originality is rare these days. So to single out one console and say that it has no original games is blind, biased and ridiculous!

          • Derk

            All of those games are ORIGINAL to Microsoft and Sony, weren’t they?

            Then they were ported over to the Wii U.

          • Zombie Boy


          • Steven_Segal

            This guy is BLIND!

          • Zombie Boy

            Agreed. His unoriginal games are better than our unoriginal games (in his opinion). Typical troll…

          • oontz

            “Grand Theft Auto 5: Generic remake.”
            “The Last Of Us: Generic remake of Uncharted.”

            ARE YOU THAT STUPID?

            Your GTA V comment doesn’t even come close to making any sense. As for The last of US? It is nothing like playing Uncharted… did you even play it? I must have missed the part where the infected continued to drop ak47s and grenades for me to use. Or the part where I had to solve accent treasure puzzles. Wow. How can people make such stupid blanket statements.

          • Zombie Boy

            I don’t believe this for one second. But if you scroll down this thread you’ll see why I made this comment.

          • Steven_Segal

            Are you serious? A bunch of ”Ported games”?

          • Derk

            Pikmin 3 generic sequel remake
            NSMBU actual remake
            MH3U actual remake

            Lego games are ported for little kids (Just like Lego pieces)
            Zombi U was a test game that they put practically no effort into

          • Steven_Segal

            I have a question for you? What are your favorite games of this generation?

          • Derk

            You name any game, and I have most likely played it…..

            This new generation doesn’t give me any favorites to choose from….
            My favorite game so far on any platform for the year 2013 is probably StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm.

          • Zombie Boy

            Ah, a generic remake then.

          • Derk

            Its a sequel… The story takes place from the last game.

            The original StarCraft is still extremely popular in Korea and the fans begged them to remake it. There are actually a bunch of contests and stuff for Starcraft.

            Anyway, StarCraft isn’t a generic/common sequel anyway because it took the company 12yrs to do.

          • Jon

            actually, with the logic you gave above, it is a generic remake. There is new stuff in the game but the concept and gameplay is the same. You brought up the that it was 12 years from the last game, well Pikmin 3 was 9 years since Pikmin 2 so… again, your logic by years is still flawed.

          • Steven_Segal

            WOW, you must be rich then but could you add a few more (on consoles) please.?

          • Derk

            I trade games in when I am done with them. For the Wii U, I would probably say MH3U was the best game so far in 2013……

            The game was a remake that I already played on the Wii and the gameplay is still kind of slow for me but that would have to be my pick for Wii U.

          • Steven_Segal

            Oh, I said consoles (not the Wii U necessarily) but anyway. How is Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros. U, Lego City Undercover,Zombi U remakes?

          • Merrfn

            You usually give an important piece of advice to people. I think it is time to take your own advice 🙂

          • Zombie Boy

            Yep, walking away… Lol

          • Steven_Segal

            What do you mean by that?

          • Merrfn

            Don’t feed the trolls 😉

          • Steven_Segal

            LOL, I really didn’t think of that… Thanks.

          • Derk

            Of course you didn’t, you’re steven seagal !

          • Clel

            Ooh, I’ll probably be getting that expansion eventually. For now, however, I’m just going to play SC2 a bit since I haven’t played in two years. Just waiting for my mouse to come in! (playing on a trackpad is awful)

            May I ask, what league are you in?

          • Derk

            Haha, I’m a bronze league hero. I try to stay in unranked matches because I know that some people on the ladder live and breathe SC2. I do have some buddies that are much better than me.

          • Clel

            Haha, at least we’re not in copper! That’s what I thought when I played my first placement matches (I had lost all of them, having though that the campaign would prepare me for the multiplayer in WoL), but little did I know that the copper league had been removed once the game had ended its beta XD

            I almost exclusively play(ed) ladder, but I guess one of the reasons was because that was the only automatic matchmaking they had prior to some time after 2 years ago. But the ladder doesn’t get ‘serious’ until platinum/diamond 😀

          • i play starcraft 2 too and is one of my fav games.
            but i can’t say that there’s nothing good in my wii u.
            i don’t care if is a port, a new game, or a multi platform game.

          • Jon

            Lego city…. was not ported…. it is only on Wii U and not on any other system or PC so you cannot say it is a ported game.

      • Jon

        it is kind of. Think about it. Most people that will buy this are getting a special edition Wii U (most likely limited edition) and most of those people were not the people who actually had full faith in the Wii U and never Truly supported them to go out and buy at launch. Instead, probably 80-90% of people who buy this are going to be people who whined and complained about no games for it so they were going to wait/ people who have been saying it is too much and asking for price cut. These people get something special but the early adopters such as you and myself, get nothing special. We will have the same standard stuff that the people 3 years from now will be buying, only thing is those people didn’t have to spend the time waiting with their system for the long drought to end.

    • Pikachief

      They should’ve never have done that “Ambassador Program.” Now people feel their entitled to a handout when someone else gets something they didn’t wait for. A ZELDA BUNDLE!? WHO KNEW!

      • Pikachief

        Also adding: Little to no games in the first year of a new console is very, very common. It’s not just a Wii U and 3DS thing. Most people should know by now that the only perks to getting a new console within the first year is; 1) having it before most others and 2) supporting the console’s future.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Not surprised at all. They might as well do a bundle for each game.

  • Old news

  • RoboticLink

    This would be awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • Silent

    Old news and not exactly a leak. As Always, John K.= Bad journalism

    • Clel

      I guess there’s a reason his initials are jk

  • Extra Vinegary

    Damnit, I had to buy my Wii U at launch. I want those whirls and Triforces on my gamepad.

    • JBeauregard

      I hear ya! I’m thinking, “Well, my kids want a Wii U for the holidays, right?” lol. Gotta get it SOME HOW!

    • Jon

      yep, that’s how it seems with this. We buy at launch and get nothing special and people who just sit and wait while asking for price drops, get special edition stuff.

  • Steven_Segal

    … Edit: I was talking about the article!

  • Steven_Segal

    LOL, people crying because they got the Wii U early and they want compensation…

    • Jon

      well, when you think about it, the people that truly wanted to support Nintendo and have supported and had faith in the Wii U from the beginning get nothing. Yet those that waited (most of which whined and complained wanting a price drop) have a chance to get a limited (probably going to be limited edition as every Zelda console is) Wii U for the exact same as what we early adopters got. They have all the same functions as us (and so will the rest of Wii U owners later on you get deluxe) only something with a lot more sentimental value.

      • Andrew Longo

        yeah we should get an ambassador program for being so loyal to them in this dark time

      • Steven_Segal

        It’s a limited edition, not that they made a price cut like with the 3ds.

  • JBeauregard

    So, I’m figuring that I need to buy another Wii U… ya know, because of the awesomeness in the picture above!

  • Negatron99

    It’s poor that this is the Wind Waker bundle. I want a proper coloured, not gold, console, with clouds and the Triforce. Link and the Wind Waker on the gamepad. Something that makes me think “The Wind Waker”. Barely makes me think Zelda. I was buying every single Wind Waker item I could find, but I won’t be buying this. Just be getting the game for my existing Wii U.

    This decoration should have been kept for the Zelda game in 2014 not this game.

  • tooby77

    Only commercial they prob will do is from leaked commercial

  • Starfoxguy

    Wouldn’t it be cool if the home button had a Triforce instead of a house?

    • Negatron99

      Already you deserve more money than the people who designed this one. It looks so much like a cut-and-paste of the DS Zelda, and I wasn’t impressed with that one.

    • hikkerd

      you should become game-pad designer

  • Ross Brocklesby

    Some exciting times ahead, and also if the recent pokemon rumours are true and if mh4 makes it to wiiu it could sell the wiiu like hot cakes!

  • Mochlum

    Looks cool, may attract the crowd that hasn’t gotten a Wii U yet but wants one, and wants something more interesting then Nintendo Land. (which is a good game, just not a game for everyone)

  • Mitch Hall

    I’m REALLY on the fence about this one. The gamepad design is cool, but my friend has offered to sell me his deluxe Wii U for a little under $280.

    I dunno, guys. Should I wait for this one, or save a chunk of cash and buy my friend’s Wii U? I know that this gamepad will eventually be pretty rare, but at the same time, it’s JUST a subtle design on the controller…

    • John Andalora

      Do you want a couple of white scribbles on your gamepad and a copy of the game, or do you want the exact same thing without the scribbles, buy the game, and save $10?

  • Josiah Parsons

    Good one, Nintendo!
    To really sell a console, make one somebody really wants. The Wii U is awesome already, but some diehard Zelda fan will certainly be on the fence about buying a Wii U and this will give him a good push.

  • Mitch Hall

    I wonder how much it would cost to have someone professionally spraypaint the console gold?

    • Jon

      if you are going to spray paint it… why not do it yourself?. All you need is paint tape and then a very fine paint brush to do the stuff the spray paint missed.

      • Mitch Hall

        I’ve spray painted consoles before – I painted a Gamecube gold and a 64 glossy red. However, the difference is that those consoles are easily replaceable. The Wii U isn’t.

  • SuperSonicBrawler

    BULLSH*T! I WANT THAT GAMEPAD!!! Where can I trade my Wii U in???

  • Shelim Uddin

    I just want my ass pounded.

  • Steve

    I want a gold Wii U. I’d buy two if they had it. One for me, the other ill keep as a comodity. ,

  • reyn69sharla

    cant wait for windwaker but monoliths X is the game steering my nintendo hard on.

  • Tecpedz94

    If this comes nintendo just got a new buyer 😛

  • Nintendo4life

    Wow..That’s cool and if it is true i will buy it

  • Zeldatrek

    I am finally on the fence. I just wonder if I can just swap Gamepads? I mean I’m not in a hurry to get my least favorite Zelda game in HD. But oh the possibilities;) I usually give my friend my duplicate consoles of a generation in exchange for manual labor. But in oder for that to work there has to be that one game he has to have. That’s either 4 swords ( I wish) or Mario Kart 8 immediately followed by the shut down of the MKW servers.

    • ICHI

      Yeah New gamepads can just sync to the console like wii remotes

  • Sol Ridgeway

    I actually planed on waiting and buying the Wii U when this came as a bundle with Windwaker, but I don’t like things like the gimmick for the Gamepad, so hopefully they sell one without the swirls or they are removable.

  • Fahd Al Zarooni


  • DennisJKA

    Old news!

  • Ducked

    Who predicted a Legend of Zelda bundle a few months ago?

    This duck.

  • Nathan DeFalco

    Anyone think they’ll do a similar bundle with A Link Between Worlds and the 3DS XL? Seeing how theu just did one with pokemon, i doubt it. Im in the market to buy a 3ds xl and was wondering if i should wait for a zelda version.

  • Fahim Hassan

    If this is released in October instead of December for Christmas I’m not getting it cause I’m not spending $349.99+Tax on just some random day