Aug 3rd, 2014

Zelda-themed Monopoly game coming

Monopoly is a board-game that has had a ton of different and unique themes, from Star Wars, to The Simpsons, to everything in between. There’s even been a Super Mario-themed Monopoly game. Now time has come for a Zelda-inspired Monopoly game.

GameStop has announced that they will exclusively sell a Zelda-themed Monopoly game, scheduled for release next month. The Zelda Monopoly game will of course feature all the famous locations from the game, the famous characters, items, and more.

The game will include 6 figures that players can choose from: Triforce, Shield, Bow and arrow, Ocarina, Hookshot, and Boomerang. All of the houses in the game are named “Deku Sprouts”, while the hotels are named “Deku trees”.

The Chance cards are called Empty Bottle, while the Community Cards have been renamed the Treasure Chest. Finally, the money will of course be Zelda-themed as well. However, we’re not sure why they didn’t rename “Free parking”…

GameStop will offer the Zelda Monopoly game on September 15. No word on whether they’ll require your fingerprint with the purchase.

Check out more photos of the set below:

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  • It was freaking awesome… until it said GameStop exclusive…

  • Sdudyoy

    Hey, I like Monopoly and Zelda, I’d buy this.

  • Sebastian Bergström

    I don’t think a newspaper like this should take sides like you do on gamestop require fingerprints.

    • BuckStud


      • DC777


  • Asturias_Knytt

    This looks fan made.

  • bistricky

    Might get Zelda Monopoly, if it arrives in Canada …..
    But for board games, I’d probably prefer this …..

    • DC777

      Must be the one where Link searches for a pot o’ gold and them Lucky Charms.

      • bistricky

        lol …… this 1988 board game was simple but followed the Zelda story.

        As per Kotaku 2012 review:
        “The game was based on the idea of replicating the original Zelda’s top-down perspective, split across six “rooms” which each took the form of one of the terrains found in the game. So you got a few different types of dungeon, a grassland, a desert, etc.
        It even strove to work like Zelda, and when it couldn’t manage that, at least operate like a cardboard-based JRPG. Dice were rolled to determine both movement and combat, and what kind of tile you landed on determined whether you moved, fought a random opponent (the JRPG bit) or received a random item (the Zelda chest bit). There were even other neat little Zelda touches like receiving extra hearts for your life meter by defeating opponents and having to face bosses.”

        I remember playing it as a kid but don’t have many 70s-80s board games anymore …. except for my favorite “Stop Thief” …. but that is another story.

        • Flopperop

          I found a Super Mario Bros. board game (also from Milton-Bradley) from the 80’s at a rummage sale near where I live a few years ago, and it’s pretty fun, but the Legend of Zelda board game sounds even more so! What was amazing to me about what I found is that it had all of the original pieces, and the only thing that was messed up was one of the stickers that goes on the die. I treasure it not only because it’s a hard-to-find Super Mario item, but also because it’s a few years older than I am. (I was born in 1991.)

          • bistricky

            Getting these Nintendo 80s board games at a rummage sale is definitely the way to go (and cheers to you for getting one) ….. I wish one day to be able to play the Super Mario Bros. and The Legend Of Zelda board game again … but only if I find it via a rummage sale …. these games are just too pricey on the internet market … I like Nintendo but not the $200+ kinda like. lol

  • Screamin Mime

    I’m holding out for the Mega Man themed ouija board.

  • Kyle

    Even when both are good, somethings just cant be mixed…

    • ZeldaFan83


  • Daniel Gonzalez

    No thanks.

  • steveb944

    I saw Mario Monopoly at Nintendo World, but I decided to hold off. This on the other hand shall be mine, too bad I’ll have to pay GameStop a visit.

  • Epicstuf


  • Piper2381

    very nice collectable

  • KellyGEdmonds

    The Zelda Monopoly game will of course feature all the famous locations from the game, the famous characters, items, and more.

  • Lusunup

    Lol this cracked me up! xD oh John you’re awesome now! “GameStop will offer the Zelda Monopoly game on September 15. No word on whether they’ll require your fingerprint with the purchase.”

  • Mayoo

    Shut up and take my rupees!

  • Rinslowe


  • FutureFox

    Go to Dark Realm. Go directly to Dark Realm. Do not pass Kokiri, do not collect 200 rupees.

  • Nintenjoe82

    Free Parking should be Epona and the stations should be some of the ports that Link has visited but other than that it’s cool.

  • Andrew Longo

    good point, free parking looks ridiculous, they didnt even change the theme for the jail squares. seems lazy then again if its a gamestop exclusive its clearly just a cash grab

    • David Noble

      Monopoly Brand Monopoly games all have the exact same Go!, Jail, Free Parking, and Go To Jail spaces. Period. Literally the only difference is the currency symbol ($ as opposed to £, ¥, €, etc.) in $200. Monopoly loves its corners.

  • Why didn’t they match the rupee colors with the values?

    This does look great, but I already have Nintendo Monopoly, the original original, Mega Monopoly (the best one). Three is already too many for a game no one wants to play. If I want something else Zelda themed I’ll probably get Hyrule Warriors instead.

  • Asturias_Knytt

    I’d be the dick that would take the golden triforce and not give it back yup 🙂 I see it in the picture…looking at me. o.O

  • YoG99

    I’ve stopped reading at “Zelda-Themed monopoly” title, I want this !

  • brian

    This is not exclusive to GameStop.

  • brian

    When are you going to fix the “Popular WiiU Games” section on the side of the page? They still link to the wrong games

  • chemtale

    i would totally get this…but theres one problem. monopoly or not the rubies/money colours dont corispond with the video game. so nooope. as a zelda fan more then a monopoly fan. i will not buy it!