Sep 25th, 2015


A lot of players prefer playing Super Smash Bros on the Wii U with the original GameCube controller, which is why Nintendo released the GameCube adapter with the game last year, in case you had any old GameCube controllers laying around.

Japanese game accessory maker Hori has been making “official” GameCube controllers officially licensed by Nintendo (they even have Wii U packaging). However, the controllers do have some modifications: extra shoulder buttons and a turbo setting as well.

And now Hori has revealed their latest iteration of the GameCube controller: a golden Link version version of the GameCube “Battle Pad”, as they call it.

The controller is now available on Amazon for $28, same price as their other iterations.

Hori has previously released Mario, Luigi, and Pikachu versions of their GameCube controllers.

Of course, the GameCube “Battle Pad” can be used in other Wii U games. It plugs into the Wii U remote, no adapter needed.

Recently, Hori also revealed their Super Mario Maker GamePad protector as well.

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