Mar 24th, 2017

According to GameStop COO Tony Bartel, Zelda: Breath of the Wild has an incredible attach rate with the Switch: almost 1:1, meaning that pretty much anyone who purchased the console also purchased a copy of Breath of the Wild.

Speaking to investors, Bartel added that Switch demand was “incredibly strong”.

“The demand is incredibly strong for this. As soon as we get it into our stores, it’s out within hours. So we anticipate we’re going to be chasing supply this entire year”.

He added that they have a total Switch attach rate of 5.5 to 1, but that includes both games and accessories. This means that the average Switch buyer at GameStop purchased 5.5 games and accessories alongside their console.

It’s not that surprising that every Switch owner is buying Zelda, since it’s pretty much the only must-have Switch launch game. It helps that it’s one of the best reviewed games in history.

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