Oct 25th, 2017

A Hong Kong YouTuber was banned for three months for livestreaming Super Mario Odyssey early.

The streamer in question got the game early from a retailer and decided to livestream it. Nintendo struck down fast and hard: not only did they remove the video, they managed to get him banned from YouTube for three months.

What makes this somewhat alarming is that the gamer appears to have gotten his copy of the game legitimately as a retailer decided to sell the game early.

No matter how you feel about Nintendo and its tight control over its IP, this is concerning; that the company can ban someone from YouTube for streaming a game they legitimately purchased.

Not only that, the YouTuber in question did not sign any NDA with Nintendo according to reports.

While it’s perfectly understandable that Nintendo doesn’t want any spoilers out there, is the company taking things too far by banning a gamer who got his game legitimately and has no contract (and as far as we know) with Nintendo?

Via Twitter (thanks for sending this one in, Clive!)

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