Aug 26th, 2015

Back in June we told you about YouTube Gaming, a new offshoot of YouTube focused entirely on game streaming and let’s plays that have become popular over the past few years. Now YouTube Gaming has officially launched with a dedicated website and an Android app, which you can see a short preview in the video above.

So what sets YouTube Gaming apart from Twitch? First and foremost is the ability to rewind a livestream. If you tuned into YouTube’s E3 streaming site, you may have noticed that ability. You can rewind the stream to any point, instead of having to wait until the stream is over and uploaded to see the beginning.


Content on YouTube Gaming is organized very similarly to Twitch, where you can search for a game to see everyone currently streaming that game. It also features popular channels that have been trending in the sidebar. If you’re not picky about what you watch and want to discover new content, you’ll find some interesting things there.

On the streaming side of things, YouTube provides better bitrate and upload speeds than Twitch, but streamers will have to deal with a live ContentID system. What does that mean? When streamers play music that ContentID can verify, it will alert streamers to end the music within the specified period to avoid the stream being blocked.

We’ve yet to see how aggressive this system will be, but for those of you who like to stream games and music while you play, this could become an issue quick. Long time Twitch fans will also likely miss the absolutely crazy chat Twitch has, but moderators will be happy with the tools that keep chat clean.

Overall this seems like a good first effort from YouTube for dedicated gaming content, but whether it will dethrone Twitch as the king of gaming remains to be seen.

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