Nov 13th, 2013


The YouTube app on Wii U has been performing pretty poorly for some people over the past few months, but Nintendo announced during today’s Nintendo Direct that improvements are on the way. In addition to being able to watch video’s on the GamePad (FINALLY), a much needed update for the app is on the way.

Additionally, the Nintendo 3DS is finally getting a YouTube app that will allow users to watch videos on the top screen while looking at other content on the bottom screen. No information was given as to when the YouTube app for the Nintendo 3DS or the update for the Wii U version will be coming, but look for them in the future.

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  • Gabe Hoffman


  • RARE

    Thank God. WiiUs YouTube app is unusable

    • the miiverse community is basically just a hodgepodge community.

    • Michael Hancock

      No it’s not.

    • Johnathan Rivera

      OMGosh it’s unbelievably crap-tacular. lol. Funny cause the internet browser on Wii U is so user friendly and entertaining that I could use youtube on it all day just like on a PC.

  • Thomas Vienna

    Oh, I never used the youtube app, I just used the internet browser. What’s the point of using an app?

    • Michael DeVore

      As bad as it is. When YouTube starts tweeking with things that cause the WiiU browser to crash the App will continue to work.

  • Link64

    who uses this app on Wii U!? I always use the Web Browsers Youtube its way better in my opinion

    • Alexander Jamieson

      I agree.

    • blindtiger

      People who have a wii u in one room and a pc in another

      • Gregg

        He may have meant, the WiiU web browser… YouTube runs well on it…

        • in my case (just me) youtube in the wiiu web browser runs better than my computer.

          • Johnathan Rivera

            Youtube on My Wii U runs better than it does in any other device or app.

    • Wayne Beck

      Seriously, you can push the Video to the TV and browse any other website you want on the gamepad. YouTube app seems like a complete waste.

    • PS4/WiiU

      same for me

  • jjbredesen

    Well i am happy that you can now watch youtube on the 3DS, perhaps youtube will start to suport 3D video? would be aswesome to watch =3 in 3D. Dont use the youtube app on wii u alot, but nice update.

  • Guest

    i already have vita for youtube(hd!!!) But the wii u update seems nice

    why the downvotes?

  • CEObrainz

    If only YouTube would remove it’s new commenting system….

    • great deku tree

      yes I hate the new comment system as well why did they change it?? it was better the way it was before now it’s just really annoying trying to keep track of conversations.

      • CEObrainz

        Something I just came across:

        Allows for the Replacement of YouTube comment threads with associated Reddit comment threads!

        • ShilaquilOneal

          So you have the option to remove a useless comments section with another one that’s full of hipsters.


      • Entropyguy

        I expect they changed it in an effort to remind people that Google+ is still a thing that exists. That said, if the new commenting system makes homophobia, racism, and sexism less prevalent I’m okay with it.

    • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

      And those links to screamers are everywhere ! Do not click on any links that appears on youtube’s comment sections !

    • kevin nun—-

      ☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him
      /▌ all over Youtube
      / so he can take over and take down Google+

    • Sideswipe 225

      I hate the new comment system on youtube.Every time I try to comment on a video it says that I’m logged and all of this began since they changed youtube.

  • GermGerm

    There was SOME information given. It said later this month.

  • Kamon

    didn’t they say that the update would be coming later this month or next month?

  • Knguro

    I’d rather choose to improve the YouTube Web Site Experience on the Wii U Web Browser (you can’t watch videos in 1080p anymore). Cool for the 3ds though!

    • DragonSilths

      Hmm, I thought it still was automatically updated to the highest settings. Cause that’s a setting on your account.

      • Knguro

        Nope. Check it out the next time…

  • Joey

    your a troll…do we need that?

    • Josiah Parsons

      He may have broken the downvote record for this site.

    • PS4/WiiU

      I think it’s amusing

  • Ducked

    YouTube on 3DS makes sense, since Hulu came last month, and it’s had Netflix

    • Mason742

      What makes more sense is just activating the html5, which the 3ds browser supports and not having an app and just using the website. Just like on Wii U.

      • ShilaquilOneal

        What makes more sense, is to wait until you try the 3DS YT app and decide whether it works fine or not.

  • Gregg

    Sweet. Youtube is mega popular in my house. =)

  • Gregg

    I have to know. Exactly how much does it suck, being YOU?

  • Fred

    What do you mean, you’ve always been able to watch youtube videos on the gamepad you just have to do it through the internet browser. I did it this morning in the kitchen while I made and ate breakfast

    • Stoenk

      that’s the big problem with the app. It’s much easier with the browser and you can use it while there’s a game running

  • GROAN! Aargh blah blah, grr! I guess that was what you were saying? Get a life OK?

  • Dennis

    Finally! Web browser works fine but the app is a lot more quicker (and user friendly after the update, I hope) 😛

  • Justagamer

    Nice..It’s about time

  • someguy

    google+? xD

  • Eduardo

    What about the media center app to stream photos music and videos??

  • Duane Grondziak

    I just want my damn WiiU to be a viable sorce for music.

  • bizzy gie


    The update is expected to come in December. This was stated in the video (he stated “next month”).

  • 00EpicGamer00

    Why are you talking to yourself? And stop with the caps lock.

  • Cool.

  • dominic smith

    I usually use the youtube app for watching ultimate muscle. it’s pretty good, other than the odd crash.

  • Rinslowe


  • Dagehon

    I love put some full album or full concert on my new tv, but from some months the app is not responding…

  • Joel

    Hopefully this will be followed by Amazon Instant Video for 3DS so I can watch all my Nicktoons.

  • Rodger Jamjet

    About time! YouTube has been terrible on many devices for a long time, even performs poorly on my iphone.

  • Timzel

    Finally I can watch my stuff on my lovely 3DS 😀 I’ve been waiting for this for ages!

  • Des

    Netflix wants to use the same design (UI) across all platforms (consoles, PC’s, mobile devices etc.) I’m sure that might have something to do with the update.

  • Chronic Gang

    netflix for wii u needs an update

  • Wiiluigi


  • Kev

    Bringing youtube to the 3DS is a great idea. However, when it comes to the youtube app on Wii U, unless they integrate miiverse or make some significant changes to the app itself, I think I will continue using Youtube on the browser as it is perfect for multitasking.

  • Guest

    And not a day too early!

  • sd

    I used the you tube app for the first time yesterday. So annoying it kept stopping and would need restarting between clips. It also froze on me at one point.