Feb 17th, 2014

A new trailer for Yoshi’s New Island, which was announced in a previous Nintendo Direct,was showcased in the most recent Nintendo Direct. It showed off several new features, locations, and even some tidbits about the story.

The game starts after the stork seemingly delivers baby Mario and Luigi to the wrong house whereupon he is ambushed by toadies and drops baby Mario who is again left in the care of a pack of Yoshis. This time around the Yoshis have new abilities such as eating a watermelon to spit seeds or transforming into a jackhammer.

The game is set to release on March 14th.

Did you all find the trailer interesting? Do you think you’ll get the game once it comes out?

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  • Keyser

    It’s a good thing there are tons of other great games on the 3DS because I just cannot be excited for this one 🙁
    I’d rather a game just starring Yoshi………like Yarn Yoshi!!!

  • Gerhard Plesch

    Eating a Watermelon to shoot seeds was in the original Yoshi’s Island game. This is not a new ability…

  • Ducked

    I usually don’t complain about graphics, but this looks like a DS game…

  • Derek

    can’t wait for this game