Jul 14th, 2015

Creepy atmospheric horror games have been a staple on PC for years, but with the expansion of mobile and console gaming, we’re starting to see more of these games release to a wider audience. Year Walk is one such game that made the jump from its original mobile release to PC and now, it’ll be making its console debut on the Wii U.

The game is being developed by Swedish studio Simogo, with the help of Dakko Dakko for the Wii U version. According to the developers, the unique controls of this version make it the best way to experience the game yet.

Yes, we know, motion controls can be a bit scary, and frankly not very good if not done right, so we’re going to explain a bit how it works.”

“You use the left stick to walk (and it feels pretty good to do so with analogue controls!). But, to look around and find things to interact with, you’ll point and move the GamePad with very relaxed and subtle motions.

“It’s very reminiscent of using the Wii Remote to point at the TV, or mouse controls, but perhaps even more relaxed, as you don’t have to point it towards the TV. You can rest the GamePad neatly in your lap. We’re very proud of this and we think we’ve made some really cool innovations with the motion-based cursor controls.

Fans who have already played the game on iOS or Android will find new things to find in the Wii U version of Year Walk, with plenty of new secrets hidden around.

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