May 28th, 2013


During the last Nintendo Direct, we learned that Japan had an announcement that the rest of the world didn’t; Yakuza 1 & 2 would get an HD remake on the Wii U console. This pleased many fans of the series as it seemed to hint that the games would be coming to the west as well. Now Sega’s chief creative officer and Yakuza producer Toshihiro Nagoshi says it’s more an experiment than anything else.

“To be honest, we’re not aiming to see if the game will be a smash hit. Our real intention is that we want to see how people respond. The existing [Wii U] users are different [from PlayStation owners], so isn’t it hard to say if it makes sense?”

It makes sense to test the waters for something like this before throwing it into mass production, so how well this bundle sells in Japan will likely be tied to future Yakuza releases on Nintendo consoles, as well as whether or not this bundle will make its way to the Western market. Many seem to want it though, so that’s certainly a good sign. What do you think? Would you buy the bundle if it were made available to you?

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  • Nintendofreak

    good move i suppose…… never played a yakuza game might as well get the bundle

    • Is there a confirmation from Sega or Nintendo that the game will release in Europe and America?

      • No, currently it is a Japanese release only. Sales there will likely determine whether or not it is released to the rest of the world.

        • :*(

        • Lethal_Doze

          everyone bought it on PS2 and PS3 already

          • Archiq09

            it’s normal to SEGA take games of PS for make on Wii U … Cause Nintendo has save SEGA to bankruptcy and SEGA is so accountable to it.

    • Shaise Mughal

      I thought it was Japan only though

  • Mark Thom


  • tronic307

    Warmed-over ports flop on Nintendo systems. How about something original, something arcade-like?

  • Robknoxious1

    I’d have to see a trailer and some game-play before I’d say I was interested. I’ve been looking at a small amount of Yakuza 5 video and am not overly wowed.

    I’m open to being persuaded though.

    • pfff

      actually there was a bit of gameplay shown in the japanese direct 😉

      • Robknoxious1

        Okay great. I didn’t watch the Japanese Direct. Thx!

        EDIT: What I saw didn’t look bad. I do wish they would’ve shown more actual combat. It seemed like what wasn’t QTE portions of combat was mainly shown on the Game Pad or on the TV from a distance. In the close-up view there was only a couple of seconds of actual player controlled combat.

        Still I’m more interested now than before. However, unless I saw a good deal more footage I wouldn’t pre-order or purchase day-one.

  • Potemkin

    This is a game that I don’t want to play.

    • CharmanderRulz

      If this is something you are sure you wouldn’t enjoy why would you go on the news article? There is nothing wrong with you disliking the game no matter the reason but you sound more narrow minded then constructive just expressing dislike towards something you choose to click on.

      • Potemkin

        The genre is not something I’m fond of. That’s why. And I commented because I like to (a*) play games* and believe it or not, I have found it amusing that only stating my opinion over here can irritate some people just because I don’t like what they do 🙂

        • CharmanderRulz

          I still don’t think “There is [anything] wrong with you disliking the game no matter the reason” but if you are not “fond of” something try to do more then “expressing dislike towards something you choose to click on”. It’s the difference between a troll (example: Wii U sucks) to being “constructive” (example: Wii U advertising sucks and needs to improve). PS please explain how I am “irritate” “because I don’t like what they do” without even saying my option on a game I have never played.

          • Potemkin

            Not you specifically, but the general concensus of fanboys visiting this site. Anyways, like Saul Rivera, I tried the demo on PS3 and did not like it. Might not have played the full game but I didn’t like what I saw.

  • CapnCrumbles436

    I always liked Japanese games more than ones developed by American based studios.

  • Saul Rivera

    Played a demo of one of the Yakuza’s game on the PS3 and I didn’t enjoy it at all…

  • John Andalora

    Would people stop making re-releases of other games and just make a different game?
    Half of what you can buy on Wii U is just re-releases of games, and it’s so tiring to hear of re-releases.
    All that’s going to be “new” is Wonderful 101, while the rest are just more and more sequels.

    And, Why is SEGA anywhere near the Wii U? Nowadays, if SEGA touches something, it’s actually a turn-off of a game.

    • CharmanderRulz

      Sonic colours, project X zone, Bayonetta 2, and 3 exclusive Sonic games only on Nintendo platforms disagree and I only listed a few that where Nintendo only and are seen as very good or are yet to be released. By no means are all Sega IPs good (aliens CM, android Sonic games and so on) but don’t count the people who made Resonance of Fate out.

      • John Andalora

        Have you played Bayonetta 2?

        • CharmanderRulz

          Welcome to this weeks episode of reading with Char!
          Today’s phase is “yet to be released”
          “yet” is for talking about something in the future that can change to present. “to be” is pointing out the condition(s) something is in or needs. “released” is an item or info being available.
          Next weak we question why you think I would know about the Sonic games with no names but not Bayonetta 2.

  • Wayne Beck

    This would have been a good call, but Playstation Fans are already using Screenshot tricks to try and paint this as lower quality.

    Every screenshot comparison I have seen has slightly turned the angles on the Wii U version to Blur Textures and distort objects with the lighting.

    • jay

      That’s some shady shit.

  • jay

    I’m tired of all these “testing the waters” on Nintendo platforms.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    i’d but it just to play something different…ive never played this franchise, but some friends say the PS3 iterations are awesome…dont know how the PS2 games were though

  • Agent721

    Tried the demo on the ps3, and it wasnt very good. Ill stick to the next GTA… the demo played like an old GTA in need of a major update.

  • ancientgamer

    if it is an experiment then shouldn’t they test the us market as well? and i disagree that the ps user base being different from the wii u, it maybe slightly different number wise but many of us enjoy the same type of games

  • Kaihaku

    Well then, please continue the experiment by releasing this in North America.

  • Guest

    is this really a good idea to use as a test, an old game that was released years ago… most people who would have play the games would have already so I don’t see this being overly popular

  • AceRuby

    People do realize this is a HD remaster and not a remake right meaning its not going to be expensive ie $60 to buy this. I applaud SEGA for this honestly why not gauge the interest in Yakuza on Nintendo platforms to see if the audience will embrace it we need more publishers and developers to do this more honestly.

  • Brendan Tate

    i never played yakuza but i always wanted to i was going to buy it on ps3 but i will wait and see if comes to wii u in the us

  • Do want. Hope we do get it over here.

  • C.S. Bailey

    I understand the need to make this an “experiment”, the problem i have is that when they normally do this, and it’s a success, they wait too long to bring it to the U.S. By the time we get it, modders (??) and hackers have already given us a way to play it. Go hard, or go home; That’s the reason why MS was able to sneak in and take Sega’s spot as a console maker. Sega tried to play it safe, while MS got as much info about the console market from them as they could when developing the Dreamcast OS. Don’t try to argue, it’s already been documented and published in more than one book.