Aug 4th, 2013

Yakuza HD Wii U boxSEGA is bringing the classic Yakuza games to the Wii U later this year. Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition, as it’s known, features the classic Yakuza games first released on the PS2 many years ago. The games were given an HD remake for the PS3 in 2008, and the Wii U version is based on those. Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition has so far only been confirmed for the Japanese market, but it’s likely that the HD bundle will find its way to the rest of the world, especially if it sells well in Japan.

Check out some Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition screenshots below, including the Japanese Wii U box art as well. SEGA has previously said that they see Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition on the Wii U as an “an experiment”. In other words, they’re interested in seeing if they can repackage old games and sell them on the Wii U for an easy buck. We’ll see how the “experiment” goes when the game is released later this year.

Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition Wii U screenshots gallery

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  • Orto

    Wow this looks amazing. I hope that they include a trailer as part of the pre order bonus. I remeber being so excited when they announced this and sonic worlds. Being the main character is so epic in this game. What i think would make it better would be a leader board for the number of silent take downs.

  • Marcus Navarro

    Yakuza: Grand Theft Auto 4 before Grand Theft Auto 4 was cool.
    I LOVED these games! Please let a Western release come!

  • SonicLucario

    Whoa I didnt see this one coming

  • Deadpool U

    Anytime John writes a good article you know he’ll write something that makes you remember his troll status.
    Example: ‘In other words, they’re interested in seeing if they can repackage old games and sell them on the Wii U for an easy buck.’

    • wiiudaily

      I’m not gonna sugarcoat anything I write. Yakuza HD on the Wii U is a remake of a remake. What else would you call that, other than trying to cash in for a quick buck? If this was on any other console, you’d be laughing at what SEGA is doing.

      • Kriffix

        Is there no room to interpret it as an attempt to see if there is a Yakuza fanbase present amongst Wii U owners for future releases?
        But no, seriously, I think what you said above is just as likely, although slightly bitter haha. Good article.

        • jay

          That’s how I interpreted it.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        You can be somewhat negative. But you are still the best writer here in terms of quality (and Ashley in terms of quantity). Like to see that you dare to take a critical stance where its needed and doesnt fall into boring fanboyism. You have my respect for that.

      • Zombie Boy

        But this DOES happen on other consoles all the time. You yourself have stated that it was a PS3 conversion of an older game. Nobody said, upon release of THAT version (or upon release of any of the other HD remakes out there), that “they’re interested in seeing if they can repackage old games and sell them on the (insert console here) for an easy buck”. Do you also believe that Nintendo are releasing Wind Waker HD for “an easy buck”? Fans of the earlier versions of the games still enjoy them – That’s why they released it on the PS3 and that’s why they’re releasing it on the Wii U. Personally I think the Wii U will do just fine, but this constant negativity in the media will do more damage to the sales figures than trolls, biased third-party devs and negative analysts combined.

        Oh and can you please ban that Truthteller guy? He has already been banned here before (under the name ‘knowledgeiswhatsup’) but has opened another account and is doing exactly the same things that he got banned for!

      • Joey Perez

        ok john kinsley

      • david jarman

        Except for added features and its for nintendo fans cause not every nintendo fan has multiple systems.

      • Truthteller

        Tell em! YOU are the writer and you write it as it is, not as they want it to be. This is Wii U Daily, not a Nintendo sponsored propaganda site! If they don’t like bad news, I suggest they get a job at Nintendo so they can hear corporate hype/BS all day.

        • Marcus Navarro

          Literally one of the few decent comments I’ve ever seen from you. Here, have an upvote!

          • Truthteller

            Shocking… If you like this, then you should agree with everything else I wrote on this thread.

          • Marcus Navarro

            NOPE! This was the only one of your comments worth anything. And also the only one I agree with. Soooo…

          • jay



        • jay

          Same shit different day with you.

          You say we praise fanboys and thumb down everyone else but lookie here:

          • Truthteller

            I got thumbed down! Orto was not all thumbs down all of the time either.

          • Marcus Navarro

            Point still stands.
            Orto’s like the over-zealous member that barely anyone likes(it’s a simile, don’t take it out of context). He seems to believe that mostly everyone damning/not praising the Wii U’s a Sony fanboy…the same way you think Nintendo fanboys are agents.
            Correlation? I think so!

      • Deadpool U

        You don’t need to sugercoat anything but my point is that some of your articles make it seem like you want to discredit Wii U like your Pikmin 3 sales article you made a good thing sound really bad.
        And on your Indie developer article what was with the red Wii U?

      • tronic307

        Late ports suck, but I wouldn’t mind The Last of Us on PS4.

      • Clel

        It’s the tone of the article that’s the problem, for us.

      • jay

        How old are you?

        News articles are not suppose to include the writers’ personal opinions.

        Also You’re quoting for Sega:

        “In other words, they’re interested in seeing if they can repackage old games and sell them on the Wii U for an easy buck.”

        Your writing is amateur.

  • Is there a way to report articles? I’m tired of this writers negative attitude.

    • Madmagican

      This wasn’t really that negative
      just oddly worded

    • Orto

      We need a enquiry on some of these reporters. I have a strong feeling that some of them may be fony imposters. This reporter backs my hypothesis, and shows strong negativity to the nintendo fan base. These fony loving reporters need to be held accountable for their crimes against our fan base. May the witch hunt begin and may we send them back to ps4 daily for good!

    • Joey Perez

      john kinsley always has a good amount to say and then at the end he throws in a negative comment.. he cant just put in some info and shut up he always leaves his personal opinion.. read the ones posted by him ..
      i am not sure who owns the site … but there should be a suggestion link or something of sorts that is easy to find.

    • Marcus Navarro

      Zorpix, chill. Just because he’s being a pessimist about a lot of things circulating doesn’t mean that he’s not honest. Although I don’t like his negative tone, he’s quite correct.

      Kinsley, I doubt you’ve played Yakuza though.

    • Ducked

      I know right seriously. Why is kinsley still writing.

    • everyone

      Eh. As much as I don’t agree with the opinion, I think he is ok to put what he thinks because it is their site. I like to think of it in a different light as just info on a release.

      • I suppose… It was just kind unnecessary.

        • everyone

          Yeah I agree with that. It would have been nicer to just have info as opposed to an opinion article. I see enough opinions on peoples personal blogs. Sometimes you expect to see a more neutral opinion in these sites.

          Also where did you come up with your name? I was hopng it was a combo of Zorua and Vulpix but am prolly wrong.

    • Wanderlei

      Kingsley is neogaf plant to spread black pr.

    • JeanPaul

      i dont see it as negative..

      • If you honestly dont, then that’s your opinion and I respect that 🙂

    • Me Gusta

      No Me Gusta articles with negative spin.

    • sdmac200600

      There was only one negative sentence…

      • Clel

        And a big fat negative tone.

    • jay

      It’s just poorly written.

      Basically it’s a bunch of the writers’ opinions.

      “but it’s likely that the HD bundle will find its way to the rest of the world, especially if it sells well in Japan.”

      “In other words, they’re interested in seeing if they can repackage old games and sell them on the Wii U for an easy buck.”

  • Mj78

    Why does this guy bother writing on here. I don’t mind negative news being reported, and wii u certainly deserves a lot of the negative press it gets, but any news item from this guy is just always negative. Maybe he needs to seek professional help?

    • Truthteller

      You people are sick. Any one who does not write Nintendo propaganda ‘needs help’ or has a ‘sad, lonely life.’ Bullying people is not how you get people to love Nintendo, Nintendo needs to come with what people want, not with what they want people to want. If Nintendo does not know what people want – hire me!

      • Marcus Navarro

        You’re disgusting. Anyone who supports Nintendo’s automatically an agent, right? You act as if the fanboys of the other corporations(one of which is the #4 most monopolistic-minded in the world) are all sunshine and daises.
        I hate the bitchiness of people on this article just because it’s negative, but damn, dude. Sometimes, just be quiet.

        • Truthteller

          Have you worked in a corporate environment? Are you a brownnoser on your job? Well, if you can’t stand brownnosers and you hate corporate BS, then you can understand why I can spot the BS agent comments a mile away. It is annoying how they lie/have an excuse for everything. They love who lies the best, not who IS the best.

          • Marcus Navarro

            And once again, you taking this out of context. Why am I not surprised?
            This is a comment section, not a politics-filled office. People here don’t respond well to negativity, regardless of truth. They express their love for Nintendo because they can, not for a check.
            And as for who they believe to be the best, I proudly present you Microsoft- the corporation who creates the #1 fleece tool in video gaming history that consists of online MP+a feature set that’s available on any smartphone for less or free- and Sony Computer Entertainment- a corporate branch that hasn’t had an original or innovative thought since the PSP/PS2. Microsoft rips off people that don’t mind being ripped off because they have the “best network in gaming” and Sony pushes products that are essentially the brainchildren of executives that aren’t very creative yet can execute.
            No one’s perfect, and whether or not you’ll understand the differences between brownnosers and fans of a corporation showing their love and support is to be seen. There’s a difference. You just have to broaden your views.

          • Truthteller

            See, you just hated on two companies because they are better than Nintendo. Nintendo brings nothing to the table, but you expect us to feel so sorry for them that we buy the Wii U. Nintendo needs to stop trying to make people accept what they are selling and make it so that we go out and get it because it is what we want. When they give us what we want, they will sell. If not, then they can spend years still trying to figure out why they are out of the home console biz.

          • crocodileman94

            You sound awfully much like “Knowledge”.

          • Truthteller

            That’s what’s up!

          • Marcus Navarro

            What the FUCK?! (-_-) You really just did that. That’s some of the most asinine, under-developed, processed-and-regurgitated bullshit I think I’ve ever read on ANY thread(in essence). How do you take something so out of context and add details so irrelevant to anything being said between us that it blurs what the point of the comments were in the 1st place?
            “…you just hated on two [corporations] because they are better than Nintendo.” I dislike Microsoft for many reasons, most of which have nothing to do with gaming and none of them having ANYTHING to do with being better(whether you mean level of success or quality of product) than Nintendo. I don’t dislike Sony, for they’ve basically shot themselves in the foot with the PS3(which posted major losses for SCE) in order to provide a good gaming experience, which is commendable(and the PS3 experience was rather good). However, my point still stands: not since the PSP/PS2 has Sony offered a product that’s indicative of original thought or innovation of ANY kind. They should just make their entire purpose to make PC gaming affordable by re-purposing it as a console- oh wait. That’s exactly what they’re doing with the PS4. What a shocker! -_-

            “…you expect us to feel sorry for them that we buy the Wii U.” I DON’T GIVE A FUCK! Don’t buy it. Shun Nintendo products ’til you and the earth are one. You’re a big boy. It’s your decision, so why the fuck would I waste my time convincing you or anyone that doesn’t want it? Asshole! I know you’re gonna bend this message in your own way, somewhere along the lines of, “Oh you’re just using reverse psychology to convey subliminal disappointment and make me feel sad that I’m not getting a Wii U and that’s making you upset.” Fuck you.

            “Nintendo brings nothing new to the table,…” You know what? I’m not gonna let you catch me beating a dead horse, so I’m not responding to that. Necrophobia towards the slain equine.

            That entire slag heap of a comment you just posted. Let that be a sterling example of why you’re labeled a troll. How are YOU gonna tell ME why I said something? I made a comment relative to the nature of all fanboys(which YOU EVEN FUCKING STATED) towards imperfect corporations and you turn around and go, “You jus’ a haytuh. Ninteh ain’t no bettuh then dem.” It’s no wonder that people find that you’re taking the piss most of the time you’re on this damn site. It’s because YOU ARE!!!

  • Toadlord

    I wonder what the price-point will be. I could see myself picking it up if it was 50 bucks or under.

    • Truthteller

      No more than $20 sounds right.

    • Marcus Navarro

      A remake of a remake of an awesome game…
      sub-$25 is the right price.

  • Guest

    I’ve seen the video, and I was really underwhelmed by the graphics. Learning that it’s actually a PS3 port and not a remake built -for- WiiU explains that. I’m really tired of these lazy ports that make it seem like WiiU can’t deliver next-gen visuals. Just update the character models, Sega! The dudes look like they were lifted straight from the PS2 original.

  • WiiUisgaming

    Help me with this petition to bring Wiiu eShop to everybody

  • Magnus Eriksson

    “In other words, they’re interested in seeing if they can repackage old games and sell them on the Wii U for an easy buck”

    Sounds like WiiU to me…

  • Superstick98

    Looks good.

  • kevin nun—-

    Oh my.. Smart to release it only in Japan, seems like an unappealing game for NA..

  • Marcus Navarro

    John, this aritcle is troll bait. You do realize that, right?
    Other than that, good to see a journalist with balls(although you don’t seem to fond of the Wii U). I’m getting sick of remakes/ports on the Wii U….
    …although this is Yakuza. And Yakuza is kick-ass awesome. And not many people remember this title.
    God damnit, Sega! You and your asinine and troubled past!

    Edit: I knew it. This IS troll bait. Everyone’s favorite troll’s here. Guess who?

  • Michael Erick Reyes

    As someone who didn’t own a PS2/PS3 and I have always wanted to play these games. I would glady drop as much as 30 for this collection… plus its sega… please release old games on the wii u i love my dreamcast

    • Truthteller

      See, this is propaganda to try and make it sound like it’s a good thing when it is a bad thing.

      • Marcus Navarro

        Ever played Yakuza? No? It’s okay. Neither did 1/8 of PS2 users at the time. It’s really good. You should try it.

      • sd

        Actually choice is always a good thing. I would rather choose not to buy this than not have the choice. Some people may decide they want this. So give them the choice. How can it ever be a bad thing to release old games in HD. How many people buy the virtual console games, these are not even remakes.
        The only time it would be bad is if these games were being released instead of new games, which they are not.

        • Marcus Navarro

          Erm…reword that last bit.
          Otherwise, agreed! Choices>No Choice

          Here, have an upvote!

          • sd

            You mean “The only time it would be bad is if these games were being released instead of new games, which they are not.”
            i dont see the issue with this sentence. If they were releasing HD remakes instead of new games it would be bad. But they are releasing these remakes as well as new games so it is only good.
            This is what my original sentence said and it reads fine to me, does it not make sense to you?

            Thanks for your agreement though.

          • Marcus Navarro

            You’re missing an “only” in that last sentence. It’s very unclear. But I now see your point.

          • sd

            “instead of” superceeds only and would make it redundant in the sentence based on my meaning. I am not claiming only producing these games would be bad, I am claiming taking resources from other games that they are waiting to produce would be bad. But as long as they have the resources for both it is good.

            Hopefully that makes sense. Oh BTW I actually dont mind these sort of discussions so thanks.

          • Marcus Navarro

            It does make sense, but the way you wrote it was too wordy though, so the meaning kinda got lost.
            And yeah, better than being locked in a bitter flamewar over grammar.

  • Marcus Navarro

    He didn’t label him a troll. Zorpix simply doesn’t appreciate the negative tone Kinsley adopts in his articles. Nothing wrong with personal preferences.
    YOU, on the other hand, just simply takes things out of proportion. At least Kinsley has the courtesy to tell it like it is. You lack said courtesy, so people dislike your “this shit is shit” toss.

    • Clel

      Just flag and move on with your wonderful lives 😀

  • Marcus Navarro

    WHEN they’re agents? Isn’t an agent always an agent? If you’re gonna give a declaration, at least stick to your principles.

    • i think that some corp give him money to lose time here, like in other nintendo webs.

  • Yugi

    more old games for wiiu lol

    • Orto

      May the power of miyamoto compel you! May the power of miyamoto compel you! Go back to the abyss fony boy.

      • John Raybell

        He’s a troll for stating a fact? fanboy much?

        • Marcus Navarro

          Shhh…let it go, man. Let it go.

  • Orto

    I am a fan, funny how your name is truthteller when your anything but.

  • Mr. J

    Hey guys guess what I got pikmin 3 today yeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!

  • Marcus Navarro

    “Labeled?” Let’s keep this in perspective, please.
    He doesn’t like the negative tone. I couldn’t give a fuck. You obviously care more than Zorpix does.
    And I know there’s a way to be honest and positive. It’s called tone.
    “Phony?” Elaborate. I’m just saying what I think.

  • Marcus Navarro

    “Systems with hand-me-down games, remakes, rehashes, and games from system’s past”
    ALL OF THEM!!!

    Edit: My God. You must be in the Top 10 of the most close-minded people I’ve ever seen.

    • John Raybell

      well to be fair, the wiiu has been treated worse as far as portsrehashesmilking goes.

      Still love the console of third parties did a good job of crapping on the games.

      Waiting for good first party stuff as of now, third party is BLOWING it!

      • Marcus Navarro

        True. Although I think Mario’s the only real milking Nintendo does, whatever generates your mass effect field. Good points.
        Here, have an upvote!

        • jay

          Mario is constantly being Re-invented though.

    • fireheartis1

      We need to stop replying to Ignoranceteller. His trolling is getting really annoying on this site for real.

  • bizzy gie

    I want that Wii U case color in America.

  • sd

    It is such a shame Shenmue 1 and 2 are part published by MS. They would make for great remakes. I never played Shenmue 2 but Shenmue 1 was amazing at the time. Plus space harrier was included in the in game arcades. SO if they could ever remake Shenmue I would buy that for sure.

  • Wulf

    Are they getting paid for writing articles like this one?
    If so, where do I sign up?

  • John Raybell

    I cant wait for 2015, I wanna hear about some new games. until then meh

  • lonewolf88

    ive never played this is this a good series? a may pick it up if it comes to the us.

    • Marcus Navarro

      Imagine GTA4 with better fighting mechanics and less compelling story, and True Crime: Streets of L.A. but better in general and less weird.

  • John Raybell

    We all know who you are, dont act like we dont 🙂

    Mr.Knowledgeiswhatsup We see you.

    As far as “AGENTS” go, you have always seemed like a ps4 Agent.

    TRUTHTELLER IS Knowledgeiswhatsup!!!!!!!!!

    • Marcus Navarro

      I don’t think he’s denied that claim yet…

    • tronic307

      …Is Donaald, will keep getting banned, and will have to find yet another new alias for his old BS.

  • Joey Perez

    if you had reading retention skills you would be able to comprehend my statement . and if you really feel the way you do … you would not ever play anything on the virtual console which is a major part of the wii u in itself .. blah some people just like to complain…

  • Zzenya A Thompson

    Half of the Wii’s best sellers were gamecube games. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a lot more of this in the years to come.

  • SeroReviews

    Well, Kinsley and “truthteller” are the ones who always post negativism… I’m here wondering if, by any chance… LOLLL

  • Gotallofthem

    FYI: Amazon currently has COD Ghosts for WiiU for $50 in case anyone wants to pick up a nice discount.(For other systems its 60 bucks).

  • Ice Climbers

    I’d like to bring up a discussion point. What do you guys think about Nintendo and third party support?

  • C.S. Bailey

    Release Shenmue HD, then watch the cash roll in.

    • Daniel Brown

      Haha. I just mentioned Shenmue to my cousin just as I opened this article. Then lo and behold.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    not buying it…it was wack back in the day anyway

  • crocodileman94

    “In other words, they’re interested in seeing if they can repackage old games and sell them on the Wii U for an easy buck.” Why do you have to make all news sound negative?

  • SkyStormXD

    guys, i dont see any new 3ds news……

  • starwars360

    Never really like Yakuza series. I found this Franchise with weird throughout game. I did played first one on PS2 in past but then I found it is bored. I remember I played LEGO Star Wars: The Original Trilogy for GameCube, Okami for PS2, Just Cause for Xbox 360 and The Godfather: The Game for Xbox 360. Those 4 games came out around time same time for Yakuza 1 in UK on September 2006 and I spent those games so much but for Yakuza I did completed game on it then trade in it. While other 4 games is more fun and better games for my opinion and played them more time. 🙂

    At least Wii U get more games it is good news anyway. 🙂

    God Okami is beautiful game. I remember also bought Wii version for 2nd time through I loved it lots.

    Also if Wii U sales up and better this Christmas and 2014 then I hope Capcom bring Okami 2 for Wii U. Gamepad will be perfect use since it is wolf painting adventure game so Gamepad with touchscreen and you draw painting on screen in Gamepad that will be perfect use for Okami 2. 🙂

    • 00EpicGamer00

      I love Okami too :3

      But, uhh…..Just so you know. Capcom already made an “Okami 2.” It’s called “Okami Den”, and it’s for the DS.

  • 7Down

    “In other words, they’re interested in seeing if they can repackage old games and sell them on the Wii U for an easy buck.”

    True I guess, sounds bit rude with these words though.

    I don’t really mind, I’ve never played these games, if it comes I might just buy, have Yakuza games been good?

  • mch

    I want this Game on my Wii U here in Switzerland. Idk if it´s for a quick buck of SEGA or not. I have never had the chance to play this game, this would be my only chance and I am sure it would be fun. So please Sega and Nintendo make it happen and bring it to Europe (and America).

  • SkullScience

    I agree, the article is fine and informative until the last paragraph which is opinionated and unprofessional. Anyone with a slight gaming knowledge would know how massive Yakuza games are in Japan, and a port/rehash, whatever you want to call it, can only be a good thing in this particular case as it will shift consoles. And every major console available have had HD remakes of top selling franchises. Silent Hill, Metal Gear etc…

  • Truthteller

    I am stupid

  • Truthteller

    I am a fail troll

  • Truthteller


  • thedeciderU

    haven’t played these before, but if it has any sega quirk, i may consider picking them up. i’d really like to see shenmue come to wiiu vc. i’m SO mad i sold it. it was such a neat experience (at least from my memory)