Aug 26th, 2015


Devil’s Third hasn’t even been released yet in the United States and it’s already caused quite a bit of buzz. Earlier this year, there were rumors that Nintendo of America had no plans to bring the game to North America due to quality issues, which prompted XSeed to step in as publisher for the title. We don’t know what happened or why, but that deal was axed after Nintendo of America confirmed that it would be the publisher for the title.

Now it seems as though this may have harmed the relationship between XSeed and Nintendo. We don’t have any further details on that, but a person close to XSeed offered a small bit of insight into what may have happened:

XSeed was super not happy with Nintendo taking back publishing. This likely harmed their relationship long term, so we’re even less likely to get situations where Nintendo passes on something and XSeed picks it up.

Curiously enough, Devil’s Third would have been the first Wii U title published by XSeed, had Nintendo of America not decided to “reclaim” the title. Most of XSeed’s current catalogue is PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and Nintendo 3DS games though they did publish a few for the Wii during the previous console generation.


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