Jul 8th, 2015


Last month, developer Renegade Kid confirmed that their 3DS title Xeodrifter would be getting a Wii U release. This led many to wonder if it will be one of the few cross-buy titles that Nintendo has supported. Jools Watsham answered yes for new customers, but the answer was unclear for those who had already purchased the game on the Nintendo 3DS. Now it looks like those past purchases will be honored as cross-buy after all.

Initially, Watsham tweeted that he was working with Nintendo to resolve the issue, but that early adopters may not be able to get the game for free on Wii U. A few short hours after issuing that initial statement, Watsham shared the good news on Twitter. This is great for fans of Renegade Kid’s style of puzzle platformers.

Will you be picking up Xeodrifter on Wii U, or do you already own it on 3DS?

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