Apr 23rd, 2015 publishUpdated   Apr 28th, 2015, 8:48 am


Nintendo of America have announced a video showcase dedicated to Xenoblade Chronicles X for Friday, April 24. The game is releasing in Japan on April 29 and prior to its release, several showcases were done to show off the features of the game, including the character creation, open world aspect, and how the mechs system works within the game. The showcase will be available at the regular Nintendo Direct address, though that page hasn’t been updated with the new information just yet.

It’s likely this presentation will be similar, as it is designed to introduce fans to the game and give them something to be excited about. Perhaps we’ll even get a release date now that the game is almost available in Japan. If you want to watch this, you’ll need to tune-in at either 11am PST or 2pm EST, depending on your timezone.

Cue the Ron Paul .gifs people, because it’s finally happening!

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