Feb 9th, 2015

Last Friday Nintendo hosted a Japanese-only presentation for Xenoblade Chronicles X, explaining a bit more of the game and showcasing more footage from the game. We got to see an early look at how some of the systems in the game work, including Soul Voice, as well as the basic story for the game. While the presentation itself was neat to watch, if you don’t speak or understand Japanese you had to rely on rough translations from those who do to understand what was going on.

Finally, someone released a full cut of the video presentation that includes English subtitles and annotations. You’ll need to make sure both are on in order to enjoy the video to its fullest, as the actual audio is still in Japanese. However, being able to process information as it shows up is a real boon, so if you’re eager for more information on Xenoblade Chronicles X, be sure to check out this translation.

The game has a release date of April 29 in Japan, but North America and Europe are still undecided. Japan is even getting a special Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U bundle. If the same bundle comes to the West, it’s likely we’ll see it around Christmas time.

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