Sep 21st, 2015


One of the big appeals in the upcoming release of Xenoblade Chronicles X is that combat mechs known as skells are and important part of gameplay. While they become a huge focus in the game later on, your characters don’t start with the ability to use them. Monolith Soft’s Tetsuya Takahashi says in a recent issue of Game Informer, this is because once you have the combat mechs, traversing the world starts to feel quite a bit different.

The main reason we didn’t want players to have the Skell from the beginning of the game is that we wanted them to have the opportunity to fully explore the world on foot first. The world starts to feel quiet a bit different once you have the Skell, especially once you experience different layers of the world vertically.

Obviously the skells have quite an impact on gameplay, so you’ll have more paths open to you once they’re available. The game will release in North America on December 4. Are you still looking forward to playing it?

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