Apr 10th, 2015


With Xenoblade Chronicles X hitting Japan in just a few weeks, we’re learning some interesting things about the release. A few months ago, Monolith Soft revealed that the game barely fits on the Wii U disc because of its size. Because of that, Nintendo is offering four downloadable packs for the game to help speed up load times for disc players. This is not DLC in the form of playable content, but more like loading the textures on your hard-drive so it doesn’t have to pull them from the disc.

According to another tweet from the same person, these four packs are as follows:
  • Field/Basic Data Pack (Large effect) : 2GB
  • Enemy Data Pack (mid): 2.7GB
  • Player Data Pack (mid): 3.6GB
  • Doll Data Pack (mid): 1.7GB

You need to install the basic data pack first, as it is required for the other three. They’re optional, but if you do decide you want to download them, you’ll need the basic pack in addition to whatever other data pack you download. Obviously this is the solution Monolith Soft talked about a few months ago in regards to reducing load times for the game.

There’s currently no indication if the North American and European release will be the same way, but if you’re planning on picking up a retail copy of the game, you may want to check that you have the extra 10GB available should you decide the load times are too long.

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