May 21st, 2013

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Microsoft is scheduled to unveil their next version of the Xbox later today and while that doesn’t directly affect Wii U owners, as a person interested in the gaming industry at large, it’ll be interesting to see what features Microsoft will mimic or include that the Wii U doesn’t. Nintendo has had a full six months and counting to grow their marketshare versus the onslaught of Sony and Microsoft and the company has somewhat squandered that opportunity by lack of marketing, lack of available games, and poor third party support.


The Xbox.. what?

At this point, we don’t know what it’ll be called yet, so we’re rolling with Xbox 720 until the official announcement. Once that is made, that’ll be the last you hear from the place holder name. Some speculation arose that the next Xbox would be called Xbox Infinity, but that turned out to be a redditor’s joke just to see how far he could get the news widely reported in the media. At this point, we don’t know the name, but come 10am PST, that will change.


The specifications for the Xbox 720 are widely rumored right now. Like the Wii U and the PS4, we know that Microsoft will most likely be using AMD as their CPU/GPU provider. This moves them closer to being PC-like than the Wii U, which still uses the PowerPC architecture of the previous generation. This puts Xbox 720, PS4, and PC platforms in similar development and optimization routines, while the Wii U currently remains the outlier here. This is one reason why third party developers may be hesitant to develop for the Wii U in the future, as it will require massively different optimization development while the other three main platforms have closely assimilated.


Exact specs for the next Xbox 720 are unknown right now, but we expect them to be close to what the PS4 offers. Expect 8 GB of RAM and with a rumored 8-core AMD CPU attached. The graphics chipset will be anywhere from the Radeon 7780 to 7790 family, as development of the system had to be locked in at some point last year. We shouldn’t expect anything newer than that.

The big question for many is will it include Blu-Ray? Sony did a lot lost generation to make sure its Blu-Ray format was embraced universally, with Microsoft backing the losing HD-DVD format. Games aren’t getting any smaller though, and with the capacity to hold 50GB per layer, Blu-Ray is the obvious choice. Microsoft will have to embrace it for the games, but whether it’ll play movies is an entirely different matter.

Media Center Features

Perhaps the biggest push Microsoft did last-gen was turning the Xbox into more than just a gaming console. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant videos and social media networks like Twitter and Facebook are all accessible through the console. Microsoft will likely continue that trend this generation, but if it’s behind a paywall like last generation with Xbox LIVE, both Nintendo and Sony already have Microsoft trumped. These consoles can access all of those services for free, without having to shell out $60 a month to Microsoft just for the privilege of using something already on the console.


Expect Microsoft to embrace TV and try to offer something similar to what the Wii U has with TVii, but also expect it to cost quite a bit for those who want it. Where as the Wii U provides this service at no extra charge, Microsoft will likely be reaching deep into your wallet to tell you what’s on your TV.

Nintendo created its own social network with the Wii U called the Miiverse, which is a brilliant way for Wii U owners to share content with each other. Currently it’s a closed system meaning you can only create posts on the Wii U itself. Nintendo should leverage the Miiverse by expanding it, making it capable of posting drawings to Facebook and Twitter and allowing people to share outside its closed garden. It’ll bring exposure to Miiverse and will offer something no other console has at this point.

Backwards Compatibility: Nintendo’s Trump Card

Currently it’s speculated that the Xbox 720 will not offer much in the way of backwards compatibility because of the massive architecture change. The same can be said of Sony’s console. If games are at all backwards compatible with the two new systems, it’s speculated that it will be software only and you’ll need to purchase them digitally.


Nintendo currently has a back catalogue of games stretching all the way back to 1985 that remain backwards compatible with the Wii U. The only problem is the roll out for these games has been painfully slow. Fans have been asking for more each week, as well as more systems to be added, including Gamecube games and some popular Wii games from last generation. This isn’t unlike what both Sony and Microsoft will be doing with their greatest hits from last generation, so there’s no reason that Nintendo shouldn’t offer the likes of Skyward Sword, Xenoblade Chronicles, and other popular Wii games for Nintendo fans.

The only problem with expanding their catalogue to this degree is the lack of space on the Wii U. Nintendo themselves have admitted that the white basic edition of the Wii U was a mistake and the 32GB of space offered on the deluxe Wii U is piddly compared even to today’s Xbox and PS3 that offer upwards of 250GB of space. Sure, external hard drives are cheap, but once you factor in the $100 purchase price for one of those, the Wii U isn’t so cheap anymore.

Overall, expect Microsoft to announce a lot of third party support for games, including exclusivity for games like Call of Duty. It doesn’t affect Wii U owners that much since the games will likely come to the console once that period is over, but Microsoft is throwing hundreds of billions of dollars at marketing, advertising, and developers to coax them into deals with the console. Nintendo is going to have to step up their game in order to compete in this arena.

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  • Lubu42

    I just dont like how the PS4 had all these features about “posting to facebook!” and “posting to twitter!” and keeping social networking sites fully integrated into the console’s online service. I don’t want facebook or twitter or any of that hooked onto my consoles. I just want to play games with a nice online service that has nothing to do with social networking sites. Nintendo did amazing with this as they basically made their own (miiverse) and it only has to do with the community’s for each game. I’m hoping Microsoft doesn’t go down the same path as PS4 did :/

    • They likely will, though. All of this social integration is coming, whether we want it or not.

      • Cerus98

        In case ya missed it, BR is 25 per layer not 50.

    • Mc Robins

      Then you have us PC gamers with Raptr, Xfire, etc that would LOVE to see that kind of integration. I wish I could get my hours on Wii U into Raptr and on Facebook.

    • greengecko007

      Having the ability to utilize social features does not mean you have to use them. If you want to just play your games, then just play them. Sony isn’t holding a gun to you making you use all of the PS4’s features.

      • Magiphart

        It shouldn’t be a selling point. Almost everything can use facebook and twitter. Social networking has gone way too far as it is.

        • greengecko007

          That’s your opinion, and it’s fine to have that opinion. But going by how many people do use social media, and do like it, it is a smart way to both widen their audience and get potential free advertising. You may not like social media and features, but millions of other people do.

          The selling point for the PS4 right now is obviously the hardware, and the list of confirmed games for the console.

      • Lubu42

        But the point is that Sony is making such a huge deal out of it making a large part of the console revolved around social networking. They should just stick with gaming related services IMO. I know you don’t have to use them but the fact that they’re integrating it into practically every feature on the PS4 is what aggravates me.

        • greengecko007

          Well, don’t use it. Which sounds better to you? To have less features on a console because some people don’t care about the features? Or to have a variety of features on a console that people can choose if they want to use or not? In my opinion, taking features away hurts people that want them, while keeping the features doesn’t hurt the people that don’t care about them.

  • Steven

    I saw this comment on Kotaku:

    (note: my opinions). The Xbox will be the third of the next gen consoles, and will offer a separate experience to what is available.

    The Wii U is a console that – although figuring out how where it should be – is targeting families and hardcore Nintendo fans. It’s not so much aiming for the casual audience that the Wii aimed for, and that’s sensible because of mobile games chomping up that spot. Instead, it wants to come out as family, as cooperative. The issue here is that it’s still going to overlap with what mobile and tablets offer. With sub $200 tablets and free games being quite a formidable competition. It may become a second GameCube, with it being loved mostly by the core Nintendo fans.

    The PS4 is the core gamer console. It’s placed games front and center. It has pushed and highlighted the fact that you will have a traditional controller. One of its hooks is that it is developer friendly, further enforcing the idea of game content. It looks to be a console for the gamer. Social elements with the console may seem to blur that line for some, and consider it more casual orientated, but with YouTube and Twitch both being examples of core gamers sharing content, then the social elements also make sense.

    The next Xbox will go for the living room. Not just games, but TV. It will be the hub of the Windows environment. It’s not specifically aiming for families, or casual players, or even core players. But it’s going to be presented as an integral device for home and entertainment needs. For TV shows, movies, live sports, entertainment on demand, the Xbox will be the solution for this. It will do what everyone was expecting Apple TV to potentially do, it will just have a proven game platform included.

    So here are 3 platforms with 3 separate goals. As a gamer, I’m excited about the PS4. As a fan of Nintendo, I can’t help but stay interested in the Wii U. And as a consumer, the idea of a unified entertainment system has me interested in the next Xbox.

  • Josiah Parsons

    Nintendo went down a separate path when it picked gameplay over graphics, and I agree with them; but I am rooting for PS4 to win the graphics battle. playstation people don’t get on my nerves as much as xbox people.

    • D.M.T

      I’m the opposite, I think Sony fans are worse than Microsoft fans so I’m rooting for the next Xbox to win the graphics war.

      • eh. I grew up with sony though. so that’s my vote

        • D.M.T

          And I grew up with Sony too, I had a PS1, PSP and PS3 but Sony fans are the worst in my opinion and life needs to teach them a lesson by somehow making PS4 the least successful console next gen.

          If the PS4 is successful than Sony fans will continue to be a disgrace to the gaming community in my opinion. They need to learn the hard way and a failure for PS4 will teach them.

          • greengecko007

            I completely disagree with you. Saying you want a company’s product to fail just because you don’t like some of the fanbase is naive. It’s no better than Sony or Microsoft saying than want Nintendo to fail because they don’t like Nintendo fans.

          • D.M.T

            You’re right, I shouldn’t wish for PS4’s failure but it would be nice if Wii U is more successful than PS4 to teach them a lesson.

          • I’m all for that!

          • Magnus Eriksson

            so much fail…

      • Nintendo fans are the worst because they lie, get angry, deny reality and still think that they are #1 when they are not in the game.

        • CyanideInsanity

          and this is the part where I say fanboys of anything are the worst. I’m a fan of all 3 systems, but neither one is definitely above the others. Each has its own successes and flaws.

          • Wii U is clearly behind the other two. The pricing on these two systems will determine which one I buy. If we are talking a $50 difference, then initial games will tip the scale.

          • CyanideInsanity

            and that has to do with what I said how?

          • KnowIedgeiswhatsup

            I bought a Wii U already. ;P

          • I must be that popular that you have to try and be me. I guess my words are strong and my truth makes liars angry.

          • KnowIedgeiswhatsup

            If only I were that popular. I thought I’d troll myself in order to give this site a show. I already bash them, so I might as well do it with some style and give these paid agents a show titled, Inside my trollish head.

          • mikel334u2


        • Joey Perez

          not in the game yet made more money off their hardware than the other two.. and make more money off their own games than anyother company .. yes its due to the fact they have so many.. but hey its reality .. they have many and thats whats up .. numbers dont lie.. and neither does money..
          i will agree its less powerful
          it hass less third party support
          but nintendo makes games people will buy a system just to play .. maybe not you sir..
          but millions of other people
          i think nintendo fans are the worse too … but being a company with fans like nintendo is a big + …

          • They made money, but no one is interested in their items. Nintendos sells the most games because no one else makes good games for their systems and Nintendo’s graphic style fits archaic hardware. The Wii U does not have millions of fans.

          • Nikko Ybanez

            3897 comments? Damn! Who likes your comments anyway? Your alternate accounts?

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Quite many likes them. You guys on the other hand… to predictable, you will believe Nintendo is right no matter what.

          • jay

            “They made money, but no one is interested in their items”


          • No, it means they made profit from what they sold but they did not sell many.

          • jay

            “did not sell many”

            Wii sold 100M Units. Where the fuck have you been??!!!

          • Joey Perez

            For you to say it does not have millions of fans just makes everything you say from her on out in valid illogical when they sold over a million units already

        • Potemkin

          Sadly I came to the same conclusion. How they preach graphics are not important and how they acted when the 3DS came out showing Wii-like graphics, saying how awesome the games looked and compared it to the PSP, but as soon as the PSVita came out they went back to the “Graphics are not important but gameplay”. Hell! Even when the WiiU launched they kept comparing it to the PS3 and 360 and calling the other “obsolete” because the PS3/360 couldn’t add that extra spark in Batman Arkham City. And if you don’t believe me, just go to Youtube, search a video comparison and see the comments of the fanboys.

        • jay

          lie/deny reality. ONE word:


        • KnowIedgeiswhatsup

          Yet Sony and Microsoft fanboys whine really hard when Wii U get’s good exclusives. Heck Sony fanboys are worse then Nintendo fanboys with reality. Sony’s in deeper financial trouble then Nintendo is…

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Yup, this is very true. Wonder why just Nintendofans act like small children as soon they meet some criticism. First I thought that they actually were childrens, but some of these guys are actually quite old. Strange…

      • Clel

        As a Mario and Yoshi and Crash Bandicoot hybrid, I have to agree with Josiah here.

      • mikel334u2

        Really? Outside of the Internet, I think Xbox fanboys are the worst, and they just hammer me with their ignorance.

    • Super Buu

      The truth is that PlayStation fans and XBOX fans are great people but the small percentage who are rabid fanboys and haters completely ruin their image as a fanbase. You can never truly determine which fanbase is the best. There are millions and millions of people you’ll never encounter so you can’t really judge them. Just keep in mind that fanboys from company A does the same thing as fanboys from company B: They give their fanbases and company a bad name. That is all.

    • Xbox ∞ is crap

    • Jason Wilkins

      I’m sorry. Nintendo did not pick gameplay over graphics. They picked Nintendo over all else. Nintendo has been and remains a proprietary box ONLY concerned with Nintendo. Unfortunately, this isn’t 1993. Consoles don’t live or die based upon their first party titles and now if you want the console with the smallest library, well you gotta get yourself a Nintendo…

  • If the specs are as similar as we expect compared to the PS4, there’s no reason for me to get the next XBox unless it can gather some new and exciting exclusives.

    • D.M.T

      If it’s cheaper than PS4 and the online is free than there’s no reason to buy a PS4 unless you care about Sony exclusives.

      • Microsoft won’t be offering free online, especially with what was shown today.

        • D.M.T

          Yeah and they will charge people who want to play a game they borrowed from a friend or if you buy a used game lol. You have to pay a fee to install a game that was owned or is owned by someone else.

  • Kevin Sepulveda

    For the first time ever and it might be because this is the first time I ever watch game news and development closely. I will probably buy either an xbox or ps4 to have along with my Wii U. I love Nintendo and always will be their supporter but I want to test the new waters that everyone seems to go crazy about.

  • DereX

    Is Microsoft seriously still charging for live?

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Nah, wont get XBox. Will probably get PS4 and maybe keep my WiiU if it get some better games.

    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      Attaboy… And I won’t dissappoint…

  • Laud

    Xbox One.


    • Ducked

      Why couldn’t they call the first Xbox, one?

  • so basically ps4 is better than xbox 720 by looking at the 2nd pic i never liked xbox anyway so i will be gettin ps4 of course

  • Cerus98

    “Games aren’t getting any smaller though, and with the capacity to hold 50GB per layer, Blu-Ray is the obvious choice.”

    Blu Ray discs are 25GB per layer. 50GB discs are DL.

    • Cerus98

      I think I have a downvoting stalker — how cute. Stated 100% accurate facts get a downvote. I love WiiU Daily, its the best place to come for trolls.

  • DeedsGaming .

    It’s called Xbox One haha, 8gb ram really not that ‘next-gen’

    • CyanideInsanity

      it kind of is. there aren’t too many games today that absolutely need more than even 4gb of RAM to be played optimally. I’m not sure how much RAM will be needed for 8th gen console OS’s but it’ll still likely be less than a PC OS.

  • dylanbob121

    I hate it when other gaming companys copy what nintendo has. PS4 having a screen, the PS move its pathetic. The next Xbox I bet will be good but if it has a screen, I’m boycotting it.

    • CyanideInsanity

      PS4 controller has a touchpad, not a screen

  • D.M.T

    I’m not interested in neither one of those consoles and I don’t want to be associated to their fans who hate Nintendo for being different.

    If for some reason, those systems have a game that I REALLY wanna play and it’s not on Wii U,than i’ll buy a used Xbox 720 to play the game.

    Yes you heard me correct, if I even buy a Xbox 720 it will be a used one, I won’t pay full price for a new one at a store. It’s not worth it to pay a lot of money for a console that I will use to play 1 or 2 games and watch movies on it.

  • A SNES Day Off

    Good luck to Microsoft. In terms of reliability, I sincerely hope that they have learnt from their mistakes with the 360 and show more competence in heat management.

    • Ice Climbers

      Have you seen the console? It has huge vents all over it.

  • 60 dollars a month for xbox live? Sounds like a typo :3

  • Antar Rodríguez

    xbox one, is great but im a nintendo fan

  • MS made a couple of mistakes. The first and potentially worst, is keeping the green 360 color! They should have made it blue. This could be a problem for them. The second is sticking with the ‘always on’ and focusing too much on TV. One thing is for sure – Wii U can’t compete with either system!

    • Joey Perez

      the wii u does almost everything this advertises..
      i use my gamepad for my directv all day.. it controls my tv… and inputs too
      it even has a mic if nintendo wanted to allow voice… and yes its proper mic hardware to make this happen … it would just need a voice command update…
      i think we both new microsoft would over compensate on the tv aspect of it…
      but thats because older people like parents need to find it usefull for something other than games to pay a hefty price on xmas to make the kiddos happy..
      wii u will have great games.. great looking ones.. i say about year 4 we will see the xbox n ps4 make the way nicer games and wii u will fall behind yet still sell well as nintendo will continue to develope good games till its dead hell if it sells well 3rd party or indie games may flock to it as its gonna cost less… but they will have to be wii u exclusives as the wii u wont be able to produce the graphics or large games the other two consoles will…..
      but if i may say …..
      who wouldnt play nintendo exclusives? 🙂 interesting time for gaming seems like a repeat of last gen… accept ps4 may actually beat out xbox.
      as to me kinect still seems the same … just easier to use.

      • You guys keep lying to yourselves about the Wii U being able to keep up. If it makes you fell better, keep it up.

        • D.M.T

          I just read that Microsoft requires games to be installed to play and only one Xbox Live account is allowed to have the game. If you borrow the game to a friend, then your friend must pay a fee to be able to install it on his Xbox One. This also means that if you buy a used game, you have to pay to install it.

          Do you know what this means? That a lot of people will not buy the new Xbox because of this and also because they still have to pay for online. Wii U might not beat PS4 in sales but it can definitely beat the Xbox One after this news

          • Yeah, that is not cool, but people buy DLC so what’s the difference? I guess they are trying to get some money back from used games. This does nothing for Nintendo as they have no games and they don’t do what other systems do. All this means is that Sony will be in control of things. Damn, this will be their forth system of running things, even though the PS3 was a very close second.

          • Xbox one has no games either pfft

          • jay

            GOT EM!!

          • jay

            “Damn, this will be their forth system of running things, even though the PS3 was a very close second.”


          • No, they say PS3 took a slight overall sales lead, but the 360 was seen as the victor. Meanwhile, Nintendo has been in no higher than second place for 20 years!

          • jay

            Wii outsell both your favorite consoles.

            Take ya troll shades off!! And see REALITY!!

          • What has the Wii U done?

          • jay

            Wii sold MORE than both. You’re a fucking troll in denial.

          • Ice Climbers

            “This does nothing for Nintendo as they have no games…” Did you really just say that?

        • KnowIedgeiswhatsup

          I’m lying to myself guys. Gosh I hate when that happens. O.O

    • jay

      You’re post was decent until you threw in “Wii U can’t compete with either durr hurr”

      You’ve made your opinion clear. You have more than 1,000 posts that say this.

  • CyanideInsanity

    inb4 xbox one name praise

  • Ford Crews

    What the hell is wrong with square and flat, and plays well with others, I don’t want a game console that looks like a fricking piece of artwork, I want one that stores neatly.

  • Jon

    LOL, the Xbox One…. and people complained about the Wii U name because it was confusing…. I can just see how this is gonna go for the new Xbox. Also, nothing on that entire presentation really made me want to buy one, there was so interesting things but nothing to make me wanna go spend a couple hundred dollars.

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    Nintendo Definitely could have packed way more memory into the WiiU. Ill admit they didn’t think that thru very much considering the new possibility for all digital downloads. Definitely need more memory for that

    • Fred

      Go buy an external hard drive. I bought a 2TB one and I will probably never fill it even though I buy all my games digitally.

      • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

        I don’t need more I’m just saying. Cuz I have the 32 Gb and I don’t buy digital

        • Fred

          If you don’t buy digital then 8GB is enough

          • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

            Hmm maybe. I have ALOT of games tho and plan on getting more. The deluxe WiiU was the better deal anyways. 50 extra bucks for a 60 dollar game and 4x the memory is definitely worth it

    • Cerus98

      In this case memory is incorrect. Internal storage would be more accurate.

      • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

        Same thing

  • I think that it is cool, but the PS4 looks more attractive to me. The game animation looks stiff when it should be more fluid by now. No word on 10-bit color which should the the rule and EA’s graphics suck. EA was never good at graphics and Madden looks like the same old Madden with stiff animation, guys with short limbs and nothing that looks real. They also have the same graphic style. I see potential, but I need to see something new. At least MS show the system from the start.

    • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

      As much as I hate EA… that engine was incredible for the sports games.

      • You did? I saw the same old EA graphics just looking a little cleaner. Once I see NBA 2K, then we will see what’s up.

    • jay

      You know shit about technology. Shut your mouth. I hate when people who are tech illiterate pretend to be engineers online.

  • Fred

    As to the possibility of Nintendo putting Xenoblade on the Wii U. Nintendo confirmed to me that it is a possibility. I asked them about it and here’s part of their reply,

    “Thanks for sharing your comments with us. I can certainly understand your interest in obtaining a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles. Xenoblade Chronicles was available exclusively through Nintendo (US/Canada), GameStop (US), and EB Games (Canada). Nintendo carried the bundle (with the Classic Controller Pro); the retail stores had both the bundle and the disc only for sale.

    While I realize this is not what you were hoping to hear, at this time, the game is currently out of stock through Nintendo, and we are not expecting to have more available. Although we have not announced it for release on our Wii U, I want you to know that your interest in this game has been documented and made available for the other departments here to use as they see fit”

    My guess is that IF enough of us contact Nintendo like I did

    That they will release Xenoblade Chronicles so that those of us (like me) that didn’t hear about it before and now can’t find a used copy for less than $100 will have the chance to play it.

  • Joey Perez

    i watched it… and other than dual scene play and blu ray i was not overly impressed it does everything this current 360 does with with better voice options… its nice i cant say its not nice but its not as great as i had hoped and the actual console is huge! … the controls look nice…
    as far as ghosts goes….. it was just an engine upgrade it didnt show off anything xbox one can do as im sure they will use the same engine on all platforms…. its a boost of an engine but since its not an xbox exclusive i feel it should have not been shown and something else like gears could have.. but hey thats what E3 is for right?
    with this happening i conclude all 3 systems will succeed .. again… and xbox will be the same as it is now and as for nintendo and ps4 they will have a big battle to be in a second place as far as install base goes however both will do well..

    but lets not forget price… price is great ..
    nintendo will be sub 200 🙂
    xbox1 and ps4 will be 300 – 600
    i will wait..

    features.. cool voice commands upgrade …..
    and nice media integration

    nintendo has tvii <— not so great
    but does the gamepad not have mic…. voice commands could possibly come throught his as well…
    🙂 gaming is exciting and nintendo still has s omething with the game pad the other two do not…
    ill stick to xbox and nintendo and leave playstation out this gen. god of war is the only game i care for on sony consoles… 🙂
    ok nintendo show us ZELdA!!!! show us METROID.. SHOW US A NEW GAME !!!

  • Archiq09

    With new XboxOne,
    Nintendo lost a rival xD

  • Danny

    Xbox one seems interesting but im still going to wait for more news, about the Wii U not having much memory on the system is ok for me since i got a 2TB external drive for it so it’s all good. PS4 and Xbox one better try to convince me which one ill be getting that will follow along with my Wii U.

    • I wish people would learn the difference between “storage” and “memory”.

      • Cerus98

        The terms are for the most part interchangeable.

  • Antar Rodríguez

    the one thing microsoft is doing right is releasing big hit games on the launch window, a thing nintendo didnt do wich i consider a mistake for them, but when they como ill take the risk on saying they will have more sales than the new xbox one games

    • NkoSekirei

      nintendo wants to make sure their games have quality and not completely broken on release date like aliens colonial marines went through

      • Antar Rodríguez

        i know that but they did have enough time to prepare at least 1 or 2 first party game for wii u launch, and seeing it as a bussines matter it was a mistake not to do so

        • They did. people just ignore them. Nintendo Land and NSMBU. Nintendo Land just wasn’ the major pull they expected it to be. You could tell since last E3

          • Antar Rodríguez

            yep well i was kind of meaning the heavy hiters like a new 3d mario or zelda, but yeha those were first party games that werent as good as they were supposed to be, hopefully the new 3d mario, zelda and smash will raise wii u sales up.

  • Rob Lucci

    Xbox One…hehe….

  • ReeseD

    I bought the White WiiU so I could use the saved money to buy a 320gb HD for 40 bucks.

  • Lev M

    graphics doesn’t mean you’ll win

    • discuss

      But they do help.

  • jay

    if i wanted xbox news i’d be at

    • Cerus98

      They have to plug their sister sites ya know, it’s all about hits.

  • Ducked

    Xbox One wants to know everything about your life. Scary right? I”ll stick with Wii U and PS4.

  • The way I see the console wars right now is Nintendo>Sony>Microsoft. I like Nintendo because they aren’t afraid to be different and have a ton of great axclusive series like Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Pikmin, Pokemon, etc. Also Nintendo consoles are usually the cheapest. I like Sony because while it’s expensive, they always have top notch hardware and pretty good exclusive titles like God of War. I don’t like Microsoft because it’s hardware not top notch like Sony, they hardly have any exclusive titles, and things like having to subscribe for Xbox live seems like it’s just a cash-grab,

    • Jon

      I always liked Nintendo and Sony, MS… meh, couldn’t much care less, this new system, I care less even more. it is hard for me sometimes to say which is better for me though lately it has been Nintendo, their games are fun and I love a lot of the series they have

  • HypocritesRROD

    Ashley King showed a lot of love for microsoft in this article. I’m still excited for nintendo. The new xbox RROD will have the same FPS games but with better graphics. While nintendo will bring the big hitters. Nintendo franchises in HD. A lot more variety. A lot more fun. Overall, better games.

  • John Madsen

    nintendo cares about game play so does sony and until microshaft notices that there customers want backwards compatibility and the option to turn off kinects then there console will fail

  • deadthxlive

    research shows that only 5% of gamers use backward com but the rest don’t

  • Kirbyomega

    I think this Xbox One has a good idea.

    I don’t think the PS4 is a good idea.