Apr 9th, 2014

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDcS8xWlX8s]

In today’s special edition of The Zorpix Den, Tucker Martin from Xbox One Daily agreed to have a chat with me about the differences between the Xbox One and Wii U. I think it turned out to be a pretty good discussion!

This being my first time using Google+’s Hangouts on Air, I accidentally had the camera focused on him the whole time! Sadly, you don’t get to see my face just yet!

Let me know what you think of the discussion (and the video format for the Zorpix Den) below!

Miiverse and Zorpix


Game: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

zelda wind waker auction swift sail

I mean seriously… These people just got done telling me they’re not fans of the ocean or sailing, yet they’re all like “Oh, what a lovely sail! I’d love to have that!” People… I am saving the world. I’m pretty sure I need this more than you. Sometimes the Legend of Zelda doesn’t make sense. Or any video game where you’re legitimately the only one who can save the world. Kingdom Hearts for example. “We need to go find King Mickey, but I’ll be damned if Ariel doesn’t sing ‘Swim This Way'”.

Post Text: I like how they send one skylander to do something, then think nothing of it when a different skylander comes back XD

Game: Skylanders: SWAP Force

skylanders grim creeper

In Skylanders, NPCs will send you off to do random tasks that are needed to progress in the story. During those tasks, you have the option to switch Skylanders. If you come back as a different one, they pay no mind and talk to you normally. While I completely understand it from a game perspective, it makes no logical sense! That’d be like sending Pikmin off to get a lime, and having Samus come back with a bag of M&Ms.

Post Text: The devil sleeps…

Post Tag: Arachnode

Game: Pikmin 3

Pikmin spider

You might have to squint to see it, but there’s a curled up spider in that web! I’m pretty sure at the time of posting, this thing had eaten all but two or three pikmin. It simply went back to sleep afterwards. What a jerk.  Spiders are jerks. Climbin’ all over my walls. Making weird crunching sounds when I try to pet them… How inconsiderate!

Wrapping up

Thank you all for watching the video, and please let me know what you thought of it! I’m not sure if I should start doing more videos, or if I should just keep writing, so any input would be awesome! If you do happen to have any suggestions for next week’s topic, any questions about the content I wrote, or just wanna say hey, feel free to sound off below! If you really feel inclined, you can mosey on over to my TwitterFacebook, or Miiverse account. Please don’t feel offended if I don’t respond to friend requests on the Wii U, as I reserve that for people I actually know in real life (usually…). I’ll probably follow back though!

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  • JB

    Without watching the video (yet) I think you didn’t show your face on purpose… Oh the mystique!! Haha 🙂

    • XD As much as you might think that, I swear it was a complete accident

  • jjbredesen

    I enjoyed that a lot good points, seen your face but not moving XD

    • you watched the whole thing already? o.0

      • jjbredesen

        So far 😛 just had to make a comment before all of the comments roled it :P, i am on 15:12

        • XD I was gonna say 😛

          • jjbredesen

            I am not on the not having to buy 4 wii motes part and just using the gamepad etc.

      • oh wait!

  • Hey everyone! Sorry about accidentally hiding my face! I hope you like the video, and I hope you learn a thing or two about the Xbox One. I sure did! Thanks for tuning in, and let me know how you feel about the video format!

  • SmashFinale

    This video is an hour long, how the hell are people done watching already? xD

    • The art of magic and spellcasting!

    • jjbredesen

      Juping forward 😛

  • palomino blue

    We all know what you look like. Been seeing that avatar for a while now.

    • That’s just a stoic face I literally have everywhere I go!

      • like my eye

        • Shane Michaels

          And me…
          I dont know, my face changes a lot. Being the Doctor and everything. Right now, I look like some bloke called Peter Capaldi.

  • i im in the storage part.

    i have the 8 gig. model, thanks god i have lot of extra hard drive, it’s not a problem for me.

    • yeah, having that hard drive is so nice…

  • Vriska Serket

    I own 8oth actually. IMO they are equal in terms if how much I enjoy them. However, the X8ox one has 8etter control and way 8etter media support, although on wii u pikmin 3 and Mario 3d world and wwhd pro8a8ly 8alance this out.

    • I’d say that’s fair 🙂 Xbox One is better in terms of all around entertainment, where the Wii U is a bit stronger in the games area

      • rsco6969

        its also been out a year longer. but facts are Nintendo have most of the greatest exclusives EVER!!!!

    • crocodileman94

      Is your 8 8utton 8roken?

      • Vriska Serket

        Nope I just like using this typing quirk.

  • gerb1977

    I’m sure the video is great and I hope to be able to watch it at some point but please don’t make this a habit. I enjoy your articles and it is much easier to read through as time permits then to try and watch a video. But really that is just for my own selfish reasons so………

    • I think I’ll probably stick to articles for the most part. I just wanted to try my hand at this, will probably do one more for the PS4 and Wii U. After that, I’ll write again 🙂

  • NintendoFan

    Someone disliked for some reason so I liked it to counter that :3

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    Watched the entire video and you both have very good points. Keep it up, very interesting 🙂

    • Glad you liked it! Thanks for watching 🙂

  • david jarman

    Games like Nintendoland, Deus Ex, The wonderful 101, Raymond, ZombiU and Splinter Cell made excellent use of the gamepad and give an idea of whats possible. Even Black ops and Ghost did an awesome job with the gamepad. I think developers and publishers need to get out of their comfort zone and back into using their imagination.
    Break the cookie cutter!
    That goes for you too Nintendo!

    • I agree completely :3

    • Shane Michaels

      I would love to see Zelda U do something awesome with the Gamepad, and the next Mario, and even the next Sonic, possibly, and also Sonic Boom, and basically, I want every game to use the Gamepad if possible.

    • TULFich

      can you use the gamepad in COD to deploy your streaks? 🙂

      • david jarman

        You can in Black ops 2.

        • TULFich

          damn, I should get that ver. 😀

    • Jaded_Drybones

      Here’s a WiiU vs xBox comparison (in WiiU’s favor) http://youtube.com/watch?v%5BYT%5D=WlT3ZjDjD78%5B/YT%5D

  • DisneyRadianceX

    You should do a Wii U and PS4 Comparison next

    • Who knows, maybe I have it planned already… 😉

    • bistricky

      And then do a Wii U and Atari 2600 comparison ….. LOL ….. Great show Zorpix …. need something to entertain us Wii U owners until May 30th and then until Winter 2014 ….

      • DisneyRadiance101

        Was that a joke?

        • bistricky


          • DisneyRadiance101

            Whoops sorry, I misread your comment. At first I thought you were cutting on the Wii U.

          • bistricky

            No, I definitely was not cutting on the Wii U …… fact is, is that I love my Wii U (nearing 50 retail games in my collection, since I bought mine in November 2013) ….. saying that, I am frustrated today because of the lack of release dates for the many games many Wii U owners are looking forward to. If we take the May 30th release of Mario Kart 8 and the now stated Winter 2014 for Smash Bros. one does wonder which “true” direction Nintendo intends to take the Wii U …… with no set release dates for X or Bayonetta 2 (for example), it does make me concern that Nintendo is just spacing out their games as far as possible until they announce the console that will replace the Wii U (many years down the road) ….. saying all that Zorpix Den is really a treat on this site ….. I look forward to it each week. Zorpix could compare the Wii U to any past or present consoles and I know it would be quality ….. cheers 😀

          • DisneyRadiance101

            These lack of release dates have me concerned as well, but Nintendo has to stick with the Wii U for at least three more years. So they’re still bring us amazing Nintendo games. I love Super Mario 3D World and Pikmin 3, and I can’t wait for Mario Kart 8. But I’m not much of a Smash fan, Monolith’s X however has me very interested. I don’t like the fact that Nintendo has been extremely quiet on Yarn Yoshi and the Fire Emblem and Shin Megami crossover.

          • bistricky

            I agree that Nintendo has to stick with the Wii U for 3+ more years …. and I can’t express enough how much I enjoy the Wii U …. I really think its a super game console. But a few more release dates in 2014 for their first party games (the many they have shown some videos to promote) would make a world of difference. Its nice to see all these indies etc coming to the eShop but I prefer to buy games in retail format for my library (and I support almost all of them … great, good, or ugly). What I have trouble believing is that with all those games they have hyped for the future, that none of them is close enough to completion to let them set some release dates,
            I have had many friends over to my place to see the Wii U for the first time and they all seem to love it … and a few have recently purchased one, but the common talks we have is when other first party games are going to be released after Mario Kart 8. I guess we can only cross our fingers that Nintendo will do so, sooner then later. Cheers 😀

          • I’m not really a indie person, and I prefer my games in retail as well. I love my Wii U as well, I just wish it had more third party support. I might buy another system, probably PS4 since its cheaper just to play third party games. I love the gamepad concept, but Nintendo hasn’t really done much with it besides Zelda WW HD and Nintendo Land, I still love off-screen play. Its nice when your sharing the room with other people. My most anticipated game would be the new Legend of Zelda, which is far off distance away.

    • Carlos Webster

      I agree, because it’s a much more fair comparison than Wii U and Xbox One, because the Crapbox One… is just crap. that’s it.

      • DisneyRadiance101

        I’m not much of a fan when it comes to the Xbox One either. Online required to work, lack of exclusives on Xbox, and kinect required to function drives me away.

  • Ducked

    Nice video, I honestly watched 35-40 minutes out of the video. Paying for Xbox Live is something I’ve always been against as well.

    Do you plan on doing more of these in the future?

    • I’m thinking about it…

  • Dark-Link73

    First of all I wanna say that I haven’t had as chance to watch the video because I’m at work. That being said, I’m wondering, what does taking about WWHD, Skylanders, and Pikmin have to do the the article’s headline “Xbox One Vos. Wii U comparison chat.”

    I’m confused.

    • It’s the miiverse section I do at the end of every Zorpix Den. They don’t always relate to the article at hand, they’re just posts I thought people may enjoy 🙂

      • Dark-Link73

        Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Ok. Thanks for the explanation. I guess for somebody like me, who doesn’t read your articles, or anyone who might be new to the site; it can be a bit confusing to jump right into that section without any introduction of any sort. 😉

        Sorry about that.

        • Sorry about that! In my next article, I’ll be sure to make a note that it’s just a normal thing for my weekly “Zorpix Den” 😉

          Yeeeah that was a bit of an oversight on my part >.>

      • Arthur Jarret

        Not always??? They’ve NEVER related to the topic at hand! :p

        • Ah ah ah, Nintendo Land article did. ;P

  • Rinslowe

    When Halo releases then Xbox One has it’s relevance in my cave…
    I don’t care about it’s features or applications when I’m playing that game.

    Wii U is awesome, it’s fresh and kinda quirky in all the right ways. And so what if the world has a hard time with all of that…

    In all fairness though, the Wii U could be better represented by Nintendo at this point in time. And MS practically murdered their own baby at birth, but still has a solid fan base so go figure.

    • Yeah… they’re both great with their own problems!

  • ChrisCamp

    After watching the video I have concluded – You guys are really young… or I am really old??? That is all

  • Sam

    I think the differences are Nintendo is Nintendo, Microsoft is Microsoft, the Wii U has a second screen, Xbox One is a cable box that plays games, Wii U runs most of its games at 1080p full HD, while most of Xbox One’s games run at 720p, and Wii U doesn’t have an NSA patent to use the Kinect to spy.

    • Brandon

      Wii u definitely doesnt run most of it games at 1080p, and the xbox one is now going to start running its games at 1080p.

      • companyoflosers

        most of the first party games that are about to come out are 1080p. bayonetta 2 is even confirmed 1080p 60fps. the wii u’s ram has a WAY higher bandwidth than both xb1 and ps4 from my understanding so it may have less actual power, but in other aspects, it has more flexible resource distribution.

        • Brandon

          Yea i know that some of the games coming out on the wii u will be 1080p, well the first party at least, but as of now most of the wii u’s games are not in 1080p. The main ram is much slower then the xbox ones and ps4s, its just the edram that is faster. Even the edram wont change the graphics anyway, but aslong as nintendo brings good games with good visuals its fine.

  • Sam

    I thought that was you at first judging by your Mii.

  • Blue Hernandez

    LOL dust your Wii’s off <@:-)

  • SJ

    Actually as far as the 8gb model goes I think the OS takes up 3gb and the mandatory update is 1-2gbs in size

  • mojack411

    Wow, that was a very good video. You both had very interesting points and there was zero bashing or unfounded statements from either side. Good job to both of you, it’s nice to see an XStationU fanboy like me out there too.