Jun 23rd, 2016


Xbox boss Phil Spencer is probably the most diplomatic and respectable people in the industry. He has constant praise for the competition at Sony and Nintendo, and always comes across as courteous and polite when talking about other games and consoles.

So it’s not a big surprise when Spencer recently praised Zelda Breath of the Wild, saying that “it looked good at E3”. He even praised the upcoming NX, saying that “it’s an exciting time for the industry when Nintendo launches a new console”, according to GameSpot.

Spencer has previously praised Nintendo’s first party games and had some good things to say about Super Smash Bros too.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild was by far the most popular and talked about game at E3. The new Zelda game is one of the biggest projects ever at Nintendo — in addition to Nintendo’s own developers, they have over 100 people at Monolith Soft helping out on the game as well.

Recently, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto talked about the innovation in Breath of the Wild, how they approached the development, and what sets it apart from previous games in the series.

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