Jun 11th, 2012 publishUpdated   Oct 27th, 2012, 11:10 am

When Microsoft unveiled their “SmartGlass” app that integrates tablets and phones with the with the Xbox 360, some claimed it would make the Wii U with its tablet controller irrelevant. But nothing is further from the truth — the Wii U GamePad is an organic part of the console, SmartGlass is a gimmick, at best. The Wii U offers developers new possibilities from the very beginning, while SmartGlass for the Xbox 360 is something that has to be tackled later on. Another issue with SmartGlass is that whatever device players use, whether it’s a tablet or a phone, it’s still not an integrated controller, with analog sticks, buttons, etc. The only thing it can do is display secondary information — a map, inventory screen etc. Players will have to fumble between the Xbox 360 controller and the tablet all the time. It’s easy to see how this will get tiresome after a few gameplay sessions.

Wii U vs Xbox 360 smartglass
“The Wii U tablet is an organic part of the console, SmartGlass is a gimmick, at best”Despite this, Microsoft still believes that SmartGlass is better than the Wii U, as Yusuf Mehdi, one of Microsoft’s marketing folks, said “I believe this approach is actually better, because what we’re doing is embracing it as truly a supporting screen”. Only Mehdi forgets that you still need to hold an Xbox 360 controller in your hand while trying to look and/or use the secondary SmartGlass device. The Wii U doesn’t have this problem, because the tablet and the game controller are integrated seamlessly into one device, it’s not just a random secondary screen that’s been added.

Eventually, it’ll all come down to the games and how they utilize the new technology. Nintendo has created the Wii U entirely around the controller and the possibilities of that technology. Game makers can be sure that every single Wii U console will support a tablet controller, while they can’t be sure that any Xbox 360 gamer will use SmartGlass at all. This severely limits SmartGlass’ use — it will never offer any major gameplay advantage since the developer can’t count on that the player actually has a secondary device. But they’ll know for sure that every Wii U owner has at least one GamePad controller. The only feature SmartGlass can add is a minor secondary functionality that has no major impact on gameplay, so whether you use a secondary screen with your Xbox 360 or not, it won’t really matter. But it’ll matter a lot for the Wii U.

In the end, SmartGlass appears to be something Microsoft cooked up when they saw the direction Nintendo was taking at E3 2011. It’s nothing but a desperate attempt to try and compete with the Wii U later this year.

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  • Chris

    Well to be honest it was pretty clear that the Wii U would kick Smart Glass’s ass because it was Nintendo’s idea in the first place and Smart Glass only really works with changing films so really Wii U is the winner

    • 007 1/2

      U guys need to check out some of the comments about this on other sites. Google smart glass and the click on the one from engadget.com. the comments are on the bottom. those people are all brainwashed.

    • Nintendo FAN

      Screw Sony and Microsoft!!!…. What would a kid say with easy words???……….GET YOUR OWN!!!!

  • Captain snugglebottom

    It’s always the same thing Nintendo comes out with a great idea and then
    Microsoft and Sony try to do the same but they definitely have a hard time trying to hide the fact that they copied Nintendo

    • Chris

      Again, Sony did not copy Nintendo because the Playstation Move was in development a year before the Wii was being developed.

      Microsoft just coped both of them, the kinect is just the Wii and Playstation Eye rolled into one failed attempted to try and have controllerless motion controls

      • Miks

        Chris, the PowerGlove was made waaaay before the Move was even thought off.

        • Djs

          Yes and i actually had one of thouse lol , it was interesting that you could make mario jump by moving your finger . but in the end it was crap lol

      • LordiMcKill

        Yet it took Sony 4 years to release the PS Move.

      • Adders

        Sony did copy nintendeo as nintendeo had the power Glove for the nes back in the 80s way before the first playstation.. The power glove was no good but it puts to rest this sony did it first thing

      • Rawr

        Looks like a retarded fanboy is mad that sony is getting dissed. Sony only excells at making T.V.s.

        • LazerK

          Not even that.I have an LG TV that was about $500 cheaper than a Sony tv that was about the same size and res,and the LG looks way better

        • Hammerstabs

          Sony makes great Walkman Mp3 players too. They have incredibly clear sound.

    • Gene

      Sony isn’t new to motion gaming. Check PS EyeToy, it’s a tech from 2003

    • Jarred

      Exactly! The first attempt at a motion controller for the PS3 was an utter failure, it couldn’t even recognize your movements. Then they come out with the Motion thing, and we all know what part of the body that thing looks like. Microsoft sees this and basically shits bricks and develops the Kinect which still doesn’t match with the Wiimote, and now this SmartGlass crap?! Really Microsoft?! Like it said in the article they forget you still have to fumble around with the pad and controller. No hassle for Wii U users.

      • Robmiezer

        Except you will have fumble with the entire controller. The shape and design look like it will become annoying after a bit.

        • Lazyboy88

          i disagree, the wii u gamepad is very light, it’s only 500 grams (1.1 pounds) so i believe it’s very easy to handle, of coursei haven’t held it in my own hands but i still think it’s very easy to control, but we’ll see xD

          • 007 1/2

            I love the gamepad, but 1.1 pounds is heavy when you hold it for an hour.

          • 007 1/2

            i take that back nevermind

    • Robmiezer

      Not sure on who came up with what 1st but how is this different than the PSP and use with the Playstation? Extra screen for extra goodies!

      • 007 1/2

        The game pad can’t cost more than $50. The PSP Vita is $250.

  • AZHood

    “I believe this approach is actually better, because what we’re doing is embracing it as truly a supporting screen”.

    If the Smart Glass demo Microsoft showed was any indication, the supporting screen will have background information (such as the schematics of the ship in Halo 4) extras (Game of Thrones), and minor game play elements (as demonstrated in Madden). The extras could be interesting and/or worthwhile, but I don’t see Smart Glass seeing huge implementation when it comes down to the core game play on the Xbox 360, as it doesn’t have a dedicated game tablet like the Wii U.

  • Britton

    Smartglass sounds seriously obnoxious to use. Its only even usable if you have a decent tablet of some sort or an expensive smart phone. That was a very embarassing attempt to compete with Nintendo. Microsoft and Sony are strong when creating a powerful machine with great graphics…. but they lack originality. In my opinion Nintendo will come out on top every time until the other two actually try to have an idea of their own.

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    Wii U Gamepad beats this smart glass idea. Easily. This isn’t even a debate. Nuff Said.

    • Robmiezer

      Until you drop controller and pay another $150 to replace it, lol..

      • Dat Guy

        If you dropped the smartGLASS it would probably break in an instance, and if you dropped the Wii U game pad it would probably not break that easily since it’s made of plastic.

        • 007 1/2

          Yea the wii u screen is plastic. If u drop a windows tablet, it will break. U just lost $200 and many other features that u actually use. If a gamepad breaks, u lose $50.

      • dsdfsdf

        That can be said about anything…

  • swic11

    I got into an argument with a few friends about this. They were calling “smart glass” innovative technology, while the Wii U look stupid in their eyes. I obviously called them on their bullshit about it, stating that the fact that the gamepad is a controller with the screen makes it the ultimate form. Microsoft has clearly gotten the hang of copying Nintendo, and they are doing it from the get go.

    • Britton

      You seem to be conflicted. Right here you are defending the WiiU…. and on other boards you are trashing them. Which is it?

  • 3ds guy

    Never had a xbox never want 1 smartglass jus dont sound interesting wii u all the way some good years ahead i predict an i guess wen wii u is out they will start thinking of new handheld for in few years to come luvin 3ds for now tho the should make a gameboy ultra now we have had 2 ds

  • 3ds guy

    nintendo has a magical feel to some of its great games like mario 64 zelda pikmin smash bro which stay in ur memory 4 eva to swic 11 all my friends have xbox but i have asked them wot first party titles they have played it is none it either fifa or cod and they could not even name any xbox 1st party titles x box fans are not gamers in my eyes as only play three types of game fps fifa an racing now they jus cant admit the wii u is better because they have been calling the first wii for years but seeing will be beliving

    • Swic11

      I like my xbox, I’m a Nintendo fan hands down, do hopefully Nintendo can get their 3rd party support going do I don’t have to buy the next box

  • Roo

    “The Wii U tablet is an organic part of the console, SmartGlass is a gimmick, at best”

    I laughed so hard. For once, somebody actually called something Microsoft did, a gimmick. XD

    • Marq

      Plenty people were -and still are- calling Kinect a gimmick.

      • Gene

        It’s funny you Nintendo fratboys talk about “gimmicks”

        • Nintendo Fan Forever

          Nintendo’s no gimmick, and never can and won’t be considered a gimmick. I can’t think of what you are thinking as a nintendo gimmick. everything they have made, or have done is strictly there own idea, and has been a success.

        • dojo

          gimmick? iv never seen somthing come from nintendo that wasnt original the smart glass? plz wtf u got on nintendo fans here hmmm?

        • 007 1/2

          thats interesting has microsoftie ever done anything original?

        • 007 1/2

          Has Microsoft ever done anything original?

        • VectorAKA

          The Kinect is an awesome piece of low price tech regardless of its level of use in games as of late. That said said Smartglass is crap compared to the Wii U Gamepad. BTW you guys saying $50 for a gamepad should def do some research…the gamepad is like $169 and won’t be offered for sale in the US for awhile. I’t wont be $50 for a LONG time…

      • Jarred

        Yeah Kinect is just a gimmick, don’t get me wrong I have a 360 and love to play it, but Nintendo’s consoles were my life ever since I got a SNES when I was about six and have always had a Nintendo console to this day. Wii U is going to be great!

  • Miks

    Only idiots would think that Smart Glass is better, I mean, as soon as I learned that it was a application for tablets, I knew that it won’t work, it needs buttons dammit. And Microsoft should really stop this copycat nonsense, they are just losing money by doing this shit. Microsoft has always been in the red zone since they started to get involved in gaming, they should just focus on making the same console, just with a hardware upgrade every next gen.

  • Markus

    Not to mention the 3rd party support for this….who’s going to take the time and resources needed to develop a game for the console and the same time for the ipad/iphone/android/maemo/meego etc. And with the same amount of fidelity and interaction as for the Wii U no less?!

    Even my grandma is calling this bullshit and she doesn’t know jack about any of this!

    • Robmiezer

      Unfortunately what 3rd parties are going to make “real” games for this system. I can’t deal with Nintendo any longer, tired of going more than a year for a game worth playing to be released.

      • 007 1/2

        another loser falls for microsoftie’s tricks 🙁

  • Wii U Fan

    This is how it always goes. Nintendo makes something awesome and innovative, then Microsoft copies them and makes a crappier version of what Nintendo came up with. That’s why they always have the worst game systems, and E3 Presentations.

    • True Gamer

      Yeah just like the Wii u pro controller LOL

      • Parker

        Its just a similar design they are not copying a concept like the smart glass.

        • Robmiezer


          • 007 1/2

            he is right

      • Crapcake

        Micro$ copied the gc controller

        • VectorAKA

          ^ Beat me to it….and Nintendo got sued for the GC controller by who they supposedly copied, lol.

  • LordiMcKill

    This whole SmartGlass Vs. Wii U thing something I call the console circle of life:

    Nintendo releases an innovative product

    Sony and Microsoft see the opportunity and creates and releases a clone of said innovative product claiming it to be better.

    Nintendo moves on and creates a new innovative product.

    This console circle of life will keep going on and on until one of them eventually moves out of the console business altogether.

  • DerikGotro64

    The smart glass is a bonafide multimedia device. It only works on games 20% while the other percentages add up to movies, music, television, etc. The xbox 360 has become a friggin cable box!! The nintendo U gamepad, however works with the games 100% (maybe another percent to the pro controller). If this is microsofts attempt to compete with nintendo, its pathetic, gaming wise.
    Multimedia, maybe. Gaming, nada!

    • T13char

      I think you mean nunca.

      • Parker

        Nada is correct.

        • 007 1/2

          if u google “who gives a f–k?” then my name wont be on the list and neither will anyone else’s.

  • Gamecube forever

    This is always how it goes. Nintendo will come up with something new and original… and then Microsoft or Sony copies them. It’s bullcrap that people think this is original. IT IS NOT! This pisses me off! I hate sony and microsoft! They are so praised and gloried nowadays and it is BULL nintendo that thinks up this stuff and then those copycating MORONS do exactly what they do. Wii U is better than this regardless of what those dumbass haters say! They call the wii u a gimmick and think this is not a gimmick microsoft is retarded! This is just crap out of their gigantic money craving ASSES

    • MarioKirbyMarioKirby

      I know! And not just that, Nintendo has Mario, Kirby, Mr. Game & Watch, and a bunch of other cool guys, sony just has some weirdo characters who are weird and microsoft has nothing. IT’S GOT NOTHING! IT’S GOT NOTHING!

  • Death

    switching between the two would get tiresome and interrupt gameplay even moreso than if everything was just on the screen. :/

  • shadowfan2z

    Why the Wii U Gamepad is better:

    * It has buttons.
    * It has NFC.
    …. lots of other stuff. I could go on and on and on.

    • Marq

      You had me at “It has buttons.”

      • BatJeff

        He had me at “Wii U game pad”

    • Drew

      You had me at “shadowfan2z.”

  • Adders

    To me this shows what a threat the Wii U really is

    If its a load of rubbish as some have said, Then why copy ?

    The only thing I think good of what Microsoft have done is there updates of there system, at least they have improved the system as to where Ps3 have taken away from there system I.E ps2 play and linux

    Really can not wait for Wii U

  • Zhaf

    smartglass is nothing more than a remote desktop, only it is for the xbox.. nothing more.. i can’t see myself using smartglass to play games… touch screen for in game controls? really? yeah it can be used for second screen only, but again, it’s not as useful or dedicated like wii u…

    unless someone came up with a tablet with controller buttons for the smartglass (and start the whole who copies who thing you guys always talked about), smartglass is not any better.. even they came up with that kind of accessories, it’ll be hard as hell to get support from developers to build game with smartglass implementation… you can see move and kinect as an example.. because developer will see it as nobility, which gamers have to spend extras on.. wii u on the other hand, will get that tablet out of the box, no more, no less… implementing such extra controls wont be that hard of a decision, because everyone who own a wii u, can taste it..

    turns out a long comment.. oo well

  • Wii U Fan

    Microsoft never comes out with anything of there own. They just sit back and wait for Sony and Nintendo to come out with something new, and copy there ideas. Remember when the Wii came out? After that, Microsoft made the Xbox 360 with the slide in disk just like the Wii. Sony came out with PlayStation Network first, then Microsoft copied and made Xbox Live. Now there gonna copy Nintendo with this SmartGlass crap. That’s Microsoft for you.

    • fgsdfs

      I know, and Microsoft’s ripoffs are always worse and more expensive.

      Xbox Live- Absolute crap compared to Steam and no better than PSN, and they charge you for it.

      Smartglass- Much weaker than the Wii U, and now it requires you to pay an extra $600 for one of Apple’s overpriced tablets.

      And their original purpose for entering the console market was to rip off the PS2.

      • jehn

        Sorry Kiddo..tha BOY was right..sony had already online capability way back in 2001 and a harddisk as well..just check youre facts…so called true shamer…lol…xbox did not start hd disk and so on…playstation 2 did this…xbox only coppied this and made those features come in the console when it was first released…and sega started the online capability in 1999 with the dreamcast…so sega was the pioneer bringing consoles a lot closer to pc gaming then the rest off them…look it up…you will learn something…about true facts that is….MS did copy almost everything off the PS2…haha…and hello…WTF did we have HD ready television screens in 2002 2003…humm dont think so kiddo…again the first ever system with high resolution output on youre screen was the dreamcast again in 1999…true pioneers its a standard hd resolution in japan on television for many years now… the console did 575p on youre telly….its considered HD at his lowest resolution….if you wanna talk about the ins and outs off the game industrie…please check youre facts before kissing MS fat asz…the deserve little praise….laterz

      • rmn

        now you now how jobs feels lol

      • John

        Ur an idiot. Works with exsisting hardware….or a free app for android. Get your facts right before you rip on it. Idiot.

    • true gamer ( I own all 3 )

      Sorry kiddo xbox live is from 2002 4 years before psn (2006) and 360 never had a slide in disk so your whole post is wrong. MS did start HDD, ethernet ports,DLC,xbla,console achievements,gamertags,music playback cross game chat,movie streaming and was the first hd console back in 2001 11 years before Nintendo (2012)lol.

    • MarioKirbyMarioKirby

      Don’t forget how the Wii was made. Then the next thing you know there’s kinect, then the next thing you know there’s playstation move.

      • Robmiezer

        I like the Kinect, gimmick yes, but so is the Wii controllers. How many games “real” games made function of the movement. How many $19.99 big lot games did? Both gimmicks in my opinion. As far as Kinect coping Wii, not sure may have borrowed the idea of a motion control, but no denying that it removed the entire controller and added voice controlled. Ie a copy of motion control but not a copy of the Wii and its controller. Oh I’m no MS fanboy. Just like to state the otherside of the debate.

    • 007 1/2

      when did sony come up with something new?

      • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

        just with the CD-add on for the SNES…JUST the CD. I’m a Nintendo Fan

  • CholoSwagger

    okay, as everyone said, microsoft copys everything. i can proove this more. idk when but the xbox 360 hardware shit was copyed of moltarolla (splt it wrong) anyways microsoft violated 5 patents and r now in court lmao. and the pc idea was stolen from apple. they dont do shit, and their fanboys go die hard for them asses….. smh, nd lik u people said they copyed nintendo and sony on other shit.

  • Nintendo Brony

    I cannot belive that the same “Microsoft Piggyback” thing is happening again.This makes me want a Wii U more just so I can laugh in Xbox fanboy’s faces when the SmartGlass fails in comparison with the Wii U. There are overly stupid Xbox fanboys and fangirls that’ll go to any length to defend Xbox. Kind of similar to me being the only brony at my school.

    • Robmiezer

      And similar that will defend Nintendo to no end. I have had all Nintendo systems, but the Wii was all gimmick, bought and sold it 2 times and kicked myself for trying it again the second time.

  • fgsdfs

    I’m glad Microsoft has released the Smartglass, because it’s just another step in killing the Xbox series.

    • True Gamer

      Funny because the last time I checked Xbox 360 sales had been increasing in fact it was the best selling console for 2011, Wii sales on the other hand are down almost 40%.

      • Parker

        And the wii even with worst graphics is still the best selling system of this gen.
        Also have in mind people is saving for the Wii U

        • Robmiezer

          Price does tell…But wait for the U and see if it can keep up then?

      • 007 1/2

        Yea because of all of u graphics whores. Besides the wii is very old who wants a wii now?

        Also y r there Microsoft fanboys here this is a Nintendo site.

        Also Sony is just as bad as Microsoft. Just saying.

        • 007 1/2

          and pretty much everyone has a wii already and there is no point in getting 2 so of course wii sales are going down.

          • John

            I dont have a wii….bad graphics…..crappy controls.

      • dojo

        you wanna know why xbox sales increased the excessive amount of breaking people had to go buy a new one were as wii sold to most everybody and since they dont go breaking another one isnt nesicarry

      • 007 1/2

        lets face it. nintendo made a mistake with not including 1080p. if the wii was 1080p, it would still b the most popular console.

      • 007 1/2

        because EVERYONE had a wii already y would u buy 2

  • Jetblack

    Buttons are much better than a touchscreen but I don’t see why SmartGlass couldn’t do something like Rayman origins for Wii U. From what I saw of the demo, they never even used the buttons during the game. I’m interested in A symmetric game play and I don’t see why a tablet couldn’t handle the touch screen functions that the Wii U controller provides. Either way, competition is good.

  • Jose

    Smartglass will be a fail comparing the Wii U its self! Everybody just copies Nintendo, that annoys me. Can’t they come up with their own ideas? Red Ring of Death vs Wii U? who would win. Wii U of course!

  • Piva

    I will still buy this game. I am itching for a new pikmin game and this lack of online play is not a problem for me.

  • Colton

    Gotta remember, Microsoft could pull out of gaming altogether and instead focus on making gaming PCs/just computers with high-end specs, and not even lose enough money to care. Nintendo can’t do that.

    Microsoft isn’t really trying to make anything new with it so much as it’s trying to just experiment in my opinion.

    But really in the end, it’s not for gaming, it’s for extras. The Wii U tablet is for gaming on, the SmartGlass is for getting extra in-universe information or hints and stuff in my opinion.

    At least I see it that way, they didn’t really explain it well.

    Isn’t the SmartGlass just a free app though? I understood it like that. It reminds me of HBO Go, which seems to just be a companion for something, not a method of input usually.

  • anthony

    Fuck microsoft and its fuckin xbox360

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      Well said anthony!. even I have a microsoft PC..but a XP one XD. I hate both Microsoft & Sony. (I hate more Microsoft, PSX is a copy of SNES)

      • LyingTuna

        The ps1 started out as a sega cd type console for snes. Not a real knockoff. Not till later. Playstation move, I’m looking at you…

    • 007 1/2

      Sorry I meant thumbs up.

  • ritxch

    i think the real question is how microsoft will intergrate smart glass with there next console, it cant compete with the 360 because the technology is built from the ground up with the new nintendo console.
    it one thing bringing a new idea, but being the first to bring it has its pitfalls as well, as competiors can find way to improve the concept and reliablity of a concept for their own system.
    nintendo for example brought a analoge controller to the n64 pad, but playstaion added 2 to there more basic original pad, surpasing the n64 controllers advantage in every way.
    the danger is microsoft or sony take innovations in the wii u improve and develop imaginative further capablities for their new consoles

    • Robmiezer

      Yes, I do not see how the tablet controller will have long term use. It is an “integrated” screen to be used for only games. But, seriously how much can you do with it besides maps and inventory (or rear view mirror PSP). Oh maybe you solve a puzzle on it, but what advantage is that overooking at my big screen while playing? I am not trolling just don’t see much use of an over priced controlled. MS may be playing this right a free App to add exras to some games, but those without a tablet can still enjoy the game without. Before all this is said and done wait for the controller prices and system cost.

      • Crapcake

        Why even bother comParing wii u ms is better than you

        • Crapcake

          I accidentally switched wiiu and ms ninty rules

      • 007 1/2

        how about if the screen gets blocked from the ammo or something? zombiu also uses the gamepad to create suspense. u can c if zombies are coming at u while changing stuff in ur backpack. if smartglass tried that, u would need 2 pick up the tablet again and again.

    • VectorAKA

      One thing that was leaked in some 52 page document was the possible use of something like Google Glasses with the XBOX and smart glass. If that happens to be true…Smart Glass with your phone and Glasses would be pretty kewl…..with my Wii U of course…

  • Joyous Killer

    Who’s the GIMMICK now Xbox? HAHAHAHA! *Sticks out Middle Finger* 😀

    • Robmiezer


  • Bob

    Smart Glass will most likely be a technical failure.

    • Nintendo Fan Forever

      Not most likely, it IS likely! xD Not even likely, it WILL fail. Its stupid, having to resort to an expensive TABLET and a controller. Even if I could afford an apple tablet, I wouldn’t get the smartglass thing, becuz it sounds like it would be to tiring to keep switching between the 2!

      • Robmiezer

        Or most smart phones. No need to switch, it will have little gaming function with which you can tap with 1 finger…same as you will do with the Wii U controller.

        • 007 1/2

          phones are too small.

  • Sqarticus

    They do say that mimicry is the highest form of flattery…

  • Bobloblaw

    I do not think microsoft’s smart glass idea will do good at all-not only because it is just a copy of the wii u idea, though that is a major reason. It is also because smartglass is just a feature, and like the wii’s message board, it will probably not be used-at all. only xbox 360 hardcore fans will use it(probably). also, most people have apple products, so there is even less chance of it being used (unless microsoft some how gets it on the apple store, which i see unlikely) so idk what u guys r fo worried about.

  • NintendoLover

    I like the Wii U better cuz U can stream the whole game on the Wii U GamePad, like New Super Mario Bros. U. When I get the Wii U and I can’t fall asleep, I’ll get some headphones and watch netflix on the gamepad or play new super mario bros u and that does so much better than Microsoft’s SmartGlass. The Wii U WILL (notice I used will and not might) do better than Microsoft’s SmartGlass. It pisses me off that they even try to copy Nintendo. The Wii U will be a huge success in my opinion. (As long as it’s not too expensive)
    Release Date: Sunday, November 18, 2012
    Price: $299
    Wii U contains: Wii U GamePad, Wii U system, Nintendo Land (according to engadget) Wii U power cable, Wii U Gamepad charger, etc.

  • theMONSTERaddict

    not the first time that Microsoft copies Nintendo just to get money. These companies have no reason to be copying Nintendo. Watch later on these crap companies will get tons of praise while Nintendo wont get any credit as usual.

  • Crapcake

    Hey microshit why don’t you just give up the gaming industry if you copy Nintendo! Actually Sony and Microsoft actually kinda respect Nintendo by copying them because nintendos do awesome. Even nintendos competitors respect nintendo

  • Nintenerd

    Smartglass just can’t compare to the Wii U gamepad because of the built in gyroscopes, Near Field Communication, and camera already built in to the controller. Zombi U and Batman make good use of this and it shows just what to expect out of Nintendo’s newest most powerful and innovative system ever

  • PenguinGames

    I can’t see the SmartGlass working as who would pay Apple or whoever £400 to get a gimmicky little app? (Its an app, right?) If it is an app they won’t get much money for it as no one would/should pay £10 and up for an app. If it is cheap (69p) then they won’t make money. Wii U win.

  • John

    LMAO…..the Wii is for little kids……not hardcore gamers….LONG LIVE XBOX FUCKERS!!!!

  • Tren Frost

    Kinda funny, I was actually looking for an image of the SmartGlass logo for a blog I have refuting the very statement mentioned here about SmartGlass being a reaction to the Wii U and ended up here. I’m sorry, but nothing can be further from the truth. SmartGlass had been in development for at least a year prior to Nintendo showing off the Wii U for the first time. A leaked document from MS talked very explicitly about all of the features of SmartGlass back in 2010, a whole year prior to the Wii U unveiling. Mix that in with Microsoft’s dream of “three screens and a cloud” that was talked about in 2009 and you end up with SmartGlass being built up long before there was any mention of a Wii U with a faux-tablet controller. So…sorry to burst that bubble…

  • sexyomph

    God, this is so cheap.
    Sony and Microsoft yet again show that they can only thrive by feasting on the rotting corpses of Nintendo’s ideas.
    Though Move was a much more evident knock off, Kinect is exactly the same as the Wiimote: Motion controls.
    Now let’s wait three months for the PSTouch or some bullshit like that.