Sep 28th, 2012

There aren’t a lot of decent video game shows out there, and G4TV’s X-Play has been known as one of the better ones — at least one of the more popular ones. In the latest episode, the crew talked about the upcoming Wii U, Nintendo’s strategy and shared their beliefs on whether it will be a success or not.

They give a brief roundup of what we already know about the Wii U, its GamePad controller, technology, Nintendo TVii, and other features. Then the crew discusses Nintendo’s strategy. In fact, they believe Nintendo markets the Wii U to the casual gamer and a broad market, instead of just core gamers.

They did seem optimistic about the Wii U, though. When asked about how well they think the Wii U will do, host Blair Herter believes that Nintendo will “make a ton of money” with the new console, while co-host Morgan Webb apparently still believes the Wii U is confusing. Back in June, she said that gamers are confused about the Wii U and that Nintendo “faces and uphill battle”.

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  • Nintenlord

    Confusing yes but isnt for this that the internet was invented to find info?

    • Jeffery02

      If you think of the Wii U as a console version of the DS with the GamePad being the controls and bottom screen, then the only confusing part left is whether the Wii U GamePad is an attachment to the Wii or if the Wii U system itself is a completely new system. So if people just need to learn that it is a completely new system, then that makes for about 5-10 minutes of web surfing, it’s not difficult to figure out. If you are still confused on what the Wii U is, then please never talk to me again because you’re too stupid for me to care.

      • JumpMan

        that is my philosophy of life.

      • Nintenlord

        You must be new here to think i was talking about me ,i was just sugesting that if you are confuse then use the internet oh and anothe thing ,think before comenting and tring to cash in on the top comment

        • Jeffery02

          I’m sorry if you took it that way, but I meant “you” very broadly. I was trying to agree with, and add to, your post.

          • Nintenlord

            No problem i should have guees cause of no thumbs down

      • relo999

        where is the love?

      • Dan

        I agree Jeff

      • The Detonator

        dude! he knows what the wii u is! that is why he is on the site. he was talking about confusion for OHTER people. understand someones post before yo go trash talking them.

    • gamemaster

      do you guys remember the first ps2 games? ye, the games that looked like ps1 games.

      you cant even compare the games that came out for the ps2 in the beginning and to the ones that came out at the end.

      i usually see a console as a time span, were developers makes better looking games over time.

      if you think your going to see an amazing looking game at the beginning of a game console life span, then your wrong.

      • gamemaster

        BTW. the ps3 was a HUGE fail for Sony. did you know that Sony did not make a profit on the ps3 until 2010 ?

        and why the f*** do everyone believe the next x box and ps3 is going to be a behemoth? if Sony goes down the road as they did with the ps3 then they are going to be in a LOT of trouble. for god sake, the economy is really bad and Sony would be mentally disturbed to make a expensive ps4 (yes i know it`s going to be named orbis)

      • gamemaster

        PS: what reason is there of not being “core games” on the wii u? the fact that a ps3 can barley push 1080 p is rather funny. and the wii u have no problem running 60 frames a second 1080 p, that it self is proof enough that the wii u is more powerful.

        i hate the fact that i have to explain to you people that the wii u is in fact, more powerful than the current gaming consoles.

        and even so. if Sony decides to make a WEARY EXPENSIVE console, its not going to look so amazing as it did with the ps3. because the jump from 480p to 1080p was clearly noticeable.


        • Nintedward.

          for gods sake , the wiiu is DEFINATELY a LOT LOT more powerfull or ‘better graphics ‘ than the ps3 .

          Quick lowdown.

          PS3 cpu = 3.2ghz Cell broadband , wiiu cpu = 2.8GHZ/3.0GHZ ?
          PS3 RAM = 256mb for video 256MB for Sytem .
          Wiiu RAM = 1028 MB for video 1028mb for OS , maybe sharable .

          • Nintedward.

            This posted without me finishing .

            Ps3 has a 550MHZ GPU , Wiiu has a 2011 GPGPU clocked at I am guessing roughly 1.0GHZ more or less .

            Overall the wiiu will be able to run DX 10/11 equivalent graphics whilst the ps3 is DX9 equivalent .

            80% of the ps3 library is less than native 720p , 15% is native 720p and 5% is native 1080p .

            Wiiu at launch is 50% native 720p and 50% 1080p ………… roughly .

            The wiiu is clearly capable of a lot more than the ps3 and 360 . But its modern architecture is a little bit tricky and requires adjustments to make ports or cross platforms look better than they do on ps3 and 360 …..

          • ZombieGuns

            Are you sure about Wii U running Direct X 11 Nintendward? Last I heard it could only run up to DirectX 10. I’d be glad to be proven wrong though.

          • gamemaster

            Reggie ? 😛

          • Nintedward

            Yeh , some leaks stated it can do DX 10.1 and some guy came out and said the other day it can do DX11 equivalent . We will have to wait and see.

          • CountShaqula

            Yeah Unity confirmed DX11 equivalent.

          • gamemaster

            you don’t need more than 1 gb video ram to play games like bf3

        • joesatmoes

          i actually think sony, due to the fact that they lost so much money on the ps3, as well as the vita, they aren’t going to be able to afford to make a powerful console. if anything, the ps4 will be a hair more powerful than the wii u, and that is not due to sony having the money, but nintendo’s lack of next-gen technology (ninty, i love u and everything, but i think everyone here knows, and acknowledges that u are known for not really putting the best tech into your consoles- instead u use innovation which i like. but imagine if we could have the most powerful console AND innovation?). Anyway, Sony and even Microsoft) would have to sell their consoles at a loss if their systems are that powerful as ppl say they are, and they KNOW they cannot earn it back (Sony has free online but their first party games sell just fairly well- not enough to gain enough $ back though, and microsoft has payed-for online, but the only first party games that sell are Halo, which are just one series).

          Nintendo has probably got the best console this gen- it will have all of Nintendo’s usual first party titles, as well as “hardcore” third party support, especially from large companies like EA, Activision, and Ubisoft.

          • jcb411abuser

            nintendo are not know for putting less advanced tech in their consoles, only the wii was less advanced than it’s rivals. gamecube was the most powerful console arguably in it’s generation, definitely more powerful than the ps2. N64 was capable of better graphics than ps1. so obviously you are 12.

          • gamemaster

            that is right. have you ever played metal gear or any other game on ps1.
            damn big pixels 😛

            and you sir joesatmoes should not base nintendos consols on the wii

            btw, Nintendo have usually better tech in its systems than PlayStation does. the only bad thing with some of Nintendos consoles, is storage ( i do prefer playing on my carts then i would on a cd, when it comes to the n64 and ps1).

            sorry for my sentences not making sense, ima so tiered ^^

    • Novum Magus

      I’m not trying to be mean here like some of the other people calling her names and whatnot, but it’s really obvious; Morgan isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but she is kind of shiny, nice and good looking. If something is confusing to her, that is not really saying much. Here is some honest thoughts for her: If she spent a few hours with the Wii U, I bet she would enjoy it and become more accustomed to the Gamepad. She is just giving her thoughts though (I hope they are her own) so you can’t really hate her that.

      • revolution5268

        she suck

  • Jc

    Fuck morgan and her anti-Nintendo attitude. Bitch go get broom and bring me a beer.

    • Lancer

      …Dude, no reason to get so mad and sexist over such a neutral comment. It’s not like she’s saying the WiiU will be awful or anything. Chill out >_>

    • Jeffery02

      Was the sexism really necessary? Anyway, she’s not the first nor the last person with an anti-Nintendo attitude. Personally I feel that people are threatened by the fact that Nintendo may be invading the gaming areas that are currently occupied by their favorite PS3 or 360 and that Nintendo has the potential to take a huge chunk of gamers away from the other 2. No Sony or Microsoft fans want to admit that the Wii U is threatening change in the games that core-gamers play.

      • I agree

        I couldn’t have said it better

      • elbrody

        Yes it was necessary

      • revolution5268

        man i saw the video, you can tell there bunch of graphic whores.

        • MujuraNoKamen

          True dat, the amount of times they incorrectly said “hardcore” gamers (referring to graphics whores) really does my head in, I really think they have it in for Nintendo – I was pleasantly surprised at how generally positive they were in the video but still they were complaining about how “confusing” Wii U’s marketing is and Wii U being aimed at casuals while saying “Hardcore gamers WILL go for the next Xbox or Playstation” what makes them think that? just because Wii was more casual-orientated and the PS3 & 360 weren’t means that Nintendo are a casual based kiddy company? MY ARSE! they also said many hardcore gamers left Wii after a month, OK I wont be a fanboy, Wii shouldn’t have focused THAT much on casuals but, how “hardcore” were these gamers, so hardcore they couldn’t use a simple control style and flocked to mediocre FPS re-hashes on other systems rather than play the (sadly too few) REAL hardcore games on Wii, proper long, complex, fully fleshed out games like Zelda metroid and Xenoblade Chronicles. People have to stop thinking that gritty, HD & gory means Hardcore!
          As long as Wii U can keep the 3rd party support and wont be too underpowered compared to other next gen consoles it’ll do fine, hopefully developers will continue make grittier games on Wii U (we need games to suit all tastes) and hopefully, people will stop being Nintendo-bashing fanboys and actually play Wii U and realise that Nintendo are great and graphics dont make the game.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            The one thing I wholeheartedly agree with that they said in the video was about how natural the game-pad incorporation should feel. There is a risk of throwing in uses of the gamepad just for the sake of it (gimmick) So far it looks like they’re avoiding gimmicky use of the Gamepad and making it make gameplay more immersive (ZombiU) Remember when Pikmin 3 was announced everyone complained saying, “it doesn’t make good use of the Gamepad” IMO I’m glad they didn’t, Pikmin played fine using a normal controller (GC) and I dont see how using the gyroscope or touch screen could improve it. (Aside from a little idea I had about using the touch screen to organise your Pikmin – feel free to ask me about that, I thought it was a sweet idea) in Pikmin I’m OK with them using it only as a normal controller or map/ or if they allowed use of the Pro Controller. The same can be said for Ninja Gaiden on Wii U apparently gamepad use is limited, it’s better they play it safe and restrict use rather than throw in gimmicks for the hell of it.

    • Nintedward.


      • Nintedward.

        No need to swear and be sexist on a site for all ages ……

        At least cover your F%cking swearing .

        • Jc

          Really.!? No need to sugar coat it, that would be hypocritical. Just because you replace a symbol for a letter doesn’t mean people aren’t going to know what the word means.

        • Nintedward

          Just sayin bro , 10 year old boys and girls come on this site for all we know.
          Sugar coating is the only way ….

          • Deuce

            Yeah, they’re apparently so dumb they can’t possibly tell the difference.


      • Nintenlord

        Hey edwards did you miss the wii u event?

        • Nintedward.

          What wiiu event ??? I watched the one in new york , and I’m going to Play expo in manchester in october to get hands on with wiiu !!!!!

          • Nintenlord

            I saw on you tube that the euro thing was today

          • Nintedward

            Really ? , link me up !!!!

          • Nintenlord

            Wii u event eurogamer in londom

    • Britton

      That is extremely crued. As pro-Nintendo as I am… you need to just shut up.

      • Jc

        Wow, how sensitive can you be. Did I hurt your feelings.? No, right.?! So why do even care.? Fucking troll.!

        • Britton

          Are you kidding me? You insult all women by saying that you arrogant and extremely ignorant ass. I dont care if you dislike her its the last comment that shows your limitted mind at work. I cannot believe the responses on this board to this. Unreal. Being a real man is being respectful toward women. Sit down Jc and like I said before… you should just shut up.

          • elbrody

            Hahaha You got jokes,if your punk b!tch ass can’t take it then why the f*ck your here,go the church moth£r f#cker

          • Jc

            You want to know why there are so many reponses on the board. It’s because most people have a good sense of humor and like a good joke when they hear one. Unlike some others who are so up tight that they take shit too personal. Loosen up a bit, then maybe your head will be able to come out of your ass, cuz it’s pretty deep in right now.

          • Deuce

            He’s insulting her, not “all women.” Stop acting like every little thing directed at one person is a freaking atomic bomb.

            But then again, high horses are generally too comfortable to get off from. Maybe that’s your problem right there.

        • Kav

          You hurt mine.

      • Ronny Lee 19881

        Ever since her highly sexist review of Other M I say the bitch deserves it Lmao

      • elbrody

        Yes it was

    • Max

      you made my day with that comment (a little unnecessary but we were all thinking it)

    • Nintenlord

      We dont tolerate that sony atituded here

    • gamemaster

      for the love of god.
      this is a gaming forum, not a gender forum. sigh…

    • Jetty

      A little too excessive. Nobody dislikes Morgan more than I about her Nintendo opinions. Her and x-play just believe every game should look and play like xbox. Although she seems very untaught when speaking about Nintendo, her cleaning is completely unnecessary.

    • Yodin

      Man i do not know why i am reading these comments people make i hate people swearing, i am not gonna read much of people comments anymore…

    • Simeon

      Yeah, I heard years ago that they get paid to bad-talk Nintendo. Just check their history, they’re biased. plus on g4, there were2 hot chicks reviewing game, one of them was Laura For a.k.a THUG, and Tina Wood…anyway, they (g4) used to disagree with Tina Wood anytime nintendo’s name came up. Tina Wood left and she’s working for Microsoft now! She was a spokesperson for the Wii Launch too.

  • Kevin White

    My impression of this when I watched it the other day: Blair basically thinks it’s crap. He thinks it’s aimed at kids and dumbass casuals, that the gamepad is a baseless attempt at innovation, and that the graphics are more or less seventh-generation. He thinks they’ll sell a lot of them, yah, but that it’ll suffer a similar fate as the Wii — soft software sales (only 6% of Wii owners bought Skyward Sword I think?), a ‘for-casuals’ perception, gimmicky games, weak graphics (as compared to PS4 / 720 not PS3 / 360), lame online strategy, and tepid third-party support. He thinks it can co-exist with the real consoles that are for the people who watch his show because it’s everything they aren’t and nothing they are.

    The comedian wasn’t real well-informed on a couple of things.

    The whole segment didn’t go very deep and was frustrating to watch.

    By the way, I think Blair *might* be right about some things, but I hope he’s not

    • 007 1/2

      I dont c the point of gaming tv shows. y would u watch that if u can just play?

    • ZombieGuns

      My advice to you Kevin is to disregard anything Blair says. He thinks he’s so cool when in reality everyone can’t stand him cause he’s a douchebag tool. His comments don’t even warrent a response.

    • NesToWiiU


  • Hater Of Zer0 = H8R0

    I stopped watching X-Play because they started acting strange towards anything foreign, and as I grew older I realized that they have a bias against Nintendo and sometimes Sony. If you watched their E3 2012 show you would realize that they take unnecessary jabs at Nintendo, mocking their “magic” console, and believe they should go the SEGA route (something SEGA doesn’t even want to Nintendo).

  • AnesthesiaGamer

    I hate X-play. Used to like them but they became so biased.
    The last straw was when Adam Sessler complained about Skyward Sword because it didn’t have PS3 type graphics…..

    I was like…. if I see you in person…I will punch you. Not once…not twice…but until there is some sort of anatomic rearrangement.

    • Jetty

      Here’s X-play,
      xbox and graphics 5 out of 5
      xbox and terrible graphics 5 out of 5
      Sony and graphics 3 out of 5
      Nintendo has never made anything worthwhile.
      I regret spending minutes of my life typing this response.

    • Maverick-Hunter

      I totally agree with you it’s one thing too make your graphics “realistic” it’s another thing to create a world from the ground up in your own image with actual art skills that being said

      I’m grateful that the new Zelda will be in full 1080p but at the same time not use graphics like assassins creed I like to be embraced in a world of stunning illustrations not a world that mirrors the one I’m in derr

      • Simeon

        that’s the reason we play games…to be in a fantasy world. Question for you guys – Do you remember when games would lose points for being too realistic? How many of you remember that?

    • MujuraNoKamen

      What a DOUCHE! it’s a shame Skyward’s graphics were a little limited but they made the best of a bad situation by giving it a great art-style. Graphics are important, but they aren’t everything – Skyward Sword as well as many others prove this – Who cares if it’s graphics weren’t up to top-notch PS3 standard (not a lot of games are) The game played great, loads of content, amazing story etc etc. The thing with these graphics whores is their whole philosophy is flawed, they’ll praise current gen games for looking great which is fine, but they treat it like that’s everything, and what happens when next-gen games roll around and make this gen’s best looking games look like crap? does that render this gen’s games/graphics bad, does all the fun we had with these epic games mean nothing because something else looks better? HELL NO! Wind Waker proves this, it’s cel-shaded graphics have barely aged and its world is as vibrant and immersive as it ever was, SCREW YOU GRAPHICS WHORES, you can keep your games, we’ll have fun playing proper games because they’re amazing, not becuase of how they look, your the ones missing out, not us!!!…

      • Simeon

        I agree and I’ve been saying this for years. What’s a Game with great graphics alone? Answer = A Movie. That’s the main complaint with Metal gear, Uncharted and many others. At least Nintendo always knows how to keep the Magic in Games. look at what Microsoft did to RARE! one of the best developers ever, is obscure now.

  • ssb4

    Explaib why the wii u isb sold out aroundd america

    • u mad bro

      …because the Wii U is awesome!

      • Kav

        ‘Merica… oh you and your grammar…

    • Deuce

      Because there wasn’t much stock to sell out in the first place.

  • teufel

    Wow, an out-of-touch show has an opinion about the Wii U? Do tell?

    Oh, wow, did they just go back to their fall back Wii comments from 2006 or did they actually make up some new ones?

    Honestly, the bald guy leaving the show was the smart one, rats do leave sinking ships, but you would think that with the nose of Webb, she would have been the first gone.

    If I were to hazard to guess, they were right next to Digital Foundry when making these comments, and both of them were using the same feed to base all their comments on. Maybe they are just angry that Nintendo hasnt really invited them to any of their events? That in this digital era, this tv show on a bad network is pointless to humor anymore.

    I love that they spent 4 years of bashing Nintendo then had to swallow their pride and start endorsing those very motion controls they once bashed because their “fans” were now all pro-motion because MSony finally caught up to Nintendo. I cant wait to not see their faces when the Xbox8 roles out with Kinect2 and the PS4 comes out with its Kinect knockoff still using over priced motion controls.

  • AnesthesiaGamer

    I like how the voiceover says “gamers will be able to watch classic characters like Mario and Zelda” and shows Link when he says that.

    Clearly someone here is not a gamer and doesn’t deserve my attention/respect

    • NightºƒCore


  • metroidfusion2

    Blair is right that nintendo will make a shitload of money but everything else he said and everything the comedian said and everything morgan webb said are just dumb lol how stupid can you be apparently they don’t do research at all dumbass people

  • xamy

    you know a console will be successful if a lot is against it because they know it is inevitable and they do anything to negatively say about it.

  • AnesthesiaGamer

    Blair is an idiot….Nintendo is not bathing in Money…they lost money last year

    The other guy is an idiot…rupees already exist…in India…where he seems to be from.

    Morgan is an idiot… it’s very clear that this “functionality” is not used by core gamers. Apple TV failed, Core games don’t love it and anyone with an XBOX knows that it’s a nightmare just to get to netflix on the. It is a technology that exists but not as neatly developed as TVii

    • relo999

      Not bathing in money you say, lost money last year you say? That was the first time they did lose some money but comparably a really small amount when you consider they only gained money since the made consoles.

      • Xblade13

        Not to mention the amount they’re going to make from Wii U.

  • Jetty

    X-play is terrible. Here lies the definition of wasted tax payer’s money. Useless intelligence beaming around the world via satellite. Morgan spoke about Nintendo, that’s a ruined day already.

    • ZombieGuns

      Couldn’t agree more Jetty. I used to watch X-Play for 2003-2005. After that it turned into complete shit.

      • Jetty

        Amen ZG, always great to hear agreeable opinions. Have a great day!

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    That last comment of hers was right. We want the second screen to be usable in games, but not forced with meaningless functions.

    And I don’t agree about being two different markets. Nintendo is, indeed, aiming for casual audience, something they conquered with the Wii, and would be stupid to let it go. But it doesn’t mean their market is different from Sony and Microsoft’s, since they are also trying to aim for core gamers as well. People mislead Nintendo’s thoughts on core gamers because of the lack of support for this public with the Wii compared to other consoles, but it doesn’t mean they have forgotten about us to completely change their focus.

    In fact, Nintendo is doing all they can do to bring core gamers back, and conquer more. The support from third parties, the ports for gamers who couldn’t play them on the current generation, new hardcore games like ZombiU, online features, eShop, Wii U Pro Controller, and even retro compatibility with all Wii accessories is proof enough to say they’re aiming for core gamers as much as Sony is. Except that Nintendo’s efforts goes above of ultra-realistic graphics, and involves gameplay and their personal touch of innovation!

    • 007 1/2

      yea she was right. i like the whle idea of creating platforms in super mario bros u, but that is forced. zombiu is not forced.

      • Yamiryuu Zero

        Well, I don’t know if it’s forced, but for now it looks like it is. We want games made to use the GamePad like ZombiU will. It has to add something only the second screen can do to the game, not some half-hearted feature, which the game could perfectly not have…

  • TheImaj

    This “show” is formatted like most TV. It’s for ratings and not honest opinions. And its disguised as something gamers can rely on for real information. It’s likely that these people love the Wii U and want one badly. However they work for their network. And if the networks audience is mostly PS3 and Xbox people (which they can easily find out through polls) then the show will be geared towards that. Higher ratings mean more money generated through advertising.

    Unfortunately now a days, you start putting honest opinions in your TV show and it goes off the air.

    • TheImaj

      Man I just watched it again.. Still pissed. Oh well.. It usually takes the dumb ones a little bit longer to get it.

  • WII U 4 LIFE

    X-play should be banned from tv

  • DarkNite

    STILL??!?! these dumb asses are still basing the Wii U on graphics? are u serious?! come on, GRAPHICS AREN’T THAT IMPORTANT! Nintendo has said it, and they will keep saying it, game play is more important then graphics!these good damn idiots calling themselves “experts” in the gaming industry are retarded! are they that scared Nintendo will kick ass? again! they are just plain out retarded, im sorry, they just get me so mad sometimes.

  • D2K

    I find it laughable when people say the graphics of the Wii U aren’t as good as two systems that have not even been developed yet. Other than low-grade speculation and rumor, their isn’t even any hard evidence of what specs either system MIGHT have. Yet, we know basically 70-80-% of what the Wii U specs are and for most people that is “not enough.”

    Yeah……let me say that again. The PS4 and 720 which at this point have NOT been announced and are NOT fully developed and neither company has divulged ANY information as to the capabilities or even the existence of such consoles, yet people know FOR SURE that the Wii U is inferior and has graphics less-powerful than them.

    We are gonna have to start walking around with permanent ‘face-palms’ because the Nintendo-hate gets more ridiculous everyday.

    What I find really hilarious is how these people on these gaming-shows…

    A. Think they know more than the rest of us when they have no more knowledge of the gaming industry as a whole than we do.

    B. People actually CARE what they have to say.

    C. That people whom actually bother using their intelligence cannot see through their bias.

    I’ll agree that for ‘some’ people the Wii U will be a bit confusing. I remind a friend of mine whom is a GameStop manager that you better get ready for parent buying the Wii thinking it is the Wii U and returning it. That WILL happen, but does it really matter? The pre-orders say otherwise.

    Of course the Wii U will make a ton of money. Isn’t that the whole point? Or is it to try and satisfy the unsatisfiable. To cater towards the intolerant. The people whom bash Nintendo and the Wii U at this point are people whom never liked Nintendo to start with (which is fine, people are entitled to like what they choose) or people whom are just blowing smoke up each others arse to jump on the Nintendo bashing-bandwagon tour. In order to draw attention to themselves, they talk about someone everyone is talking about in a negative way. That way they know everyone is watching them and listening to them, even though they know every word coming out of their mouth is BS.

    It’s more of snapshot of our society at large than just a gaming thing because people do this in all mediums and genres. This famous cartoon basically wraps up in a nutshell how the idiots in this video and thousand of other Nintendo bashers think and act.


    • Herz

      With all the consoles graphics in full HD, it is going to be increasingly hard to put one above the other in terms of graphics. This generation is going to be more about innovation and ingenuity then graphics.

      • D2K

        And price. One major reason why this coming generation will be about innovation and ingenuity is because Microsoft and Sony cannot afford to just release SKYNET Jr. consoles as much as they would like to.

        You are right to say that it will be hard to put one console over another in terms of graphics. We are smart enough to understand this, but those whom don’t understand show just how ignorant they truly are.

    • Nintenlord

      Great but i prefer daffy

  • r8mli

    What an un-objective discussion. They basically ignored the fact that the Wii U is getting AAA active gamer titles and they specifically focus on how it is just a casual console. Complete and utter garbage from ,justifiably so, dying network.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Well guys you have to remember they are use too mashing the same button followed by mashing the huge button allowing a sequence/finishing blow so I can see how a second screen would make this dumb bitch frustrated to actually play a game instead of watching it

    Nintendo tvii is by far the most organized tv watching system with the least amount of lag plus do you can basically watch any play you please on sports and that’s a huge factor in football games

    Attack of the show is pathetic I watched during E3 it was stupid to see them talk about what they liked and how it was going to be the best … Screw their coverage I rather watch E3 live stream than watch their bias show.

  • Dawnofmorning

    Really? The Wii U isn’t for hardcore gamers? I’m pretty sure last time I checked the Wii U had a strong third-party support for “hardcore” games. And please don’t mention smart glass, it doesn’t hold a candle to the Wii U’s gamepad. I can’t wait to see them eat their words once the Wii U becomes the next best thing in gaming.

  • Nintedward.

    Never heard of this show . I send my hate from England though !!!!!!!!!

    Not positive enough !!!! ”nintendo faces an uphill battle” – yeh of flying off the shelves and trying to satisfy consumer demand .

  • WII U 4 LIFE


  • nintendofreak

    wow there is another game show…… i thought the one with the really hot chick was the only one

    • nintendofreak

      even thought i cant remember d name of d show

      • Nintenlord

        I think is on spike channel

  • Jake Barnett

    Oh boy, more solipsistic gamer “experts” condescendingly talking about how Nintendo will sell a bunch of Wii U’s and make money despite how much they don’t like it, as if Nintendo’s first responsibility is to please the gaming media instead of it’s fanbase. I grow increasingly weary of Gaming reporters. It seems most of them see themselves as some kind of gatekeepers of success, when in the end their opinions matter to almost no one but the 250 trolls that populate the forums on their website. Maybe once Microsoft releases the Next Xbox, and they can talk about how the next Gears of War adds 50 more shades of brown and 20 new curb stomp animations, the rest of us can be left in peace.

  • seröga64

    FAKT!!! Wii U is allready soled out @amazon Germany..I got one !!

    • Nintenlord

      Congratulations (i envy you i could not reserve mine)

  • nintendofreak

    the video just contradicted wat he said

  • Man

    F#CK! G4 i hate them when ever the Wii U comes up the just bash it not even promote it. Nintendo is going for all gamers just look at the launch line up and launch window line up, for them to think the Wii U is going to be casual and 720/PS4 are going to be for the hardcore Graphic power houses is re-re!

    Wait till the Wii U comes out and these drons and sh*t have to swallow there pride and the sh*t that thay have let drip out there mouth when talking about the Wii U. (sorry for being so graphic :))

  • Rasta

    Assassin’s Creed 3
    Batman Arkhman City Armored Edition
    Call of Duty Black Ops 2
    New Super Mario Bros U
    Darksiders 2
    Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
    FIFA 13
    Scribblenauts Unlimited
    Tekken Tag Tournament 2
    Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge
    Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper

    Wait Nintendo is aiming for the casual? Then im buying me a PS4 cause the graphics are wayyy better and also…… wait thats the only excuse i have and

  • eyesac

    Whats a “hardcore” gamer? I feel like people use that term for fps players. I play all games, I own all systems. But because I don’t prefer the fps realm I’m a casual gamer. I put the same hours in playing games. Silly turds, I will be in line at 6am Saturday morning and will take the WiiU home in my loving arms.


    I regret deciding to watch the video. That Indian guy needs to go back to engineering school cuz he knows nothing about video games!

  • u mad bro

    I thought that the whole crew at g4 was anti-Nintendo. I guess I thought wrong.

  • redcomshell

    The video doesn’t work for me 🙁 it just says loading content.

    • redcomshell

      I spoke too soon.

  • eyesac

    Seriously I just went and watched it. Thanks for not warning me about the time I would waste. The CONTROLLER is a peripheral? ZombiU seems like a grow up game? WTF is this crap. Whats a grown up game? M rated? I see more kids play m rated games than grown ups. Why bring up sonys core gamer attitude? Nintendo has always been about the family. The comment and fake laughs about bathing in money. Thats the point of the business. To. Make. Money. Sorry forgot Sony likes to lose money. Moving on. If people can’t figure the difference out between Wii and WiiU then how did they manage with ps2 and ps3? Noone has yet to explain why the price tag is high. I think the pricing is very fair. Should Nintendo make money off their products? Yes and I will pay. “Its basically like an ipad” THE FUQ? Why is this show even on the air? “What they’re selling to parents” the scripting is so lame. This just annoys me. I feel dumber jsut by watching that. Again I own all 3 consoles. I like Nintendo better always have and always will. I love the variety and the differences made by Nintendo. I pick up one of their games I get excited. The others, its just another game.

  • CountShaqula

    Meh. Getting opinions on gaming from people who are non-gamers never really interested me.

    People who follow these TV shows, or review sites like Metacritic are sheep. There’s nothing wrong with reading reviews from people who’s opinions you enjoy. Acting as if its law though is idiotic. I see people flaunting scores of reviewers like “reviewer A gave game Z a 9.0” to bring positive light to a game, or “reviewer B gave game X a 6.0” to bring negative light to the game. It’s ridiculous to enforce review scores because its just someone’s opinion. If you haven’t played the game, and your going off of someone else’s review score to criticize a game. Your a brainless little sheep, and you need to learn to form.your own opinions.

    I know people like Webb, Pachter, ect. Piss people off, but at the end of the day. These people are just regular people. No matter how baseless someones opinion is. It’s just their opinion. It’s not worth getting worked up over. Let the facts take care of themselves

    It’s like talikng bad about PC gaming, and then someone who’s a PC gamer posting 100s of comments, and 15 + minute videos trying disprove you. Then calling you a social reject. Without them realizing that they’ve just wasted hours of their life making long videos, and posting 100s of comments. Because they just can’t accept that some people prefer consoles over PC.
    Wait a minute I think I just described BlackB0nd.

  • alex

    did anyone realized, when they said classic characters like mario and zelda. Come on lol they show link instead -___- so much knowledge on nintendo

  • Elite

    People get angry all you want at me and xplay. I agree they are bashing nintendo, but that is there right(1st Amendment). I would have to agree with one thing they said.
    1st: They said most hardcore gamers who picked up the wii played it for like a month then put it down. I did the same i played TLOZ twilight princess and then put the console down. I admit i came back for other games. TLOZ skyward sword, RE 4 wii, Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, super mario brothers wii. But many months between that it collected dust.

    Though i disagree with the segment on hardcore gamers(hate this phrase, does not say much). They say hardcore games will wait for the ps4 and 720. I say bullshi*. If you love gaming you will get the console period. When the ps4 and 720 come out hardcore will get those consoles too and if the graphics are much better than wii u, they will definitly be paying a premium or micro and sony will have to sell at a loss. I consider myself an all console guy, and i too buy all consoles.

  • Andrew Sheehan

    I don’t care, I’d still bang Morgan Webb.

    • Elite


  • Buckethead Jr.

    LOL when they were basing the graphics of the Wii U… last week i got Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii and i have to say it’s one of the Best games i have ever played, still not beat it though.. it’s really beautiful, everyone who is a fan of JRPG or RPG and has a Wii should try and play this game! it is really Amazing! well the point is this game shows that it doesn’t need to have awesome! graphics to be a fantastic game! btw Crysis(FPS) series sucks IMHO. Gameplay>Graphics

  • Shane

    I liked G4 to see the games that were coming out, and explanations of them. Other than that, I thought all the people on there are LUCKY AS F***, and getting paid for playing games before they are out and even get a copy before it comes out sometimes. Maybe these people really are just fools on the screen, and it’s sad because I don’t have any say besides what I spend my money on in the end result… they have the job I wanted, and they’re not even smart enough to get it done better than ever… Just proves that school is for people that think it matters and only that…

  • seriously

    Confusing is why I use to respect Xplay for being a unbiased show. Confusing is how they get on camera and spew stupidity. Confusing is the lack of support for a system that out sold “true next-gen” systems. One which breaks down like lime outside of its warranty and sub par graphics for it supposed next gen hardware. I could go on but then there the graphics powerhouse yeah its free has free online community and bluray which means 1 dicks per game title. But we are gonna just set back and copy are competition with are 600 dollar no 500 no 350 w/bundle oh wait we have a hand handle to. We might have to bundle it its not selling well.

    What really confusing is why is the industry and consumer are so afraid of innovation.

  • ceramicsaturn

    These are the same people who said The Move would crush the Wii as it offered the power of the PS3 and a better control scheme.

    Funny, how they never have to back track… they just go on to more lies.

  • Ben

    I always get annoyed when people say the next PlayStation and Xbox will have better graphics.
    Its impossible, right now the highest you can go is 1080p. There are no tv’s on the mass market that have a higher resolution than that. And if there are they cost you alloooot of money.
    The only thing the next PlayStation and Xbox could be better in than the WiiU is power. But then again, why is everyone assuming they will be so much more powerful? Nintendo created the weakest console for 1 generation and now everyone writes them down as the people with old hardware that are from the previous generation and look how the PS3 turned out to be…

    • D2K

      That’s a good point. People use the Wii to define Nintendo’s entire video game history. The NES was only slight less-powerful than the Sega Master System and Atari 7800, but it beat them both. The SNES was more powerful than the Genesis yet less-powerful than the NEO GEO. It only beat the Genesis by 10 million consoles. So having more power nearly cost Nintendo a console war loss.

      The N64 was substantially more powerful than the PlayStation, yet the PS1 mopped the floor with the N64 in console sales. The GameCube was more-powerful than the PS2 and pretty much on-par with the XBOX except for a few areas. The PS2 is the best-selling console of ALL TIME with 154 million consoles sold. The GameCube had like 34 million sold or something. The Wii is the weakest of the 7th generation, and it has destroyed both the PS3 and 360.

      Whenever Nintendo has focused on innovation and creativity they have been successful and won console wars. Whenever Nintendo tried to go for sheer horsepower, they failed miserably and everyone else also has that has used that strategy.

    • seriously

      F@#KN thank u. Finally some1s with me two things are common sense ya cant go over 1080p. 2nd ya cant make games with better graphic then the current computers.

  • MadPopGaming

    I think I lost brain cells watching this interview. Seriously, how can people who work at a video game show be so uninformed about a console?

    How can they really think that the next Microsoft machine is going to be about the “core” gamer?

    Microsoft themselves have made clear how much they want to broaden their base and all the rumors point to the ‘Durango’ to be a casual system, with graphics being slightly better, but at about par, with the Wii U.

    This whole interview just made me sick to my stomach, the way they made it seem like this console is only targeted to casual audiences. They’ve got all this certainty about hardcore gamers only playing PS3 and Xbox. These people, especially Morgan Webb, are ****ing retarded.

    I’m glad their channel’s gonna go under. They deserve it for being so conventional-minded. And Morgan gives the implication that the conventional wisdom thing to think is that Nintendo’s going to do well.

    The guy on the left made the bold claim that they’d succeed, which is good for him. Most people think Nintendo is going to fail terribly. It just so happens that’s what they also thought about the Wii.

    I’m glad someone mentioned G4’s utter failure in predicting the Move’s success. I actually like the Move and think it works even a little better than the (original) Wiimote, but I knew from the start that it would never sell. It looks like a cheap knockoff of the Wiimote, and those glowing balls, I’d say are hard to market.

    G4 sucks, and this video proves it.

  • noahforwiiu

    Playstaion never can compete with PC, Nintendo is not 100% for hardcore gamers, they are 100% for family games. When Playstation 4 and xbox 720 comes out they are going to be more powerful then nintendo wii u. but are they going to have limits and are they going to copy nintendo ? or have their unique ideas?

  • SteampunkJedi

    There were a few valid points in the video, but I don’t understand why they think the Wii U will be left in the dust once the other consoles come out: There has been no indication as to the Xbox 720’s and PS4’s power. And they seem to think that if it isn’t the most powerful console, then third-party “hardcore” games are unattainable. I will admit, that applied some to the Wii, but the Wii U is far more advanced than the Wii technologically, so the power gap in the 8th generation cannot be so great as the 7th unless Microsoft and Sony want to sell outrageously expensive consoles. They also didn’t realize the Wii U is targeted to all gamers, not just all gamers minus “core” ones. And finally, they said the Wii U had the power of an iPad, which just shows how ignorant they are.



  • NesToWiiU

    I’m watching g4 at this very moment.They’re STILL talking about Borderlands 2 ,plus talking about the iphone 5 like it has anything to do with gaming.Plus I heard some Canadian racism.This was less than a minute in the show. 😛

  • Bob

    Am I smarter than most people? Nothing confuses me about the Wii U. If you are confused tell us about it.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Everyone who’s confused is either very new to it, a hater who can’t be bothered to do a minutes research or a grade A imbecile. The name may be similar to Wii, implying it’s an add-on but how hard is it to type Wii U into google, then click on Wikipedia where it says “NEW CONSOLE AND THE SUCCESSOR TO WII” also the graphics, look at 1 Wii U trailer and how does it look like a Wii game??? Some people are so stupid, and, except for a couple moments in that video, I think those presenters are 3 of those stupid people. Honestly, we know nothing about the next PS and XB (aside from numerous rumours that they’re going to be casual aimed to avoid pricing themselves out of the market e.g. Vita, and to re-capture Wiis success) but they still maintain that Sony and MS are always hardcore and Nintendo is some kiddy based noob who always has something to prove. They said themselves they only get excited about violence and graphics (which apparently is the same thing as Hardcore gaming – YEAH RIGHT) if Nintendo can advertise Wii U properly and show that it’s an epic new console with great graphics, and show proper use of the gamepad AND PRO CONTROLLER, as well showing the varying games available they’ll do fine – as that guy said in the video.
      -Another thing that really P’d me off about this video was heir constant whining about Wii Us marketing and it’s target audience, Wii U shouldn’t (and doesn’t) restrict itself to either Casual or Hardcore gamers, there’s things available to appeal to both sides. They seem to forget, 360 & PS3 were both aimed at Hardcore gamers but then tried to get casuals with Kinect and Move, they complain about Nintendo making a console to appeal to both – Because it’s “confusing”, but they’re OK if MS and Sony switch sides halfway through their consoles life-spans. PLEASE, NO MORE FANBOYS/GIRLS LIKE THIS, They’re everything wrong with today’s gaming community :'( !!!!

  • xzxAndrosxzx

    why this fuck is everyone saying it is over priced, my frikn ps3 was 400$ and same with my god damn xbox and i dont want to talk about the crappy vita ugh fuck people, look ps4 and 360 2 will not have better graphics because you cant make a damn thing that is higher then 1080 p or we will have to get a new fucking tv that is not even out

    • Kav

      There is 4k, no one’s tv is 4k but back in 2006 no one had a 1080p either, and that is resolution, not graphics, but doesnt matter, you are right about the overpriced thing and kind of right about the graphics.

  • AO1JMM

    Morgan is so F’ing annoying. Wish I could just tell her to shut her mouth.

  • bg

    fuck G4

  • Metroidslayer

    The way they talk you’d think nintendo was a rookie outsider that was trying to become revelant. You wouldn’t think that nintendo is the market leader in hardware and sells more first party software than microsoft and sony combined by a huge margin. I’m guessing that they have probably sold in the region of 8 times more software on the wii than sony have on the ps3 and probably even more than 10 times that of microsoft on the 360.

  • Reali-tGlitch

    Why in the HELL would they use the damn E3 footage when there is so much QUALITY stuff available now?

  • Reali-tGlitch

    It would seem that they aren’t keeping up with the times at all. How are they THIS misinformed about everything?

  • Shane

    Does anyone even still watch this on tv or did they start charging for it like I think they did?

  • NesToWiiU

    G4 logic.They hate on the Wii while it gets almost 100 million sales.Does the same thing to its sequel.

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    It looks different enough and the gamepad is totally different. The graphics aren’t even on the same level. Then there’s the pro controller. And not to mention the name sounds like another play on words( Wii 2 ). It’s not that hard to figure out really. It will have clean and fun family accessible titles like Game and Wario, Nintendo Land, NSMBU as well titles like BLOPS 2 ,AC3 and ME3. I mean seriously… Good job to Nintendo. The best of third party and all the Nintendoness you can handle. Where do I sign…. Here is my wallet…just take it.