May 15th, 2013


A rumor surfaced last week that 2K Sports wasn’t planning on bringing their latest WWE game to Wii U. Now that rumor has been confirmed by Eurogamer, as WWE 2K14 will be skipping Nintendo’s console. The last WWE game available on a Nintendo console was WWE 2K13 for the Wii, released in 2012. This really isn’t a surprise, since annual sports releases like this want to make sure there is a large platform to buy their games. What do you think? Will you be supporting future installments if they are available?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Ducked

    I won’t buy a WWE game anyways until they give Christian “One More Match” for the title.

  • Michael Jurado

    It’s been confirmed that I will not be buying WWE 2K14.

    • But what about if i appear in this game 😀

      • Adam Porter

        then i would have to report a copyright violation

  • Chiwawaboy

    dont get let down guys. We’re getting.

    new 3d mario
    zelda ww hd
    mario kart U

    and tons more. screw this. we’re getting more in the future. looks like we wont be getting any sports games anytime soon. but we didnt buy a wii u for sports games, right? 😉

    • Ducked

      Wouldn’t consider Pac-Man a big deal since we know little about it. I’m predicting Super Smash Bros as a Spring or Summer launch for 2014. Has NHL 14 been confirmed to skip Wii U or not?

      • Chiwawaboy

        NHL 14? not cornfirmed yet. oh, and the pacman? it somewhat reminds my os super mario galaxy. its probably the background and/or surroundings.

        • Ducked

          Thanks for the NHL thing

          • Chiwawaboy


    • Also:
      • Zelda U
      • Bayonetta 2
      • Monolith Soft’s: “X”
      • Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei.
      • Yoshi’s Yarn
      • Wonderful 101
      – Including Downloadable Titles: –
      • Pokemon Scramble U
      • Q.U.B.E.
      • Shadow of the Eternals (Eternal Darkness sequel)
      • Pier Solar HD
      • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online.
      • Plus 7 different titles coming from Sega!

      Yep, gonna be a good 8th generation for Wii U.

      • Chiwawaboy

        hell yeah! but what happend to ghost recon? I havent heard news from it since E3. and lets not forget about ww hd.

      • Those are scrap games that signal the end of a system’s life…

        • I’m sure We will all enjoy our system until 2017 when they announce their next home console. Take your Nintendo is doomed tales over to

          • I am sure I will enjoy my next system until 2020! Nintendo’s next system (IF there is another) will be in 2015.

          • Ace J

            more random shit spewing from your mouth

          • david jarman

            Said that about ps3 too! How’s that working out?

          • Huh?

          • david jarman

            Ps3 was suppose to have last for 10 yrs. the system hasn’t even reached its full potential and already a new one.

          • It almost lasted ten years. Yeah, it never did reach it’s potential and it should be able to last another two years but they and investors feel the need for a move.

          • invible

            you are nothing but a nob

        • jay

          It’s the Digital Gangsta!!

        • You’re either a Wii U lover or a Wii U hater, if you’re the latter just go away, you’ve said enough on many of the articles on this website!

          You’ve been saying that it’s doom and gloom for Nintendo, they actually give a damn about the gamers unlike Microsoft who want to make an expensive set-top box!

          • If Nintendo gave a damn, they would have had a AAA game ready at launch, released system specs and suppressed baby games.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Each gamer has their own idea on what a “baby game” and to Nintendo fans, this is hardcore. Hardcore has a different meeting for each fanbase.

          • AAA games take time, Wii U had a good launch and it has a good line of games coming!

            And why would the specs matter? Time defines a generation, not system specs! And you think games like Zelda, Metroid and F- Zero are “baby” games? When the ESRB rates those games T for y’know… Teens!

          • Adam Porter

            a good launch, come on now, i’d hardly call it a good launch. i like the console though so whatevs, just got me a wii Zapper gonna use it for black ops 2 T_T it’ll be so beautiful ;_;
            i love nintendo, yayyayyayyadayadayada……………pop 😀 XD :-l)<– moustache smilie. o.O' sometimes i see dead people………..who are alive!!!!…………..but i know a guy who knows a guy who knows a girl who can sort that type of thing out with the help of her grandfather clock.

          • If it is not rated M it is a Baby game to him.. He thinks he is a bad ass because his mommy lets her 13 year old son play rated M games. I assume from his attitude and ignorance he is about that age.

          • ninjamik

            you don’t quite get it! ;P KNOWLEDGE is what’s up with him! the lack of!!!!!! hahahaha

            I imagined this!!!! a little TROLL club for beating idiots with! ;D

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Yeah, well guess what. Nintendo have had a shitload of time since producing nothing to the Wii after Skyward Sword

          • ninjamik

            speaking of babies!! maybe no AAA game (YET but OMG the shit is cummin in yer eyes n ears soon;) but certainly a killer app!…a lil unknown thing called mii verse on an underpowered and dead console lets you draw pictures on it’s gimmicky touch screen pad thing! it’s stupid and not hardcore at all! but here’s a lil taste of how it goes down on there!!…….I have a WACOM Cintiq Touch HD (like a non portable big wiiu pad;) so can make the whole internet like miiverse!!!!! ;D

          • ninjamik


          • david jarman

            Speaking of babies, you whine a lot. Look most people would rather wait for a game then rushed crap. Every launch I’ve ever been a part of, first title launches have alway seemed rushed. For ps3 I give resistance some credit, but after that a 1 year dry spell. As for the wii u, I can’t wait till those games come out. What are you going to do when no one is on here cause we are too damn busy to fight? I pray you have real friends or at least a game you’ve been meaning to play.

          • Cameron

            Actually Nintendo has claimed they didn’t launch more games at launch was due to problems with development under staffing, which has been fixed.

          • Oh, so you release a system anyway, without real games?

          • invible

            just shut your mother fucking mouth

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Those games are highly regarded, just not to you since you expect more. What kind of games were you expecting?

          • If it is not GTA5 coming to the console the rest is shit according to him.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            That’s what it seems like.

        • david jarman

          Another meaningless opinion that signals the end of a man’s logic. Zelda u a scrap game? How about a system seller. The wonderful 101 is going to be awesome! Bayonetta 2, monolith soft’s x and fire emblem are going to push sales. The Shadow of Eternals, Ign had a lot of ps3 owners very interested and a lot of people were saying this would be the reason to purchase the wii u. This is just blind hatred for a system and a company.

          • invible

            I agree that this guy is wrong but none of the games you just mentioned seem that good only cause I hate Zelda but love all other Nintendo stuff

      • Adecentboy777

        Zelda U, Bayonetta, Yoshi’s Yam, Mario 3D – this are the games I look forward on Wii U, the rest I buy on PS4 🙂

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Very unlikely that we will see all this anytime soon. 1 or 2 1st party titles this year maximum. The rest is just shovelware as usual.

        • david jarman

          What? The wonderful 101, pikmin 3, deus ex, raymen, monolith’s x, sniper elite 2, watch dog, splinter cell blacklist, ac4 and bayonetta 2 are coming out this year to! Far from being shovelware.

          I can’t wait for the wonderful 101.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            We wont probably see many of those games. They too wil be delayed.

          • david jarman

            I doubt that because its nintendo that have been delaying first party release. The wonderful 101 is finish. I have faith the other developers will come through. Ubisoft will come through as well.

      • usama notkani

        wht bout games like batman origins and assassin’s creed 4. they r pretty awesome games to be released on the wii u

    • I’ll bet you you won’t get all of those this year and you’d be lucky to get one by the end of the year. If you do, it will be Pikmin, which won’t sell the system.

      • jay

        So when is the ps4 getting Zelda U? This year or?….

        • You act like the world is waiting for Zelda. If you played two of them, you have played all of them. Nintendo games were long played out and people with a PS or Xbox did not care if they missed them either.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I’m pretty sure a lot of people who play games on the other two consoles have played Zelda or still do. All of them? No. However there’s a significant amount that do. If they played Nintendo in the past, chances are they have.

          • Adam Porter

            don’t play that game with us you GTASSLOVING MONKEY MOLESTOR!!! why don’t you hop on your motorcycle of jealousy and fly off to the popsicle shop. SCAT!!! SHOOO, be gone long one.

          • Adam Porter

            oh by the way, if you have played one GTA it’s one too many, peace out, give my best to ya kiddies from the hood, i’ll see them tuesday in the back of my ice-cream van.

          • Troll off!

          • Ace J

            bitch you act like the world is waiting for gtaV. if you played 2 of them, then you played them all

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            If the whole world was waiting, I think GTA games would get more than 20 million units sold.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      … very unlikely.

  • ILikePikachu

    Fingers crossed for NBA 2K14

    • Ducked

      Lets just look forward to next year.

  • $39063977

    it’s bad for the wiiu, not bad for me as im not a fun of the series. i would have been though if i were a bit younger. the wiiu needs these and any type of new games to broaden its collection…

  • eli

    who honestly really cares?

  • Jason Setley

    Please dont skip us, some of my best moments on nintendo was wwf SNES N64 etc.

  • Johny

    i never in my life gave a single fuck about sport video games… in fact, i resented them in the very cold depths of my soul. so yeah… personally i couldn’t give less fuck that a sports game is skipping wii u.
    Its still not a good news to hear for some people tho… also its “hurting” the system itself alittle

    • jay

      Watch what you say NFL Blitz was the Shitz!!

  • Vasheranos

    Damn if this game gets good, I might have one more reason buying a PS4.
    Well that is, if it comes out on the next Playstation.

    Still no reason to be mad about it, since the Wii U launch lineup is outstanding.

    Can´t wait for the E3

  • GeDDeN

    I wouldn’t buy WWE 2k Wii U anyways but I don’t understand why Take 2 would skip…?

  • Nintendofreak

    wow they still made that shit….its amazing what one finds out from reading

  • Desend

    I just hope Nintendo cuts these guys off when they have their console sales up.

    • And cut off GTA V too?

      • Ace J

        see again you bring up gtav. the only game you bring up. shut up please

        • jay

          its funny too, in another post he admitted to being a rich kid. Dudes a joke lol.

          • I never wrote that I was rich, I clearly state that I was not. If I were rich, i’d be wasting millions to meet the UK’s (funny how the media never calls them the UK’s royals – just royals…) Prince Harry just to say I did it.

          • Adam Porter

            rich people don’t get to meet them only important people which you’ll never be, see, it’s right here in print, black and white clear as crystal, YOU LOSE!!!

          • Hey, even CT’s governor was not invited! I am sure Harry’s watch is worth more than all that I have!

          • jay

            yeah dude we all see Lambourghinis and Ferraris when we look out the window.


        • I bring up GTA V because that is the ultimate game and the game change in the industry. You people hate it because Nintendo does not get it and it took over Mario (even though Mario was played out before GTA III) as THE top game that people (hard-core gamers) love.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            There are people who honestly hate it or don’t care for it. Not everyone in this world is a GTA fan. If they were, they’d have to sell more than 20+ copies. Also, hardcore has various meanings to the world of gaming. Not all share what you think is hardcore.

          • How come you people don’t say this about Nintendo games? You assume they are great or something. I am eager to see if a Nintendo game can move Wii U’s. If they can’t then Nintendo won’t be selling 20M of anything.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            No game is loved by everyone. That’s the point of this debate on games. GTA games or Nintendo games themselves aren’t played by everyone nor loved. I don’t play favorites. I tell it how I see it.

          • Ok…

          • jay

            NSMB Wii

            2.5M sold. Are you SURE about that……

          • Petri

            GTA V changing game industry… the ultimate game…

            I’m not saying GTA V might not be good, but in no way anywhere near that amazing.
            Must be pretty hardcore fan, to expect GTA V to be amazing, after the mess that was GTA IV.
            (Honestly, after San Andreas, I didnt expect to get upgrade in graphics, and downgrade in game play)

            Best GTA sold around 20 million.
            There’s at least 5 Mario games that has topped that.
            I guess that only means you people (hard-core gamers) are a minority.

          • jay

            ALL Mario games have topped that. New Super Mario Bros. U will top that by the end of the year.

            That troll doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I’ve been following game sales since 2001. This guys a clown.

          • tronic307

            GTA Chinatown Wars bombed on the DS. I never even played that game and I have all of them except the PSP games. They don’t need to be on Nintendo systems because if you like GTA, chances are you have another console or PC to play it on.
            If the Wii U doesn’t get GTA V, I won’t accuse RockStar of having a stick up their arses, I’ll just get it on PC.

            No console needed.

          • Ace J

            explain how mario is played out? and how the fuck is gtaV the “ultimate game” when we all know CoD Ghosts is going to out sell the fuck out of gta. Also watch_dogz and the last of us looks soooooo much better then gta v. and who said i hated gta? man i just want to kick both of your asses just for being stupid lol

          • It’s a personal choice either you love gta or you hate gta much like either you hate Zelda love Zelda, I played a few GTA games and sadly I couldn’t care less for the gta games, got pretty bored with them after like 2-3 hours, so really I can’t care at all for that game most people here feel the same about GTA.

          • Ace J

            oh and one more thing:GET SHITTED ON BRO!

          • jay

            Nice opinion bro!!

            Too bad it gets slaughtered in sales by Halo, CoD, Gears of War, Super Smash Bros. Zelda, Wii Fit, Pokemon and (oh-oh) MARIO!!


          • jay

            “You people hate it because Nintendo does not get it and it took over Mario (even though Mario was played out before GTA III)”

            Mario Kart Wii 34M Sold

            GTA IV (360) 4M sold

          • Wii sold 100M and only Nintendo’s games were any good. People had to buy something. If GTA sells so little, how come it’s impact is so much greater than Mario Kart’s?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            More likely cause it’s multiplatform vs. Mario Kart which is soley a 1st party game and won’t be on other platforms. Two very different things there. GTA has a good advantage in that regard, Mario will never have it cause it’s a Nintendo IP and Nintendo happens to be in the hardware market.

            Besides, does it really matter who is more highly regarded or praised? Less worries on what is better and more gaming.

          • It does because you people claim that Nintendo is great and you still think it’s the 80’s. If MK sells so many more than GTA, how come GTA takes a hell of a staff to produce and many years and get’s high praise? I don’t see or hear people going crazy over a Nintendo game. When it come to GTA – they go crazy and stop the world for it.

          • jay

            Wow. I was hoping he “got” that point, but his brains are too clogged with trollery.

            GTA has the advantage of selling more. But didnt! It sold even LESS on ps3.

          • jay

            Admitting you were wrong…

            awww :,)

      • jay

        “I’m a rich kid but needa get ma GTAV Thug on.”

      • tronic307

        It won’t sell on Wii U, no matter how many units are out there. The demographics just don’t overlap. Nintendo could moneyhat it, but that’s dumb.
        If it doesn’t look like a Japanese arcade game, it won’t sell on Nintendo.

      • Cameron

        Who plays GTA anymore?
        The last one I played was Vice City, Rockstar’s special “Genre” wears off quick.

      • Desend

        What does GTA have to do with this? Different company making it. I don’t think it’s been confirmed it was coming for wii u or not. Wait for rockstar to make some kind of announcement first. If they do skip the wii u though, screw them too.

        • TakeTwo makes them all. Don’t argue with me because I had to do an SEC report for an MBA class.

          • Desend

            Then yes, cut em all off.

  • Bloop

    As a MASSIVE WWE fan (Just gotta look at my picture, me meeting Randy Orton at WrestleMania 28 Axxess) and wanting to stray away from my Xbox this is dissappointing, but I can still get it on my Xbox so its not all bad.

  • Zizo47

    Oh no, what will I ever do without my WWE 2K14…

  • val berger

    hell yeah, another chance for everyone to post how they wouldn’t have bought that game anyways. people, grow up. there are some other target groups out there. there are surely many people who don’t give a shit about wrestling but there obviously are quite a bunch who do. stop acting like every publisher who’s not supporting the wiiu wasn’t welcome anyway. It’s no shame to admit, that it’s not really a good thing if publishers are turning their back on the wiiu. let’s hope that things get better, once Nintendo announced what they’re cooking but please stop acting like total ignorants.

    • zajac1661

      it is almost embarasing, to be a part of the gaming community at times.

  • AAAkabob

    Good thing I don’t like sport video games

  • Mc Robins

    I think we should stop freaking out about these things sure they can port it, but i’m more excited about the real next gen games. Not current gen games moving to my next gen console.

    • Uh – if 3rd parties are bailing out, you won’t get any next-gen games. Nintendo did not even bring any so who will?

      • tronic307

        Look, games like this wouldn’t sell on Wii U if there were 20 million units out there. We don’t buy them, period. Just like EA pulling out after selling only 10,000 copies of Need for Speed Most Wanted U, and that’s the best game EA released on Wii U! I’d buy that game, but the typical Nintendo fan would see it as shovelware.

        • Mc Robins

          I’m not gonna lie I actually liked NFS on wii you. Turning off traffic and changing cars on the fly was pretty rad.

  • HydePark1980

    Another third party jumps on the “Not supporting Nintendo because of low user base bandwagon” One thing I know for sure is that many of these third parties are gonna look like liars when this system starts selling like hotcakes and they still refuse to support it.

    • Well, you look like a fool to state the this system, which is not selling at all, will all of a sudden start selling like hotcakes. If they felt that, they would stick with it.

      • tronic307

        It happened for the 3DS, and that still hasn’t lived up to its full potential. Nintendo fans will come if they see some real games. Some people buy consoles day one, most wait for the REAL games. NintendoLand isn’t exactly a system seller, maybe if it had online multiplayer.

        • If I were a developer, I would be shocked that a Nintendo handheld did not do well, that is their main thing. The minute anyone knocks them off of that throne, their whole business will collapse.

        • Mario sells to the young who don’t realize that they are getting repacked old games and to people who bought a Nintendo system and realized their games were the only ones that were any good.

          • tronic307

            If Mario appeals to Nintenyearolds, that PS360 crap is for PS13yearolds. Biiig difference.

      • HydePark1980

        Right so if Nintendo dropped a new 3D Mario game next week the system wouldn’t sell like hotcakes……keep telling yourself that.

        • ONLY if the graphics were of a new style and mind blowing. If it were in an expected style, then it won’t move anything as people now look at the Wii U as a bad, short-term investment.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            If 3D Mario released on the Wii, it’s going to sell no matter what. Mario sells even today and any Nintendo gamer is going to want it. Unless you were talking about gamers in general.

  • Wii U owners would be good to start selling their systems to suckers who don’t know that it’s over.

    • Mark Thom

      LOL 🙁 LOL

    • uPadWatcher

      You’re still losing in the console wars, fuckupiswhatsup… Wii U owners will be keeping their systems when Nintendo launches new titles… including Game & Wario, Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, and Bayonetta 2.

      • How am I losing? I don’t own one of the companies. For you to act like a crazy man and say that Nintendo is control of the console wars just continues to take away any credibility that Nintendo has left. If you think that the same OLD titles are going to save the day this time (unless they come with mind blowing graphics or the likes we have not seen before), then you are fooling yourself.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          I can see you’re far too fascinated with graphics. It’s no wonder I prefer retro gaming these days over modern gaming.


    dude its just gay guys rubbing each other in a ring

    • Arthur Jarret

      Yes, a perfect fit for wii u – you could emulate the rubbing with the touch screen!

      If the match goes on long enough, you can whip out your wii-mote

  • SkateRyan

    I’m not a huge fan of sports games, but this is stupid. There is no logical reason why they shouldn’t make Wii U versions of these games. The only thing they’re saying here is they don’t believe Wii U will be around long enough to get them an install base that they feel justifies the release.

  • Ace J

    wow they still make WWE games? i haven’t played one since i was in the 4th grade

  • Zach Werre

    This so sad to hear, THQ may have screwed wwe games on the wii but at leasts they made them know when there is game that has more of traditional controller and graphics equal to the xbox 360 and ps3 they decide to skip I was going to buy wwe2k14 the first day it come out for the wii u that is how excited I was for it

  • Derek D’Arcy


  • Adam Fox

    Who cares about all these stupid games that are yearly released games…..sports games are a waste really….think about how many end up in the 99 cent bin…the games that no one wants one year after its released….they should only release these type games every few years and any stats updates, etc….be released via DLC….that would at least keep the value up…back in the NES days where Tecmo Bowl was released, people played it and declared it as the best sports game of its time and now these yearly Madden and other sports games (including wrestling) are just $60 rehash of previous games with nothing major improved…they don’t upgrade graphics every release and honestly, especially with baseball games, are more difficult to play…..I remember hitting the A button to swing..then the last sports game I played it involved rotating the analog stick a certain way to get the swing “accurate” (think it was MLB 2009 on Xbox360)….too much complication….i’ll stick with Super Baseball 2020 for Baseball, Tecmo Bowl for Football and NHL HItz for Hockey….

    • Even though you are hating because it is not coming on Wii U, I do agree with you.

  • bizzy gie

    This is stupid. If Sony’s and Microsoft’s new consoles had small install bases, they’d still receive plenty of support. Developers can’t release a game on no platform. They’d support it even if they didn’t want to. Nintendo is the ONLY company that has to prove itself through sales first. Then support MIGHT slowly increase. And stop downplaying games that aren’t coming to the Wii U. The console needs as much support as it can get. The attitudes I see in the comment sections of these type articles are horrible.

    No I’m not particularly a fan of wrestling games, but many people are. I’m not going to say “Good! I didn’t want that game anyway.” or “Who seriously cares?”. Many people care. The more support, the better. Yes Nintendo’s first parties will be great, but I want to play those in addition to awesome third parties. It’s not like: “Well it doesn’t matter if we’re not getting WWE 2K14. We’re still getting Pikmin 3.”

    The two games don’t even relate. They’re completely different. “We’re not getting these video games, but Nintendo is giving us these video games.” It’s not that simple or general. Let’s say Watch_Dogs wasn’t coming to Wii U. I want GTA V on Wii U. It’s not coming, but I’m not going to say, “It doesn’t matter. I’m still getting Xenoblade.” I clearly want an open-world game with guns, robbing, and driving. A Japanese RPG will not satisfy that desire.

    Third parties aren’t all enemies. They’re just making the smartest business decisions they can. You’d do the same thing if you were in their position. It’s nothing personal. It’s just business.

    • Petri

      PS3 had a rough start, even Activision threatened to not support it unless Sony fixed the problems PS3 was facing.

      • bizzy gie

        Yes, but Activision’s main console is 360 (even though they make largely multiplats). The question is if they would have made the same threat with Microsoft as well. Then what? Just release it on PC? Good luck with that.

  • NINknowing

    Who cares no Nintendo fan needs lame 2k games lol

  • Archiq09

    I know Renegade kid (studio DS and 3DS games) and known for Moon and Dementium (best horror games ever), will make WiiU games but no one know whats is the first game on WiiU x)
    I want Dementium on WiiU!

    • Arthur Jarret

      I’m still looking to buy Dementium 2 on DS… can’t find it >_<

      • Archiq09

        They want make dementium 3 on 3ds. You can play at least the third when is out 😉

        • Arthur Jarret

          Day one buy for me.
          And in the meantime, I can shorten the wait by searching the world for pt.2!

  • Look at all the fucks I gi- HEY! COME BACK HERE! Oh darn, they all left

  • Potemkin

    Does not surprise me to be honest :/

  • Adam Porter

    hey look, no one is going to say that having no WWE game is a deal breaker but what the hell is up that there will be no WWE game on the wiiU :O come on they shove those things in anything and anywhere. i’m just shocked wiiU won’t get it, i’m not really bothered, just shocked.

    • NkoSekirei

      im not too concern about this game it hasnt been doing to well

  • Stuart Thomas

    WWE sucks, no one cares, and if they did care they won’t anymore, because any company not trying to develop for the wii u has already failed me and the other nintendo fans. So in 2014 when they realize wii u is a decent platform and want to develop, I’ll say “F*** You.”

  • Adecentboy777

    not a big waste! 🙂

  • I would support future instalments of wwe games, as long as I can create my own wrestler like in every other wwe game I would get it yes, always fun to play wrestling game with my friends, actually wrestling games are pretty much the ONLY SPORTS GAMES I play 🙂

  • mister turtlehead

    There was no “WWE 13 2K” last year on the wii. It was WWE 13 put out by THQ. The WWE games have been about the only games i’d get for my xbox, but since getting the wii u i’ve been totally planning to sell off my xbox.
    I planned on getting future WWE games for the WiiU so this kinda stinks. Not gonna change anything regarding my xbox though. I guess i just won’t play wrestling games anymore.

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    Thank god

  • Super Buu

    Confirmed: Super Buu will not buy WWE 2K14.

  • Silent

    I hope there is wrestling in Wii U sports.

  • Infamizmikep

    Who cares?

  • therealruben1

    i used to be a fan of wwe but i stopped watching it last year since it was boring.and is profesional wrestling even considered a sport ?

  • companyoflosers

    who cares? wwe games on consoles tend to really suck except for a small group of die hard fans. aside from them, nobody give a flying F%@#

  • Jon

    lol, don’t care

  • hypocritesRROD

    These nintendo hating developers can go fuck themselves. Fuck all nintendo haters. Get off our back, hypocrites. RROD

  • hypocritesRROD

    E3 2013: Sony and microsoft will reveal their new and powerful consoles. With the same fps games but with better graphics. Nintendo will show the heavy hitters. Nintendo franchises in HD. A lot more variety. A lot more fun. We are going for the kill… xRROD 360.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Sony executive has actually spoken out last week on PSO that he does NOT want the console to be filled with FPS action games.

      But yeah, nintendo has the best action adventure game franchise, best platformers, best fighting game, best racing games and best turn-based strategy game in my opinion.

      Sony’s games are awesome too – especially little big planet, infamous, uncharted, god of war, wipeout, gran turismo and twisted metal (even if wipeout is still a poor man’s F-zero)

      Even the Xbox, which I don’t own nor ever plan on owning, has some good exclusives, like Alan Wake – the first Dead Rising, Forza and more.

      I am really interested in the presence of all three during the next E3. Luckily, a lot of Xbox exclusive games are also released on PC under ‘Games for Windows’, so with an extra 6 month wait I can play most of those exclusives anyway.

  • wober2

    out of all the fighting game are wrestling games any good?