Jan 15th, 2014

When I first saw the tech demo for Ironfall not so long ago I couldn’t wait for it to be released (that still remains to be the case). However, I had many questions to ask the developers behind this ‘Gears of War’ styled shooter, so that’s exactly what I did. Here’s a look at what the developers had to say.

WUD: Is this going to incorporate a multiplayer game mode? Local/online?

The game will have multi only if it is a success (probably a DLC), we are a small team (we are only 3) and we are working on the games since more than 2 years,
so doing the multi now means a 3 years development.

WUD: “What are the inspirations for you to have developed such a game?”

We are fans of Gears Of War, shadow gun, and we wanted to spend time with the 3DS to try to get the best tech of it.
So we decided to do a great engine with a Gears Of War game.

WUD: “It has been described (based on the tech demo) as a ‘gears of war’ styled game, is that the effect you were going for?”

Yes of course, we were curious to see if it could be possible to have a Gears Of War game on the 3DS, it’s a lot of work and we hope we will succeed.

WUD: “How has your experience been working with the 3DS in terms of development?”

With the 3DS we can have total control of the gpu, so we were able to write a new graphic driver all written in assembler in order to have full power of the GPU.
It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun, it reminds us the old demo scene when we were working on the Amiga, you have to find a lot of tricks and each cycle is important.

Being an admirer of Nintendo it warms my heart to see developers put in such great efforts in making games for the Big N! Let us know what you make of this game by leaving a comment below.


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  • Ben Ifits

    jeez 3DS is killing it!! cant wait to pick this up! if the controls are able to be used with the gyroscope like in RE revelations this is gonna be even more epic!!

  • market

    It looks epic and for the first time I might buy a fps game

    • Blue Hernandez

      Its a 3rdPS, but it does look really good. Are there a lot of games with this great of graphics on the 3DS?

  • Looks like they’ve really put a lot of effort into it. It’s in a genre I’m losing interest in, and from the little we’ve seen it seems more of a technical feat than a push for fresh and interesting gameplay, so I’m sceptical that it’ll be of interest to me. I’ll keep my eye on it all the same and hope it turns out well.

  • Sdudyoy

    Ehh, I still don’t like shooters, I don’t really plan on getting this, I will wait for reviews.

  • Jake

    3 people have made that… And the hundreds of people at EA still make all the games the same

  • Carlos Coronado

    Is this game going to have online?

    • Zac Alias

      They said, if it’s a success then it would be introduced as DLC. Personally, I’d absolutely love to see some online action from day one!

  • zerooooo

    3 man project and it looks great. I might just buy it to support them.

  • AAAkabob

    Looks good, only thing I’m worried about is AI. If it’s not online I’m going to get really bored if the AI is only on par w/ Goldeneye lol

  • Spencer Manigat

    This game won’t do as well as it would have if it started out with multiplayer. I’m still getting it day one because I like single player better, but Gears isn’t successful because of it’s single player, and this won’t be an exception. I’m not blaming the debs or anything, but that’s just the reality.

    • AAAkabob

      Actually it was the single player that got everyone hooked.